Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Six - Our Life And The Spiritual Realm
Chapter Two - What Kind of Place Is the Spirit World?
Section 3. The Relationship between Those in the Spirit World and Those on Earth

3.1. The spirit world is divided into good and evil worlds

Those who go to the spirit world are all divided. In the other world there is no horizontal communication between people of different groups. Vertically, they communicate in a limited way. (218-125, 1991.7.14)

The spirit world is divided into two, the satanic world and God's world. If we can lay out a way that enables people to quickly move from the satanic spirit world to God's world of goodness, then the situation on earth will be naturally resolved. What kind of way is that? As long as we have a special method to enable the transfer of all the satanic individuals, families, tribes, and nations to the heavenly side, it is possible. When such a time comes to the spirit world, it will be reflected on earth. As a result, transformation of all kinds will quickly come about, and it will roll into God's world. (134-15, 1985.1.1)

You cannot properly understand the spirit world without seeing the overall picture of how it develops, acts, and makes a relationship with the world on earth. The spirit world can be divided into good and evil -- into two worlds. This is a world that really exists, although people on earth do not realize it. (134-9, 1985.1.1)

The spirit world up until the present day has carried out numerous spiritual works in mainstream religious history. These mainstream works had to connect to a certain line of relationship with the physical world. Spirit people cannot come to earth and carry out their works as they please. They are blocked from doing that. Unless a bridge is built by way of religion, only a few special people can return to earth. Factions were created within Judaism. When they come down from the spirit world, the mainstream cannot come in a straight line. When different factions of Judaism each make their own spiritual offerings, the mainstream moves back and forth accordingly.

Therefore, for those coming down from the spirit world, only the ones who are connected with the mainstream can come down. Otherwise, they cannot come and co-operate through the process of returning resurrection. Eventually, people on earth will also go to the spirit world. Once in the spirit world, if they want to come down to the next generation, they have to follow the same principle. Yet, only a few special ones will be able to do so. (102-29, 1978.11.19)

There will be more and more walls in the spirit world, making it more and more complicated. The next generation will all eventually go to the spirit world. Consequently, these walls become bigger and bigger. There are walls everywhere. It is now a global age. Imagine how complicated it must be. Think how many times you must turn around and around in order to find a mainstream individual on earth through the religious mainstream in spirit world. So when the time comes, the walls must he broken down. We are creating paths that come down from, and go into, the spirit world. This is what the Unification Church is doing. (102-29, 1978.11.19)

In the progress towards God's original world of ideals -- an ideal realm of goodness, where original human beings can go -- good spirits are fighting their way towards it, and evil spirits are struggling to block the way. The evil spirit world and evil world on earth are constantly connected. They are in constant communication. Good spirits are the ones who have been opposed and persecuted in the evil world. These spirits are the ones who were religious believers. (134-9, 1985.1-1)

Good and evil spirits are struggling with one another in the spirit world. There is a battle going on there. The battle is that good spirits are trying to lead evil spirits to good places; while evil spirits are doing everything they can to prevent good spirits from going up to good places. You should know that evil spirits are connected centering on Satan, and people on the earth today are living under their dominion. Why is that so? All throughout history, our ancestors have passed away to the spirit world whether they were good or evil. The good spirits are standing on the good side, not because they are completely good from God's point of view, but because they have established some sacrificial foundation on earth for separating from satanic influence. (134-9, 1985.1.1)

If you go to the other world, you will find murderers, their victims, and all sorts of people staying there. That being the case, there are times when people brandish their swords to get their revenge. But many walls are blocking them. For that reason, evil spirits go to the descendants of their enemies and cause sudden deaths by accidents in order to bring them to the spirit world. These things must be resolved. In order to deal with this, it must first be resolved on earth. To resolve it, something better must be offered. It cannot be done without offering something that is better than the death of the enemy, something better than that which created such an enemy. (191-205, 1989.6.24)

It was tragic enough that Jesus died on the cross on the earth, but after his death he had to descend to hell for three days. That was the test. Death is the biggest fear for humankind, but going to hell was the greatest fear for Jesus. Then, in hell, did Jesus become the master of fear or the master of happiness? Jesus went to hell and for three days had to go through the ordeal of overcoming suffering. (34-144, 1970.8.30)

With what is the spirit world liberated? With what is God liberated? Complicated relationships were created by our human ancestors. They have created chaos in the spirit world. Therefore, the descendants must now compensate for their ancestors' mistakes. If a child wishes to become a filial son, he should pay back his parents' debts. In that light, we should create a movement to knock down all the walls blocking our ancestors in the spirit world. In so doing, your ancestors will come down and teach you. This sounds like a dream but it is very real. (191-205, 1989.6.24)

3.2. The situation of people in the spirit world

The physical world is Satan's base for activity, while the spirit world has been God's base for activity. These two have always been crossing paths. It is an undeniable fact that this reality has remained as the condition for bitter resentments in the providential age of restoration. These two should not cross paths. The God-centered realm of the mind and the realm of the body that can he governed centered on God must be prepared. This standard for the unified foundation can only materialize on earth according to how it is practiced within the realm of daily life. (45.213, 1971.7.1)

For the Unification Church to achieve unity in this world, first, it must unify the spirit world. Do you know that world? Unification Church members should know the spirit world. You must unify it. Do you think that will be easy? Without unification in the spirit world there cannot be unification on earth.

Aren't the struggles in this world today unbearable? They are very difficult. However, the conflicts in the spirit world are more difficult than those on earth. When we think about this, the Unification Church members should not allow the words, "It is difficult," to come to their lips. (153-56, 1963.10.18)

In the process of searching for the ideal, what is it that brings about unity between spiritual things and physical things? The spirit world has a very spiritual dimension and the earth has a very physical dimension. The spirit world and earthly world must change places in order to become one.

This cannot be done by just holding on to what you have. Only when you give everything will the other side come to you, and only when the other side gives everything to you can you go to the other side. You are going over to the position that was lost. (117-94, 1986.8.31)

To connect the spiritual and physical worlds in the future, you should first be conscious of a worldview and unified system of thought; and then be ready to go the path of suffering in order to break through on a global scale. When this happens, the spiritual and physical worlds will automatically become one. Unification will begin from there, and the direction of its path will be determined. (19-235, 1970.3.11)

Can you bring unity on earth before uniting the spirit world? You cannot. That is the rule. For this reason, I drove the Unification Church members on earth into the jaws of death and mercilessly attacked them. When that happens the spirit world cannot but help you all. The more you enter a miserable situation, the more intense the spirit world comes together in its own way around that position. When you go down into a low place, the realm of heaven will emerge from the 30 million people of this race. This realm also includes those who went to hell in the past. (49-109, 1971.10.9)

This world belongs to the devil. You have to seek out, and restore back to God the world of the devil. You don't know when you are going to die, do you? Everyone dies. Without laying the foundation on the earth to freely overcome the valley of death, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth cannot be created. Without the kingdom on earth, the kingdom in spirit world cannot be established. You should make it possible to freely come back to the earth, after you go to the spirit world. Only then can you live in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and establish the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world, and live there. (146-223, 1986.7.1)

The spirit world is a world that transcends the material world. It transcends the world of knowledge. Since it is a world that transcends time and space, it is a place where yesterday's joy can become today's joy, and today's joy can become tomorrow's joy. In this light, that essential world does not move based on the things that we, who live on earth today, require or value. What is important for the spirit world is the center of everything of value within life in that world. (141-268, 1986.3.2)

We must complete our mission to three separate ages. We should liberate the spirits in the spirit world; liberate the people living in the sinful world today; and liberate the future generations from here as well. The realm of liberation for three generations comes forth in this way. This is an immense and remarkable process. What will happen if such dream-like things come to pass? Your eyes will open wide, your mouth will open in awe, your ears will prick up; but you will then have to bow your head. (28-201, 1970.1.11)

The spirit world is where everyone now living on earth, without exception, and whether they like it or not, will go and dwell. From the barbarians to the civilized people, a great diversity of people of all forms will be gathered there, who came and went throughout history. History until now has failed to become one that is based on peace, on happiness, and on the ideal. So, what has happened to the people in the spirit world? How have they been ruled? The people who lived on earth could not suddenly change in the spirit world. Isn't there a saying, "A habit formed at the age of three years continues until the age of eighty."? It is difficult to correct your inner nature. (141-268, 1986.3.2)

Is there anything about those in the spirit world that is very different from those who have lived on earth to this day? Would they suddenly change? They cannot. You are harvested in the exact form you lived in this world. All those in the spirit world are, after all, just people who have lived on earth. When you look at it this way, the spirit world is no different from the world that people live in today. (141-268, 1986.3.2)

How do you want your life to progress in the spirit world? It is the same as here; you wish to be in a better position tomorrow than you are today. The common desire of people living on earth is that they wish that today will be better than yesterday, and for tomorrow to be better than today.

Regardless of who you are, whether you are from the West or the East, or from the past, present or future, the common desire is for something better in life than the present. This does not change. Everyone in the spirit world is like this. They hope things will become better than the present. They wish to be better than they were during their earthly life. (141-269, 1986.3.21

3.3. Perfection of the spirit person can only come through people on earth

Since the world until now has been Satan's world, evil people have taken the lead in directing nations. Good people, however, have been at the opposite end of this; nevertheless, the angelic world comes to the descendants who have ancestors with good achievements, and tries to co-operate with them. The person they come down to co-operate with is not someone in a high position. Since it could be a person in a low position, we should not just consider people at the top levels of society. (286-194, 1997.1.11)

My situation is like this. After wearily going around the world in my lifetime, there is nothing left when I return home. That being the case, the one thing I planted in people was a heart of yearning for me that grows despite the changes of the days and seasons. Whichever nation I go to, if I live there based on a true heart of love and a heart of yearning. The angels will come and do their works; the good ancestors will come down making it a playground that has no relation to the Fall. They will make it a beacon of hope.

The spirits in the spirit world cannot always come to the earth. Amongst the four seasons there is one that conforms to the gates of their hearts. Even your friends have good times and bad times. When the doors to their heart are in accord, spirits will come down to the earth and co-operate. (283-291, 1997.4.13)

The mainstream religion in spirit world does not work through the realm of the Israelites alone. It switches to, and appears through, each new stage of providential reformation. The mainstream religion has worked through returning resurrection with the co-operation of those spirits. But from now on, since the entire authority of the realm of the mainstream religion has been leveled, your ancestors will unite with those who believe in the Unification Church. Since your ancestors were born before you; they are like the angels in heaven, who, in the same way, were created first. Since we stand in a similar position to Adam, the fundamental rule is to have your ancestors; who naturally stand in a heavenly position, to support the descendants who are in the position of Adam and Eve. It's simple. However, this must be cultivated on the earth. This is not done in the spirit world. You are supposed to cultivate your realm of heart on earth. (140 200, 1986.2.9)

In the past, the angel who watched over Adam and Eve committed the act that made them fall, but our ancestors will no longer do such things. The descendants are all sons and daughters of those archangelic ancestors. Since the foundation is made for your ancestors in that position, to come down and support you, you should live in a way that will not create any basis for them to accuse. This comes from the principle and the law. Live according to the principle and the law. You should practice this in your life. If you do, the spirit world will help you and you will surely prosper. The solution depends on how you practice it in your life. (145-116, 1986.4.30)

Since we are meeting together, we should come to a conclusion together. For what? For the sake of living in the circumstances that God desires, centered on the question of whether Korea is going to live or die. This is what your ancestors are yearning for, for this race; this is God's will; this is the desire of the 40 million people in our nation today, and it will be the desire of our descendants.

If you fail your responsibility at this historical point, you will not be able to avoid reproach from all your ancestors, from people living today, and from your descendants to come. You are all in a more serious position than any of your ancestors, any person at this time, and any of your descendants to come. I live each day with that kind of philosophy. Since I live with such a philosophy of life, and struggle in my battles, God helps me. Because this is happening, my opponents will perish. There is no exception. They have been chased into a corner. I have driven them there thinking, "It's either you or me." (138-335, 1986.1.24)

Despite differences between various cultural spheres, if people understand that the origin that connects life and connects love is one, then it is also important to have the concept: "We are absolutely one". The concept that people are absolutely one is important. Japanese, Koreans, Chinese and Westerners are of the same origin. There is just one origin for the people living on earth today and the many who are in the spirit world. All those on earth will ultimately depart and dwell in the spirit world. (192-257, 1989.7.9)

Since even the gates to hell are opened with a path that rises to the heavenly world, you should be educated... Your parents and ancestors are the archangels, aren't they? But they are no longer the angels who bring ruin to the heavenly side. They take on the mission of the angel who brings ruin to the fallen world, the archangel on the heavenly side, who, according to the laws of restoration through indemnity, no longer stands in the position of bringing ruin to heaven, but stands in the opposite position to the past. Through this, they will co-operate with their descendants who are the Adam-like figures. Such phenomena will occur when the spirits in the spirit world co-operate. Through this, these spirits can progress, alongside people on earth. (164-276, 1987.5.17)

In order to be liberated from their current position, the spirit persons cannot avoid pain without going through people on earth. Since they cannot be freed from their sins, they always seek their earthly dwelling places. They seek out their kith and kin or those related to them, and continue to send them signals. (293-249, 1998.6.1)

When you go to the spirit world you have to be able to come down to the earth. Without establishing the heavenly kingdom on earth, you cannot come down to support your descendants. This is not an impossible idea. It just happens this way. You should work on it even for eternity. Your ancestors were all caught because of their portion of responsibility and indemnity conditions. Unable to find their way in spirit world, they came down to the earth and paid indemnity again. You should not follow them in the same way. If Divine Principle is true, you may all become blameworthy. (146-223, 1986.71)

The reason I am driving you into suffering is not because I dislike you, but because I want to save you. You should realize that this is all for the sake of saving you. You have to understand and be grateful that your suffering is for your own salvation. Then, the world of heavenly heart, the new world of heart, will unfold before you. This is the order of things. So, once you possess the bonds of heart, you can fly anywhere, day and night, according to the heavenly command. If you are determined to take responsibility and lead the world like a locomotive, the spirit world will help you. If you think this way, the spirit world will surely come to support you. (96-279, 1978.213)

Would you all like to go to the spirit world? Between your desire to go to the spirit world and the desire of spirit people to return to earth, which is more sincere? From the standpoint of the Principle, should you be more passionate, or should the spirit world be more passionate? The spirit world is the world of the archangel, and this world is the world of Adam and Eve, the world of the children. The children should be more passionate than the servant, not the other way around.

Are you supposed to help the spirit world or is the spirit world supposed to help you? The spirit persons are waiting to come to your aid, but why are they still waiting? Would they help you in building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth or would they help you to live comfortably? They help you in building the kingdom on earth. (161-227, 1987.2.15)

In the spirit world, there are evil spirits, midway spirits, and good spirits. They dwell within the three stages of formation, growth and completion. By their relating to the completion of the third seven-year course, a path will be created that enables the good spirits to communicate with the earth. This is inevitable. Since the realms of formation and growth lie within the dominion of Satan, the evil spirits within the territory of evil influence have played a leading role, and evil people have dominated the entire world. From now on, the spirits will begin to be transposed. The spirit world comes down at this time of transposition, in which the evil spirits come down first. This time of change is the time of going beyond the growth stage midway spirit world and entering the realm of the good spirit world.

At the time of transition the good spirits will go up with the good people and the evil spirits will go down with the evil people. Until this time, good and evil were in confusion where each was replacing the other by going up and down. However, my view is that, from now on, we will enter an age of a new dimension where good and evil can be completely separated. (75-193, 1975.1.5)

The question is whether you have the standard of heart that will mobilize those in the spirit world, who are unknown to humankind, and have them testify. The spirit world is calling for this standard. Since that world knows God's heart, if such a person makes an appeal on earth, spirit people are mobilized to help in earthly matters concerning the realization of the heavenly ideal. The reason spirit persons are unable to come down to earth is because this earth has become a wall of lamentation and bitterness. (4-60, 1958.3.2)

Now you should pray: "In accordance with True Father's words, you good spirits please return and lead your evil descendants on earth to heaven through your virtuous embrace." An age is coming where such commands will be made possible. We live in the age and realm of Adam, and spirits live in the realm of angels. Due to the principle and law that angels must assist Adam, we quickly come to the conclusion that they would be compelled to help. (89-113, 1976.10.4)

You should get up early in the morning and pray in tears for your neighborhood, for the area of your responsibility. This is the way of the heart and the way of establishing a spiritual bond with the spirit world. You should feel that when God looks upon this neighborhood, He cannot help shedding tears because they are all destined for hell, and you would feel yourself shedding tears on behalf of God, feeling that you just had to weep. When a powerful resonance sets in, enabling you to shed tears based on God's heart, the entire spirit world will be mobilized. (96-282, 1978.2.13)

You should witness even when it does not go well. It is like throwing stones into the sea. You keep doing it without limit until the stones fill the sea and form a mountain. Through this, you grow in heart. Although the body does not change, your heart grows. (96-282, 1978.1.13)

The six-thousand-year history has been a history of searching for one Adam, and a history of recreating Adam. This is why you should follow me. Eve cannot be created without Adam. This is why God has to create one man, Adam. For this purpose, the flesh and blood of countless people who have appeared in the providence of restoration should be used as raw material.

The hatred and animosity of the millions of people in the spirit world have to be lumped together in this place. When the substantial Adam figure finally appears, only then can the martyrs, who had shed blood and died under severe persecution, be sure that their lives were worthwhile. Though they are in the spirit world, they can only receive liberation by connecting with people on earth. This is how it works. This should not be just a vague concept. The question relates to how we can really make this substantial. (29-271, 1970.3.11)

We should move on, no matter what others are doing at our side, whether they are eating or resting. In front of us, thousands are continuously going forward. If you struggle and make strong efforts to go forward, pulling the rope relentlessly, then other people will also hold the rope for you. In the meantime, you will also feel that many people fall away from the rope. It is like a marathon competition. There will be first and second places. History has been like this.

For thousands of years up until the present time, countless spirit people have clung to this rope. When you take the highest position, and pass on to the next world, if you then connect to the rope-winding point and wind the rope in completely, both the spiritual and physical worlds will be restored. 132-145, 1970.7.5)

3.4. Co-operation from the spirit world

Since the spirit world has now moved extremely close, the age has come where good spirits will settle down on this earth. They will come and live here. To this day, Satan and evils spirits have divided up this earth and taken charge of it. But now, the good spirits will take over the earth and be in charge of it. For this to happen, members of the Unification Church must shed tears, sweat and blood, and offer devotion. You should pray with a fervent heart greater than the devotion offered by Christians and more than that of the Islamic faith, Buddhism and all other religions. You should pray, saying, "Since the substantial foundation has been restored on the earth through all of you spirits, the Unification Church will march forward through all the realms of spirit world based on this spiritual foundation!" (169-40, 1987.10.1)

Did you know that the people in the spirit world can only he saved through us? Therefore, if you live for the sake of those who have passed to the spirit world, the blessings from that world will come to you. If you can become such a person who can live and offer indemnity and repentance for the spirit world, then it will come down and be with you. The entire spirit world moves with you at the center. You have to know how indemnity and repentance are so important. (125-52. 1983.3.1)

Since there is no boundary there, the territory of the spirit world is endless. Nevertheless, wherever you go there, spirit people will come and say, "I assisted you. When you were a leader of such and such a place, I was there to assist you." They are all your friends. They will become your comrades who stand in the same age of the providence. Like I explained, the spirit world must be mobilized. How can heaven be created without mobilizing the spirit world? It is not possible.

Heaven is supposed to begin from the true parent, not from fallen descendants. Just as the angelic world assisted at the time of the creation of Adam, the spirit world should return to earth and assist with re-creation. Without doing so it is not possible to build heaven on earth. Isn't this the Principle of Resurrection? It will be generally recognized to be true when it becomes visible as results. Thus, how pleased will the spirit world be with me? (162-114, 1987.3.30)

If you go forth with strong conviction, your ancestors would hold down and immobilize your mother or any other relatives that oppose us, and keep them from opening their mouth. The ancestors would say, "Listen to me!" Why is that so? It is because the fallen evil spirits have retreated, and you stand on the foundation with True Parents of having pushed Satan away on the global level. The True Parents are connected with the national level, and based on your original tribal foundation, you can relate to the parental position within the sphere of goodness. Hence, the evil spirits have retreated and all your ancestors from the archangel-type spirit world will co-operate with you. (154-91, 1989.3.19)

Even your ancestors in the spirit world would look down and want to come to this earth with the desire to assist their descendants of whom they are proud. That is why many of your ancestors come down to be with you. This is the realm of religion based on the tribes or relatives that transcends denominations. Do you understand? Your ancestors want to follow you while placing their trust and love in you. That is why they want to devote themselves in assisting you. (189-275, 1989.5.1)

At this time, on the earth, when people pray after joining the Unification Church, their ancestors would appear in a week and teach them everything. We have reached such a situation. What this means is that religions, so far, have paved the way for a global domain and prepared the ground for the vertical spiritual path by way of the bond of heart. Since the Unification Movement broadened the horizontal physical domain to a global level, connecting this to the ends of the world, it has become an age where the ancestors in the spirit world can finally come down to earth and give their assistance to their tribe. Home Church is the miniaturized foundation of this global domain.

Then what happens to the good spirits? In the past they came, offered their assistance and returned. But now they will settle down on the earth. Such an age is coming. They will settle down, do you understand? When I say, “jeong-joy" (settle down), I am not talking about my hometown kongiu. I am saying that we have entered an age where the good spirits in the spirit world can finally settle down and live on the earth. You have joined the Unification Church, and so engage in its activities. Your good ancestors will live with you and assist you. That is why it is possible to restore your tribes. (163-301, 1987.5.1)

Although we have entered a global age, you still have an individual position, which is connected with the highest saints in the spirit world. Thus, if you are a person who has a similar frame of mind, who keeps such a standard of heart, then you would inherit the spiritual foundation that enables you to receive immeasurable assistance, wherever you are and whenever you need it. That is why, based on the present-day activities of the Unification Church on earth, the spirits of the patriots of each nation have built a protected foundation in spirit world and have now come down and settled on the earth.

When you consider past military campaigns, haven't tens and hundreds of times more people died than the population of a nation, in trying to defend their country? They have now come to earth to set up camp and are waiting for operations to expand. Therefore, all missionaries should initiate a national movement, a total mobilization, and be ready to make sacrifices representing both physical and spirit worlds. The spirits will all come to their aid once the order for advance is given. (162-108, 1987.3.30)

Since the religions have failed so far to connect the spiritual and physical worlds, then making contact with the spirit world has only been possible by harmonizing with its vertical rhythm and wavelength through offering spiritual devotion. But now we have entered the broadcasting station itself. We stand in a position similar to a diaphragm, which is not the wave itself, but the transmitter of the waves. By choosing the frequency at ten, a thousand or a very short wavelength, you can send out electric waves of differing wavelengths.

Because you have a broadcasting station, then when you say, "Let all my ancestors in the spirit world come down to support me. Good ancestors, come and help me. I need that kind of vibration and resonance." then they will come down instantly... You can draw individuals and families just by calling them. The ancestors can move and come down now that the earth has become like a foothold which allows them to connect with the realms of the tribe, people and world.

When this phenomenon occurs, your body, which was trying to go in one direction, would turn around involuntarily and be drawn back. When the spirits come and take hold of you and guide you, then, since you would be unaware that you are caught, you would be drawn along and he none the wiser. You would feel as though you are going by your own volition. Do you believe that? This is not an empty theory. It is logical. (162-103, 1987.3.30)

When the Unification Church moves, Mohamed will come to its assistance, along with all the representatives of Confucianism and Buddhism. Even God will come to its support. Thus, you should take pride in the fact that you move amidst the co-operation of the whole spiritual realm, since you represent humanity, spirit world and God. (162-15, 1997.3.15)

The position of the perfected parents cannot receive the co-operation of the fallen spirit world. This is the reason the spirit world could not support and co-operate with True Parents until now. Isn't this how it was originally with the Principle? The position of the perfected parents should be supported by God and the unfallen archangel. No matter how numerous the spirits within the satanic realm are, they stand in a position that prevents them from assisting True Parents. Since the spirits who are in the spirit world now, were not born from the True Parent but from the false parent, they cannot assist the True Parent.

But by indemnifying all the failures of the archangel, they can support as much as they like in the position of the children, that is, the position of Adam and Eve who are still growing. In this way, through the co-operation of the spirit world, the fallen world will gradually crumble and collapse in the near future. (146-312, 1986.7.20)

3.5. Atheists are like wandering spirits

Everyone, do you know how gigantic the spirit world is? Have you ever imagined what the population of that world would be? According to a spiritualist, he calculated that there are about 3,320 spirits for each living person. If such a number were all on our side, would we lose or win the fight against the satanic world? (86-19.3, 1976.3.28)

Considering that people do not live longer than one hundred years, out of five billion people, fifty million pass on to the spirit world each year. What can we do for those going to hell? God wants us to harvest to His side what Satan has sown. What would happen if this was constantly delayed? So far, during the last forty years, how many have gone to hell? Billions have gone to hell. This is serious. If you go to the spirit world, and they say, "When you were alive on earth, you did not fulfill your responsibility for us, did you?" Then, how are you supposed to reply to them? You should at least do this in your mind. When you talk to them, at least in your mind, and move on with the determination to take the responsibility for the future, they will say, “You are an amazing person. You cared for us." (205-355, 1990.10.2)

Now, 60,000 people are dying each day. Since twenty million people die of hunger each year now, 60,000 are dying in one day. When the parents, brothers and sisters, and children of the dying see them, their hearts are torn with pain and filled with tears. If those who are referred to as True Parents do not sympathize with them and prepare for their rescue, True Parents will be accused by their contemporaries on earth. (205-355, 1990.10.2)

Those who are more pitiful than starving people are those who deny God. This is because those who are starving will be granted a certain level in the other world according to the merits of their good intentions, but atheists will have no standing because they deny spirit world. They wander around in the spirit world like clouds. They become wandering spirits. Just as clouds gather and produce rain, they get together and create evil influence. They all go to hell and inflict pain in hell. Although I know this all too clearly, I have to save them, and this is why I am doing this work. (205-355, 1990.10.2) 

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