Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Six - Our Life And The Spiritual Realm
Chapter Three - True Parents and the Spirit World
Section 1. True Parents' Authority and Mission

1.1. True Parents are the incarnation of God

Since God is without physical form, He is invisible even in the spirit world. Consequently, God's will is to become a parent with a physical body. By His becoming a parent with physical form, the incorporeal and the corporeal become one. This symbolizes the physical and spirit worlds becoming one. God created Adam and Eve so He could assume physical form, but this is possible only through love. Only in the presence of love will God attain a body that resembles His image.

When Adam and Eve reach maturity as God's physical body, God can dwell in their hearts and rule the physical and spirit worlds through them. This is how God's Kingdom is established. It is a kingdom of love. The spirit and flesh are meant to unite only through love; they cannot come together through any other means. (143-93, 1986.3.16)

God's intention was far greater than achieving a vertical relationship of love between Himself and human beings. He also sought to bring the horizontal relationship of love between Adam and Eve to fruition through the perfection of their vertical love with Him.

The moment of fulfillment of the ideal of God's love is established when God, as the internal parent, achieves complete oneness with Adam and Eve as the external parents. God, the incorporeal parent, becomes the eternal parent in the corporeal world by taking on the form of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve can then become the True Parents and the true ancestors of all humankind. (135-10, 1985.5.20)

When a man and woman, each filled with the love of God in both mind and body, marry, whose marriage does that become? It is the marriage of a man and woman and it is also God's marriage. This is such an amazing thing to say. Many Christians would fall over in surprise, exclaiming, "He is indeed a heretic to say such words!" But who is the heretic here? Go to the spirit world yourselves and see who the real heretic is. (248-284, 1993.10.3)

Who were Adam and live originally? They were God's eldest son and daughter. God is the Almighty King who created the entire cosmos. Adam and Eve are the children of that King. The King's son and daughter must unite based on the love of God as the Absolute Being and stand at the level of oneness with God. That is Adam and Eve's position. In other words, Adam and Eve should become the king and queen of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world.

God's form is not visible even in the spirit world. He is invisible. What was God's purpose of creation? God desired to have form. His purpose was to assume a physical form of His own. (250-37, 1993.10.11)

Since the invisible God has no physical body, the True Parents are His incarnation, the True Parents are the Parents on the level of the individual, family, tribe, people, and nation. In the future, God will appear in the form of the True Parents in the spirit world. (98-224, 1983.8.1)

This is the greatness of the teaching of the Unification Church. My greatness lies in the fact that God wants to appear through my physical body. Do you understand what I am saying? (162-232, 1987.6.7)

When I went to prison, many strange rumors were started. People thought that I would be ruined and completely disappear. However, I am still alive and speaking out boldly now. I can confidently speak out with a loud voice because I have an antenna that allows me to see, hear and know everything. Even God likes to see whether I will endorse something before giving His approval. God will observe whether I have approved something or not, and if I have, He will say "Okay." and if I have not He will say "No." It is easy for me to say this now, but please think about how difficult it was to make this possible. In the future, the spirit world will move within my hands, and the physical world will eventually become one valley surrounded by mountains. (134-17, 1985.1.1)

The natural world is filled with the truth. I am an expert on the spirit world. You may know little about it. You may have to wait until the twenty-first, twenty-second or even thirtieth century for the opening of the gates to the kingdom in the spirit world, as they will not open without me. My accomplishments as the founder will live on for eternity as the one who logically explained and revealed systematically the details of the spirit world, and who enabled the gates of the heavenly kingdom to open. (203- 324, 1990.6.28)

The spirit world must be brought together. A person who cannot bring order to the spirit world cannot unify this world. The spirit world is the root of heavenly fortune. How can a person who is unable to bring order to the spirit world, incorporate those results on earth and unify this world? For this reason, the spirit world must be unified before unifying the physical world. (191-204, 1989.6.21)

Will there be a royal palace in the Kingdom of Heaven? What kind of king would be there? Would the king be the king of a democracy? Since the spirit world is based on true love, once the king of the spirit world becomes the center, it is for eternity. Therefore, the highest and lowest places should be viewed as one and the whole seen as an undivided sphere. (167-123, 1987.7.1)

1.2. The ruler of heaven and earth is the axis of the universe

In the spirit world, Adam and Eve were to become the king and queen of the family and tribe, the king and queen of the people and nation, and the king and queen of the world and cosmos. Consequently, in the spirit world they were to be God's representatives. Since God is an incorporeal God, He is invisible and, even in the other world, God cannot be seen. Nevertheless, God desires a physical form, so He created the world of all things with substance. The incorporeal God created all things to fulfill His desire to relate with beings with physical form. Adam and Eve, upon their perfection, would therefore have become God's body. (242-166, 1993.1.1)

Beginning with his family, Adam could have become the leader of his future clan, the king of Adam's kingdom, and the king of kings in this world. As such, it would have been a world united with God's representatives. Why did God create Adam and Eve? His purpose in creating Adam was to raise up people belonging to the Kingdom of Heaven through Adam's descendants on this earth. Without Adam and Eve, children cannot be born in the spirit world. The spirit world is a vertical world, and you cannot bear children there.

Vertical things stand on one point but cover no area. Adam and Eve would move in all 360 degrees around the vertical axis and form a boundless domain where boundless numbers of children, who were born out of this desire for limitless space, would become the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. When that occurred, God could become the King of that kingdom. God should become the King. He wanted people who could become one in body with Him, allowing Him to assume a body. Adam and Eve were to be that body.

If Adam had not fallen, who would he have become? In the spirit world he would have become God. He would have been the Lord with bodily form in the spirit world. God is invisible even in the other world. Why did He create human beings? Since this universe has substantial form, God created human beings so that He could stand in a position where He could manage and guide it through Adam and Eve as the substantial lords of creation.

God does not rule the physical world because He is without form even in the spirit world. By acquiring a body, He could become the King in physical form and rule over His children and descendants born into the physical world. That is why God created human beings in physical form.

Whose face was meant to be the face of that king? It was Adam's face. Since God created a king, He needed a queen. Who was meant to be that queen? Eve should have become the queen. They would have become the ancestors of humankind both on earth and in the spirit world. (199-141, 1990.2.16)

When you go to the spirit world, I will be governing everything. It will not be me, however, but God. I am God's body. The mind and body are one, so the mind will always be where the body is, won't it? It would be nice to speak more in depth about this, but I cannot explain more to you because some here would fall over in shock. They would be knocked down. They would say, is this really possible?"

There are many surprising realities in this world. God does not exist in a distant place. You may have been unaware that He is close by, in a place where such things are possible. (273-243, 1993.10.29)

In the spirit world God is invisible. God created Adam and Eve so that He could take care of the substantial world of creation, and so that their descendants could do so later. God desires a physical form. By assuming the form of Adam and Eve, God could return to the spirit world and fulfill the role of the Parent and central being of all creation. When True Parents go to the spirit world God will be in their heart and they will be one in body with Him. The entire spirit world and this earth will unify.

God would enter True Parents' heart and True Parents would be within God. This is the same as the relationship between our mind and body. Because of this principle, your family on earth, although smaller in form, is the fruition of the unity between True Parents' family, the central family in the spirit world, and God. (248-52, 1996.4.18)

If Adam and Eve had not fallen but instead had fully matured and fulfilled their portion of responsibility, the Kingdom of Heaven would have been established both in the physical and spirit worlds, creating one world based on love -- true love. What day would ultimately have been both the first day and the last day? That day would have been True Parents Day.

The term True Parents means God as the vertical parent and True Parents as the horizontal parents. God, the vertical parent representing the spirit world, and True Parents, the horizontal parents representing the physical world, are united into one. These worlds are united through true love. The core essence of these two worlds is True Parents. You need to be aware that within the True Parents there are vertical parents and horizontal parents. (248-50, 1996.4.28)

1.3. We go to Heaven through True Parents

The center of the universe is the True Parent in spirit and in flesh. Based on that original source, north, south, east and west emerge, and the family, tribe, people, nation and world emerge from there. This is the origin of the universe. The spirit world unfolds around this center; it is at a 90-degree angle turning through 360 degrees. On this foundation, the universe moves forward. (147-111, 1986.8.31)

The words of Divine Principle are a record of the victorious battles I fought to discover everything about the spirit world. I confronted these issues since the time of my youth. I am not saying anything vague or obscure. Even Lee Sang-hun did not have complete faith in me during his time on earth. When I said, "The True Parent has the responsibility to grasp the spirit world with his right hand, and grasp the earth with his left, and change them around," he questioned what I meant. (302-156, 1999.6.13)

Now, if I said to God, "God, I'm tired of looking at this fallen world and spirit world. I wish you would make a new and better world," this would be possible. The problem is that Satan has not yet been liberated. I want to drive Satan into a bottomless pit. I do not want to see his shadow; I do not want to even hear a murmur from him. But, even after liberating him, there are still matters to be dealt with. (302-257, 1999.6.14)

You do not understand the spirit world, do you? I am an expert on the spirit world. Most likely my name, Sun Moon, will remain in history as the founder who logically taught and revealed the systematic details of the spirit world in order to open the gates of the heavenly kingdom. Do you know the meaning of won-jo (founder)? It is not won jo meaning aid or support to the needy. It consists of the Chinese characters for won, meaning original and the character meaning ancestors.

You all call me the True Parent, yet, I, more than anyone, dislike the words "True Parent." They are fearful words. Once you become a true parent you have to lead a true family. When your relatives or tribe attach themselves to this family, you must lead a true tribe. You would have to lead the world in a systematic way. When this expands to all of humankind in both the spiritual and physical worlds, you have to have the capacity to lead them. This is incredible. I know all of these things. (203-324, 1990.6.28)

When the original True Parent comes, God as the vertical and human beings as the horizontal can create a 90-degree angle for the first time. The True Parent comes to educate us so that we can create that 90-degree angle. It you go to the spirit world and see that my words are wrong, you can come to me and cut off my head.

When the True Parent comes, the horizontal and vertical can be adjusted to create a 90-degree angle. The True Parent is showing you how to form that 90-degree angle. You should be absolutely obedient to these teachings. You have to grab and strike your body to make that perpendicular relationship. (201-165, 1990.3.30)

The True Parent is the fundamental basis for universal true love. When such a True Parent appears, all creation will turn to face him, just as all the trees and plants in the mountains and valleys face the rising sun in the morning. All the things of creation are like the leaves and branches. Everything in the spirit world faces God. In the same way, when I go to Korea, all Unification Church members automatically focus their attention on me in Korea. (202-360, 1990.5.27)

If you want to receive a doctorate degree, you have to go to your supervising professor and even wash his rear end for him. If he kicks you in the seat of the pants, you have to say: "Oh, thank you very much." Only then will you get his signature. Without doing so, he will not give you his signature. You might want to say: "I'm much better looking. I have a better nose, a better face and a better stature. If we were to wrestle, I would win. I can eat more than he can. I can beat him in any competition. I'm better than him in dozens, even hundreds of ways. Yet he thinks that he can withhold a doctorate from me just because I don't know a few things!" None of this will do you any good, though. It may just be that I have the special authority to give this kind of signature to enable you to enter the spirit world. (134-17, 1985.1.1)

Why did human beings, with a noble value that is worth more than even heaven and earth, fall down so far? It was because of the Fall. To liberate humankind from this you have to go through me. To know this principle you have to go through me. No matter how successful scholars are in this world, when they go to the spirit world they can only enter with a passing grade by receiving Rev. Moon's signature. (290-169, 1996.11.24)

Is it just an ordinary thing for the spirit world to cooperate with me? However, now I must deal more severely with the spirit world and all other issues. When I see red, I can be fearsome. When I see red, I am merciless. I will wipe away all the historical indemnity, many times over. There is no way to comfort God who has seen blood spilled throughout the course of history. My idea is to stop this with my tears. (207-175, 1990.11.9)

In the spirit world, all attention is on True Parents, and only on True Parents. They are the source of life and love, the origin of conscience and all creation. Without going through them, you cannot grow. (250-273, 1991.3.11)

I am needed in the spirit world as well as in this earthly world. A palace of love was supposed to be built in the spirit world by people who lived with love on earth, but there were no such people. Even God and the people in the spirit world cannot build the palace of love. The True Parents must build it. It begins from them. Even if there were already a palace in the spiritual kingdom, the whole of the spirit world could only settle down there if True Parents were to enter and declare: "This is where we will have a palace." The spirit world absolutely needs me because this responsibility has yet to be fulfilled. (205-255, 1990.9.9)

I will not be here forever. I am the one who was born in this two-hundred year period of history that will only occur once in eternity. I was not here a hundred years ago, and will not be here again in the future. I am not someone who can be born just anytime. There is infinite value in your being able to directly learn secrets from me during this period. If you go to the spirit world after practicing this, you will surely go to heaven. That future kingdom awaits you. The Kingdom of Heaven has been empty until now. Originally, the True Parents were supposed to enter heaven, but they did not appear. (249-327, 1993.10.11)

As the founder of the Unification Church, I take pride in knowing God. I know Him more deeply than He is known in the spirit world. Although there are many people living on earth today, God likes me the most because I know His heart. (146-333, 1986.8.10)

Religious people, who pray for their entire lives drenched in tears and with their knees buried in the ground, are unsure whether they can meet Jesus and receive his guidance. Yet, by coming here and hearing my words, you are a part of a historic event. (146-335, 1986.8.19)

I did not find out the truth about restoration, death or the spirit world without effort. I prayed continuously for seventeen hours without eating anything. My prayers would usually last for ten to twelve hours. That is why my knees are callused. I can connect immediately with God even without praying for a long time because He is near me. You can still see there are traces of calluses on my knees. (250-317, 1993.10.15)

When I prayed, I would weep so deeply that my cotton trousers would be drenched with tears, even in the depths of winter. Yet, how have you treated the Principle I found through such labors? When you come to find out about this reality in the spirit world, how will you approach me? Even Mother should be careful in dealing with me. There are many things that you do not know. Once you do know, you must join me on this path. When you go through the pass of deep sorrow, and even resolve to die wherever you are, with a loving heart, only then can your death be accepted as a heavenly death. That is how you can overcome death. It is a realm where death does not intervene. (253-325, 1994.1.30)

Those who feel that they have lost out by knowing me, raise your hand. Those who fed this way are thieves. Who stands to lose? Do I stand to lose, or you? Throughout my entire life I have been on the losing end. Still, I never thought of expecting any return. Instead, I am telling you to bequeath what is precious to your descendants. I am encouraging you all to be mothers and fathers who can represent me and who are attended accordingly by your children. Unless you achieve this, you will again have to establish indemnity conditions for everything I have bestowed. Once you pass into the spirit world you will be caught immediately. There is no forgiveness. (252-263, 1994.1.1)

The words "True Parents" are amazing words. Those amongst you who can communicate with the spirit world should try praying, "Is Rev. Moon on a high spiritual plane like you?" The answer will come that I am on that same high plane. Since I say this, I will inevitably be called a heretic. (266-249, 1995.1.1)

In the realm of the religious path, you must even be recognized by God after going to the spirit world. Why is that so? You will come to know it all when you study the Principle. It is very difficult. Someone had to dig into all of this and create a systematic understanding. Being such an exhaustively thorough person, I made such a system. The spirit world is so vast that it cannot be grasped. If you make a garment by untangling a bag of rags completely, then you should know how to weave it into a kingly garment that a monarch can wear and go about in. By doing so, you should enable God to say, "In all of history, you are better than me." (203-296, 1990.6.27)

If you invest your entire life in true love and pass to the spirit world, you can meet me in no time just by saying "Father!" wherever you are. You can meet me at once. There is nothing to worry about. When you tune into the heart of love, you will be given the right to participate, stand in the same position, and live together with me. When you call me, I will meet you at once. How wonderful that would be! I would show the whole of the spirit world to such people. There are stars made of diamonds and stars of gold. With my special authority, may just give you one. I have that special authority. (229-164, 1992.4.1)

Do you understand what I am saying, you good-for-nothings!? By saying insulting things in this way, I am establishing the condition for your forgiveness. Some may say, "Rev. Moon, how can you swear like that? This is my first time to see you and I cannot believe anything you say if you insult me in this way." But I swear at you so that I can forgive you when the time comes.

In this way, when they pass into the other world they will say, "Since you swore at me, I didn't believe in the Unification Church." Then that is understandable. I say insulting things to people to establish a state of forgiveness for them in the spirit world. But when I curse them it does not cause them pain in their heart. They just go back home they may say. "Oh my, how dreadful!" but they will have forgotten about it by the time they get home. That is how the mind works. Do you understand or not? Those who say "I understand." raise your hand. Now you've got it. (283-211, 1997.4.12)

God does not become indebted to anyone. He gives back tens of thousands of times as much. Therefore, though I went to prison as a wretched individual the time has now come for the territory under my possession to extend beyond the nation, the world, and beyond heaven and earth. The time has also come for me to find a unified position between the spirit world and physical world. My authority is so significant, since it ushers in this privileged time when I can bestow the model of a united Adamic family foundation on all the people of heaven and earth. It is all-transcendent and all-pervasive. It encompasses and covers everything without exception. After that, the conclusion of progressing towards an age of full authority and power is waiting for me in the world to come. (284-113, 1997.4.16)

The cosmos consists of the spiritual and physical worlds. God can only be liberated after all the gates in the spirit world have been opened, and all the spirits that remain in hell and the middle realm have been liberated. Only at that point can all humankind live together harmoniously in an age of peace and prosperity. That is the way of the Unification Church and it will continue until the day God is liberated. This way is a tremendous reality. It is not a vague notion. (249-248, 1993.10.10)

Currently, the spirit world does not have form. It is gaining form through the True Parents. When the Blessing is declared for the spirit world, and ultimately for the world of the sovereignty of love -- that is, the unified Kingdom of Heaven and Earth -- then God can have dominion over the spirit world in the form of the Parent, even without my being there. The spirit world is waiting for this to happen. All that was separated is now waiting to be united. They are waiting for me to come quickly to the spirit world.

Once I have completed my work on earth, my work in the spirit world will begin. I will stand as the king of the spirit world. As the king of the earth, I will automatically become the king of the spirit world and enter the land of the original homeland that conforms to the principle and the law. (295-202, 1998.8.28)

My wish is to become, among the founders of religion, the representative founder who lives for true love. Shouldn't you welcome this? You do not know the spirit world. The person speaking here is an expert on the spirit world. Since I clearly know what happens after death, no matter how much those involved in the affairs of the world may clamor against me, it does not obscure my vision. Why? It is because I look beyond, to the other world, and live in rhythm with it.

Therefore, in the future, spiritual mediums from all over the world, regardless of their faith, must come to me and be educated. There has never been even a single person who knew the profound secrets of Heaven. Finally, the person who is standing before you appeared in this present age and announced these secrets of God. This knowledge has become a library of chronicles that were not even kept in the museum of the spirit world. When numerous good spirits come and discover these truths for themselves, and teach their descendants on earth through dreams and revelations, this knowledge will fill up the libraries on earth. The things I say here today cannot be found in any library. (200-173, 1990.2.25)

You should realize that I, who discovered the world of God's heart, am not a fraud. All the things you hear from me cannot be found any place in this world. My teachings cannot be found in any library book either here on earth or in the spirit world. It is the first time, the very first occasion that these truths have been known! "These are the new words of truth. They cannot be found anywhere else on earth or in the spirit world. They were locked away in the treasure storehouse and could not be taken out before, by God or any person in the spirit world or on earth. (303-59, 1999.74)

Even the fact that you saw me on earth will be something you can take pride in when you go to the spirit world. You can say, "I attended Father." When we observe plant life, the sprouts of a plant all face the sunlight. In the same way, your original nature faces the sunlight of love. God is the sun of love. That is how it is in the spirit world. (142-312, 1986.3.11)

What is the final conclusion? It is the perfection of Adam. What about Adam's perfection? Adam failed to fulfill his portion of responsibility. What is this portion of responsibility? It is to establish the cornerstone and traditional standard of the world of heavenly families, that is, the cornerstone of the family, tribe, people, nation, and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world. That cornerstone was stained. It must be cleaned up. So I need to clean up the spiritual and physical worlds and accomplish many other things. (302-241, 1999.6.14) 

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