Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Seven - Etiquette And Ceremonies
Chapter One - Etiquette for Attending God
Section 1. Living in Attendance of God

1.1. God and human beings relate as parent and child

Among all bonds of relationships, the standard is the parent-child relationship established between God and human beings. The heart coming from this bond cannot be undermined by the authority of any being and is eternal, unchanging, and unique. The authority of this heart is also absolute. For this reason, when you come forth with this authority, all existing beings will bow their heads before you. When you move with the authority of that heart, the entire universe must follow you. This is the ironclad rule of the universe. (7-103.1959.7.26)

We must establish families in which God and humankind unite, where God relates in love and becomes one with people. God regarded such families as His ideal and desired, at the time of creation, that they be centered on a true and great love. If our ancestors had established these families, today we would all enter the Kingdom of Heaven just as we are, without having to worry about heaven or hell. (175-54, 1995.10.31)

Where is the highest place a father and son can meet? It is in the center, where their love, lives and ideals intersect. Then, love, life, and ideals are in one place. At that place, God is love, and so are we; God is life, and so are we; God is ideal, and so are we. The first bond and first place of unity that can determine this must be where the parent-child relationship is established. This is an undeniable fact. (69-78, 1973.10.2)

On what basis do you say, "One body between father and son"? Love cannot be excluded from this. Love, life, and lineage are connected to it. These three factors are essential. When we say "one body between father and son," love, life and lineage must always be connected there. (197-234.1990.1.19)

There is no need for a verbally established parent-child relationship or a parent-child relationship that was created through written agreements. When you exert your mind, express your devotion, and live for the sake of the Father's will, you can even endure pain that melts the flesh and bone. When you do this in order to win victory, you can restore the parent-child relationship with God. (2-234, 1957.6.2)

Where is the highest place that you would like to receive love from God? It is in the position of the son. It is in the position of the daughter. God has heavenly emotions. We human beings have human emotions. The place that becomes a converging point for heavenly emotions and human emotions is the one place that God, the Absolute Being longs for, and also human beings long for. in other words, it is the place where we can share love in the position of a son or daughter centering on a parent. (197-234, 1971.1.9)

Originally, amid the greatest joy, both Adam and Eve should have displayed the highest vitality, combined the greatest energy, and even demonstrated the power of the ideals of all creation. In such a place the flower of love should bloom. Thus, by blossoming like a flower, love's fragrance would have overflowed into the entire universe. God dreamt of such love in which He could gaze at that flower, smell its fragrance and be enraptured with it. (104-44, 1979.3.28)

When God and Adam become one and both are overflowing with love, Adam can become God. When Adam becomes completely one with God through love, God dwells in Adam. The Bible states, "Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you?" We are God's temple. (54-139, I972.3.22)

You should know that God exists near you and is concerned about each of you more than anyone else. People think that the love of their own family is the greatest in this world. However, you should know that God's love is greater and deeper than that love; it is deeper and greater than any human love in this world. You should be embraced in God's love and he able to call Him, "Father." You should become such true sons and daughters who deeply experience God's internal heart in a position that says, "I know the Father's sorrow." If you can become such sons and daughters, and possess the Kingdom of Heaven in which you attend God, no one would be able to take that kingdom away from you. (2-234, 1957.6.2)

According to logic, when father and son unite based on love, the father's possessions can become the son's. Likewise, the husband's belongings become the wife's possessions. Centering on love, the right of inheritance is guaranteed for eternity. If you have become a son or daughter who has established a bond of love as the object partners of God's true love, then for you, God's body will become your body, His love will become your love, and everything He created will become yours. Therefore, within each of you, you still have the desire of your original nature to have dominion over the universe. this was God's gift that He distributed equally to all humankind, the gift that lets you hold the authority to possess the universe as God's sons and daughters. (199-346, 1990.2.21)

1.2. Living a life of oneness

In all religions, they teach people not to look at, listen to, speak to, or treat people carelessly. This means that you should do everything -- look, listen, talk, feel and love -- centering on God. You should not do so centering on yourself. (66-231, 1973.5.13)

When you are happy as people who are attending God, how happy have you made God? Have you attended God with a gratitude that is greater than the feelings you have as you eat when you are hungry? You should always feel grateful to God when you eat or wear something nice, even when you are sad or facing difficulties. Hence, you should leave behind good circumstances that can be remembered in God's mind. (17-291, 1967.2.15)

My awareness, intuition, and even my sensory organs all belong to the Father. The view must be established that what you feel and perceive all belongs to the Father. You should know clearly that when this is not the case, the Father, who moves in accordance with heart, cannot belong to you. (8-294, 1960.2.14)

People are all created to become one with God in heart. God as the Father and human beings as the children are connected through the heart. (55-163, 1972.5.7)

What we speak, see, feel, and perceive through emotions must all be connected to God. (53-239, 1972.2.29)

You should live in attendance to God and True Parents. This should be evident when you are talking and when you are moving about. You should live a life of attendance whether you are asleep or awake. If you think in this way twenty-four hours a day. Satan cannot invade you. (161-231, 1987.2.15)

Offer your first words to Heaven after rising from your bed in the morning. When you step outside your home, you should step with your right foot first, dedicating your first step to Heaven. If you develop such habits, your life will become a life of attendance. From this viewpoint, you should maintain the standard of a principled attitude in daily life. (17-296, 1967.2.15)

Once we have risen in the morning, all our feelings and actions must be unified into a straight line throughout the day, centering on one goal. We cannot deny that if we lose that focus, we will not be able to connect with His will. (57-231, 1972.6.4)

Heaven is where you can take pride in your life of attendance. Then, what kind of person can enter heaven? It is not a place for those who expect to receive blessings simply because they believed in the Lord. Heaven is for those who prepare their hearts in order to attend. It is a place for those who leave behind a life of attendance and joyfully move on, even though they might die in the process. Resurrection is found in such a place. (9-304, 1960.2.14)

Now, we three -- God, True Parents and you -- must become one. We have to act in concert. Since this is a decisive question of life and death, all three must unite at the point where they come together. The realm of resurrection is at that very point. It is the connecting point where oneness comes, where True Parents and you become one and unite together. There, the unification into one heart takes place. Therefore, you must lead a life of oneness with His will. (31-321, 1970.6.7)

Why do you look and listen to all the things within the twenty-four hours of your day? It is for the sake of God. We have to look and listen for God and even feel for His sake. Even though we are living on earth, we have to be connected with life in the heavenly world and live that way. (35-284, 1970.10.25)

Those who don't yearn for God every day cannot attend Him. You should always be immersed in longing whenever you yearn for someone. But when it gets to midnight, and you say, it's already twelve midnight. let's go to bed," this causes God concern. There is no concept of day and night in the Kingdom of Heaven. Night poses no difficulty when you are living and embracing centering on heart. (17-293, 1967.215)

Originally, as a rule, we were to live, think and love centered on ourselves after we had become completely one with God. You have to know this clearly. Even though you would live, think and love centered on yourself, it would be the same as living, thinking and loving centered on God. This is the Principle. (92-166, 1977.4.3)

The extent to which you devoted yourself to meeting the Father and creating bonds with Him will become your asset. (50-288.1971.11.8)

You should become the sons and daughters who, from the valley of tears, can receive a response when calling for the Father. You should become the people who, when you call, "Father!" from a place of tears, He will reply, "Yes! I am here." When you call, "Father!" from a place of piercing pain, shedding blood and sweat, He will reply, "I have endured, so you can too." When you call for Him even at the moment when death approaches, He will reply, "I am here, be at ease." The question is how much you attend the Father, how much you consult with Him and how much you live with Him in such situations. No matter how hard you call the Father from a place of self-centered glory it does no good because the Father has still not seen His day of glory. (11-102, 1961.2.12)

For whom do you eat when you say, "Oh, I'm hungry! Oh, I'm so hungry! Food, food, food!" You should feel that you are eating for God. Why should you think that you are eating for God? If you have become the holy temple of God, you should think, as God's holy temple, "When I am hungry, God inside me is telling me to eat." If you eat in this way, that meal becomes sacred. the food becomes holy. (92-166, 1977.4.3) 

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