Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Six - Our Life And The Spiritual Realm
Chapter Three - True Parents and the Spirit World
Section 4. True Family and the Works of the Spirit World

4.1. Heung-jin nim and the establishment of the right of the eldest son in the spirit world.

Through my son Heung-jin going to the spirit world, Abel and the angels who had been completely separated like the earth and spirit world, became closely tied together like twins. When they became one, parents could be mobilized on that foundation. This is the view of the Unification Principle.

Heung-jin is the Abel-type son. This son went to the spirit world on the foundation of the indemnity conditions for the realm of God's dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle, which was established through True Parents' love. He went to the spirit world after the establishment of the direct dominion of God, based on the victory over Satan's dominion. For that reason, he attained the state of being the son who went to the spirit world with the qualification of perfection for the first time since the Fall. Originally, if human beings had not fallen, those who passed to the spirit world would have qualified as owners, or heirs, through the establishment of a family with love at the center. In this family, the realms of direct dominion and dominion based on accomplishments through the principle would have been unified centered on the realm of True Parents' heart.

It is a rule of the Principle that you cannot reach the realm of direct dominion without the proper qualification. (131-52, 1984.4.1)

I held the Unification Ceremony before Heung-jin passed away. I prepared everything for this and gave permission to the doctor to take off the oxygen mask. In this way, I sent him after paving his path. In this world, people would say that I was crazy to do such things while my son was dying. I was offering him to heaven. In this three-sided historical era, I was offering him for the sake of humankind, the people of Korea and the Unification Church, for the sake of this world and for the sake of the spirit world. Just as Jesus returned after ascending to heaven, similar things will occur. Thus, from the spirit world's point of view, Heung-jin is the returning Lord. He is the savior of the spirit world. Heung-jin was the one sent by True Parents as the Messiah of love. Since Heung-jin is assisting the Parents on earth, the age of resurrection and a unified world are coming about on the earth. That is why the time has come for the second generation to receive the Blessing. Do you understand what I am saying? (225-86, 1992.1.2)

How is the Unification Ceremony performed? It cannot be accomplished by grabbing any random thing. I performed this ceremony for Heung-jin by holding his sexual organ. Only by holding the Unification Ceremony of love for this son who was passing away without fulfilling the purpose of love, could he be directly connected to Jesus. Even Mother did not know anything about this. By performing the Unification Ceremony for him as he was dying, we were overcoming everything that was under the watchful eye of the devil.

It is not a matter of crying. The problem was not about a son dying or about crying. The issue was about what a family loved by God is. In that situation, with everyone feeling bitter grief, I had to drive all that away, and as the father, pave the way for my son to pass on. (212-93, 1991.1.2)

Because I sent Heung-jin as a living offering, he has become a bridge. He is the bridge from the spirit world based on love, based on his family behind him. Thus, even Jesus must follow Heung-jin. Don't you know Jesus has to go through the bridge of the family? Ultimately, Heung-jin was the only one who went to the spirit world as a victorious offering after being loved by True Parents on this earth as True Parents' son. Therefore, he can govern with the full authority of Heaven. (280-281, 1997.1.2)

Heung-jin came into unity with the spirit world linking it to True Parents' family by virtue of his passing away as an adolescent and scion beloved of True Parents. He becomes the first son and elder brother in the spirit world.

Consequently, the domain of True Parents' love is expanded to the spirit world. Therefore, the Christians in the spirit world who could not establish a connection to the earth, and all the other religions, can now do this through Heung-jin... Jesus should attend Heung-jin as the elder brother. By doing so, Jesus can connect to earth. Through these developments, the spiritual support in this world will swell rapidly due to spirits returning to the earth, and as a result, the satanic world will begin to crumble. It will start to go into a rapid decline.

The borderlines that were created after the Fall between the spiritual and physical worlds will all be eliminated. Through Heung-jin's ascension, the earth is linked to the spirit world based on the domain of True Parents' love. Therefore, the walls between the earthly world and the spirit world have crumbled and we have entered an age of communication between the two worlds. (225-86, 1992.1.2)

In this age, how will the domain of the adopted children and that of the children of the direct lineage exchange places? Heung-jin has an important responsibility with respect to this. He must bring order to the spirit world before the coming of that time. Until now, Jesus and all those who passed on to the spirit world have had no relationship with True Parents by lineage. They have not been related to the flesh and blood of True Parents. Neither could they establish a relationship with True Parents' love. Thus, all those who have passed away to the other world are like single, unmarried men and women. Jesus himself is like that. They must come down to earth and make that relationship with True Parents' love. (225-85, 1992.1.2)

Didn't I bless Heung-jin in marriage? Since he is in the position of the commander-in-chief of families in the spirit world, he must be blessed in marriage. Everyone is connected under him. And centering on Dae-mo nim and Choong-mo nim in the spirit world...When people pass on to the spirit world they must receive the blessing from Dae-mo nim. Many denominations and religions, such as Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism, must become closely united... Then, a great migration will occur. They can only be connected through the True Parents on earth. In order to do so, they must become filial sons, patriots and saints. That is the tradition. (292-226, 1998.4.17)

At this time, I enabled Jesus' family and Heung-jin's family to live in one house. Heung-jin and Jesus should live in the same house. Jesus' adopted son should be entrusted to Heung-jin. God cannot do this. True Parents must do this. True Parents must do what God cannot do. Didn't God say in the Bible, "Let it be as Adam names them."? Do you understand? (292-327, 1998.4.27)

I must now go to Chung Pyung and take good care of Jesus' family, let him establish the ties of brotherhood with Heung-jin, and bless all the apostles of Christianity. The Unification Church stands in the position of Abel, and Christianity stands in the position of Cain. How can they be brought into unity? From a spiritual and physical point of view, I must unify everything. Heung-jin, the true child, stands on the Abel side and is the eldest son. The eldest son on the Cain side is Jesus. I am connecting the earthly world with the spirit world and blessing members of the Unification Church and the Christian churches all at once.

I am also blessing white and black people together, so that in the future, they will have mixed descendants. Then there will be no more conflict. Who will resolve the very troubling racial problems in America? Who will bring an end to that conflict? This is something that no one in America can do, nor any institution. Even the religious organizations cannot resolve this. It is only possible through me. (292-312, 1998.4.27)

I declared the unification of the physical and spirit worlds to the people of America, which stands as the eldest son nation of the Christian cultural sphere. Heung-jin and Jesus have become one... Heung-jin, who is fully dedicated to True Parents, who represent the Unification Church, and Jesus who represents Christianity, are in a subject-object relationship. The latter is Cain. Those who opposed the Unification Church have now surrendered and stand in the position of the younger brother, and the previous younger brother now stands in the position of the elder brother. Those standing in the younger brother position do so because Heung-jin and the Unification Church are united...

The right of the eldest son does not only belong to America. Unity comes on the basis of people attending True Parents, the Unification Church, Heung-jin, and Unification Church members. After unity is established between such people and the Unification Church, they take the position of having the right of the eldest son. By standing in the position of the first son in the spirit world and earthly world, they will unity these two worlds, complete the Kingdom of heaven on earth and enter that unified sphere. Amen! (293-79, 1991.5.24)

For the spirit world, the day they received Heung-jin was the most joyful day in history. Heung-jin opened the gates of the spirit world as the messiah of love and opened the path of an exemplary martyr on earth. That is why the Unification Church members should love Heung-jin. (130-201, 1984.1.15)

Consequently, Heung-jin can let the domain of the younger son inherit the blessings and fortune of the domain of the eldest son. Satan tried to prevent this happening by plundering the inheritance, but Heung-jin, who now stands in the domain of the eldest son, delivered all the blessings he had, to the earth. That is why the connection can be made. Heung-jin unceasingly endeavored to deliver this despite the satanic world trying to prevent it. (131-52, 1984.4.1)

Since Heung-jin is in the spirit world, he should take responsibility to become like a protective fence, and educate and train people to make determined efforts to remove their shame for the things they failed to accomplish on earth. True Parents are not just an empty shell. They are moving forward with total authority in relation to the spirit world. That is why I can bless people in the spirit world. Since the actual authority of the Parents exists in the spirit world, I can give the unified Blessing to the earth and the spirit world, so that people who are blessed will be able to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is empty. In order to occupy it, the Blessing must first be given on earth. Without the Blessing on earth, there cannot be Blessings in the spirit world. (304-406, 1999.11.12)

I am now going to build an experiential hall for education, even in the spirit world. It will teach the traditions of the various world faiths and religions. It should also teach the affiliated philosophies of the world. It should teach Unification Thought. I need to make that kind of education department... The spirit world is ignorant of these things because it is completely divided and separated. We should teach them that God is our Parent, and educate them to establish an ideal family by becoming His beloved sons and daughters. (300-314, 1999.4.15)

With Shin-choon's birth into my family there are now forty members in my family. There are exactly forty people. The number forty has been fulfilled. That is why the name is Shin-choon. What does Shin-choon mean? In his name, the Chinese character for shin means "faith" rather than "new." In terms of faith, spring has come to the Unification Church. This is the case when we look at the number of indemnity and everything else.

There will be many sons and daughters in my family in the future. Many grandchildren will be born. How many children do I have? Is it twelve? I had thirteen, though Hye-jin passed away eight days after her birth. In the future, Heung-jin should also adopt a child.

Should you practice birth control? In the satanic world people have to do this but our Blessed Families should not practice birth control. However, if your body is defiled and you believe that you should not give birth to children the way you are, you should not do so. (213-189, 1991.1.20)

True Parents' family, which represents the whole historical realm of victory, attained this position because it went through a history of purification to the root. If Hye-jin was sacrificed for the sake of cutting off the bloodline of the fallen woman in the Garden of Eden, then Hee-jin represents the Old Testament Age. They have different mothers. So, Hee-jin pertains to the Old Testament Age and Heung-jin represents the New Testament Age. He was not married, just like Jesus. Yet subsequently, since he was blessed in marriage, the earth is connected with the spirit world. This Blessing is also connecting the perfected physical foundation of Christianity with the work of establishing the spiritual perfection of those in Christianity who were not blessed. The family-level Blessing is being connected to the spirit world. (304-304, 1999.11.12)

4.2. The Chung Pyung providence and the ancestors' liberation ceremony

Why do you go to the Chung Pyung training center? You have to clear away everything that is spiritually entangled with you. You should liberate all your ancestors there. You have to be checked and certified, and accomplish those things. Heung-jin is working in Chung Pyung. Heung-jin is the highest elder son in the spirit world. Whose younger brother is Heung-jin? Heung-jin's elder brother is Hyo-jin. But Heung-jin is in the elder brother position to Hyo-jin and is the highest elder brother in the spirit world. Everyone there should attend him as king. (299-309, 1999.2.21)

Now we are entering the age of the nation. You should adjust your focus for this purpose. I am now giving liberation Blessings to the spirit world. There will be Blessings for up to 120 generations of ancestors. In the past it was four generations. How close would four generations be in terms of kin? It would include relatives up to those eight times removed. When this is taken to seven generations it would include even more. It would be hundreds, even thousands of ancestral families for a family with many children. There will be Blessings for four generations and then for seven generations. When seven generations are blessed, it goes beyond family relatives. For 120 generations it would reach across the entire world. Since we are doing this in Chung Pyung, all Blessed Families should compete with one another in liberating their ancestors, and they have the responsibility to open the door of the Blessing to them. (299-307, 1999.2.21)

Have you all attended the ancestor liberation ceremony? You have to liberate the first seven generations. Only after liberating seven can you continue and go on to fulfill 120 generations' liberation. Focusing on those ancestors, everything can be sorted out and 120 generations can be blessed together. Through this, everyone can be blessed. Then, would the walls of hell be broken down or not? Paradise, where Jesus dwells, and the middle realm of spirit world, were created because of the Fall. Even the spirit world is built upon relationships in accordance with the pair system. Without doing these things I will be in a difficult situation when I go there. I must not allow that to happen. When the spirit world is put in order, the situation on earth can be resolved very quickly. (301-205, 1999.4.26)

I am telling you to go to Chung Pyung and be trained so that you can liberate 120 generations of your ancestors. When I gave instructions to liberate four generations, Chung Pyung was in an uproar. Then I told them to continue to seven generations and they accomplished that. Now, I am saying that you should go as far as 120 generations, and they are thinking, "Oh my gosh!" How can you say, "Oh my gosh!"?

I commanded Heung-jin and Dae-mo nim to be willing to do desperate things for the ancestors Blessings. I have told them to become sacrificial offerings. Therefore, when you liberate 120 generations, you will call them to come.

When Adam finally enters the Kingdom of Heaven, do you think he would be at ease if he heard the weeping of couples in the middle realm of spirit world and the weeping of people in hell? They should not be there, should they? It does not follow the Principle. That is why I am liberating them. I proclaimed 4.4. Jeol in Kodiak, Alaska and I declared the cosmic 4.4. Jeol on January 8 at Punta del Este. (300-96, 1999.3.1)

Apart from Dae-mo nim there is Choong-mo nim, and my elder brother Dae-hyung nim. Now, if I give the order, my family can go anywhere and do the things that Dae-mo nim has done. Even though Hyung-jin was not educated by Dae-mo nim, he is leading her. I have many children and together with my grandchildren they number more than forty. Yet, no one can prepare for them, receive them, and attend them. Do you or do you not feel concerned about this? Because I sometimes make jokes you always take my words lightly, but this is serious! (298-165, 1999.1.1)

Kim Hyo-nam! You have to make a training center like Chung Pyung in each continent. You should go on a tour to the six continents once every two months and create new chapters. Whenever you have to gather people in one place, like Chung Pyung, it costs a lot for the participants. There is no need to do that. By starting local chapters in the six continents you can go there and carry out the ceremonies for several thousand people at once. This will reduce the costs, mobilize the spirit world for the works of the Holy Spirit, and even enable you to reach the African people.

Create a place like Chung Pyung in all six continents. You should have each nation establish a local chapter within the six continents in order to create balanced facilities for spiritual training worldwide. If you fail to do that, I will drive you out of Chung Pyung. Hoon-mo nim should stop doing this work herself in Chung Pyung. Entrust it to someone else and go to Europe and other continents. Heung-jin, Dae-mo nim and Choong-mo nim, will all go together, and after working there for three months a local chapter can be made. In the future, many people will communicate with the spirit world. (294-197, 1998.6.14) 

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