Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Seven - Etiquette And Ceremonies
Chapter Four - Tradition and Daily Etiquette of Blessed Families
Section 10. Teachings on Purity

10.1. Strictly follow the commandment during adolescence

When you enter adolescence, your eyes are opened to the opposite sex and all your thoughts concentrate on that issue, do they not? All the actions of the cells in your body focus in on that. (108-233, 1980.10 16)

If you look at youths in adolescence, you will see girls flutter their eyelashes, wear colorful clothes, and go around tightening their bottoms. If their bottoms look big, it is a disaster. Trying to avoid being ashamed of that, they go around making their bottoms seem smaller.

The time when people can fully use all their wisdom and all of their physical attributes one hundred percent is during young adulthood. All the cells work one hundred percent. Only at that time will they be totally in action. Why do girls wear beautiful and colorful clothes? Those are like colorful love signals. (144-202, 1986.4.24)

There are many unusual winds blowing in the world nowadays. The Unification Church members must never be swayed by such trends. That kind of adolescence is not Sa Choon Gi the "time of thinking of spring" but Sa Choon Gi, the "time of the death of spring." Which one would you choose, this one with the character for Sa meaning "thinking: or that one with the character for Sa meaning "death"? (57-159, 1972.5.31)

Did Jesus go through adolescence or not? Did Jesus not also go through adolescence? What kind of adolescence did he have? The one of "thinking of spring" or the one of "the death of spring"? He did not have the kind in which he whistled at girls. He went through adolescence with the character meaning "thinking of spring." (57-159, 1972.5.31)

First of all, you should go through adolescence in the right way. If you want to live, the adolescence containing the character for thinking is for you, if you want to die, the adolescence containing the character for death is for you. If you earnestly seek to overcome adolescence containing the character for death, then, turn it upside down. if you turn it over 180 degrees, the adolescence containing the character for death) transforms into the adolescence containing the character for thinking. Therefore, by overcoming the adolescence of death, Jesus moved toward the young adulthood of the bride and bridegroom, which was like a spring day of hope and of new life. That is what the Christian history of the bride and bridegroom is all about. (57-159, 1972.5.31)

What is the Fall? It was the failure to receive springtime centered on God. When spring comes, do children who aspire to become filial sons or daughters enjoy the season by themselves? They are filial sons or daughters if they can say to their parents, "Mom and Dad, it is spring. Let's go out together and enjoy the day!" There are some, however, who say, "Mom and Dad, although it is spring, it's best to take a nap." Then, while their parents sleep, they go outside by themselves to sing and dance. Can they be considered to be filial sons? They are not only unfilial, but they also deserve to be punished. Don't you think so? (87-159, 1972.5.31)

What was the Fall? From God's point of view, it was the beginning of the time of adolescence containing the Chinese character for death. History began with the adolescence of death. Therefore, spring is coming for those who risk their lives. A new age is coming. The history of Christianity has been going through such things to this day. (57-159, 1972.5.31)

Nowadays, people say the teenage years are important. Why is that? There are pluses and minuses everywhere... They are out of control and want to go around everywhere. When they do, they bring about their own self-destruction as well as the destruction of their society.

Since adolescence is a time of change, they say, "Ehh," to anyone who says even a word to them. Since it is a time of transition, they want to aimlessly wander about. Therefore, they have to follow a principled way while being aware of that situation. You must now put all these things in order; no matter how hard it is to control them, you must do it. Comparing good and evil, what is evil? Evil is destructive. There is no protection against evil. (111-196, 1982.6.1)

Adolescence is a dangerous time, whether you are a man or a woman. (124-120, 1913.2.1)

If you choose the wrong place to sit during adolescence you may ruin your entire life. If you make a wise choice, you can live in prosperity for the rest of your life. These kinds of things can happen. (50-278, 1971.11.5)

Young people these days go against their parents and destroy the family. Since this destroys the order described with in heavenly law, it is evil. Because of this, families are being destroyed; societies, nations, and even humanity are being destroyed. Thus, you cannot deny that this is evil.

During adolescence, you may want to try to re-enact the thrilling scenes from a movie. Young people ask, what's wrong with that? It is wrong, however, because irresponsible actions lead to the destruction of the environment. So it is necessary to sanction such activities. When you have developed your intellect, have gained experience in society and can control of yourself in any circumstance, then you are free to do so, but not now. (117-184, 1982.3.1)

Do you like flower buds that are ready to bloom, or do you like flowers that have already bloomed? I like flowers that have bloomed. Are you the ones who are going to bloom? When you do, you should blossom to your fullest. Do not rely on someone else to bloom, but blossom radiantly through your own desire. This means that you should grow in a natural way, going through adolescence naturally, blossom in the natural environment, and then receive the husband whom you want to love.

Do not be crushed before you bloom. Do not be flowers whose leaves have fallen off and whose pollen has been shaken out. It is the same for men. Men should also blossom fully. (47-88, 1971.8.19)

As buds, you have not yet bloomed. Do not become wicked like those who write love letters and have illicit love relationships. You should blossom naturally. When God sees you, He should be able to exclaim, "Oh! You have blossomed purely and naturally. Since I can smell the fragrance, I can tell that you are a virgin." In this case, God feels so much hope. Does God want something pure or something damaged? What about you, then? Do you want something pure or something damaged? Even fallen men want to have something pure. Would God not value that even more?

For this reason, I hope that you can blossom fully with a pure heart and be people of value who can go beyond the fallen world of today without being trapped in the valley of sorrow. (47-88, 1971.8.19)

10.2. Children of heaven

We have to become sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. We have to truly become children who can carry on His lineage. We have to establish a relationship of unity wherein our Father's heart is firmly bound with our hearts and where the aorta of our Father's heart is firmly connected to the aorta of our own hearts. The path our Father walks has to be our path, the situation our Father is in has to be our situation, and the will of our Father has to be our will. (27-270, 1969.12.21)

Think about it. As a young person nearing your twenties, where will you take your clean, unstained, holy, and pure heart, all wrapped up? You should bring it to the altar where heaven will be most happy and it will bring joy to God. The sacred foundation on which God can bind together men and women of pure love like you is where the bride and bridegroom are to meet. Even so, you were ignorant of its value. (64-84, 1972.10.24)

Your body is precious. Do not stain your body but fulfill your filial duty. You have to be responsible to escape from Satan's realm of death with a body that is approved by God. This is the highest goal and the standard that people should have. According to the principle of creation, you cannot help but be that way. (15-202, 1965.10.9)

Because in front of God your blood is not pure, you should be totally obedient in order to change this. Therefore, if you are disobedient you have to be taught the way of obedience even if it means being chastised. That means that you are taught God's love. This is the Unification Church. This is why the Unification Church will become the center of all religions. (33-332, 1970 8.23)

Now we should make the seed of pure lineage. If you split open a seed, you will find the germ at the center of the seed. The center of the germ is God's love. Then, if you were to open up your skull, what would be at the center? It would be God's love. The center of the seed, in other words, the source that can become the root, is God's love. It begins from God's love. Yet, have you ever said, "I have God's love. Even though I look humble and though I am no more than five or six feet tall. God's love is overflowing inside the wellspring of my heart?" (33-332, 1970.11.23)

Life on earth is precious. It is especially important for young people to keep their bodies pure. A clean and obedient mind and body are what it takes to become genuinely filial to your parents. (15-201, 1965.10.9)

You have to go before God with the unchanging heart you had toward your first love. (129-149, 1985.10.9)

You should know that people who go to the next world having remained faithful to their first love can go to the highest position in the heavenly kingdom. (129-135, 1983.10.9)

The people on earth who can go to heaven are those who have lived their lives centered on their first love, giving up everything and risking their lives for the sake of their first love. Therefore, you must do well in your relationship with your first love. (128-85, 1983.6.5) 

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