Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Six - Our Life And The Spiritual Realm
Chapter Three - True Parents and the Spirit World
Section 3. True Parents and the Works of True Love

3.1. True Parents and the blessing of saints and murderers

Didn't I forgive the saints and even murderers? Then, can I or can I not forgive the sins of my own children? Stalin and Hitler killed millions of people. I even forgave and blessed such demons of all demons. Unless I could do so, I would not be able to open the gates of hell. Was it good, that I did that? Buddhists living on earth are exclaiming, "Good God! He took our Buddha and married him! How could he do that?" While others are saying, "Oh dear, he married Jesus!" When you go to the spirit world you will see that these leaders are all in paradise. They are in the middle realm of the spirit world.

I asked those religious leaders in spirit world, "What is it that you want?" Then they beseeched me, "It is what you desire. Hence, our wish is simple. We would like you to bless us." So I asked them, "What is going to happen if I bless you?" and they answered, "The gates of hell will be opened. Since there is presently no way to reach heaven, we will have the strength and confidence to do our best ten times more to turn this world around, bring it into unity and even lead the saints."

If you can make such a confident determination and turn yourself around, then, even when villains who opposed God come to the spirit world, they can also be reformed into exemplary loyal servants that God can use -- just as when God raised up Saint Paul, who had strongly persecuted Christianity, to become one of His most loyal servants. (299-26, 1999.2.1)

I have liberated the saints and murderers in accordance with principles. Your husbands, who were set against the Unification Church, and even those who went to hell, can therefore come and be liberated and blessed by me if you desire to bring them to True Parents. Since there was such a principle of bringing saints and murderers together, such things are now happening. Through this, a united domain of the Blessing for the spiritual and physical worlds should be created, and they should all even go through the three-day ceremony. Therefore, amongst those in the spirit world, I am now liberating and even blessing the people who did not live long on the earth or died without getting married, and all those above the age of sixteen.

By opening the gates of hell and giving the Blessing to all those who went to the spirit world, God's authority over His lineage has been recognized. Because of this, Satan must completely retreat. This is a revolution. There has never been a revolution like this amongst all revolutions. I created the environment where all those who died because of the Fall can enter heaven. By creating all the foundations enabling those who died without getting married, ever since the Fall of Adam and Eve, to enter and live in heaven, and by creating the environment enabling all our ancestors to enter a realm of the spirit world within the domain of the Blessing, I have created a highway that leads to heaven. I have restored all those foundations through indemnity. (300-305, 1999.4.1)

If I did not know about the spirit world, I could not have gone on this path. The Father in the spirit world is my father. That is why l know the secrets of the spirit world more than anyone else. When I became hungry during the Korean War, as I sought refuge, I mobilized ancestors in the spirit world. They would make people prepare a meal for passing visitors on the street, and through this I was able to eat many times. There are many stories like this that may sound like lies, so I do not talk about them. Why should an intelligent person like me, who studied science, tell such unbelievable stories? You would believe such logically unbelievable stories if they came from me, wouldn't you? (299-46, 1999.2.1)

Fallen humanity does not live in the Kingdom of Heaven God created. Heaven is a place where only perfected Blessed families can live. It is a heavenly environment, where Adam and Eve were supposed to live after perfecting themselves. Therefore, with His full authority, God can freely do as He wishes with this world, from the smallest to the largest matters. By receiving the Blessing, we are bringing about the cosmic expansion of the true Blessing and the rooting out of Satan's lineage. We are destroying that fallen lineage. That is why, in the year 2000, when I reached the age of eighty, all the clans on earth will be able to enter heaven through the Blessing.

Like the Exodus, a mobilization will begin on the earth. Just as Moses left Egypt when he was eighty years of age, from this time forth, I will start out as the True Parent and King of the families on earth. (300-305, 1999.4.11)

I have not yet announced the creation of a global highway. I clearly revealed where we have to go and then opened up all the paths. I even descended into the lowest realms of the spirit world and opened the gates of hell. I gave the Blessing even to murderers.

To quote from Dr. Lee Sang-hun's words on visiting hell, while he was crying and praying alone, God's envoy came to him and called him to return to heaven. God asked him, "Are you sad?" as he was lamenting and wailing. Then God told him that everyone had to be saved, and his question was, "What are you going to do about this?" He continued, "Your children must prosper."

In the same way, since all human beings are God's children they have to live in prosperity. In order to open up the path for everyone to live this way, God told Dr. Lee that he had to take responsibility, since God could not do that Himself. This is all presented in the book, Life in the Spirit World and on Earth. Why did God ask him to take responsibility? Since people have passed away to the spirit world after opposing the Unification Church, God wanted him to report this to me so that I could liberate them. I have shed many tears over this.

Dr. Lee wondered, "God, how did it come to this, having to ask a person like me? How did it reach this point?" For this reason, between May 13 and 15 last year, I turned everything in the spirit world upside down and declared that I would take responsibility. You talk about having guts. "I will take responsibility and carry this out." Saying this, I gave the Blessing to those people. (301-156, 1992.125)

Since the first Adam, second Adam and even the third Parent failed, by indemnifying and liberating all this through the wilderness course, the age of the Blessing of the domain of the fourth Adam can become the age of emergence of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. All this must conform to logic. It cannot be done haphazardly. When this is evaluated from the resultant Principle-based standard of the spiritual and physical worlds, the right hand must fit exactly with the left hand. Only then will clapping make a sound, won't it? Absolute love is what brings these together.

The earthly world and spirit world, which were divided into Abel and Cain, can finally become one through the bond of brotherhood, True Parents' love, and by their connection to the true lineage. Therefore, when people die, they will die together with the same blessing; when they live, they will live together with the same blessing. It is not the case here that those who seek to die will live, and those who seek to live will die.

When the True Parents are here, those who seek to live shall live. Those who seek to live with the True Parents will live. Without the True Parents everyone had to do the opposite. Paradoxically, without seeking death, you could not find the path of the True Parents or the place to attend them. The spirit world must be liberated, and the earth must be liberated. Since the time of Adam and Eve, there has never been a person who could remove the great nail that was driven into God's heart. The good ancestors throughout history all had to shed blood. Their anguish was not released. (301-166, 1999.4.25)

When I pass t he age of 80, an age when heaven and earth come together in union will begin. By 80, I will have completely liberated everything on earth and in the spirit world within my generation. Spirit world and earth together, husband and wife together, and the family together will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Husband and wife must enter heaven together; they cannot enter alone. I opened the gates of both hell and to heaven. Everyone will go up in turn.

Your ancestors will stand in line to become escorts to guide you. In the past, the demons would dig a pit based on their desires and prevent you from leaving for thousands and tens of thousands of years. They would use your ancestors as errand boys. I have now completely abolished all those things. It seems unreal, but it will become like that. You can wait and see. Why? I know everything about the future reality of the spirit world. If I do not do these things, I will be accused by the generations to come. (300-71, 1999.2.21)

3.2. Equalization of the spiritual and physical worlds through the cosmic expansion of the true Blessing

What comes after the cosmic expansion of the true Blessing? It is the rooting out of Satan's lineage. It means severing the root. Since humankind went to hell by entering into false marriage, True Parents must marry people and straighten this out. In order to restore, through indemnity, the act of the archangel in the spirit world loving Eve on earth and bringing about the Fall, the family in the archangelic position in the spirit world comes to the earth to support the family in the position of Adam and Eve. Through this, these families will come to where your families are and initiate the movement to expel Satan. This is the Principle viewpoint. Only then can things be logically placed in neat order.

Now, the task that remains is for the doors of love to be opened, enabling spouses to love one another between the spiritual and physical worlds. Even if your husband has passed away, you can live with him on earth. Some couples live this way even now. For this reason, I forgave and offered the Blessing to those husbands who were opposed to the Unification Church.

A few days ago, just before we held the Blessing of 400 Million Couples, and before I left for America, I had the people who received the spiritual Blessing go through the three-day ceremony. After that ceremony, I gave full-scale marching orders to families in the spirit world so what is there left to do? There are billions of people waiting to be blessed; particularly those passed away souls who were never married, who were born on earth and grew up in the spirit world. Since I opened the way, I have blessed 1.6 billion couples, which is four times as many as the 900 million I blessed a few days ago. (101-171, 1999.4.25)

I never thought of boasting while on the path of God's will. I have done many things worldwide but there are still many things to do. This is how I am. The task of the spirit world still remains. If some thing has been done on earth, we must straighten it out on earth.

I opened the way to the blessing for those who lived alone and died single, men and women who were loved by their parents but were unable to get married, and babies that died after they were born. Those babies grow in the spirit world. They do not remain the way they were. The heart of the mothers who cry in sadness for these babies, allows the babies to grow. It is not wrong for parents to be sad about their child's death. Your deceased partner is actually growing in the spirit world. If the wife cherishes her deceased husband in her heart and grieves for him, he will benefit from that. (101-167, 1999.4.26)

There has not been one person amongst all those born on earth that was born from True Parents. There is no way to enter heaven for those born without receiving the lineage of the True Parents -- the True Father and True Mother.

When we consider God's ideal of creation, heaven is the place that people are guided to after receiving the True Parents' lineage; attending them as the Lord of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in spirit world; living with True Parents within the domain of their kith and kin based on true love; and, through marriage, leaving behind blessed descendants. Consequently, those who do not have deep experiences of love in the realm of the heavenly royal family cannot enter heaven. (251-49, 1993.10.11)

I have accomplished my responsibility. What else is there for me to do? I blessed people equally in the spirit world through the united realm in that world, and I even saved my enemies. There is no basis whatsoever on which Satan can accuse me. Now there is no more indemnity. (272-121, 1995.8.30)

I have to equalize the spirit world. What sort of people have lived on earth and passed away to the spirit world? They were those who lived through self-centered love relationships; those men and women who had affairs and lived life as they pleased. Aren't there many adulteresses amongst women who were unfaithful? They will end up at the very bottom of hell. These days, many couples marry under a legal contract. Are you aware of that? They do not want to have babies. They do not want to have a family.

It is like that in the age of archangels. Can people without a baby know parental love? Would they know how to love children? They can never learn to love through making contracts. They are a group of wanderers, and in the spirit world they will just drift around. They have no basis that enables them to settle down. How grateful such people would be if they could be married through me! (301-63, 1999.416)

What is the spirit world? The spirit world is the archangel's world and the earth is Adam's world. The son's world and the servant's world are different. Then, should the spirit world work harder or the earth work harder? Previously, we had 40,000 Blessed Families. There were about 40,000, perhaps 5,000 more. Now, there are more than 400 million couples. Therefore, one family should find and bring two single people, one male and one female Blessing candidate. This should also be carried out in the spirit world.

The spirits in the spirit world are all Adam's descendants. Due to the Fall, however, the archangel's lineage has passed into the spirit world. This is something that absolutely should not happen. The spirit world should not be left as it is with Cain-type nature spread throughout. They should be given the Blessing. By receiving the Blessing, these two worlds should equalize.

For this reason, I gathered all the spirits who died without being married and blessed them. The spirits of babies who died after they were born are also growing. I am blessing all those who were over the age of sixteen and who went to the spirit world without getting married. Those numbers will be in the billions. That is why I am holding the Blessing for them now. (301-209, 1999.5.1)

When the tide goes out, bad things are carried away. When it comes in, the things that went away last now come in first. This is like restoration through indemnity. When the natural cycles produce a high tide and full moon together, we are caught in the middle of what must be reconciled and unified by the power of true love. When this phenomenon is spread out equally within one generation, Satan can be completely driven out by the Blessing of people of opposite dispositions together.

The false parents are driven out and people will become one with the True Parents. Since this is happening now the abolition of hell and the blessing of ancestors in spirit world are unfolding. Even now, billions of spirits are being blessed. Our ancestors are the ones who are leading the spirit world to heaven. The descendant families on earth are spiritually unifying the positions of father and son based on true love. The family base within true love is the starting point for connecting the East and the West. (300-224, 1999.3.14)

The Blessing means inheriting the foundation that connects God's lineage of true life. The people who have inherited God's lineage through the Blessing exist both in the spirit world and the physical world. Consequently, God can freely govern them. That is why God can freely push forward with the works of re-creation and restoration with His full authority without any indemnity conditions. Therefore, the issue is whether you have the conviction to maintain your position in relationship to this. When you resolutely unite with the standard of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, a straight path can he quickly opened that equalizes everything in the world. (300-303, 1999.4.11)

The child is the one who makes the father the owner of love; the wife is the one who makes the husband the owner of love; and the younger sibling is the one who makes the elder sibling the owner of love. On the other hand, without a parent, without a husband, without an elder brother, then the child, wife and younger sibling each cannot become the owner of love.

In order to become an owner of true love, you have to elevate your family members higher than yourself and live for their sake. Therefore, the individual unity of mind and body, the family unity of the couple and siblings, and the unity of the nation are formed to complete the domain of love that is the ideal model of the eight stages of relationships. In other words, by establishing the tradition of unchanging true love through the age of the womb, infancy, siblings, youth, spouses, parents, true grandparents and true king and queen, the model of true love -- the relationship of true parent and true child -- will be completed.

Thus, the ideal family and nation is where parent and child, husband and wife, and brotherly nations, long to become the owners as the models of the eight stages based on true love. The eternal global equalization begins from here. The Kingdom of leaven on earth begins, and the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world is then automatically established. (300-303, 1999.4.11)

3.3. True Love liberates hell on earth and in the spirit world

The spiritual and physical worlds must be equalized, even hell. The path should be pioneered all the way to the foundations of the kingdom of peace, in order to break down the gates of hell and open the gates of heaven. God will then be able to traverse freely anywhere in the earthly world and spirit world... The threshold of grief that is hell is of no use to God. It should all he broken down. No one knows that.

Then, what is it that I have done? Down as far as hell, I have broken down the gates of the individual and all the things that have blocked the physical and spirit worlds... I must create a highway. I have to make equalization. This is not only for the earth. The spirit world must all he leveled. The family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos must be leveled. Flow is this possible? It is possible by a man and a woman forming a family... (392-226, 1999.6.14)

Since the spiritual Blessing is possible now, I can give the Blessing as much as I like. I must give the Blessing to everyone without exception. I have to make it so that, before I go, there is no one left in the spirit world that was not blessed. Previously it was not possible, but now it can be done there.

People who received the Blessing must fill the earth and spirit world before I go there. If not, then all the fallen lineages sown by Adam until this time will not have been rooted out. What is this year's motto? It is the cosmic expansion of the true Blessing and the rooting out of Satan's lineage." All those in the spirit world must receive the Blessing. This must be completed before I pass on I must clean up the spirit world before I go there. Have you ever thought about rooting out Satan's lineage? I have already set the spirit world in order.

You may not know, but I am doing all this work. I have reached the level that allows even the spirit world and all the ancestors to be blessed after being liberated. By liberating those who died as an infant, or who passed on to the spirit world without marrying, it is now possible for all of them to enter the domain of the Blessing.

By accomplishing this, Satan's root will be exterminated. Therefore, I gave instructions twenty days ago, before I returned to America, so that even the people in spirit world could go through the three-day ceremony, just as we do here on earth. That is complicated. It is the same as it is on earth. Since young people are being blessed here, I am giving the Blessing to unmarried men and women in the spirit world in the same way. (301-212, 1999.5.1)

Since I blessed everyone including infants, the entire spirit world will come... What is the Blessing in terms of the Principle? It is each person's portion of responsibility. Our responsibility is to receive the Blessing. If human beings had fulfilled their portion of responsibility, they would have stood as God's perfected sons and daughters. They would have taken dominion over the angelic world. For this reason, receiving the Blessing itself will change your family registration identity. For example, when a Korean obtains U.S. citizenship, he is then governed under the laws of America. Such a world has not yet emerged.

In order to clarify this, I am equalizing the spiritual and physical worlds, and transposing the eldest son position of the firstborn son of the family and the tribe. The spirit world still holds the right of the eldest son on the level of the individual, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. I am now restoring these. (301-189, 1999.4.26)

People on the path of true love cannot separate. They are in balance. Since love is always level it does not disappear just because your son has passed away. He passes to the spirit world and grows with the same quality of relationship. Even when babies die while still infants, they still grow in the spirit world. People have not known this, but now the Unification Church must be aware of it. In the future if you have a child who goes to the spirit world, without having committed the fall, he will return to live with you in spirit.

Since I allowed the three-day ceremony for those blessed to people in the spirit world, those believers in the Unification Church who pass away from now on, can come to the earth and live with their husband or wife. Spirit persons have not been allowed to come to earth in a Blessing relationship so far. I have said that the Comfort Blessing should not he given to those over the age of 49. We have not adhered to this up to now. I have given the Comfort Blessing, but from now on, it is for those under 50 years of age. I am now telling you not to give the Comfort Blessing to those over 49. Why do l say this? I say this because I allowed those blessed to people in the spirit world to do the three-day ceremony. (301-189, 1999.4.26)

I am telling you not to give the Comfort Blessing if they are over the age of 49. Spirit persons were not allowed to come to earth in a Blessing relationship until now. I had given the Comfort Blessing for people younger than 50. As the saying goes, "Misfortune comes at 49: l am telling you not to give them the Comfort Blessing. Why? It is because I allowed the three-day ceremony even to those blessed to spirit persons.

The Lord at his Second Advent carries out substantial, rather than conditional, restoration through indemnity. It is because I have been through such battles... Just as I struggled in the spirit world in order to bring victory on earth, I have to restore the sphere of substance through indemnity, based on that spiritual victory. That is the reason the Christian cultural sphere should have accepted me and become one with me by now. If Christianity had accepted me I would not have gone through such persecution. I would have immediately found and raised up a number of people who were prepared by God. The bride is one. There are no temporary earthly solutions to spiritually complex matters. If we do not go through the substantial way of restoration, we would have to repeat it on a worldwide scale, in order to go beyond the national level.

The Blessing consists of a church-level Blessing, a national-level Blessing and a world-level Blessing. I have to accomplish this because I would be accused if I went to the spirit world without doing it. That being the case, it might take thousands of years to resolve this situation. Without achieving it you would not be able to engage in activities after entering the spirit world. You would all be held in the waiting room. Therefore, you should understand how important earthly life is.

The grandfather's position has to become the grandchild's position, the father's position has to become the son's position, and the son's position has to become the father's. The positions will be reversed. Therefore, with the returning Lord as the axis, Adam becomes the first father, Jesus becomes the second father and the Lord at his Second Advent becomes the third father. Now the returning Lord has indemnified the failures of the first and second fathers, and has risen up to the perfection stage... the sons and daughters of these three categories of children not only live in this world but also live in the spirit world. (236-330, 1992.11.9)

You all look to me while I am in this world, but what will you do after I go to the spirit world? From now on, where will the future generations of the Unification Church go? They will try to follow the course of my history exactly. The tribes of Israel had to follow Jacob's path; the Israelites had to follow Moses' path; and the Christians had to follow Jesus' path. In the same way, at this present time, Unificationists have to follow the path that I have pioneered. They should go this way. If they don't, they will not be free to cross the great oceans like the migrating birds and connect the South and North Poles. You have to be able to fly. (142-169, 1996.3.9)

This time I matched couples using photos of women whom I had never seen in person. In the process of matching I had realized that there were not enough women. So I took out some pictures of women from an album of a thousand candidates and matched them with men, saying, "Here is your husband!" Even then, the Japanese women did not say, "How can you match us without even looking?" They are living with the person in that picture. How wonderful that is! That is why the Unification Church can straighten out the world. That's a remarkable thing.

People like me will not always come to this world. There has never been a person like me in the past, nor will there be in the future. There is only one time, and it is that time now, that I am alive on the earth, that I live in this physical world. Think about the fact that you were married through such a person. You can feel pride in this in the spirit world, saying, "I was blessed by Father." (165-90, 1997.5.20)

Up until this time, if your beloved wife were to pass on to the spirit world, you would be separated from her. When you go there, you go to a level according to your own spiritual standard. Once you arrive in that world, you can press a button on something similar to a video machine, and everything you did in your life will come up, it is all recorded. Your number will be called out, and the person who brings you away will already be waiting there. Then you will go to your place. Even if there were ten people in a family, they will all be separated because the standards of their spirituality are all different. They cannot meet each other. Now this situation has been resolved.

After receiving the Blessing, then while you are still living on earth, if there is a person whom you loved, who is now in the spirit world, you can bless that person. That was how I blessed Dae-mo nim, and blessed Dae-hyung nim. I even blessed Choong-mo nim. I blessed people in the spirit world. That way will be opened. Only then is it possible to liberate hell. Only then can we establish a global standard of having reorganized heaven, the original world of the Garden of Eden, untainted by the Fall, as a direct path to entering heaven, and can the standard be established on the worldwide level, going beyond all individuals and families on the earth

After having completed the reorganization of the spirit world as a direct path to entering heaven, the realm of the unification of the Kingdom of Heaven and earth will take place and the age when God can be liberated will arrive. (283-146, 1997.4.5)

True Parents are giving the Blessing in the physical world, going beyond racial and religious boundaries. By connecting to this, the domain of liberation for the individual, family, tribe, people and nation can he established on the earth. That liberated domain is not created in the spirit world. Since the basis to connect to the world of heaven's love and cosmic love exists on earth, the spiritual and physical worlds can become unified around True Parents. This will eliminate all indebtedness and perfect the Blessing of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and even the Blessing of the cosmos.

By creating a united and harmonized sphere of Blessed families in the spiritual and physical worlds, the foundation for the ideal of heaven based on the unfallen Adam can be established. This causes all families in history to have the same value. Through the manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in spirit world, God can come down and dwell on this foundation. God is the vertical Parent. True Parents are the horizontal Parents that can equalize the earth. Therefore, on Chal Pal Jeol, the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth was proclaimed, and a new age began. Furthermore, from the day of 9.9 Jeol, we enter a new era. (303-257, 1999.9.9)

Now, based on 9.9. Jeol, you should all offer a total indemnity offering. The total indemnity offering concerns the ceremony of liberation of resentment. A liberation ceremony must he held. You have to release God from His resentment and liberate Him. Not only that, you should liberate the cosmos. The total indemnity offering will also be able to liberate all of you. (298-59, 1999.1.1)

Now that we have entered the age of liberation, you do not know how much the universe is singing in praise, while focused on this earth. You do not know how joyful they are over this day. From the beginning of this year to this very day, there has been a festive atmosphere.

Now, heavenly fortune will follow us and assist us in everything we try to do. We used to exert ourselves to catch heavenly fortune but now heavenly fortune will follow us around and assist us. This means that the time has come for God and the spirit world to mobilize numerous ancestors and countless good spirit persons to assist people on earth. We can establish a realm of liberation. The age of transformation has come. (298-228, 1999.1.8)

Now your families should become ideal families, directly attend True Parents and God, and become the representatives of True Parents. Through all of you becoming the families that represent the first, second and third Adams -- the Messiahs who came in the Old, New, and Completed Testament Ages -- you have come to attend God, and thus all humankind can go directly to heaven. Through this, we enter the age of blessings for the liberation of the realm of the fourth Adam. (298-224, 1999.1.8)

Shower holy wine in all the nations. Wouldn't everyone be revived after drinking holy wine? The liberation of the fallen world would be hastened. Even give it to the whole creation. Then, everything will return to God's side. Now I will shower the whole earth with holy wine using an airplane. Even if I do not reach everyone, I will spread it to the major cities and pray for them. You have to realize how fearful True Parents' prayers are. If I pray for the destruction of a nation it will be destroyed. It would be unavoidable. (298-232, 1999.1.8)

3.4. Registration for heaven and Blessed Families' spiritual realm

3.4.1 Requirements of registration

To this day, no one has been registered into the heavenly kingdom. The kingdom did not have a nation. It did not have a family or nation. When you go to the spirit world, your parents, and -- if there are ten people in your family -- all ten of your family members would be separated. However, from now on it will not be that way. You should know that originally, if human beings had not fallen, heaven would be the place where you enter with your mother, father and clan.

If your grandparents, mother and father, couple, and children, become one based on true love, and inherit God's true love that lives for others, then even God would be absolutely obedient to that. In the world that strives to live for others -- a world that moves according to the love that submits to the tradition of living for others -- the basis for peace would surely emerge even if it resisted being formed. (210-354, 1990.12.27)

Those who register centering on the True Parents will become the ancestors of their lineage in the future. They will become the ancestors in the spirit world and their registration will he organized primarily focusing on the mainstream tribes and peoples, and on all people of the collateral line of the family. Therefore, you must be registered. Registration does not just happen.

You should complete the blessing of 160 or 180 families. Those who fail to do so will be left out. The time has passed when you can assert that you are a 36 couple, or whatever you may be. Since the age of equalization has come, the issue now is who will be the first to enter with the accomplishment of those numbers. In the Unification Church you benefit if you have many people in your clan. (286-247, 1997.8.11)

Since the lineage has been changed, then without changing your lineage you cannot connect with and be registered into God's nation. God is the owner of the lineage. Since human beings, who inherited the fallen lineage, engaged in stealing and invalidated God's ownership, order can only he regained by connecting with God's lineage through His love. Therefore, you must change your lineage. The bloodline was changed due to the relationship of love from the Fall. Since the lineage was turned upside down, without changing it, there is no way to return to God. (258-287, 1994.3.20)

Considering the Blessing, you need to go through a church-level Blessing, national-level Blessing and the world-level Blessing. Only by going to the spirit world and going through the ceremony for the eternal Blessing, can there be a path to return to the original world. Just because you say that you will receive the Unification Church Blessing, or you receive the Blessing briefly, conveniently, and quietly without my knowing, it does not work. You have to go through the national-level Blessing. There. all your history will be revealed. Then you have to go through the world-level Blessing. Only when Parents go to heaven, pass through the great admission and registration ceremonies, complete the organization of twelve tribes, and sit on their throne take their position and seat -- in the other world, centering on God, can all the people. In sequence, take their positions and seats. (185-36, 1989.1.1)

You must change your lineage, rights of ownership, and your realm of heart. The realm of heart means the tribe. It must be changed. That is why the tribe must be restored. Jesus came to restore the nation but failed to be registered. He could not create a family register. This must be restored through indemnity. Therefore, the Unification Church did not allow blessed members to start family life until they had passed the age of 33. Now it is 30.

You have come to the point where you can live together at the age of 30, the age Jesus reached before he left his home. Once the day of the reunification of North and South Korea comes, we can fully surmount this path of suffering. Consequently, the Unification Church Blessing comprises the church Blessing, the Blessing for the age of the reunification of Korea, and the blessing for the age of world unification. You can advance to the position of liberation only after going through these three great Blessings. (252-140, 1991.11.14)

Without a nation you cannot be registered. You can be registered on the church level but not on the national level. Through the reunification of North and South Korea, we can enter the age of registration. Since that time will come, I am telling you to quickly restore 160 families based on the tribal messiahs. When that is achieved, and when reunification of North and South Korea happens, I will be registered as the first generation and become the first ancestor. The people who are registered after that are those in sequence who blessed 160 families. The order of becoming an ancestor depends on the time of your registration. If more than 1,600 people were sitting here and had received the Blessing, there would be a difference of more than 1600 generations. (256-332, 1994.3.14)

In the future the entire world must be registered and included among the twelve tribes. When this happens you must record in detail your entire life -- everything from the time you joined the Unification Church to this day. You have to record everything, anything you did in the church, even if it was taking a handkerchief. If this does not match with the computer records in the spirit world you will not be able to go to heaven. (212-56, 1991.1.1)

You will be warmly welcomed into the kingdom within the realm of heart of the royal family; there are no steep paths or walls there. It is like an open plain. Everyone will welcome you. It connects with the world of perpetual love. You will stand as the owner of that place. Your clan will become like that. You will be registered and enter the Kingdom of Heaven by carrying the value of the spiritual realm where all your restored tribe is gathered. Aren't you going to register? As the Tribal Leader of completed liberation, as the Messiah, and as the Parent, I am dragging you in, so that you can be registered anew and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (218-158, 1991.8.22)

You will see whether I am right or not when you go to the spirit world. The women are to be mobilized under my instructions. I am not doing this to guide them in a wrong way. I am doing it to register them into the heavenly kingdom. Then, when I register their children, their husbands will also be registered. By doing so, these families can surmount the original hilltop and overcome the thirty-eighth parallel. Within the unified world of God's will, the family will be blessed anew and begin from the original standard of heaven that has no relationship to the Fall. Through this, they give birth to the sinless people of the Kingdom of Heaven and go on the path that directly leads to heaven. I have laid the path to that state of being where there is no need for the Messiah. I am trying to guide people to that place, but if they do not take action here in this world, they will perish. (230-250, 1992.5.8)

You should be registered. Where do we go to be registered? You cannot avoid your destiny of returning to the original homeland. If you fail to do so in your physical lifetime, you will go to the spirit world and move around in circles for eternity. There will be no way to free yourself from the control of the fallen realm that should be overcome with tears and lamentation. Hence, I have explained it to you in detail, in the hope that you will take the direct path.

Please do not forget what I have said and engrave it in your hearts. I pray that you can inherit the right of kingship that enables you to enter the victorious gates of heaven, and succeed to this inheritance. I also pray that you will become such people who can establish their permanent address in heaven, the original homeland, and be registered there. Those who will do so raise both hands and make your pledge. (177-351, 1988.3.22)

3.4.2. The united realm of the spirit world incorporates a middle realm and a prison

Couples who were blessed on earth will be together even when they go to the eternal spirit world. No matter how many couples and children of this world there may be, they will be scattered and separated in the spirit world. They will be separated and will not know where everyone went. It will be difficult for them to meet each other. Without a reciprocal relationship they cannot meet. They are all separated in the spirit world according to the state of their spirituality. That is extraordinary. If their whole family can unite based on love, they can be together in the spirit world. Is that something joyful or unfortunate? (250-334, 1993.10.15)

When you go to the spirit world no one will tell you to go to hell. You go on your own. You go to the place that fits your own level. Even within the Unification Church, though the goal is to head for the same realm, where you go will depend on your spiritual state. Then, in what ways are Blessed Families different? The members of a Blessed Family cannot be separated from each other no matter how hard they try. When you pass to the spirit world, if your wife failed to fulfill her responsibility, you would take joint responsibility and bring liberation to her. Even if only the wife had done wrong, they would both be accused; even if the husband had done wrong, both would be accused; even if the children had done wrong, they would all be accused. (242-108, 1993.1.1)

In the heavenly realm of the spirit world, the places where people remain are decided according to their rank. Once there, they go through a long education period. That world does not belong to the fallen domain. It belongs to God's Principled realm. If a citizen of a nation commits a sin, it will be regarded as a sin committed by the people of that nation. If there is a violation of the heavenly law committed by a citizen of the heavenly nation, the violator will be processed by the heavenly law. All infringements upon the nation would be dealt with through judgment that would support the whole purpose... From now on, paradise will be created in the heavenly spirit world. You will have to wait there. The middle realm of the spirit world will be created there. Hell will be created there. A prison will also be created. Understanding this, you will know clearly where you will go. You are made to know. Did you know this or not? I am teaching you plainly. (295-135, 1998.8.1)

Those who were blessed but failed to take part in registration are just the same as Adam's family that fell. When you enter the spirit world a prison on the heavenly side will be created. The middle sphere of spirit world will he created. A paradise for Blessed Families will be created. Lee Sang-hun's testimonies these days have become representative of the spirit world. Even in the middle sphere, those who have sinned must walk around with name tags indicating their earthly sins. They must be sanctioned according to how much they have deviated from the ninety-degree angle. No allowances will be made. Deviation has to be rectified even by force. Jagged parts should be cut off and made smooth. If this does not happen, they must be isolated in places like the North and South Poles. An age like this will come. You will see in the future. The spirit world is made that way. (300-153, 1999.3.3)

The 36 Couples that have passed to the spirit world are in a glorious place. Didn't Lee Sang-hun talk about all the realities of the spirit world? The 36 Blessed Couples are in a glorious position. But if they did wrong, they will be walking around wearing tags disclosing this. Hell could be created there, as well as the middle realm of spirit world. When the satanic world is eradicated in the future...

This middle realm is in heaven, but it is not quite heaven; spirits will be locked up in the prison there. A hell-like nation does not exist far away, but is within a day's journey from there. People on earth are accustomed to time as it relates to hours, but to travel to a glorious place in the middle realm will be a year's journey. (299-315, 1999.2.21)

All those people in hell should receive the benefits of liberation -- to have a family, and to be able to see their children again. When they gather their grandchildren and enter the gates of heaven, they should enter in the same position as the family of Adam untainted by the Fall. Since this is a realm removed from the domain of the satanic world, and from Satan's accusations, restoration within it is brought about quickly.

Didn't I say that in the spirit world, Lee Sang-hun is in the highest position among Blessed Families? This highest position will be the model for the spirit world that will be created from now on. It is the model for the spirit world. There will be heaven and there will be a paradise for families. The middle realm of spirit world for families and hell for families will be created. It is an age where all shadows remaining in your conscience from your current life will be clearly visible in broad daylight. Excuses will not work. Did I say that there is a prison there? There is a prison. Even when Blessed Families enter the spirit world or heaven, there will he ranks in which some families will come closer to God and True Parents. (295-300, 1992.9.24) 

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