Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Seven - Etiquette And Ceremonies
Chapter Two - Etiquette for Attending True Parents
Section 2. Let Us Love and Be Proud of True Parents

2.1. True Parents are the hope of all humankind

Who are the True Parents that the Unification Church speaks about? If Adam and Eve had not fallen, God would have become the vertical form of love, and Adam and Eve would have become God's body. It would have been as if they were the flesh of God -- God as the bones, and Adam and Eve the flesh. God would have achieved mind and body unity through Adam and Eve.

God is meant to become the internal parent in the internal position, and Adam and Eve the external parents in the external position. The internal and external parents must become one through love; and at that place, we come to have external parents and attend the internal parent in heart. With the union of love between God and Adam and Eve, the True Parents -- the perfected man and woman -- can emerge. There can be no perfected human beings without unity in love. (184-71, 1988.11.13)

What do True Parents have to do?

They must rectify the false lineage that forms the root of the satanic world, turn around life that has deviated from the ideal, and correctly reopen the path of love that has gone the wrong way. The Bible says that those who seek to die will live, and those who seek to live will die. Why is this paradox necessary? It is because the satanic world must perish. (169-37, 1987.10.4)

Are you the true sons and daughters of True Parents? When you talk about true children, what is your mind centered on? It is the true lineage. Of course, a relationship is formed through true love, but the actual connection is through the true lineage. That is why those connected through that lineage take after the mother and father. Do you resemble me?

Your eyes are blue whereas my eyes are black, and our hair is different. My hair is white. I am an Asian, and my face is flat. When taking after True Parents, you only need to resemble the most essential parts. By essential parts, I am talking about winning over Satan and loving God absolutely. That is all you need to inherit from me. Then you can dominate and control Satan. (170-237, 1987.11.21)

How much should you love me? This goes back to the fundamental problem. You should not love from a position that has traces of the satanic world, and is tainted with love from that world. You should be in a higher position. You must love Father more than you love your parents, spouse and children born in the satanic world.

That is why in the Bible, Jesus says, "He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he who loves sons or daughters more than me is not worthy of me." He reached this conclusion for everything. Later, he also says, "Take up your cross and follow me." He said to take up your own cross. Overcoming the power that pulls you in the opposite direction means taking up the cross. There you must shed tears of bitterness. (178-97, 1982.10.1)

What do True Parents signify? They are the symbol of hope for everyone. They are the symbol of absolute hope for fallen humankind. They are the fruits of history, the center of the present era, and the center of the nations of this world of five billion people living today. They are the starting point from which we can be connected to the ideal world of the future. (15-237, 1970.10.19)

What is the desire of all people today? Before they establish a nation and world, they would want to welcome True Parents. From whom would our future descendants want to be descended? Your future sons and daughters would not want to be born from your fallen lineage. They would want to be born through the bloodline of True Parents. That is why True Parents will become the starting point of a new future. (35 237, 1970.10.19)

What is God's hope today? God is hoping to make Himself visible in this time of the Last Days. Therefore, He is hoping to appear as a being of complete heart and as a vertically restored, perfected individual, in other words, as the Messiah. Therefore, a central figure who establishes the position of perfected Adam and perfected Eve must appear.

In the Completed Testament Age, God will appear before humankind in the form of True Parents. This is the reason that the Unification Church has enormous power, which cannot be controlled by any political authority.

The path of the Unification Church is one of accumulating experiences of the realm in which we directly see and deeply experience the living God. (God's Will - 279)

The desire of humankind is to meet the True Parents. Even when you are walking the path of death, you desire to meet True Parents. Even if you lost all of history, all the past eras, and all of your descendants, if you were to meet True Parents you would regain that history, those past eras and the future. You must understand that this is the value of True Parents. (35-237, 1970.10.19)

When you think of True Parents you realize that they govern history and that they establish a starting point from which we can return to an ideal world. The True Parents determine the internal relationships of position and heart through which we can dominate Satan. Through these, Satan, who controls the external world, can be subjugated and the center, with which we can liberate God from His anguish, can finally be established. Therefore, first of all, you must be thankful for the amazing blessing of being able to live with True Parents and act according to their instructions. (43-144, 1971.4.29)

When you completely unite with True Parents, then the nation, tribe and family can come to exist. True Parents are the standard in substance that integrates the value of the glory of heaven and earth.

Would you exchange True Parents for all the money in this world? Would you exchange True Parents for your life? Things are different from how they were in the past. Wherever you may go, you have to visit Korea to serve True Parents. Your sons and daughters and your descendants of a thousand or ten thousand generations all must do the same. This is why the Unification Church is unique. (30-237, 1970.3.23)

What is the culminating point of everything? It is when everything meets the True Parents. The appearance of the True Parents of humankind is the hope of history, the hope of the nation, and the hope of the providence.

The time when True Parents appear is a climactic event occurring only once in history; it never happened before and will never occur again. From the perspective of the eternal world, a human lifetime is but the span of one breath. (51-354, 1971.12.5)

2.2. Honoring True Parents' picture in each home

It is good for you to carry my picture with you from now on. It will protect you so that you can safely withstand any difficulty you may encounter.

Moses led the Israelites away from the Pharaoh of Egypt and guided them to Canaan by showing great miracles and works. At that time, all the firstborn of the Egyptians were smitten, while the Israelites avoided this calamity by smearing the blood of a lamb on their door posts. Thus, the spirit world is watching over you and will protect you. (130-290, 1994.2.7)

True Father is very famous. Everyone acknowledges that I am a patriot living for the sake of the nation. Moreover, the whole universe bows down in recognition of my achievements. So if people come to say, "Since we have put True Parents' picture up, my wife and I cannot quarrel in front of it," and tell their children, "You should not do such things in front of Rev. Moon." what is wrong with that? Because you are revering it more than the photograph of your own parents, your ancestors will come and also revere True Parents as their ancestors. It will become an altar where ancestors can come and hold a service for the household.

As a result, because the way to receive heavenly blessing will have been opened up, then even after you fall asleep, at three o'clock in the morning they will chase out all the evil spirits from your family's environment. (219-91, 1991.8.25)

When the Israelites were about to leave Egypt, they were able to avoid the calamity of the smiting of the firstborn by smearing the blood of a lamb on their door posts. In the same way, you can be protected if you carry my picture with you. Spirit world can recognize the picture even if it is in your pocket. This small condition has the same effect as the Israelites smearing the blood of the lamb on their door posts. (122.190, 1984.6.1)

Members have had the experience where my smile seemed as mysterious as that of the Mona Lisa. Most of you have had the experience that my mysterious figure, which looks different in hundreds of thousands of ways, has led the spirit world to co-operate with you. Everyone in the spirit world knows me well. Are they glad to see my picture or not? Your ancestors are connected to you through the medium of the photograph. You can understand that this is such a precious item. (132-190, 1994.6.1)

Now, my fame has gone beyond national borders. I heard that many statesmen in various places have put my picture on the wall of their study and pay their respects to it. Have you put my picture on the wall of your room, Dr. Yoon Se-won? Do you offer a bow to it everyday? Do you kiss it everyday? You should kiss it passionately. It is not impolite for you to do so. By kissing it on behalf of God's love, the spirits around you are given the right to participate with you in your work and receive benefit. God would not say no to this. He would say, "That's right!" Don't you think so, Dr. Yoon? (171-239, 1988.1.1)

When you place the picture of True Parents in your room and hang up the Unification Church flag, you come under God's dominion. I am trying to have you belong to God's dominion. There were many who were struck by lightning while they were cursing the flag. This is quite miraculous. Some people developed sickness in their hands because they were pointing their fingers at me; they were only able to recover from it after holding their hands and praying in repentance for several days. Such phenomena took place, right? Why? When heavenly fortune comes, it cannot be blocked by an individual's destiny. It is an unchangeable destiny. When Moses held his rod up high, all those who looked up at it lived. You will live as long as you look up at the Unification Church flag, bowing to it every time you come and go. Every time you set out from or arrive at home, bow before the picture. (219-91, 1991.8.2S)

When you put up the Unification Church flag it is a signal to the members passing by to enter your house and rest if they are tired or hungry, to have lunch before they go on. Therefore, you should always be prepared to receive guests. On behalf of True Parents, you should make such preparations. That is why you would need a separate room.

As True Parents may not come, you should attend your guests as if they were True Parents. This way of practicing connects the idea of equalization to the highest heavenly standard. For this reason, you should attend your guests as if they were God and True Parents. Such a person will surely receive blessings. (69-220, 1987.10.31) 

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