Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Seven - Etiquette And Ceremonies
Chapter Three - Worship Service and Etiquette in Church Life
Section 6. God Accepts Prayers for the Public Purpose

6.1. Greetings require protocol

A person of faith must pray for public matters and the greater good. (28-271. 1970.2.9)

Even when I spent almost three years in Hungnam prison, in the midst of great hardship, I never forgot to pray for the members each day before bedtime. I continuously prayed even for those who fell away. Then, a person like that appeared spiritually in front of me and spoke mournfully with tears. He sadly confessed that due to the weakness of the flesh he had to leave me and said farewell. In such a miserable circumstance, I could not help feeling pity for him. Even though that person left in such a way, I had to continue to pray for him. Why? Since that person left without fulfilling his responsibility, until his successor appeared I had to pray for him.

As long as such a foundation of devotion exists, even if a member falls away, God will surely send a righteous person as a replacement. (42.161,1971.3.1)

Even when I was tortured to the point where I threw up blood and collapsed, I prayed, "Dear Heavenly Father, please do not shed tears over my blood. This is going to be shameful blood, and any tears will be soaked in lamentations and resentment. I do not want heaven to sympathize." Therefore I did not pray for myself, even when I went into prison. In the light of the world of heart, this is what one must do. (26-20, 1969.10.1)

Isn't there a proper way of greeting people in this world? Even for prayer you should be aware of this. (The Way of God's Will)

If you go into a sanctified spiritual realm, you will feel that you should pray for God first. Then afterwards, you must also pray for Jesus; only after that will you understand the historical heart. Then you must pray on behalf of the multitude of people who fought for the great dispensational will in Christendom since the creation of heaven and earth. Following the footsteps of the innumerable prophets since the Fall of Adam and Eve, you must pray, "Please allow me to become an offering that can resolve all their sorrows." After that is all fulfilled, you can pray for your loving children and then pray for yourself. That is the way of heavenly law. (7-328, 1959.10.18)

You should shed tears and enter a serious state of mind that melts the bone marrow and calls for a one-to-one showdown. You should enter a state where you can have give and take with God with such an obedient mind that God cries when you cry and you cry when God cries. Whatever happens, you should be able to do that. To do so, you need to pray. You need a root and that root is prayer. (31-290, 1970.6.4)

When offering devotion, you must enter a position of absolute faith. You should enter the position where you have absolute faith in God and His will. God cooperates with you only when you are in such a position.

When you pray, you should not foolishly doubt whether your prayer will be answered or not. You should be able to pray, saying: "Father! I am the only one who remains. Without me, this nation and world will disappear. Oh Father! I alone remain in this state of commitment for the foundation, for which You have toiled for six thousand years. Am I not the only one who is close to Your will that will surely be fulfilled by You? Although my position is important as such, I have not prepared myself yet. Still, you have given me the order. Thus, I will prepare myself with the conditions and foundations enabling me to follow that order, and I will represent this entire people. Isn't this Your providence for restoration?" Prayer is needed even for fulfilling goals. (31-290, 1970.6.4)

When you pray, you should first pray for the nation, then pray for the world, and then pray for the liberation of God. Do you think God is in a comfortable situation? Yet, without knowing what they should do and how the fortune of this world is changing, many people are just asking, "O Lord, please send me to heaven." (14-65, 1964.5.3)

As a leader, you must know how to follow this essential path of the Principle. Therefore, you must pray. Pray deeply about the relationship between you and God, thinking about how much God loves you. Also, you must pray and invest in members, reflecting on how deep are the relationships you have made with them. You must pray until the relationships become smooth and round. (78-171, 1974.2.9)

Those who have faith in religion just for their own benefit will abandon God after they receive blessings. That is because receiving blessings is their goal. After a while, they will fall away. You must pray from the viewpoint that seeks to find what God desires. Then we must pray to God to bestow blessings upon the whole world. (127-27, 1983.5.1)

To allow the teacher to really be a teacher, you must fulfill your responsibility. Even when you pray in front of God, you must create the environment in which you can openly pray, "Father, Your sons and daughters have come. The children You have wanted to meet have come." (11-132, 1961.3.26)

Whether or not someone is watching, you must do your work. We must be able to truly keep the promises we make with God. Only when you pray for the sake of the whole, night and day, will it become a living prayer. Then the content and subject of that prayer changes and you develop. You must know what kind of time we are living in. You must understand that you have to possess that kind of hidden aspect in life through your prayer life. (104-111, 1979.4.15)

That is why I like nature and treasure the time of solitude. I truly like the tranquility of the night. But I do not talk about these things. Still, wouldn't I have such interests? They are not apparent because I do not show them. You must know that establishing such a background foundation of richness of life is not possible without the way of prayer. (104-111, 1979.4.15)

Blessings do not exist elsewhere. Blessings come according to the state of your heart. For what do you pray and offer devotion? If a person who has been praying and offering devotion sees a crying child and then kicks it in the backside with his foot, his household will surely go to ruin. If you had a beautiful and ardent prayer, you should deal with the environment with a fervent and beautiful heart. In a position reflecting the standard of your prayer, you should carry the mindset enabling you to bear the fruit of your prayer.

Will the Christians of today go to the heavenly kingdom by attending worship and singing praise? No way! Would they be able to go to the heavenly kingdom if they start fighting, exchanging blows, and doing all sorts of things after coming back from church? (233-210, 1992.8.1)

6.2. Praying in the name of the True Parents

When you pray, you pray in the name of the True Parents. What are the parents? Do not think of this word only with regard to myself and True Mother, rather, think of the level of the True Parents in terms of the mother and father who can embrace the world at a higher level and truly love all people as one by transcending racial or national feelings. This is why I also pray in the name of the True Parents. (33-143, 1970.23.11)

Now is not the time for us to pray in the name of Jesus." Now is not the era of name salvation. It is the era of substantial salvation. Christians pray in the name of Jesus. However, True Father does not pray in that way. We need Jesus, not his name. Even though there are some tens of thousands of words for "Father, " the substantial being is only one. Isn't that so? Therefore, should we go to the heavenly kingdom riding on the substantial being of Jesus or riding on the name only? (13-63, 1963.11.16)

The Unification Church does not pray in the name of Jesus. Those who recently joined the Unification Church would think, "Huh? What are True Parents? Why pray in the name of the True Parents?" Do you know the meaning of the True Parents? True Parents are the ancestors who did not suffer the Fall in the Garden of Eden, and of whom we can be proud for eternity in the midst of God's glory.

Because the first ancestors of humanity fell, there had to be new ancestors and because God also works His providence centering on the new ancestors, we pray in the name of these new ancestors. It is very logical.

We should not pray through one person, Jesus; we should pray through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Since Jesus is the spiritual father and the Holy Spirit is the spiritual mother, fallen humankind cannot pass to the Kingdom of Heaven without going through the relationship of parents. (20-268, 1968.7.7)

In the Unification Church, we do not pray in the name of Jesus. We go in search of parents. We call such parents the True Parents. We have to restore everything. Since people have not known that it had to be restored, you should straighten the cornerstone. If you allow this to remain slanted and live inside of it... when the hurricane comes everything will be destroyed. (8-228, 1961.9 19) 

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