Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Six - Our Life And The Spiritual Realm
Chapter Two - What Kind of Place Is the Spirit World?
Section 6. Judgment

6.1. God has no concept of the enemy

Why did God create humankind? Would God enjoy being alone? Would He be happy, or would He be lonely? Religion today cannot even answer these questions. Christians say, "God is the great Lord of judgment, the judge who sends the bad to hell and the good to heaven." If God is chief justice, is lie qualified to be God? He would he a grim God. No one would want to deal with such a God. What God wanted to become was the God of true love towards humankind. (278-197, 1996.5.24)

The concept that God is the Lord of judgment does not exist in God. If He harbors the idea of getting His revenge, God's ideal world would not emerge. That is why the concept of judgment by literal fire does not exist in God. Since the concept of the enemy is alien to Him, God raised Abel to have him bring Cain to submission through natural means, not by force. (233-228, 1992.8.1)

Even in this world, if the chief justice passes the death sentence five times, he has terrible dreams at night. If God had passed judgment on millions and billions of people and sent them all to hell, would those spirits in hell be calm? They would go after this God. How dreadful would God's dreams be then? It wouldn't actually be like that, but what I just said makes sense. (221-113, 1991.10.23)

Idealism cannot be found in a place where the omniscient and omnipotent God passes judgment as He pleases, sending Christians to heaven and nonbelievers to hell. That which is ideal must be universally valid. It must be the same in any place and at any time in the past, present or future. The reason we can say that sea water is ideal in its unchanging attributes, is because it always fills the deep places, while its surface is always horizontal. There is no change. When change happens, it becomes dualism or tripleism. (219-39, 1991.8.25)

God cannot destroy anyone. God created with the ideal of love. God, who desires to practice the love ideal, cannot pass judgment with His rod of iron. God cannot do that. Why? It is because He created with the ideal of love. Therefore, even if that ideal has not been realized, He cannot strike. If He were to strike and leave behind a tradition and habit of striking, there would be no way to resolve this. These days there is a term called 'habitual,' isn't there? In light of this, the absolute God must be able to bring about absolute enlightenment, even without striking. (213-11, 1991.1.13)

Throughout history, God's strategy in His battles has been one of being hit first, and then taking back what is His. God cannot strike first. If the argument is established that God can strike first, then the logic that God had set down the rules enabling Him to judge, would arise. If we say that God has the responsibility to judge good and evil, then the logic would arise that God had the concepts of good and evil within Himself. This would lead to dualism. For this reason God cannot strike. (212-108, 1993.1.1)

When you ask the Christians, "What does God do for a living?" they would answer, "He sits on His throne and sends evil people to hell and good people to heaven." Is that what God does? You should try playing judge for five years at the Supreme Court. Could you do that? Imagine passing judgment on your own children, giving the death sentence to your own wife or mother. Would you be able to sleep after sentencing your own mother and father to death? Who would be able to relieve the pain in your anguished heart? Neither a nation nor the whole world would be able to remove this. It is a contradiction in itself to attend God as the master of world peace under such a one-sided view that puts God in such a miserable position. That style of Christianity must decline. (201-100, 1990.7.1)

You may not know the spirit world well but when you go there. God does not become the judge of righteousness and say, "Bang! Off to hell with you!" This never happens. How can God be like that? Would God, the Father of humankind and greatest monarch of goodness, have created hell for the sake of sending people there? Those who talk about predestination and the like are crazy. How well do you think I know the spirit world? I know about everything, even Jesus' secrets. That is why I cracked the secrets of the Bible, and created a consistent system of thought based on an obscure Biblical reality that no one knew until today. Who indeed is the great teacher? Isn't it the very person who is greatly persecuted, and yet is standing before you? (201-273, 1990.4.29)

The parents cannot find happiness when their beloved child falls ill. If God does not feel pain in His heart for the condition of human beings who have become the cause of national ruin, and who are falling straight down into hell, but instead, enjoys it saying, "Wow! You got what you deserved and now you are going to perish," then such a God should be struck down by lightning.

Since lie is an ideal God who represents the parental position, He does not just sit still on seeing these circumstances. When we think about the hidden heart of parents who would disregard the laws of their nation in order to save their own children, we know it is the same with God.

Were it not for Satan, God would forgive humankind and save them. Despite His desire, since God cannot avoid Satan's accusations, then with tremendous regret, He is compelled to accept those accusations. Who understands God's difficult and wearisome position? We should liberate Him from this situation. In order to do so, there must be such sons and daughters who can confront Satan and save those in hell. Without doing so it is impossible. (210-219, 1990.12.2)

As if it isn't difficult enough dragging an empty wagon, God has to drag humankind in reverse. This is not a smooth path. He is dragging us backwards. Since God has to go in the opposite direction, He drags us backwards.

Religious people today do not even dream that God could he doing these things. In Buddhism and Christian thought, they think that God is omniscient and omnipotent and free to take life and give life, and can pass judgment by giving punishments and blessings. They could never be so wrong. In this light, amongst the religions, the Unification Church embraces teachings of a higher dimension. Without doubt, it is a religion that labors to find solutions. Hence, it is a religion of a higher dimension. Other than the Unification Church, there has never been a religion that is determined to liberate God. (233-270, 1992.8.2)

Christians today say that God exists as the Lord of righteous judgment who passes judgment on injustices. Yet, would such a God be at ease? Has anyone here been a judge before? When they execute a condemned criminal, the judge must also be present at the place of execution. There is no person more miserable than a judge. Do you like being chief justice? How do you want to make a living? As chief justice how many days will you live within that environment of judgment, although you become a man of authority and have everything you deal with go smoothly just as you wish, and at your command? After a month of this life you would refuse to continue. You would be sick of it.

Even nice food becomes repugnant to you if you eat the same dish everyday. Even the odor of the gas you let out after eating it would become worse. People are meant to live according to varying circumstances, high and low, front and back, and left and right. (199-327, 1990.2.21)

If you asked God, "What do You want to do with Your life?" I am the very person who asked this and got an answer. He is not a judge. God is neither the defense attorney nor the public prosecutor. He would answer, "What is there to ask? I want to live enraptured in love." His answer would be simple. What does He want to live enraptured in? God wants to live enraptured in love. When you are enraptured in love, your eyes go towards one location, your nose with the sense of smell would go towards that place, your lips that you use to talk with would go to that place, your ears you use to listen with would go towards that place; all of it would go towards one place. What is that stimulating element that lets us completely unify our five senses? It is love. (199-766, 1990.7.10)

Today Christianity says, "God is the holy, omniscient, and omnipotent being, and the judge who sits on His throne as the righteous Lord of judgment and passes judgment on all people." But do you like being a judge? If you serve as a judge for ten years, you will get sick and die; or if not, you will at least become seriously ill. If you do not get sick, you are a fake. Judges sometimes pass death sentences, and yet their verdicts cannot be absolutely right. There are many different ways of seeing the situation, and still their judgments decide whether someone lives or dies. This is a serious matter. Laws cannot be absolute in the light of the universal law. For this reason, an ordinary person will fall sick after being a judge for ten years. (195-285, 1990.2.5)

In the Christian way, we would say, "God sits on His throne in heaven as the righteous Lord of Judgment. He judges good and evil, and sends the good to heaven and the bad to hell. That is God's hobby in life!" Amen or no-men? A judge is compelled to do it, but after passing judgment, the chief justice cannot sleep at night. He suffers regardless of whether his decision was right or wrong. There is only one judge. If this is how we are, and if we resemble God, would God enjoy being judge or would He detest it? (197-145, 1990.1.13)

Christians have not known that God is a God of grief and a God of pain. Does God exist as the Holy King and Lord of Judgment? What is there for Him to desire that would make Him want to be the Lord of Judgment? Because of the Fall, God is compelled to act as a judge. Yet no one knows how to set this right. There is no one even in religious circles who knows this. The only place that knows is the Unification Church. (196-172, 1990.1.1)

6.2. True Parents pass judgment based on the governing law of love

What in the world is the savior? What is the purpose of his coming? He is not coming to be a political leader. Why would a savior come? Christians today say that when the Lord comes they will all rise up and be lifted into the sky, and those left on earth will be judged. That will not happen. That is not the reality. They say he brings judgment, but the savior does not come to pass judgment. He comes as God's Son and also as the Parent of humankind.

Would the person who comes as the Parent of humankind, and with a parental heart, remove his sons and daughters who are groaning in illness and on the verge of death saying, "Hey you, go to hell!"? Even parents in the fallen world would choke with grief and sorrow to see their children dying in such a miserable state. Their heart would compel them to do anything to save their children, even if they lose their own life. If that is how the parents in the fallen world are, how much more so would it be for the Savior who conies with the heart of the original Parent? Judgment would be unthinkable. Isn't that so? (222-158, 1991.1.13)

People recite the Bible saying. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." It says that God so loved the world. Jesus came to save the whole world, not just for the salvation of Christians. Is he going to bring judgment in the Last Days? Then the statement that "God so loved the world" would he wrong. Does He only love the Christians? They do not know that God always has love. We have to teach this to them to make them repent and change their minds. Away with denominationalists! (210-110, 1990.12.1)

Christian churches today say that God passes judgment and does other things. Yet, if God were free to do as He wants, there would be no need to withhold judgment in this way until now. He would have executed judgment immediately after the Fall. There is no principle that allows God to establish His ideal of love on the foundation of victory gained through rendering judgment. (210-61, 1990.12.1)

What is the error in the philosophy of Christian churches today? It is in calling God the Judge of righteousness. If you take on the role of a judge for five years, you will start to become bent over. Why? Because you cannot stand upright. Christians did not know this. They have just revered God as the God of might and the omnipotent God. They believed they could do anything if they became one with Him. This is where they got the theory that justifies the killing of people. Since western culture today is based on Christianity, it has cultivated the philosophy of force, so Western Civilization is connected to bloody conflicts. (208-248, 1990.11.20)

God does not judge people directly. In passing judgment and disposing of the evil people on earth, God does not want to do that Himself. He allows Satan to do that. (204-60, 1990.7.1)

When God is about to pass judgment on this world and someone says, “Please wait a moment. God, take a look at this. It is something very interesting,” and God answers, “What is it?” and the person then says, “It is the palm of my hand. Look how nice the lines of my palm are. I do what I do because my lines are much prettier than Yours,” what would God do? Wouldn’t His anger dissipate as He compares the lines of His palm with that person?

If that person says, “God, are you going to cut off my hand? Are you going to judge me?” God would answer, laughing, “Hee, hee, you scoundrel, you scoundrel!” Even though that person may be ugly, God feels entertained. Do you understand what I am saying? There should be both the positive aspect and the negative aspect. To become a masterpiece your character must develop a multi-dimensional structure. Everything must do so. Only when someone brings these plus and minus aspects together can he become someone of rounded character.

No matter how angry God may be, rather than saying, “God don’t do this” to Him, it’s better to say, “God, take a look at that, over there.” Then God would say, “Why?” Then you would say, “That eagle is preying on that chicken.” God would probably say, “Let the chicken be caught.” Then you should say, “You’re just like that eagle!” Then God would be stuck. “Hey, you scoundrel, what did you say? I…” Then God would not be able to say anything anymore except, “Ahem…” (202-219, 1990.5.24)

If you ask God, He would not say that He wants to become the righteous Lord of Judgment. God does not pass judgment. Such words are for those who do not know the spirit world. When you read Christian sermons they seem so illogical. They really don't know the spirit world.

Will they go to heaven thinking like that? Go and see for yourself what happens. They will all be eaten up. They are worse than worldly people. I don't relate to such people. If a dog barks and you bark with it, that makes you one too. Then what? I don't relate with them. Yet I feel sorry for them, so later on if they were starving, I would think to bring them something to eat. (201-286, 1990.4.29)

Humankind as a whole must wake up. The teaching of the founder of the Unification Church is the truth that will save the world. It is the word of true love and life that the whole of humanity needs for eternity. When the returning Lord comes to save the world, he should not judge humankind with his rod of iron. By hitting people, he would not be able to bring even one person to complete submission.

The mother's hand is gnarled and bent like the back of a toad because of the labor she went through for her child. The mother's sacrificial love has the power to turn around her disobedient child and make him repent. This is not possible using a stick. Without true love, the unification of heaven and earth would be impossible even for God who is the great king of judgment, and who can freely lead heaven and earth as He pleases. Difficulties are not a problem for true love. True love has the strength to go on even while you cast away your life. (206-139, 1990.4.30)

Love can melt the enemy. Love has the power to make even the most disobedient child become a filial son or daughter. Only love has the power to make those who were called traitor surrender and become a loyal servant. This is possible. Therefore, from time, immemorial people have longed to live bonded by love, regardless of a person's appearance. Who told you to say "Amen"? Amen is my patent. (195-70, 1989.11.5)

Presbyterianism teaches that God became the judge of righteousness, predestines people's fate, and then saves them. Does that make any sense at all? It is utterly misleading. I have found that God is not like that. If God had predestined people to go to heaven and hell from their birth, what kind of God of goodness is that? It would not make sense logically. It has to fit logic to become common sense. There is no truth that goes against common sense.

See what happens to a chief justice who passes the death sentence and puts five murderers to death. He would have to get a medical checkup each time. The laws in the Republic of Korea are different from the laws in North Korea. Those who are sentenced to death here can become a patriot in the north. When you think about the principles of heaven and earth and the law of righteousness, do you think a judge would feel comfortable? (200-192, 1990.3.25)

By the use of power alone, the unification of heaven and earth would be impossible, even for God who is the great king of judgment, and who can freely lead heaven and earth as He pleases. It would not be possible with money, knowledge or authority. Love is the only thing that can make this possible. (200-173, 1990.2.25)

God cannot pass judgment on the devil. In the book of lob, why did God deal with Satan despite the fact that Satan had followed God around and tried to take control? God was compelled to deal with him. Satan would say, "Unless You digest me in Your love, unless you set the original standard after digesting me in love, you cannot control me. Isn't this Your way? You are supposed to dominate me after overcoming the way of absolute love, beyond all the complete ways of the principled love.

Since You haven't reached that point You cannot dominate me. If You want to dominate me, if You want to bring me into submission, You have to do so based on the standard that conforms to the Way. I would submit to the individual on the individual level, to the family on the family level, to the tribe on the tribal level, and to the people on the national level. But this won't happen unless You set the standard, will it?" God could not make a move and would be stuck. You should know this. (188-225, 1989.2.26)

In this world, if you are asked, "What do you want to do?" you would answer, "I want to become a judge for the Supreme Court." Isn't that the case for you? Everyone likes a judge, don't they? Christians today say, "God is the great Master of heaven and earth. He is also the Judge who discriminates between good and evil, sends good people to heaven, evil people to hell, and rules heaven and earth based on the law of righteousness." Would you like such a judge? If He had sent billions of people to hell throughout history until now, would God's mind be at ease? That could never happen. In this way, it is not God's ambition to sit on His throne and exercise His authority as the judge of righteousness. God hates those things. (201-21, 1990.2.28)

You know yourself more than God knows you. Therefore, we do not need the Lord of judgment. Actually, we do not need a God of judgment. Your conscience knows best. In the light of this fundamental rule, how much you have contributed with the purpose of bringing liberation based on the liberated standard will be measured accordingly. You would know if you are authentic or fake. Would you know or not? If you don't, there is no hope. If you don't, you have to go to the public cemetery, you would have to go into the waste bin, or be driven into the Pacific Ocean on a raft. That's something hard to handle.

You know what is good and evil. Even by saying one word, you would know what is wrong. Your gaze would know what is wrong, the sound you hear, your sense of touch would all know. When you go to the spirit world all this will be revealed. If you raise your head, everything about you appears. The mirror of your mind, the light of your mind would instantly appear. There would be no need to explain. It is like this because you do not know the spirit world. Since I know about this, I am calm even when the people of this world curse me. I have continued right until now doing things that people regard as foolish. (201-270, 1990.4.29)

In this world there are servants of servants, servants, adopted children and children by concubines. The world is muddied. Order must be made. With what will we find order? It is possible only through love. Religions that inherited and carried on the traditional way of love should have become global religions. Religions that go against the way of love and those who do not follow this love will be judged as the representatives who take responsibility for their age in history.

What will pass judgment on the world? It will be the tradition of love, the tradition of loving heaven and earth, the tradition of loving the world, the tradition of loving the nation, the tradition of loving the people, the tradition of loving one's family, the tradition of loving one's parents and one's wife and brothers, and the tradition of loving oneself. (192-45, 1989.7.2)

God is the Judge and Jesus is like an attorney. Yet there has never been a public prosecutor on the side of heaven. So far, the devil has been the prosecutor. A prosecutor, a judge, and an attorney on the heavenly side should appear. In light of this, since the Unification Church is equipped with everything, it should do away with Satan, humanism, obscenity, and "destruction-ism" from this earth forever. This is the belief system of the Unification Church. (192-49, 1989.7.2)

There is nothing else God desires more than love. Who would be His greatest enemy in the Last Days? What is the number one premise for judgment? In the Last Days, individualistic self-love becomes the number one premise for judgment. For scholars, the scholarly awareness and their desire to study will become the basis for judgment. The things you like most will become the basis for your judgment. For the person who likes money the most -- a person who sacrifices everything to gather money -- that will become the condition for his judgment. For those who like honor and for those who like authority, those things will be the condition for their judgment. For a woman there will be something that she likes according to all her attributes and specific nature. That will be the condition for her judgment. (170-92, 1987.11.8)

Even though I have been criticized, I do not think about it. Even though I have been whipped, it is no longer in my memory. Many circumstances I experienced from such a history, but I do not seek to pass judgment based on those things. I am going along that path with love in order to digest something even greater. Therefore, I think God likes me.

I would also yearn for such a person. I do not like the people who do something and then seek compensation. Is there anyone who would ask for compensation from me? Show your face and talk to me. (148-56, 1986.10.4)

Unless you repent, you will have to receive the judgment of righteousness. There is no one who can stand before the governing law of love. At that time I will become your attorney, my family and tribe will become your attorney, all those leaders in the Unification Church will become your attorney -- even God would be your attorney. Only when the scope of attorneys exceeds that of the realm of accusation, can you be registered as the people of the heavenly kingdom of goodness. Anything less and you will not be able to register. (147-331, 1986.10.1)

I, also, follow the way of the heavenly law. Therefore, you must follow this path without a word. The day you follow this path without a word, you will be given the benefit of joining me on that path. However, if you build your own house and create your own territory on that path, in a self-centered way, you will be accused and judged; just like those in prison who were sent there because they broke a certain provision of the law. They did not break all the laws of the nation. They only broke a certain number of provisions of the law. In the same way, if you also break certain laws, you will not be free to follow that path. (147-317, 1986.10.1)

Even if we face ruin together, do not go the way of a betrayer. Even if that befalls us, we will stand in a good position in the spirit world. If you have not been a traitor, you can always prosper within the group of people that have not been traitors. On the other hand, traitors cannot prosper. There would always be something blocking you. You would not have the strength to digest it and go further. Such is the way for traitors to the nation. If you betray your nation despite having made a determination to follow the way for the greater good, you will always be judged and pushed by your responsibility for that greater good. There would be no way to avoid it. (144-254, 1986.4.25)

As the world moves towards establishing one nation, you will have to write in detail the past course of your life, and pass through the courts of judgment. Without going through a re-examination, you cannot advance to the position of national-level Blessings. The path towards world-level Blessings still remains. The Blessing given in the Unification Church is a church Blessing. Judgment comes from the Unification family, from blessed children, and from blessed parents. I am thinking that it will progress towards world-level judgment in line with a special dispensation. You should know this clearly.

You good-for-nothings here, who received the Blessing, should really straighten up your acts. If you set aside the Principle and live your own way, do you think that the principled world, the world of God's will would establish relations with you? No way. If that were possible, I would not be going through such hardships. (137-259, 1986.1.3)

You will be judged by an iron mace through God's love, God's life, and God's lineage. Such a time will come. The Messiah comes at that time. Do you know what kind of person the Messiah and Savior is? He comes to search for the order of original love and the palace of eternal life, love, and lineage of the original God. You should know that he is the one who comes to establish the base of happiness and gain supremacy through true love in the family and the tribe connected to him, and in the nation and world beyond. (209-40, 1990.11.25)

What is God's family? True love, which is in God's position, will fit in the family when it is taken to the bottom, and would fit anywhere even if it is removed and placed somewhere else. Even if a grandchild climbs on the shoulder of his grandfather, he will not be judged by the family law. Even if the grandson takes away the grandfather's blankets, leaving the grandfather to sleep curled up in the corner, he will not be judged as an unfilial son. Everything would be okay in true love. (209-102, 1990.11.27)

You may call upon the name of True Parents, but have you ever attended True Parents? You can stand in a position of attendance only if you can stay up at night later than me. You can stand in that position only if you suffer more than me. Following me, you all became like parasites. The word parasite fits you well. You impostors! There are many like you in the Unification Church. Now this situation needs to be cleaned up.

Feeling bitterness about the secular world as I do, I am thinking to purge those in the Unification Church who just play around and live comfortably. As I must judge the world, I will begin by judging these people. If they do not conform to the way of my teachings, they must be cleared away. (260-80, 1994.4.11)

There is nothing this satanic world can offer in building the heavenly kingdom. This must all be burnt away. That is why I made holy salt to sanctify these things so that they can be used again. The fallen world must also be burned away. It must be judged by fire. People must be recreated by my hand. I will invest my heart in saving them so that I can bring them to heaven.

So far I have never shed the blood of another life with my hand. If the day were ever to come that I had to lift my hand, it would be a tearful one. You should bear this in mind so that such consequences do not come to pass. Do you understand? The problem will be great on the day I see blood. That is how the fundamental rule is. That is why I am even trying to save Kim Il-sung. (210-73, 1990.12.1)

I have thought about how many people would remain if I drank alcohol, sat here, urinated, asked why they were here and chased them away. Why do you laugh? That kind of judgment is something that can happen to anyone in heaven and earth.

In order to find the true woman who can take part in true love... if I became half-crazy, took off my clothes and urinated right there, I wonder how many would remain. Why? You do not know how terrible the path was that I took. This you do not know. Even my own mother does not know. Even Mother here does not know. Therefore, many spiritualist ladies cry tearfully in pity for me. If I do not say this, who would know? You do not know how serious the problems were that I have confronted, and how much I have had to fight with spirit and body. (210-81, 1990.12.1)

6.3. Personal sin will be judged by the clan in the family court of the kingdom

Your parents are the judges at the court of justice. This you should know. In your families, your mother will surely play the defense attorney. When siblings do wrong, they all play the prosecutor. If a sibling says, "Really! Sister started it, not me!" the mother would listen quietly and say, "That's right. You did well." or "You did not. She is right." That is why the mother is like an attorney. Who is the prosecutor when brothers and sisters quarrel? The elder sister or the elder brother becomes the prosecutor. You should know that there are judges and prosecutors in your household. You, young people, have you ever thought about that? (147-303, 1986.5.25)

Do not become a husband who brings shame to his wife. Your wife is God's special envoy. Your children are God's special envoys. They are special envoys as your closest aides who monitor you and educate you to follow the right path. Do not be a father who feels shame before his children. Do not feed these special envoys from heaven with stolen goods. Can you attend heaven after committing fraud? Can you attend your ancestors?

Then, when you go to the spirit world, your ancestors would immediately judge you. God does not pass judgment. Your ancestors render judgment, and ultimately drag you before a public trial on the world level. If your ancestors do not report you and drag you to the public court, they cannot become good people. That is how it is. Based on the background of this governing law, our course of life in which we must establish the basis for hope in the future, and welcome such days, is surely something serious. (163-33, 1987.4.18)

In the ideal times of the future, there will be no need for courts of justice. The course of our life in this world is the foundation and preparation course for eternal life in the next world. Therefore, if someone amongst your relatives does wrong, the entire tribe will deal with that person. Who is the primary judge? If the wife does wrong, the husband becomes the judge. If the child does wrong, the father becomes the judge. They are given guidance under the public law and their clan deals with them. (197-359, 1990.1.20)

When you pass into the other world, who will judge you? Your ancestors will pass judgment on you. In the future, there will no longer be any courts of law in the nation. The relatives will render judgment. The person who plays chief justice will be your parents. The closest person will take that position. In the Garden of Eden, who passed judgment on Adam and Eve when they did wrong? Didn't God do it? Didn't the father do it? It is done this way because it is a shameful thing for your relatives. Who is the prosecutor? The person who loves you most. When the husband does wrong, the wife will accuse him. (198-367, 1990.1.11)

Who passes judgment? The person who loves you most will judge you. Who judged Adam and Eve? Adam was Eve's older brother. They became enemies. Who sentenced them as enemies? Adam sentenced Eve and Eve sentenced Adam. Such a time is coming. (199-119, 1990.2.16)

You should know that the task of setting the law that can govern heaven and earth and our destiny is waiting on the path in front of us. When that law is established, there will be no forgiveness for those who have been living as they pleased. Your own tribe will be the center and will deal with you. You will not go before a court. For example, if someone from the Moon tribe did wrong, the head of the families of the Moon tribe in all eight provinces of Korea will pass judgment on that person according to the laws of the Moon tribe. There will be no mercy. (206-140, 1990.10.3)

Who will judge the sins of people from now on? Of course, judgment will be given in the spirit world, but the people around you will pass judgment. If you do wrong in this world, don't your neighbors judge you? For a village that makes a mistake, the people of the county will make a judgment. If a county does wrong then the residents of a province will judge that county; for a province, the nation; for the nation, the world will pass judgment. Therefore, this system is the one that meets that orderly standard. (208-12, 1990.11.13)

In the future, when you commit a crime, you will not be dragged to a public court to be condemned. This will be done within your tribe. Such an age is coming. Hence, you cannot curse anyone. Your own mother and father will judge you. If the wife does wrong, her husband will pass judgment on her. In that case, who will punish the second generation of Blessed Families in the Unification Movement when they do wrong in the future? Their mother and father will punish them. (208-86, 1990.11.17)

Adam and Eve's father is God, isn't He? But when Adam and Eve sinned, who judged them? Who judged them after that? Your own partner will judge you next. The husband should pass judgment on his wife. The wife should pass judgment on her husband. Who was next? It was their children. Everything moves in this way based on the source of love. If you sin, the closest people to you will dislike you the most. Your children will dislike you, your husband will dislike you, your wife will dislike you and your parents will dislike you.

Despite all this, if you do things to deceive your parents, deceive your partner, and deceive your children, you cannot call them your father, mother, spouse and children in the presence of heaven and earth. If there are such men and women here, you should bulldoze each other away. (215-278, 1991.2.21)

A time of judgment for Unification Church families will come. Everyone will have crossed the river Jordan, but you will still be standing on the far side unable to cross the river; just like Moses, who could not enter the land of Israel and had to gaze at it from Mt. Pisgah. It will be the same for your families. That is why I am warning you. (228-20, 1992.3.1)

In the future you will not need the police. You will not need prisons. Those responsible for the tribe will gather and pass judgment on the family on behalf of the police and judge. They shouldn't go against the laws of the village, otherwise problems will arise. (242-148, 1993.1.1)

Would God not have an exemplary model that dictates how a perfected child, sibling, couple and parent should be? Only when this exists on earth, can it become the standard for eternal judgment. The system according to which people would be designated and their positions determined as qualified people of the first, second or third order in the Kingdom of Heaven could be established through this model. Would there not be such a thing? It surely must exist. The ideal of creation is substantiated and completed through such a model partner of love on the earth. That is why God created His children. (245-209, 1993.3.7)

In the future, if there is a criminal in a certain tribe, he will be dealt with by the leader of that tribe. The tribal messiah will become the head judge on behalf of God. If there is an incident in your tribe, lightning will strike. The fact that your tribe has produced such a terrible person would bring disgrace to your tribe's name. The village itself should not become like this nation, going to rack and ruin. The entire tribe should unite to protect itself. If a bad lot emerges from the younger generation, people should catch them saying, "You good-for-nothings!" and punish them severely. Later on, in the end, the grandfather becomes chief justice, the father becomes the prosecutor and the elder brother should become the attorney.

In order to reveal the great principle of heaven and earth, the father should become the prosecutor and the elder brother should become the attorney. They would have to pass public judgment without mercy to the offender saying, "In order to reveal the great principle of heaven and earth, you cannot be of our kin, although you are flesh and blood of our family." If this is implemented, there will no longer be any police forces or armies. (252-296, 1994.1.1)

In the future, there will be no more police. When you commit an offense, the family will take absolute authority and resolve it. The mother and father will take responsibility. If the husband does wrong, the wife will judge him. The person should be judged by those closest to him. Why? Since the partners of true love should deal with the remnants of false love, the closest people to you must judge you. (264-223, 1994.11.3)

What is sin? Sin arises from the private parts. It is also on the private level that one perishes. It is the same for evil. When private matters are pursued beyond a certain point, that situation appears as evil. Private matters have a certain limit. When they go beyond that limit, they become evil, and they lead people to commit sins and to ruin.

Then, what is the position that can be blessed eternally with goodness and prosperity? Where is the position that can avoid peril, sin and evil? It is the public position. When you eat, you must eat in the public position. When you work, you must manage with the public position. When you speak, you must digest the situation with public words. In this way, you must live your life connecting all aspects of it with public matters. The person who lives in this way cannot go to hell even if he tried to. (31-164, 1970.5.24)

For those who follow the principles of heaven, there is a mind that defends and protects them from destruction. Because such an original mind exists in God, then human beings also have such an original mind. It is not a man made law.

Can you say, "Conscience! I am the way that I am."? Does the conscience take action just because you command it saying, "You conscience! You should be this way because I think so."? We don't know where the command of the conscience comes from, but it comes from somewhere other than ourselves. When we see how such a feeling in fact controls us, we can see it does so centering on the issue of public and private. (31-241, 1970.6.4)

Suppose those who sin a lot were sent to the North Pole. Such a time might come. Why should we feed such people? They would live off baby bears. They might be confined within certain boundary lines for some years. They would survive by eating anything they could find. After surviving a couple of years, they could come back. Such a time of isolation could come.

Whether they would die in that world, or survive, so be it. If they wished to eat tigers, so be it. If they wished to build a house out of ice and live in it, or if they choose not to do so, either way, so be it. Such a time of isolation could come. Don't we quarantine hospital patients with contagious diseases? They would be completely separated in this way. Therefore, we emphasize not committing sins as the preventative medicine. (202-280, 1990.5.25) 

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