Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Seven - Etiquette And Ceremonies
Chapter One - Etiquette for Attending God
Section 2. Our Attitude of Attendance

2.1. Establishing a heavenly life through attendance

God is not a fantasy or a conceptual God, nor is He an abstract God. With His leadership in our daily life, He is always with us as the master of our daily circumstances. He does not just receive attendance but is living together with us by sharing love. This sounds like a dream. (168-111, 1987.9.13)

Without making a beginning point where God enters our mind, and where we human beings become completely one body with God, there is no way of liquidating the devil's world. From this point of view, we can understand that this time is the age of attendance and the age of salvation by justification through attendance. We are saved through attendance. God is not a God who is way up in the sky far removed from us. We should attend God as the master in our daily life. (144-274,1986.4.25)

How many times during the day are you aware of God's existence? How many times during twenty four hours do you feel God's presence? How can people who are determined to be saved through attendance, attend God just one or two hours in a day? God is something you need more desperately than even the air. God is something you need more desperately than even water. God is more precious than your meals. Yet, do you really feel this? (33-230, 1970.8.16)

From now on you should live a life of attendance. Up until now, a life of faith brought salvation through faith, but from now on you attain salvation through attendance. Originally, if humankind had not fallen, we would be following our normal path by attending God. In attending God, you should attend Him wholeheartedly in your daily life. (150-213, 1961.4.15)

We must live a life of attendance. Although we have welcomed the Kingdom of Heaven of hope, we have not welcomed a Kingdom of Heaven of attendance and practice. In other words, we have not been aware in our daily lives that God is our subject partner. (6-226, 1959.5.17)

Why do we listen, and learn these things and live a life of attendance? What is the purpose of our suffering for six thousand years? It is for the sake of understanding God's circumstances and His heart just as the Bible showed. It is for the purpose of understanding that God related to ethnic peoples and nations, as well as to individuals, with a parental heart and that He is our Father who has been wounded, trampled upon, rejected and torn to pieces. (8-25, 1960.1.17)

The Completed Testament Age is the age of love. Thus, you are permitted to marry. In the history of religion, higher-level religions did not allow marriage because conjugal love was not sanctified until now. (96-117, 1978.1.2)

Since God is the center of the universe, when you go near Him you will want to be governed by Him for tens of thousands of years and even longer. This is the way to attend God. Thus, there is no greater happiness. We could not have imagined that human beings today could be governed in such a way. (77-328, 1975.4.30)

Why do we seek justification by faith, justification by works, and justification through attendance? Without being justified you cannot distinguish between good and evil. The evil world and the world of goodness would not be separated. What is the standard of righteousness? It is God. What God believes, how He works and attends is the standard. Why is that so? Satan cannot accuse righteous people who resemble God. If you create an environment in which God's faith, works, and standard of attendance lives through you, then Satan cannot intervene. Even if you are within the satanic realm, if a righteous standard is created that enables you to be with God in such an environment, Satan will withdraw from there. (161-118, 1987.2 15)

Attendance in the Completed Testament Age is not the only thing that remains after the Old Testament Age of works and the New Testament Age of faith have passed. Even in the Completed Testament Age, we need to do works, we need to have faith, and we also need to lead a life of attendance. There are the stages of formation, growth and completion which remain; these cannot be separated. (161-218, 1987.2.15)

The Unification Church states that salvation comes through attendance. It is justification through attendance; in other words, salvation through attendance. When men buy suits for each season, they should be doing that for Father as well. Moreover, since He does not have a body, they should combine a monetary offering with their devotion instead. During these seasons, they should make an offering in the donation box for the sake of the church, with a tearful heart of attending God, regardless of whether anyone is watching. If they can do so, that devotion will accumulate in the Ark of the Covenant. This way of living should be real and expressed; not remain only as a concept. (48-323, 1971.9.26)

Why should we live a life of attendance? It is to receive God's law. (78-30, 1975.5.1)

Up until the present time, a life of faith brought salvation through faith, but, from now on, you attain salvation through attendance. Originally, if humankind had not fallen, we would be following our normally intended path by attending God. What is the use of faith alone? You can fulfill everything by leading a life of attendance. When you attend God, you should attend Him in your daily activities and with your whole heart. (150-213, 1961.4.15)

The problem we face now is how to create a new tradition from the standard of attendance that God wants from the individual, family, church, this nation and this people. (311-12, 1971.1.1)

The age of the Unification Church is the age of the parents. We are paving the road whereby God can come and be present on earth. This is why it makes sense to say that we are saved through attending Him when He comes. This is how history is developing. (177.157.1988.5.17)

In order to join the realm of attendance, you must possess the quality of heart to comfort a sorrowful God and to experience together with Him His painful circumstances in having devoted Himself. The principles of restoration reveal this and teach us how to establish indemnity conditions before God. (17-245, 1971.29)

You should live a life of attendance. So then, why should we live a life of attendance? To receive God's love. For this reason you should serve God first. You should attend Him. (78-30, 1975.5.1)

2.2. Breaking heavenly laws displeases God

There are laws in attending God. It displeases God when these laws are broken. (17-287, 1967.2.15)

You must know how to obey the laws in your daily life. Heaven demands that you must keep Heaven's ways. It is not enough to know Heaven's ways, but you must live Heaven's ways. You must become one with Heaven's love as you understand Heaven's ways. (1-337, 1956.12.30)

One who is always able to discern whether God is happy or sad could not become an evil person even if he tried; he could not go against the law of heaven even if he tried. That man would never give in to the temptation of a beautiful woman. He would not be drawn in. (40-297, 1971.2.7)

Today, why are so many unhappy young men and women escaping their families? It is because the heavenly law of love was lost. For this reason, based on that family, the parent of heaven and earth must appear and allow God to be seated there. (21-155, 1968.11.17)

There can be no complaint from the object partner who exists for the sake of their subject partner. Complaint would be an act of rashness and lead to failure. Therefore, complaint is not allowed in the life of faith. You should only be thankful. Because Heaven will always be the subject, there cannot be any rules or ways of life that moves away from it.

Heavenly law is established when order is properly followed. Therefore, in the relationship between the subject and object partners, God must stand in the position of the absolute subject. The person who ignores that subject cannot become His object partner. If you strive to become the absolute object before the absolute subject, you become absolutely one. Thus, everything that you see, hear and feel, even the loving relationships in your family, are for the sake of God who stands as the subject partner to you as His object partner. Everything works like this. Such a family will never perish. (58-310, 1972.6.25)

What lasts until the end? It is God plus man, God and man, God and man's life, and God and man's daily outlook. Likewise, it is God and man's view of life, God and man's world view. These are not just vague understandings about God, but these represent an eternal bond with Him; there will be no separation.

Why? Since God and human beings were separated, though they should never have been separated, they must reach a higher position than that. In such a place, they should come forward demanding a global stage, a stage for daily life where God and human beings are one. (65-127, 1972.11.5)

You must live with God in order to establish the victorious realm of dominion. Consequently, you can establish a victorious foundation only by having absolute conviction, and by leading your life united with God and attending Him. This is the path of restoration. (14-247, 1965.1.1) 

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