Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Six - Our Life And The Spiritual Realm
Chapter Three - True Parents and the Spirit World
Section 5. The Final Wish of Life

The more you are persecuted, the more ideal and higher the place you will go to. When you arrive there, you will become a noble citizen of heaven. God will look down and say, "This is my beloved son!" Your five sensory organs will be enraptured with God's love. The entire universe will bow its head and give praise to you. Such a world awaits you, as for the coming of a saint. That is our ultimate hope. Do you understand? (294-96, 1998.6.14)

I did not fight back. I endured and endured till the end, and kept a humble attitude as I walked. By persevering through this, I saw that this path enabled me to reach the highest position -- the position where I could receive the rights of inheritance from God without fighting back. In this way, I did not perish. Instead, I grasped the victorious position of a leader in the world that was intent on my destruction. I created an environment where I could be welcomed beyond the nation and the world. I accomplished all the tasks of bringing equalization to the earthly world and spirit world. Amen! (302-207, 1999.6.13)

The time has passed for me to sacrifice my flesh and blood in serving Korea. Based on the nation, things are now falling into place. I have shown you the example, so you should be saying, "Before I die I will work even harder than Father, and leave something worthy behind after my life on earth." Without living like this, you cannot follow in the footsteps of the Parents of the heavenly world. Since you have received the rights of inheritance, you should be able to influence your family surroundings in your own nation, even if it is only a shadow of the Parents' example. If you fail to become a trunk, you should become a branch. If you fail to become a branch, you should become a leaf. You belong to the tree. You are able to connect to the spirit world around you. (267-279, 1995.1.20)

When I slept at night with clenched fists, my hand would stiffen, so on one occasion God took my hand, spread it out and told me not to do this. Then I found that matters would be resolved. What is there to worry about for someone who believes in this kind of God? There are many such miracles and works in the background of the Unification Church.

The testimonies Dr. Lee Sang-hun gave on the spirit world are nothing. I know those things. The world may not believe it, but I know those things. I don't merely believe it; I know it. People doubt such things, but because they doubt, the spirit world does not help them. When they go there, they will be grateful to me.

Even Lee Sang-hun thought he would suffer in the spirit world for believing, in the Unification Church. Yet, he works from the highest position there. He never dreamt of such an amazing reality. Nevertheless, he cannot spend all his time just smiling. He still has to deal with serious situations. If you do not believe this, place a knife by your side and pray with the determination that you will die if you doze off. You have to engage in such desperate prayer. It cannot be done half-heartedly. (302-270, 1999.6.17)

I am an unusual person. Once I remember something I do not forget it. That's something I worry about. You don't know anything... I still have not become senile. Even though I am an old man of eighty, I am smart and still have my wits. You should think of me as an old man to whom a computer would come and bow in respect. When I place something in my mind, I never forget. I will remember it even after going to the spirit world. If there is something you did wrong on the earth, you should resolve it. (295-129, 1999.1.1)

Since the 1960s I have climbed the mountains and go hunting regularly. Since 1963, I have been preparing for various marine projects, in order to fulfill all my responsibilities for the nation, and reaching beyond the animal kingdom. I have to take dominion over both the sea and the land. I should offer sacrificial rites in order to reclaim the occupied places.

There is no one besides the True Parents who can establish such a bond of having loved Cain -- a bond proving one's love -- through Abel's sacrificial offerings. No one else can do that. Members of the Unification Church cannot do that. Everything that was separated due to the false parents must be fulfilled through the True Parents. Therefore, in rain or snow, I worked focusing on the sea... Liberation can come in the spirit world for all those people who were sacrificed at sea, and for those who lived in hell on earth. It is the same reason I gave the Blessing for those who died at sea. How serious I was when I established that momentous term: "True God"! Do you understand what I am saying? (298-19, 1998.12.31)

I intend to bequeath the position of king to you unknowing pure hearted people who could not understand the battles I had to go through. I will go freely with ease to the spirit world without any baggage. Since a better world, the heavenly spirit world is prepared and longing for me, what is there to bring with me from the earth? (299-239, 1999.2.17)

For the most part, everything is done. I have taught you everything. I am now sick and tired of being weary, pestered, and rebuked in this complicated world. I have grown weary of this. Thus, I will live ten years gazing at one pine tree in a quiet place; and ten years gazing at a rock. Doing such things, I should prepare to go to the spirit world. I should bring into order all the complicated things of the spirit world. (296-216, 1998.11.10)

Since I had to open the way for all humankind, I even became friends with condemned criminals. I wore manacles with thieves, had meals with them and comforted them. Some time ago, I even went to Las Vegas to pray for those who were confined in prison there. The reason I bought the New Yorker Hotel was to clear away the worst dens of Satan in New York and build a new environment. I had to go there personally, mingle with them and comfort them. Only then could I open a way even for those condemned people in different circumstances in the satanic world. Through paving the way on earth, the barriers in the spirit world can be opened and the world will become unified. Therefore, I have given the interracial Blessing to blacks and whites. I will buy houses for whites and blacks. In this way, I am doing things that have never been done in this world. (91.160, 1977 2.6)

I am indignant when I think about the treatment I received from this nation. Many people in the Unification Church regard me as a stick that has been used and discarded by an old man. They think of using me to poke a hole in dung. Go to the spirit world and see what happens. They do not know what misfortune awaits them there. Their tears of sorrow will not end as for millions of years they harbor grief before the courts of judgment under their great ancestors. Because I know this, I have come this far. (263-221, 1991.10.4)

Someone may come at night and spray poison at those sleeping in peace. This is staining the path of millions of years. That is why I put my life on the line and live as if I were sitting on a cushion of needles. I never sat or slept with my mind at ease. I slept curled up to one side. My limbs cannot turn towards heaven until I fulfill my mission. I have lived in this way. (247-41, 1991.4.21)

You are all wearing neckties, but I have dressed more casually. I am ready to go out at anytime. I am already ahead of everyone. At home, I take off my socks and walk around barefoot. I try to live without clothes as much as possible. Those practices can save money to be used for the sake of starving people. That has become a habit and now it annoys me to wear socks. I calculated how many weeks there are in my life and how much I could save. By the time I go to the spirit world, if this has become several thousand dollars, I will make a deposit and use it to help the needy people in Africa. I am thinking of instituting a fund before I leave. (279 -308, 1996.9.22)

What is God's original ideal for creation? It is to build a kingdom in spirit world, and on earth, in the name of True Parents. The Kingdom of Heaven can only be created through the True Parents. When we ask Christians today, "How is it that God's first beloved son, Jesus, is in paradise rather than in the Kingdom of Heaven?" they cannot answer. The Kingdom of Heaven can be established only through the perfection of True Parents and the foundation of love. No one can carry out the mission of unifying the kingdom in the spirit world except True Parents. (131-152, 1984.5.1)

Throughout my life, I have been fighting in a life and death struggle. In this world, painful things can be avoided, but this task cannot be avoided. It cannot be accomplished through physical strength or brute force alone.

When you do not live according to principles and laws, arrows that shower from all four directions are unavoidable. This fight is more difficult than the creation of heaven and earth. You could not imagine, even in your dreams, how I was establishing the spiritual foundations by offering indemnity conditions, while all that was going on. These foundations represent a cosmic victory for reaching the transition point. (35-167, 1970.10.13)

I have overcome the way of death hundreds of times in order to find this path. I am the one who made God cry hundreds of times. Throughout history, no one has ever loved God as much as I have. Therefore, no matter how hard the world tries to dispose of me, I will never perish because God protects me. You can also enter the realm of truth that I teach, and God will protect you. (279-256, 1996.9.15)

Live with a fresh pioneering spirit, and you will not grow old. By nature, I will not die on my back. Until I die, I will always be in motion. I will move even if I have to crawl. It has been a continuum of suffering. The greatest humiliation to me would be to be very old, and need the attention and care of those around me. Since I know the spirit world, how free I will be after discarding my body!

In the future, if you have a thought system that encompasses the ocean -- the water -- you will be able to have dominion over the world. Water is the most important resource. That is why before I go to the spirit world I have to initiate work in these vast areas. I believe that if I have taught and spoken about everything, the future generations will fulfill it. (276.296, 1996.3.10)

By my very nature I cannot go to the spirit world and just sit on a throne and give orders... When I go there, I will become the brave soldier who will pioneer a higher dimension of the world of God's heart, a world beyond the imagination of the people in the spirit world, and which has not yet been found and reclaimed. (276-75, 1996.2.4)

One spiritualist wept profusely after praying about whether I was real or fake. He was crying so bitterly in spite of himself. He cried for a day, two days -- every day. Why is that so? To know me, means to know the heart of weeping bitterly. Without this, you cannot know me. Who can know the circumstances in which I cry with sorrow, embracing the bitter historical pain of a thousand years when I hear someone saying something about my life? If I had not known God I would not have been slandered in that way. It was because of my "crime" of knowing God too well... How sad it is for God who can only place His trust in me? In twenty years I had to restore through indemnity the history that was entangled for two thousand years. (137-183, 1986.1.1)

What will be my greatest hope when I go to the spirit world? I will call for the Heavenly Father from within the realm of heart I experienced at the highest climax of my longing and love. I long for that standard in which I receive the Father's love. (282-311, 1997.4.7)

God and humankind had to separate in tears. So, after God has cried aloud, He embraces his weeping son and says. "Isn't this what you have desired?" I know that only through the bequeathing and receiving of the words of blessing can the eternal victorious supremacy of the True Parents be bequeathed. It is a serious matter. I am offering my entire life for that day. (283-133, 1997.11.27)

What will I be able to offer to God when I go to the spirit world? I am concerned about this. I worked for the nation and the world that God is longing for, and I lived to raise the future generations who will establish the ideal society and ideal world to come. I loved them as God does.

It would be natural for me to continue like this even when I go to the spirit world. It will be an exact extension of my life, nothing more or less than that. I am continuing to do that work. Since God is establishing His Kingdom, I will be near Him and accomplish that task with God. That is why God can say with pride: "My nation is your nation... With absolute unchanging love, you remained faithful after knowing me. With my love, you were constant through the raging storm, even though you were imprisoned and suffered contempt, and even though you were opposed by individuals, families, societies, nations, the world and the entire spiritual realm. With that same unchanging attitude as I have, you pursued that love and ideal. Thus, the nation you established is my nation. What you restored for the sake of humankind is surely my nation." (205-212, 1990.9.2)

What is my one and only hope? How will God treat me when I enter the spirit world? When I come into His presence, God will be sitting on His throne, but will jump down in an instant in spite of Himself. He will embrace me and kiss me for my labors and say, "May eternal blessings be upon you." My wish is to see that day. I cannot die, even if I want to, without leaving those works behind on earth. You must understand that these are the circumstances of the True Parent. (264-63, 1994.10.9)

When the family is saved, the nation must be saved in turn. After the nation, the world and cosmos must he saved. Later on, even God must be liberated. Even Satan and God must be liberated. This has not yet been accomplished. I must reach that point. If I were to go to the spirit world without fulfilling this responsibility, I would have to live in shame for not having fulfilled my responsibility, like a criminal. I am risking my life. I am liberating all those in the spirit world. After liberating them, I will not say "I liberated you so you have to live for me!"

For those in the spirit world, I am teaching them to live for God, to come and even step on me in order to live for the sake of the world. That is the heart of a filial son and a patriot. The self cannot become the center. (301-187, 1999.4.26)

A path leading to the valley of hell was created due to the failure in Adam's responsibility. No one knows how miserable the restoration course was, turning this situation around and re-establishing a path of life, while digesting humiliation, persecution, and a heart filled with bitter grief. Only God knows such things.

When spiritualists pray asking who Rev. Moon is, the heart of God can only respond in tears. Whenever I hear this, I simply say, "Father, it was nothing..." How many tears of gratitude He will shed! After I lived with this heart and showed the world these things, God was freed from His imprisonment. You must all be aware of this. My life goal was to revive Heavenly Father's heart, so that when I enter the spirit world, He will want to welcome and receive me with great joy, as someone worth tens of thousands of times more than Adam. (302-250, 1999.6.14) 

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