Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Seven - Etiquette And Ceremonies
Chapter Two - Etiquette for Attending True Parents
Section 3. The Manner in Which We Attend True Parents

3.1. The law in the age of justification by attendance is the highest law

Your conduct, the way you sit -- everything must conform to heavenly law. Even the manner in which you greet me should be codified. Shouldn't there be a protocol for greeting when you meet me? Shouldn't that be created? There are even such rules in society -- shouldn't we have such rules? (66-267, 1973.5.16)

Up to the present day, human ethics have meant that parents should love their children and children should love their parents, and that there should be a distinction between husband and wife. These virtues have been transmitted to the present day as the cornerstone of the three fundamental principles and the five moral disciplines in human relations. However, the situation seems to be changing. Today, traditional customs and norms are changing. Something spiritual is penetrating and undermining our daily and social environment. We call such times the Last Days. If the Messiah appears, he must solve all these problems. (11-19, 1960.12.11)

Shouldn't there he new laws to rectify our fallen habits? You must understand that there are numerous legal procedures waiting for us in the future. You must pass through these. (66-29, 1973.5.16)

According to Korean custom, whenever a person receives something from someone older, they should receive it with both hands. This means that only when their hands are completely level will they receive the love of the older person. Whatever is received should come from the vertical to the horizontal through ninety degrees. It can be said that a person's mind is Heaven's mind. All rules should be level and equalized, since they were created in relation to and according to the way of our conscience. (171-236, 1965.1.1)

According to Oriental thought, when people walk along the road, the elder person walks in front. Why? It is because the elder person was born first into the world. That is how we try to create order in the environment. The person born later should stand back. Upper and lower, front and back, above and below, these should all be in their positions. These perspectives should be changeable. These are eternal and unchanging. (168-252, 1987.9.27)

"There are morning meetings everyday between the king of a nation and his subjects. In a Korean family, the children first greet their parents when the parents rise in the morning. Isn't this part of Korean tradition? In order to indemnify fallen history, you should establish the finest set of laws among all laws, including the laws of filial duty to one's parents. Even for a nation, you should establish laws superior to the highest existing standard. (31-275, 1970.6.4)

In Korean society, during the three-year mourning period after their parents have passed away, the children otter meals to the departed spirits of their parents every morning and evening. Also, whenever they go out or return home, they give a greeting towards the altar of their parents. Aren't there such traditions in Korean society? You have to do better than that. Does what you do now precisely fulfill the formalities of hleaven from the viewpoint of God's will? It does not. Far from it. (31-275, 1979.6.4)

The quickest way to establish the heavenly tradition in a family is to do it during my lifetime. Originally you were supposed to bathe every morning to purify yourself and walk 10 ri to offer bows to me. Without establishing such a tradition, the path of your descendants will be blocked. (21-88, 1968.11.3)

Amongst the church members, some say that they can go to the movies because I often go to the movies. They don't understand. In the past, I never even went in front of a movie theater. It is not a problem now, since I went through so much training and equipped myself with such self control that no matter where I go, I am not infected or dominated by those places.

Yet, there are some silly people who say that they will just do as I do -- following me when I go down to the country or using crude language because I do... I have lived a life of attendance to God, and even served and bowed respectfully to young children until the time came that I could speak without using honorific language. After knowing God's will, people feel awkward to such an extent that when I speak to them in respectful language they cannot respond with their faces raised. Imagine how awkward it would be if I had to treat you so politely. (57-277, 1972.6.4)

3.2. Ethics and morality give value to human beings

Today, most laws in this world find their basis in Roman law. However, morality is based on conscience rather than law. The foundation of conscience is goodness. The standard of conscience is the standard of goodness. When you move away from goodness and do wrong, your conscience tries to correct your error. If people tried to create a universal social system in accordance with the conscience, they would still need laws. Where is morality rooted? It is rooted in the heavenly law. (33-44, 1970.8.2)

Ethics are formed on the basis of the emotions of love, area they? In the relationships between family members, the idea of morality, order, the social system and so forth are based upon deep emotional factors. People express their respect to the one who can show the deep emotion of a long-lasting or consistent love. You should know that. The motivation for the establishment of ethics lies in the emotion of love. Ethics begin from the point of parents loving their children. True human relationships are established when children love their parents. (64-124, 1972.10.29)

Everyone needs and loves parents. Everyone wants to see them and be with them. But why? For what reason? It is the age difference that leads to the relationship of superior and subordinate in an orderly manner. Therefore, people should show deference, respect and dutifulness to their parents. Based on all matters of ethics and morality in social life, we should each stand in the position of a subject partner or object partner within a relationship of superior-subordinate. To become a filial son in certain respects, you should display obedience and humility, and long to meet the parents. This is the relationship of parent and child. (112-251, 1951.4.19)

People are valuable because of human morals and ethics. Morality forms the basis of relationships among people. Human morality has no use in relation to just one person; it applies when there are two or more people. Social ethics derive from the family formed through the marriage of a man and a woman. Ethics provide the way and laws of human relationships. (136-208, 1985.12.29)

It must be shown that there is a system of vertical order in accordance with the heavenly way, formed from the principles of creation of the sun, moon and stars in the universe. This system of vertical order appears within the family as the grandparents, parents and children. The horizontal order of brothers and sisters is created, and a corresponding sense of values and norms simultaneously emerges. (122-304, 1982.11.25)

We must establish a new tradition that transcends races and nations. We must establish the foundation for that tradition in accordance with God's desire rather than our own. It means you should not hold yourself to your habits, previous customs, or current trends. You should know that this is totally different. When you observe the world of nature, you will see that everything exists in harmony. Everything is natural, in harmony and has no sign of awkwardness. Everything is made to become attractive and to be a stimulating force. If something is disliked, it will not draw any attention. (64-299, 1973.3.16) 

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