Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Seven - Etiquette And Ceremonies
Chapter Three - Worship Service and Etiquette in Church Life|
Section 8. Indemnity, Service, and a Life of Dedication

8.1. The course of indemnity

Members of the Unification Church today do not like the path of indemnity. This means they do not like restoration. There is no such thing as, "I like restoration, but I don't like indemnity." So, which comes first? Does restoration come first or indemnity come first? You like restoration but not indemnity. Yet, it is the opposite for God. Which side are you on? Are you on the side of God or on the side of Satan? You have to be clear about this. You like restoration. However, God's side cannot just like restoration. Only after going through indemnity can restoration occur. (116-127, 1981.12.27)

If people understand the true meaning of the word indemnity, then they will all like it the most. Without indemnity, there can be no blessing. Indemnity is the invaluable nugget of gold in the Unification Church. It is an amazing word that can face death, sacrifice everything, and overcome all difficulties. (97-71, 1978.2.26)

When comparing the portion of responsibility and indemnity, one is on the right side and the other on the left, one is like the right leg and the other is like the left leg. They are like a pair of legs. You have to understand that advancement is impossible without the portion of responsibility and restoration through indemnity being connected. Have you thought about such things? You don't like indemnity, right? You dislike God, the providence, the whole lot, right? From now on, even if you forget about eating, even if you forget to sleep, even if you forget to think about the person that you love, you must never forget this; you have to be clear on this point. This is how serious it is.

God has to go through this, True Father must go through this, and the whole world must go through this. If this does not happen, then it will not be enough. You want to pass through them all for free, right? How can you become a professor or a doctor without doing anything? You have to go through the course to attain a doctorate degree or to become a doctor. How can you do so without paying the dues? If you do not pass through the course, then you are a fake. (124-106, 1983.1.3)

Indemnity conditions must be established by you yourself. Another person cannot substitute for you. The Fall means the loss of dominion. For the purpose of restoration, no matter who interferes, you must be confident of yourself and go with a clear proactive nature. No matter where others are going, you must be busy going your way. You do not have time to listen to what is being said by others. At night, there is no time to sleep; in the day there is no time to sit comfortably and eat a meal. Without having a heart that is this serious, you cannot go the way of restoration. (22-211, 1969.2.4)

For a sick person to be healed, he must take medicine even it is bitter. When we look at medicine, we see that the good medicine is bitter. Bitter medicine is the real medicine. Establishing conditions for indemnity is like taking bitter medicine: it is difficult to do. However, without having established indemnity conditions, you cannot be restored. (92-254, 1977.4.18)

Heaven is the place where one attends God as the absolute center and makes relationships of love through Him. In order to properly establish this heavenly origin, God has been leading the providence of restoration. Thus, if you are conceited, it can never happen. (92-255, 1977.4.18)

The path of salvation is a path of restoration through indemnity. Indemnity means taking the opposite course of the Fall; it means going in reverse. (67-98, 1987.6.30)

8.2. Service and dedication

How can the path of true love be paved? It can be paved through dedication, service, and sacrifice. This means it is the course of re-creation. You must make sacrifices on this course of re-creation. Such a path of indemnity becomes the path of service. You have to go the way of sacrifice. Only when we go along the path of indemnity can we stand on God's side. Upon the foundation of indemnity, you can stand on God's side. This is an absolute fact. Therefore, you should go the way of indemnity. (146-294, 1986.7.2)

Which side is the subject partner and which is the object partner? Who is in the position to follow and who is in the position to lead? God accurately knows the answer; it is the one on God's side. When God looks down on this world, lie sees two sides in constant struggle. He already knows the answer to the question, "Which side is God's?" and laughs, saying: "The people on my side are those who stand in a position of constant sacrifice, commitment, and service. Those on this side are those who fight for justice and I will choose such people." Those at the center always sacrifice and serve. (147-98, 1986.8.31)

The Unification Church teaches the heavenly law that dictates that we were born for the sake of others and we must follow the path of living for the sake of others. (133-16, 1984.7.1)

The formula for going to heaven is simple. All it requires is to love heaven and earth. But this requires hardship. There has not been a single person who has genuinely been working for this providence. (11-70, 1961.1.22)

People who follow the path of goodness always face sacrifice. That is why we teach the way of sacrifice. To say "live for others" means to sacrifice rather than gaining profit. It is an act of investing oneself. Investing yourself means you should invest to the fullest extent, even offering your own life. (78-61, 1975.5.4)

What is the main idea of the Unification Church? It is to live for the sake of others. God exists for the sake of His objects of love. When we live for others in the same way, we can live for the sake of the world, even if the entire race opposes us. Knowing this, the Unification Church carries on. (77-302, 1975.4.25)

Satan cannot come to the person who warmly treats guests and offers his care and support to other people. You should know this. (37-329, 1971.1.1)

I'll make you into a person who can receive God's love and the love of humankind, you will be asked to sacrifice yourself, go through difficulties, become someone who can contribute sacrificially, and bring forth the fruits of love that represent the world. You must know that we are such a movement. The goal of the Unification Church is to create people who can receive the love of God and humankind. (82-53, 1975.12.31)

If you are resolved to sacrifice yourself for the world, there is no shame in your lowly state of being, even for looking like a beggar. Even if those in the Unification Church eat bread or barley rice cakes and water, if they can smack their lips and say with gratitude, "All, the cold water this morning is more delicious than a feast;" the universe will cry for them. You stand in such a position for the sake of the universe, it will cling to you since it is in a lowlier state than you and is without a subject partner. (61-223, 1972.8.31)

In the olden days, weren't there many unpleasant times when people used an ox to till the soil? People would whip the animal's backside once in a while, yelling, "You rotten animal, why are you behaving like this? I raised you for this time of the year but you are behaving so badly!" But instead, one should tell the beast, "Hi, I am very sorry that you have to be used like this after a long winter of inactivity and poor feeding." If you are more patient than that ox, heaven will recognize you and want to keep close to you.

Instead of being clever, wringing one's hands or temporarily taking the easy way, one should be patient with a pure heart and wait for blessings. Only when you live a blessed life with a blessed mind will blessings come to you. (127-89, 1983.5.5)

The world is heading toward its ultimate goal for the sake of the greater providence through a process of indemnity. When you think about how joyful God will be, you should receive Him profoundly and feel His heart, even over the pain and wounds you sustain in your heart when you see your family starving or dying. When the day comes, no matter what kind of cross may come, you should be able to pray on that cross and pledge to be the first to go along that path of suffering. You should invest, invest again, and forget. (229-237, 1992.4.12)

In living a life of faith, do you have an explosive and stimulating power in the center of your heart that is moving unceasingly toward the world of God's will? When you have that kind of heart, then it is evident that God is with you. On the other hand, if you do not have that power, it is evident that God is separated from you. (32-21, 1970.6.14)

From the beginning of history, the many religions that have been following God's will have denied themselves exhorting: "Sacrifice and serve others!" We have not known why that was until now. It is because the original world is our original hometown where we live for others. In order to go to that world, we must have the necessary preparation and training.

Accordingly, we can see that the higher a religion is, the more it emphasizes sacrifice and service, and we can recognize the fact that God carried out His providence through a historical course in historical periods. Through this, we can understand that God exists. (77-270, 1975.4.14)

When your heart is pouring out love for humankind and you have the mind to share your life limitlessly with humanity. It is clear that you belong to heaven. If you end up as a being with self-centered love and proud self-centered values, you should know that this is evidence that God is already leaving you. Such a person is not going toward heaven. He will be limited by his self-centeredness. (32-21, 1970.6.14)

You do not know the tactics of God and Satan. The path of Abel is one of being struck first and then taking back everything. At first, it seems that Satan is winning because he is striking first. But in the end, he has to return everything, after adding to it some original goodness that is in him. The evil side, even if it conquers others, will not be triumphant. Instead, even the "original good element" within the evil side will be seized.

In other words, the way God works is as if He makes a rice cake and then hands it over, and when He takes it back there are powdered beans added on the surface. For a short period, evil flourishes and stands in the position to strike goodness, but that does not mean that Heaven will decline. (56-85, 1972.5.14)

At each and every moment, you should be making desperate resolutions. You should not meaninglessly lose the opportunity that God has been seeking. This has irreplaceable value, more than even a thousand-year history. Thus, to lose this would be terrible. You should pledge never to lose this chance, even if you were to lose the entire world and everything you had found.

You should go forth offering all manner of devotions and once again pledge resolutely to bequeath a victorious result through that opportunity, even if your life were to be sacrificed. (26-141, 1969.10.19) 

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