Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Six - Our Life And The Spiritual Realm
Chapter Three - True Parents and the Spirit World
Section 2. True Parents and the Building of the Kingdom of Heaven

2.1. The seal of approval from God is needed in order to become True Parents

What must someone do in order to become the Lord at the Second Advent? You need to go to the spirit world, reveal the principles concerning the relationships of all religions centering on Jesus, clarify everything about heaven and earth and their laws, and receive the approval of the spirit world. You have to proclaim these things on earth. This is something that has not been known even in the spirit world. Only God and Satan knew of this.

After I had proclaimed all these things in the spirit world, strong opposition arose there. In that world, a time of chaos came about for forty days. Satan resisted by setting the condition of denying God. As a result, the spirit world was divided in half, with one half against me. In the end, this chaotic situation had to be resolved based on what God decided to be true. That is why the True Parent brings the spirit world into complete submission, receives God's seal of approval and comes down to the earth. (236-323, 1992.11.9)

In order to create a unified heaven and earth, the spirit world must first be unified. The ancestors in the spirit world said, "Rev. Moon, you heretic, you traitor!" Later on, even God said, "Yes, throw him away!" That is how the laws of indemnity are. Since Adam and Eve abandoned God, God also had to abandon them, conditionally. Enduring such abandonment, I had to win acceptance, restore God's support for me, recover my heaven, and receive God's seal of approval. During that period, God had to stand against me when someone accused me, but then later on everything...

My character is such that once I start something I carry on till the end. I do not retreat until I die. Since I know clearly what this principle is about, I am sure of myself. That is why I openly resisted these spiritual attacks. How could Jesus, Confucius or other leaders know such principles? Eventually they only asked negative questions because what I said was not in the doctrine they taught. They insisted on their own views.

I battled against the entire spirit world for forty-three days. On the fortieth day even God said, "Rev. Moon, you good-for-nothing! Why have you come here and brought chaos to this peaceful heavenly world? You son-of-a-thief!" Everyone agreed with God. Still, I did not retreat. (282-168, 1997.1.11)

In order to become the Lord at his Second Advent, I had to go to the spirit world and return with God's seal of approval. By my going to the spirit world, a battle took place there for forty-three days. Everyone, from the bottom of hell to the top of heaven, said, "Rev. Moon is a heretic!" I had to deal with this, beginning from the lowest place, right through to the saints at the very end. I had to argue with them in God's presence and go through a decisive battle that decided who was the Lord of righteousness. What was the issue at that time? It was concerning the stained lineage of all the people in the spirit world and whether they knew that they had to change that.

What was the second consideration? It concerned transferring the rights of ownership of all material things. I stated that, "Those who had rights of ownership during their life on earth are traitors to the Kingdom of Heaven!" No matter how great the founders of the religions were, they had to face this judgment That is why, when I fought in the spirit world, I stood my ground in battle and challenged them confidently, asking, "Who's the heretic?"

Since great chaos would come to the spirit world after this, God had to make a decision as the Judge. But even He stood against me. God said, "Rev. Moon is a heretic, as you all say." Why? Since Adam had betrayed God, in accordance with the laws of restoration through indemnity, the person representing perfected Adam had to face a situation of betrayal, even by God Himself. Only then could the walls that were raised in God's heart be brought down. In this way, everyone was against me, and even God was standing on the other side, leaving me totally alone.

Still, the spirit world could not he left as it was, in a whirlpool of chaos. God had to make the final decision. He proclaimed. "The transition of the lineage, transition of the rights of ownership and transition of the realm of heart that Rev. Moon speaks of are true." I then had to return here, to this world, after receiving God's seal as a victorious champion. (264-50, 1994.10.9)

Before everything can be resolved in the physical world, the spirit world must first be put in order. Alter having discovered the words of truth, when I claimed, "This is how the spirit world should be," Satan opposed me and even God opposed me. Since humankind abandoned God, God must abandon humankind. This is the law of restoration through indemnity. For this reason, a forty-day battle occurred in the spirit world. The four great saints all exclaimed, "Rev. Moon is a heretic!"

All the religious leaders in the spirit world came and opposed me. There was a hostile gathering and an offensive and defensive argument in God's presence to find out who was right. For forty days the entire spirit world was in an uproar. They were making complete turmoil and shouting, "Rev. Moon is a heretic!" They all called out in unison, "The spirit world will become very disturbed. We don't want that. Drive him away!"

Nevertheless, I insisted, even to God, that this was the only way, and that if everything did not follow accordingly, there would be no way to bring a logical order to the whole world. I pointed out that Confucius did not know about God's character. He did not know about God as a personal God. Confucius talked about heaven but it was vague. In a battle of questions he would be knocked down.

To Jesus, I asked, "Why didn't you speak about certain issues regarding your Second Advent?" He was taken aback. Christians believe that the millennial kingdom will be established in the sky, but they will clearly know that is wrong when they go to the spirit world. When I asked searching questions of those religious founders, they could not open their mouths. Subsequently, I called upon God, You make the judgment as to who is right." At the very end, God declared, "Rev. Moon is right!" (259-320, 1994.4.24)

After entering the spirit world, I was treated with contempt for forty-three days, even from the lowest realms. They were asking me who I thought I was. They were calling me a slave, the relative of old lady Pak, a fraud, and the ringleader of all heretics. Eventually, I met with the major religious leaders and chosen people. At the very end, I spoke with the four great saints. They were all against me. They all opposed me, saying, "that good-for-nothing, child of a traitor, get him and kill him." Even God supported them. It was an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

For forty days the entire spirit world opposed me. I could not retreat and I fought for forty-three days. Until the very end even God was against me. Could I have retreated? Wouldn't something terrible have happened had I retreated? So in the end, I even brought God to submission. Then, God shouted, "Attention!" to the people in spirit world. He then proclaimed, "I have to come to a decision on this battle in the spirit world. The witness who was correct in every respect is Sun Myung Moon."

God told me to turn around and give my defense. Everyone agreed that my words were true. God called out, "Attention!" and testified for me Himself, to the entire spirit world. So, I had finished with the spirit world, hadn't 1? I received God's seal, His approval, and came to the earth. (295-293, 1998.9.24)

In order to unite this world, you have to enter the spirit world and make unity there first. How are you going to bring unification? You would not be welcomed. If you go to the spirit world and say, "The way of the heavenly principle should be revealed in this way," Satan and God would understand but they would not give an answer.

It was the first time for all the leaders of religion to hear these things. They asked the meaning of the transition of the lineage, the transition of the rights of ownership and the transition of the realm of love. Even Jesus asked me about this every day. All the saints were opposed to me. Thus, for forty-three days a great time of chaos came about in the spirit world. They were saying, "Drive out that Rev. Moon, the ringleader of all heretics!" What would have happened had they driven me out in this way? The Unification Church would not have emerged. Thus, I had to push forward for forty-three days amid that intense persecution.

In this type of situation, I am an expert. I am an expert in discerning between right and wrong. That is why I know immediately who is for Satan and who is for God. Looking at everything there, I saw that it was wrong. That is why I determined to continue. At the very end, even God became more desperate. The spirit world was in chaos. I, alone, was stirring up the entire spirit world, creating a tumultuous situation. Since God is the Lord of Judgment, He had to take responsibility. The situation was that the entire spirit world had put me at the front and was accusing me before God.

Consequently, God had to bring justice and judgment. To stop this battle, He had to clarify what was right and wrong. Opinion was completely split. I was alone and the entire spirit world was against me. Even God had been standing against me. They were saying, "How bad this fellow is! Who is saying such things?" Since Adam fell by going against God, God had to oppose me.

Don't parents sometimes have to spank their children? If a child does something bad, his father or mother might spank him, rebuke him, and then forgive him. In the same way, at the very end, God brought me to the front and made the decision, calling out, "Look to the front!" He then declared, "So far, there have been many arguments for and against Rev. Moon's words, but his arguments are absolutely right. (273-67. 1995.10.20)

There are diverse attitudes and peculiarities in the Unification Church. Some even go so far as to say that they are the Messiah. Some say, "Rev. Moon is John the Baptist and I am Jesus." I did not automatically become who I am. I had to go to the spirit world and come back with God's seal of approval.

Since I unified the spirit world, that entire world supports me. I brought the spirit world that was in chaos into order. Until now, the Buddhists and Confucians all created their own domains and enclosures, creating numerous factions. I brought all these to face one direction, not two. Once the spirit world was united like this, I came to this earth with the authority and conviction to go in a single direction.

There are many directions in this world. If there are five billion people, there are five billion directions. I am bringing all of these together into one direction and purpose.

Although the satanic world opposes me, even trying to kill me, and all sorts of things are going on, it is gradually coming together in one direction. It is moving in one direction. Now people are saying, "The peacemaker for world peace is Rev. Moon." Therefore, there is a lot of interest coming towards me.

Once I had brought into order all the chaos in the spirit world, I had to unify the direction of all the confusing things on earth. That is why I am bringing together the world's politicians, greatest scholars, journalists, economists and other famous people. Do you think they respect me? They all tested me and evaluated me in their own different ways. Since I brought order out of chaos in the spirit world, I can now see the stage upon which we can bring order to the chaos on earth. How is that? I know what happens when you go one step beyond what is in front of your eyes.

None of you gathered here is a fool, I am sure. Smart as you are, when you look at this situation, you believe that the world is in your hands, don't you? There is only one set of True Parents, eternally. There are no others. For this reason, the entire spirit world must obediently follow and everything on earth must submit. There are not two sets, but one. The final destination is the True Parents. (259-720, 1991.4.24)

Many types of religion have developed. Since people's cultural backgrounds are different, this was inevitable. There are five billion people who are outside the Christian cultural sphere. Do people all go to hell if they don't believe in Jesus? No. Christians say otherwise because they do not know. If you go to the spirit world, Confucius and Jesus are both friends. Buddha and Mohamed are friends. Famous saints from Christianity and high monks from Buddhism are all friends. A curtain is the only thing that comes between; they all belong to God's tribe. This curtain must be opened wide.

When the religions unite, this curtain will be taken down and everyone will rejoice together as one family. They are waiting for that day in the spirit world. I went through so many battles because of people's ignorance about the background of religion in history. Therefore, the leaders from each religious order, the founders of religions and all historical leaders should gather and repent for all the historical resentment. The person who can make them repent is the True Parent. (232-20, 1992.7.1)

What is a filial son? It means a son who devotes his life in love to attend his parents. Then what is a loyal subject or patriot? We call a person a loyal subject or patriot when he is rooted in love, sacrifices himself and others his life for his king who represents God. A saint is one who lives for the sake of the people of the world. He is a person who resolves to offer his life in loving all people regardless of the differences in their cultural background, national boundaries or race. A saint tries to lead people to the path of loving others not momentarily, but eternally. Taking this a step further, what is a divine son or daughter? Divine sons and daughters are ones who can offer their lives based on love, not only for this world, but even for the infinite spirit world, and for God. Everything is rooted in love. (143-151, 1986.3.17)

You will know the true nature of the founder of the Unification Church if you go to the spirit world. Didn't I bless all the religious founders? I blessed them. That is why, according to the letters from Lee Sang-hun in the spirit world they all send their gratitude to me. You, who have received the Blessing in your lifetime, are in a higher position than all those millions and billions of people who were resurrected in the spirit world or even the founders of religions. So far, you have lived your lives too carelessly. You have to be aware of that. I may seem to live without thought but wherever I go and sit, whatever I do in any place, I follow God's law, clean the area and take my seat. I do so by following the heavenly law. Aren't you all just carelessly living your lives? (304-50, 1999.9.5)

2.2. Building the Kingdom of Heaven and the unification of the physical and spirit worlds

In order for a nation to be formed, it should have its own sovereignty. It should have its own people. It should have its own territory. From this perspective, when it comes to building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, who would be the owner? Who would be the sovereign? Surely God would be the sovereign. Then who would be the people of the Kingdom of Heaven? It would be the whole of humankind. Then where would the territory be? It would be the whole earth. (96-14, 1978.1.1)

What would God have done for Adam and Eve had they not fallen? God would have married them through the Blessing. They would then have borne children and created a family that would bring joy to God, and expanded this to create a tribe and a people. When this had developed further, what philosophy would that world have been based upon? It would be a world based simultaneously on Godism and the philosophy based on Adam.

The principles in that world would be the Adam-centered philosophy. The view of the universe, the cosmos and life would be based on this. All live races of humankind would make a colorful world, and people would be happy with that. Since skin color depends on the environment, people will be happy to see the different skin colors of numerous races. Then, how did the languages of the many nations diverge? God separated these languages due to the Fall of our first ancestors. (156-202, 1966.5 25)

You should live your lives on earth thinking that you have to take on the mission to establish God's nation. In other words, become a loyal subject and patriot who can bring liberation to the homeland. Alternatively, you can imagine you were given the order as the secret envoy of heaven to come to this evil world to do this. You should know that without doing so, you would he unable to attain dignity and honor as a citizen of the heavenly nation that will come in the future. (50-255, 1971.11.7)

We know that we have come to a point where we cannot, in a true sense, build a world of peace or a unified world, through human efforts alone, using our power, wisdom, culture, or anything else. From this perspective, what is the central issue in resolving all the problems of the world? Giving a clear explanation about the existence of God is more important than anything else. When all human beings come to realize that God truly exists, they will clearly know the direction of His will. When they understand this, a unified, peaceful and ideal world will surely come about. (56-131, 1972.5.11)

The marriage Blessing and eternal life begin from the True Parents, It has to be the True Parents. The True Parents must resolve this colossal issue, and bring about unification of the spiritual and physical worlds, and unity in the earthly world. The entire world that was set against me, will shift direction and follow me. Without going before God and receiving His seal of approval, it would not be possible to bring unification to the spiritual and physical worlds. No matter how much this world opposes me, it cannot block the way that I am heading. The time will come when the angelic and spirit worlds will be mobilized, along with our ancestors. Using Satan's tactics, they will give nightmares to those who resist following me. They will hold their heads down and squeeze their necks. (290-172, 1998.2.18)

I have already established the realm of liberation for the spirit world. I am now initiating a movement for the equalization of the earth and spirit world. Spring is coming. Spring is coming to the spirit world and the earth. Now it is spring in the spirit world, but winter is drawing to a close on the earth. On this earth, summer has long gone, winter is leaving, and the season of spring is coming, which will nurture the ideal of the eternal happiness of heaven, assimilate everything and bring new vitality to life. Thus, the age of peace is coming on earth. What has the founder of the Unification Church adopted now? The word "peace" is included in everything, beginning from the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. (301-288, 1999.5.5)

Since they have equal value, the spiritual and physical worlds can now rise above, descend below, or go to the left and right in relationship. No matter how the directions of front and back, or left and right may interchange, the age of the realm of love, cosmic love, can now begin. This will perfect the spiritual and physical worlds. We call this the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in spirit world. It is the realm of liberation for everything. Do you understand what I am saying? (301-236, 1999.5.2)

The time has come for the people who lived in the past and who are now in the spirit world, those currently living on earth, and the future generations, to cooperate for the liberation of our homeland. Many people will experience their ancestors coming and threatening them to follow the Unification Church. This has not come about by my strength.

God, the angelic world and our ancestors, have all become one in driving this world into a corner. No one will be able to solve the family problems. When this nation acknowledges the astounding fact that I alone have, and exercise, full authority, as the beacon of hope, as the foundation for this nation and homeland, it will become an invincible nation throughout the universe. (290-172, 1998.2.18)

Up until this time the spirit world, in the position of the elder brother, has violated the earthly world. Nay, we have entered an environment where the elder brother can support the earthly world. Through this, the domain of Abel on earth will no longer be abused like it has been. The spirit world cannot deceive and drive the earth in its own direction. It cannot deviate from its direction. With regard to the four directions of north, south, east and west, the east could not be invaded; nevertheless, the spirit world could go to and fro to the west, south and north, and influence things on earth. Due to this, many spiritual sacrifices continued to be offered on earth. But now this will be resolved. The earth and spirit world will approach a state of unity. (208-85, 1990.11.17)

There is no other way than through my teachings to resolve the various fundamental problems of the self that have emerged throughout history. There will never be another way. You can go to the spirit world to see if I am lying. I am teaching these things not because I know them, but because I accomplished them, and gained victory over them. Your conscience knows that.

Therefore, the fact that I declared the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age means that I achieved these things. I confronted Satan and brought him to submission. Satan cannot appear in the world I am heading for and envisaging. This means equalization on a level plane; the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and even the cosmos and heaven in the spirit world. When I level everything onto a plane and connect it, it becomes the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. People and their clan who live in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will be transferred intact to the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world. The Kingdom of Heaven is one's native home. (256-24, 1994.3.12)

Dr. Lee Sang-hun was called to the spirit world because his time had come. He passed into that world within the providential will, in order to report all the realities of that world to the earth.

In order to know the entire spirit world, you must be able to receive God's instructions and be engrafted with Him. This should all have been systematized, but until now, the spirit world has not been able to reach that standard. Consequently, countless religions emerged to introduce the reality of the spirit world. Nevertheless, they represented only part of the picture, and so people were only taught based on the contents of those religions. They could not grasp the whole reality and nature of that world.

Now, since we have entered the Completed Testament Age, with God's permission, all aspects of the spirit world can be explained to people on earth. Therefore, you should understand the reality of the spirit world. (195-120, 1998.8.19)

Has the spirit world become perfect? It is still far from complete. The hierarchical system in that world was originally one in which the entire spiritual realm would have been connected revolving around God, True Parents, and True Children, but this has not been accomplished yet. Neither has it happened on earth. When this hierarchy is established on earth, the spirit world will automatically follow.

In other words, the spirit world is to be a hierarchical system based on the True Parent, and the thought system of the unfallen Adam centered on God. But it has not happened. So far, the center of the spiritual hierarchy was occupied and divided by the Buddhist group based on Buddhism, the Confucian group based on Confucianism, the Muslim group and others. That is why the spirit world, and even these religious groups, have all been hoping for the establishment of the ideology of the True Parent and of Adam unrelated with the Fall.

The spirit world has to take on a unified direction. Thus, as the work of the True Parents on earth has been reaching the worldwide level, the borderlines between all religions have been disappearing. The results of the movement for integration will automatically manifest on earth in accordance with the changes in the spirit world. When the Unification Church reaches the worldwide level, all the spirit people of the spirit world will no longer be there. This is because they are to fulfill their purpose on earth and then return to the spirit world. Therefore, they will all come down and work.

The hope of billions of spirit people in the spirit world is for Unification Church members throughout the world to become the spearhead and "Go! Go! Go!" So, if we create and offer a unified world to the spirit world, then both worlds will come under God's dominion. These two unified worlds will last for eternity in the name of the True Parents. (161-222, 1987.2.15)

From now on, we will enter an age where nations and peoples can come together as groups. Nations, tribes and families on earth will come together to create a unified world. In this manner, the world will rapidly transform. Satan will come to those who oppose this and harshly deal with them.

Until the present time, Satan has tried to bring people to hell, but now he is bringing them to heaven. He is cooperating for this purpose and is trying to even bring our ancestors to heaven. Consequently, there is no one to obstruct the path to heaven. Since it has become a liberated domain, we are now rapidly approaching the age of globalization. (298-221, 1999.1.8)

Do you think that I have the ability to clean up the spiritual and physical worlds, and complete the ideal Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in spirit world? Do you think I cannot do it? Do you think it is possible or impossible? An age where I can exercise powers that are all-transcendent and all-immanent, with full authority and capability has come. All organizations at the national and world levels will just become ordinary.

The satanic world that possessed all-transcendent and all-immanent powers has become completely impotent before God's authority. We have moved into an age of God's full authority arid power. The True Parent is the one who makes this possible. It begins from the True Parent. (293-325, 1998.6.7)

When everyone is mobilized in the spirit world, many good things will happen on earth. There will be many occasions to embrace one another. There will be people rejoicing, and those who had run away cursing the Unification Church will strike the earth in regret saying, "How can this be possible." (302-71, 1999.5.18) 

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