Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Six - Our Life And The Spiritual Realm
Chapter Two - What Kind of Place Is the Spirit World?
Section 2. Heaven and Hell

2.1. Heaven is the world of the ideal of love

What kind of place is heaven? It is a place with God's love at its core. Heaven is the realm where the environment of God's love is established. Then what kind of person can enter and live within that realm? It should be someone who can harmonize with the essence of God's love. Only such a person can go there. (46-36, 1971.7.10)

As heaven is the world where people live for the sake of others, you have to go forth based on the concept of living for the sake of others. If you only think about being served, you will he destroyed. Heaven is the world filled with God's love. The essence of love is to live for the sake of the whole, rather than to be served. Thus, heaven is different from the secular world. Religion teaches us to live for the sake of others, to be absolutely obedient, to sacrifice and to serve. The secular world does not have such teaching. This teaching may seem to be something practiced by groups of beggars who know nothing of this world. Yet, this was God's secret strategy against Satan so that people could receive good fortune, even though they were unaware of the heavenly law. (46-40, 1971.11.8)

You go to heaven on the tracks of love. When I explain it like this, doesn't it seem real? The line of love is not like elastic so it will not become thin, even while it is being pulled. Because it is extremely strong, the more it is pulled the thicker it becomes. In this sense, to become the king of suffering for the sake of God's will is the secret method to occupy the world. The king of suffering exclusively possesses the glory of the Kingdom of Heaven. (57-162, 1972.3.31)

What kind of world is heaven? It is not a world where people regard each other with animosity and jealousy, turning green with envy over another's fortune or getting upset over someone else's happiness. One person's success represents the success of the whole. One person's joy can be shared by the whole. Therefore, heaven is where everyone can be pleased over any person's happiness, and everyone can join in and rejoice when anyone rejoices. (18-102, 1967.5.28)

Heaven is the world of God's love. It is a world where you smell the air of love. That world is filled with life. There is no place that doesn't throb with life. Everyone is bound together through blood ties. Since people are descended from God's single lineage, if God is sorrowful over something, then the entire spirit world, as a single cell or body, would feel that sorrow. If God feels joy, everyone would feel that joy. That is the kind of world it is. In this way, God's love is moving the vast Kingdom of Heaven. The living world responds harmoniously to this love, and becomes artistically beautiful through the subject-object relationship between all the elements of the creation. They are connected together by lineage. If God is happy, you are happy; if God is sad, you are sad. It was inevitably made that way. (226-113, 1992.2.2)

Will there be struggles in heaven? What would we do in that eternal world without struggles? That world does not end after a year but goes on for eternity. Wouldn't it be dull then? What would you do there? Would you live alone, or would you have relationships with all existing beings in the spirit world? With what will you establish those relationships? With true love, in that case, what is the essence of that world? When you eat, you should do so feeling love; you should wear clothes feeling love; you should live feeling love; and you should travel around embodying God's love. That love should be God's essential love. Without doing so there will be no harmony. A person with a character resembling God's essential love will occupy a high place in the spirit world. All existing beings in that world will live in harmony based on such a character. It is a world where such people can live in harmony. (201-97, 1990.3.11)

True love expressed through human beings is the blossoming of absolute value. For what reason does God exist? He came into being through true love and lives based on true love. Why were we born and why do we live? We were born because of true love and live because of true love. In that case, both God and human beings have no cause for complaint. Humanity blooms like the flower of the universe and fills it with fragrance. With true love at the center, both sides become one. The right and left sides will both say "Mansei!" with their hands in the air. A true person would say "Mansei!" The spirit world would look down and say "Mansei!" This side and the other side would all say "Mansei!" Everyone unites and releases a fragrance. Intoxicated, they all shout three cheers of "Mansei!" (201-201, 1990.4.1)

Siblings with the same mind live together in the spirit world. If you aren't trained to live like that in this world, there will be a collision in the next world. That would be a great problem. What does it mean to be of one mind with another person? While training to attend God, there is no better method than being in tune in with other peoples' minds. Do you know how exacting God is? There is no forgiveness if you deviate from the Principle. Therefore, you must be able to be in accord with peoples' minds, and harmonize with others. There is no other training for attending God that is as quick as this. (207-353, 1990.11.11)

When a perfected person enters the spirit world, he makes friends wherever he goes. He passes as a friend when he enters the position of a child, sibling, spouse or parent. He can be at home anywhere, including God's throne. (245-173, 1993.3.7)

How can you go to heaven? You have to be crazy for God's love. You have to love God more than Adam and Eve did. You must love Jesus more than Peter, James and John did. Without that, the realm of a partnership of true love, in which God can love you, cannot be restored. Only when this is restored will everything be fulfilled. (142-289, 1986.3.13)

Do not worry that you have no money. Do not worry that you have no children. If you continuously follow this path for ten or twenty years, you will be able to scale very high and steep mountains. You may feel that you are only going through hardships and gradually declining, but actually you are moving higher and higher. The Unification Church becomes bigger by being persecuted. In a family of ten the one who is opposed by the others, and continuously endures for the common good, can become the master of that family. In other words, that person becomes an owner in the Kingdom of Heaven. (142-289, 1986.3.13)

Heaven is a world of love. It is the world that exists for the sake of God, the central being. It is the world of living for the sake of God. (98-35, 1978.4.8)

The first people who should enter heaven should be the True Parents. If I say that heaven is empty, people will think I am demented. But Jesus could not enter heaven. You cannot go there alone. Our original ancestors should have grown through adolescence, established the ideal of love in which God dwelt, become parents and bequeathed the seeds of true love. Then the first place they would have entered would have been heaven. But up until now, there have been no parents embodying God's love, who were able to leave the seeds of true love. There was no foundation on which to leave behind such descendants. Thus, heaven is empty. (140-45, 1986.2.1)

Will you all head towards a global heaven or an individual heaven? You may say that you will head towards a global heaven. I have been going this way, enduring persecution for forty years, because I too am greedy to grasp the line of love that leads to the global heaven. This was so I could grasp the line of love beyond the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. Then, with this in my grasp where will I go? After finding the love line of the world, we must go back to our hometown because we have received many blessings and succeeded in life. Shouldn't we go to our hometown and save the unfortunate people there? (143-141, 1986.3.17)

The way to heaven is opened by loving your brothers as God does. You are trying to follow me, but while keeping such a heart you should strive to reach out and bring your brothers with you. We can conclude that the one who teaches the highest, quickest and best way to go to heaven is neither God nor me, but your brothers. (66.125, 1973.4.18)

Religious people today say, "Let's go to Heaven" But can people just go to heaven? People should first encounter heaven on this earth before they go there. In order to enter heaven on earth, you have to go through the law of love. The more children you have in your family, the greater you should bear the additional cross of loving God's Kingdom. The reason many children are sent to your family is because your family has to carry many crosses. Thus, your family has many responsibilities for the sake of the kingdom. Once you know this, you should fulfill your responsibility completely. To such a family, children will be born who can inherit good fortune in the generations to come. (32-232, 1970.7.19)

What kind of person can enter heaven? First of all, it should be someone who is one with God's mind. To what extent should he be in accord with God's mind? If God works towards the eternal ideal based on His eternal purpose, that person's mind should be in harmony with God's mind for eternity. This harmony should not be one that lasts for just ten years. He should eternally align his mind to the eternal God. How can this be done? He should become the son who can eternally like and be liked by God. In order to be such a son, he should not appear to be a sad person. (47-255, 1971.8.29)

The concept of heaven can be established from the position of subjugating Satan, denying everything related to Satan, and furthermore, eliminating him. Heaven is affirmed on the basis of having denied and removed the negative historic relic of Satan and all the contents of a satanic lifestyle. Without removing these things, you cannot exhibit the content of heaven. (46-74, 1971 7.25)

To enter heaven, a person must not sin, must receive God's love directly, have no need to believe in Jesus, and no need of a savior. He must go through a course to attain the qualification to become such a child. Only when a person who has lived in that way goes to heaven, can God's ideal heaven be established. (160-49, 1968.8.11)

Who is the oldest grandfather in the universe? It is God. Who are the final descendants of God who will unite this world and all heaven and earth? They are the future descendants. Both the first one, God, and the final descendants have to be connected. They are connected by the family. Not the nation. When you enter heaven, you will not be recognized because you are an American. And you will not be rejected for being from an underdeveloped country. In heaven, only the model family that can join the past, present and future to God's will based on this mainstream system and family institution will be acknowledged. You should know that this is the formula. The warehouse where the fruits of such families are stored is heaven. (135-118, 1985.10.4)

In order to live a life of attendance, preparation for attending is required. After the preparation process, one needs to practice the life of attendance. After the preparation process and living the life of attendance, one can go to heaven. The place where people who have attended wholeheartedly go is heaven. The place where we can be proud of our preparation for attendance, and where we can be proud of our life of attendance, is heaven. It is our destiny to follow the course that advances towards the world of heavenly purpose. (8-290, 1960.2.14)

You cannot enter heaven without being joined in heart. Heaven is the original nation, the nation of original nature, which can have dominion over the whole. You cannot possess that nation based on your situation. Only people who have a deep bond of heart can possess it. Therefore, Christianity is ultimately not a religion dealing with situations but dealing with heart. The purpose of God's providence on earth is to create the foundation to be able to share heart beyond our personal circumstances. (8-290, 1960.2.14)

What kind of place is heaven? It is where you can take pride in what you prepared during your life on earth, and where you take pride in your life of attendance. Then what kind of person can enter heaven? Is it the place for those who believe in the lord so as to receive blessings or for those who go forth for blessings? No. Those who prepare themselves for wholeheartedly attending God can go to heaven. It is a place for those who can leave a life of attendance as their legacy and joyfully move on even if they were to die in the process. That is resurrection. The hidden efforts of your daily life are not seen. How we should live from now on is the important question we should think about in our life of attendance. (8-301, 1960.2.14)

What is heaven like? Heaven is bright wherever you go. Didn't Dr. Lee Sang-hun talk about the reality of the spirit world like that? It is exactly like that. Heaven is where God's light of love shines into all corners of the universe, and all creation within its bosom gives three cheers of "Mansei!” for what? It is not for eternity. It is three cheers for liberation! If we are liberated, everyone should shout out, "Mansei for liberation!" and let go of all their resentments. (300-203, 1999.3.4)

You can only enter heaven when, based on God's love, you represent the family standard of true love and bond to the original parents. You have to be united with the true love of the true God and True Parents. Those who have lived together and are related to the children born from God's lineage can go to heaven. However, up until now no one has lived such a life before going to the spirit world. Therefore, heaven is empty. (176-210, 1988.5.9)

Even if you have been attending church for a hundred years, if you still have a self-centered mind you will never enter heaven. You cannot receive salvation. You have to know which religion is true today. You should realize what kind of person is a true person, and what kind of nation is a true nation. (78-118, 1975.3.6)

What kind of person can harmonize with the essence of God's love? A person who is self-centered does not have any value. Only the one who can invest everything -- his own life and all his devotion for the sake of others -- can live continuously in the realm of God's love. Historically, the great people and saints followed such a way. (46-36, 1971.7.18)

2.2. Heaven is where people serve and live for one another

You must invest yourself and then forget. If among a hundred members there is someone who is wearing poorer clothes than your sons and daughters, you should not be able to sleep. You should want to give him clothes. That is the heart of God, the heart of a parent. What is the leading system of thought of the Unification Church? It is to have a parental heart, wear the clothes of a servant, shed sweat for earth, tears for humankind and blood for heaven. What is heaven? It is the world of love to which you bring your children. You receive love and say that you will give it to the entire universe. I love God. I know everything right through from the spirit world to the physical world. (296-120, 1998.11.3)

Until now, the heavenly spirit world was a world of mystery. It is the place where people go who live according to the principles of existence that God established, which means living for the sake of others. The ideal heaven is a world that is built based on such principles. (298-313, 1999.1.17)

What should you do to prosper? You must be selfless. The Unification Church practices absolute selflessness -- living for the sake of others. This is the dividing line. One side will fall to hell; the other side will go to heaven. That is how it is in the spirit world. You will know immediately. You will know the place where people who lived for others will go. For that reason, you should live for others; accept the way of thinking of the saints, the teachings of the Savior, and God's way of thinking. What is God's way of thinking? It is to live absolutely for the sake of others. (299-217, 1999.2.16)

Smaller things must be invested for the greater good. Therefore, it stands to reason that the family should sacrifice itself for the sake of the tribe. The tribe should sacrifice for the people; the people for the nation; and the nation for the world. Those who take national property and give it to their families will all hang upside down in hell. They will perish. If they don't go to ruin here on earth, they will hang upside down in the spirit world. (302-171, 1999 6.13)

Earthly life and life in heaven are opposites. Fallen people live for their own sake on this earth, but in the spirit world they are supposed to live for the sake of the whole. By becoming people who can disavow the Fall and live for the whole, they can become God's object partner! They should say "Amen!" for eternity. (303-33, 1999.7.4)

Those who live for their own sake cannot go to heaven. What is an evil person? It is someone who tries to unite everything around himself. Such a person is a dictator and a villain. He will go directly non-stop to hell. That is not allowed in the Unification Church. The individual must live for the family; the family for the tribe; the tribe for the people; the people for the nation; the nation for the world; the world for the universe; the universe for the cosmos; and the cosmos for God. Then who does God live for? He lives for you. (303-260, 1999.9.9)

What does religion, which should guide people to the original homeland, teach? You should know that it must teach them to live for the sake of others. The higher the religion, the more strongly it emphasizes the importance of living for others. Therefore, we must be gentle and meek. Why? Religion teaches us to stand in a position to lift up many people and live for their sake. It teaches us to sacrifice and serve. Why? It is because religions must train people to conform to the rules of the Kingdom of Heaven. (78-117, 1975.1.6)

After people have lived on earth, they enter the spirit world. All those who go to the higher realm are people who lived for others. For example, those who go to forty countries in the world and live for others with the heart of a mother in a family, and those who have the heart of a saint to save the people of the world from evil will go to a higher place. I think in that way. "I am one man, a general who represents sons of filial piety of the historical ages, a general of patriots and of saints. Although everyone else who had the name of God's son failed, I was born as a victorious son: There is only one thing that will enable you to say that. It is to live absolutely for others. We can conclude that only those who give and serve others and then forget can digest that world. It is simple. (203-100, 1990.6.17)

There is no one who can avoid death. You cannot avoid death. People will die after they live here. When people who lived for themselves go to the spirit world, after making a circle they enter hell. In contrast, people who lived for others go to the spirit world, after making a circle they enter heaven. Those two worlds are separated at death. (203-100, 1990.6.17)

From now on, a long line of people will form to offer their property to heaven. It will be the longest line in the world. In other words, everyone should become a penniless person who has offered everything. Then there are only tears, mucus and blood left to offer. I was like that. There was nothing else left to offer. I offered all my life and property. If you have a savings bankbook for your sons and daughters, should you use that for them? Or should you use it for the salvation of the world? Only if you think in that way and act upon it can you participate in the ranks of the Messiah's chosen ones. You should live for others. Live for the whole and for the greater good. Live for the world, for God, and for the liberation of humankind. You have to motivate people to change to the new lineage through your efforts. (203-157, 1990.4.24)

What kind of competition will there be in the future? A competition in living for the sake of others. Why? Since those who live for others go to a higher position in the Kingdom of Heaven, if you live for such a person, you can be raised up using him as your foothold. At Cape Canaveral there is a launch pad for satellites. Just like a satellite, you are launched and fly into the sky. (213-194, 1991.1.20)

If you live for the sake of someone, you demonstrate the same motivation that God had in creating His partner in love. You will stand in the position of loving counterpart to that person. Don't you think so? For that reason, follow someone and live for others. You work following me, don't you? Aren't you trying to occupy God by leaping upwards to become the object of my love? Is it true, or not? Satellites should be launched towards a destination, shouldn't they? It is the same idea. Satellites are symbolic of today's believers trying to jump up towards the Kingdom of Heaven, crossing thousands and tens of thousands of miles. (213-194, 1991.1 20)

What kind of world is the spirit world? It is where people live for others out of true love. People live not for the self, but for the whole. Even in this world, those who live 100 percent for others say, "Walk over me and go on!" No matter how big America is, if there is someone who lives more for the nation than the president does, everyone will welcome him, even if he steps on the president in order to do this. But if someone only lives for his own sake, everyone becomes an enemy.

It is the same in the spirit world. If someone lives for a greater cause, he can pass along freely. If something benefits a higher purpose, it can pass freely. So, if someone lives for the world, he does not have to live for America. America is included in the world. Korea is the same. All the nations are included. What is the essence of the purpose that everyone can agree on that goes beyond the family level? We can conclude that it is to follow the way of true love by living for the sake of others. (215-174, 1991.2.17)

If you are fifty years old and you lived for the sake of the universe and the heavenly principle for over twenty-five years, you can go to heaven. You can pass to the next world and live in a better part of the spirit world. But people who live their whole life centered on themselves go to the original homeland of evil -- hell -- rather than the original homeland of goodness, regardless of how they feel. You have to know these facts and liquidate your past way of living for your own good. You should make an effort for the rest of your life to live for the sake of the whole, the nation, the world, heaven and earth and God. If you do so, it follows that you will go forward, not to hell, but to the ideal world of heaven. (78-119, 1975.5.6)

Even in the face of death, Jesus cried out, "Father! If it is possible, please let this cup pass from me. But not as I wish, but as the Father wishes." Even as he died, he did not protest to God, but was ready, without questioning, to offer a complete sacrifice for the sake of God's will. Jesus' attitude brought him the closest to God because it enabled him to go deeper. In front of such a person, even God cannot do as He wishes. The one who strikes such a person will be instantly destroyed. God would personally inflict punishment upon that person. (36-85, 1970.11.15)

Do you know about the spirit world? Heaven is for people who live for the sake of others. The one who lives a self-centered life can never be there. He will be in hell. No matter how great a minister he was, he will find out where he is once he arrives there. Our Unification Church tries to save its enemies and even the communists. Yet the communists try to cut off the heads of Unification Church members. That is the difference. So, what kind of love should have dominion over the world? We must be stronger than communists. You should not grow strong by becoming an evil person. If we become strong based on love through living for the sake of others, it will be enough to save the world. (91-173, 1977.2.6)

Heaven is where you live a life of giving. God also has to give. Parents have to give to their children. The parental mind is to want to give, and give again when you have something better to give. (34-141, 1970.8.10)

If I can give one thousand things and forget that I gave, in front of God who gives a hundred things and forgets, God will surely become my partner. Do you know this? That is great. Positions will be exchanged within the subject-object partner relationship. Then, would that person who tried to live for goodness more than God go to hell or heaven? Would he go to heaven and just become an errand boy for God's breakfast table, or would he go there and remain in a position where he can sit with God and share meals of love with Him? Which would it be? (208-208, 1990.11.18)

I have experienced the reality of the spirit world more than anyone else. The spirit world is my major, my special field of study. What is the origin of order in the spirit world? Heaven is a world based on the principle of living for the sake of others. That is our original homeland. (74-51, 1974.11.27)

2.3. The Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world must emerge through the kingdom on earth

Historically, the people called by God were usually over the age of fifty or sixty. Most of them were old, worn out and just one step away from their funeral and the grave. In the background of His providence, God was working with these hardened and withered people at that time, but He knew that in the future He would work with the young generation. So, God was concerned about how to develop his providential history through that younger generation. Embracing such circumstances, God has trodden the course of history. (20-95, 1968.4.28)

Even a person like Buddha, when he was in an esoteric state, said, "I am my own lord throughout heaven and earth." When someone who has trained himself to achieve oneness of mind, enters the spirit world and stands as a complete object partner of God, he can say that he is his own lord throughout heaven and earth. Once, I felt that I was grasping the world tightly in my hand, and it seemed to melt. When you reach this level, miracles can happen automatically. The curing of diseases comes as a natural result of religious life. (76-143, 1975.2.2)

When you look at most people today, they go about their life's daily routine -- waking up in the morning and eating meals -- and still say, "I am fine in God's eyes." There are many people who believe this. However, such people cannot be owners of heaven. They are not fine in front of God. Without the factor that enables you to be acknowledged as a partner to God, you cannot have an absolute standard of faith. Since the Kingdom of Heaven can come only after the standard of absolute faith is established, when you do not have it, it will not be established. It will never happen. Why is this so? It is because Satan remains in that place. (46-79, 1971.7.25)

Today, many religions teach that heaven will be established only by their own religion. This is irrational fantasy. Many religions say that heaven will be established through their founder's teaching. Look at Christianity. It is divided into many denominations. They usually regard churches outside their own denomination as heretical or satanic. In reality, if they were to do this from a position authorized by God, there would be no problem. If they do it for their own benefit, though, then their motivation is not pure. Accordingly, such a denomination will perish. If today's Unification Church does this, then it will also decline. (17-250, 1971.8.29)

Even the spirit world has been divided by walls. There are realms for Buddhists and realms for Confucians. They are all separated by walls. All of the barriers have to be overcome by way of a higher standard that comes from God's heart. From the high throne of heaven and the higher realms, all the walls must be broken down in reverse order. The walls and barriers that separate ancestors and peoples from many thousands of years ago and ages past must all be broken down. All the walls on earth must be eliminated and a way to connect this to hell must be paved. Otherwise, the opening of the gates of heaven cannot be achieved. (140-43, 1986.2.1)

What standard do you, as an Unificationist, have to attain? You have to be a better person than Buddha, a better person than Confucius and even better than Jesus. Until now, the purpose of religion was individual salvation.

However, the purpose of the Unification Church is family salvation, rather than individual salvation. This is the difference between Unificationism and other religions. For salvation we are saving the family. When we go to heaven we are not going alone. (34-359, 1970.9.20)

Heaven is a place which you cannot enter alone. You can enter heaven only after you realize the ideal of a couple. Therefore, to enter heaven, fallen human beings must go through the dispensations of restoration, resurrection and recreation. To give the Blessing to you is to open wide the gates of heaven. Through the Blessing, I am opening the closed gates of heaven for you. (152-240, 1963.25)

Jesus said that heaven was in our hearts, but imagine how lonely and miserable he was when he could not say that heaven was in our families. So, as you have a family, you can even sing with happiness. We are given the opportunity to live this way. Yet, Jesus, the Lord of truth who came to save the universe, God's only begotten Son, could not even dream of the circumstances necessary for heaven. He wandered around for almost three years trying to revive heaven within our hearts by saying that the Kingdom of Heaven was within us. But then he was crucified. How utterly lonely and miserable His life was! 820-48, 1982.10.3)

The tracks of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and those in the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world are the same. When a locomotive crosses over the boundary between two countries, the tracks in one country must match with those in the other for the train to continue running smoothly. Likewise, the tracks on earth and in heaven should be connected. The path of true love -- living for the sake of others ­- is the path that connects the rails from earth so that the family that embodies the train of love can go directly to heaven, nonstop all the way to the throne of heaven. The individual human path and the family's path should both be connected together. They should go along in the same direction. (211-288, 1990.12.30)

We are destined to go to the spirit world whether we like it or not. That is a fact of life. We are like a wanderer who is moving ever closer to that destination. What becomes the issue is whether you have lived more for the sake of others or for yourself. If you have lived more for others, you will go to heaven. If the opposite is true, you will go to hell. You may not want to believe this fundamental formula given your present situation, but when you die you will come to understand. (74-51, 1974 11.27)

People are staying at various levels in the spirit world. How did they come to be like that? They stay in the position that corresponds to the degree they have practiced filial piety according to the way of love; whether they pledged their loyalty to their nation; and how much they fulfilled the way of a saint in this world. The path that people should take in their earthly life is the way of righteousness. Concerning this, there is one path for the individual, one for the family, the tribe, the people, nation, world, universe and even for God. This should be one and the same path. What is that path? It is the path of original love. (147-183, 1986.9.21)

What kind of world will you go to in the end? Are you going to heaven or to hell? On the way there, are you going to be a person who says, "Father, please help me!" or a person who says, "Welcome, True Father!" That will be a matter of life and death. After marriage, you made a pledge to live happily. When I say live you should live well, it means that you should become an unchanging couple. In order to become like that, you should go to the ever-changing world and receive training together. You should keep your promises even if you go to a world where people are divided, north and south or in all four directions. You should maintain such a well-trained position. (129-182, 1983.10.30)

The sons and daughters born from true parents are not false children but true children. The true family can emerge from them. With the emergence of a true family, a true tribe, a true ethnic people, a true nation, and a true world will be created. In that world, people should live a heavenly way of life with God in the family, tribe, people and world. Only then can this earth become the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. After living this way, people will discard their bodies on the earth and enter the eternal heaven. Thai place is called heaven in the spirit world. This is the ultimate reality of God's providence. (160-44, 1968.8.11)

You should not think you are entitled to go to heaven. You should think of building heaven on earth. Besides that, you must become a heavenly person. In order to become such a person, you have to make unity of heart with Heavenly Father to the degree that you can say confidently, "Father's heart is my heart, and my heart is Father's heart." Accordingly, in this earthly life, you should he a person representing God's heart, the Lord's heart, as well as the heart of your ancestors. By doing so, all historical problems can he solved. (3-298, 1958.1.19)

Suppose there is a dying person who says, "God, even though I did not live according to Your will until now, in my mind I tried to go to heaven. So please regard me as having established the proper indemnity conditions!" Because God is fair, He will bring that person to the position of wanting to go to heaven. God rewards him according to his actions, placing him in a position of wanting to go to heaven. That position can be just below paradise. Even people in hell are trying to go to heaven. (57-265, 1972.6.4)

People may say that the Unification Church is a place where people just come and go, but that is not the case You alone are responsible for deciding the actions you commit on earth and for making any recompense for wrongdoing. These actions cannot be erased. If this door is closed, no one else can open it again for eternity, only you can be responsible for it. If it is opened, no one except you can ever close it again. What is bound on earth should be released on earth: you should release what you bind. This is the problem. Therefore, when you go witnessing now, you should witness to your family members and relatives. (34-266, 1970.9.13)

If you can claim, "I love the fruits of the love of two billion people on earth more than I love the mother and father who gave birth to me. I love those four billion people more than I love my parents", then you are able to love humankind in a unified position within the realm of God's love. Thus, you stand in a position that has no relation to the satanic world. (140-56, 1986.2.1)

The original person is someone who, as an unfallen person and one who is unrelated to Satan, establishes a family based on the love of the ideal couple and goes directly to heaven after his life on earth. That is why we call it the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The kingdom on earth inherits the ideals of the heavenly kingdom. Therefore, the fact that Peter received the keys to the gates of heaven means that the way of establishing heaven is to be found on earth. You should know this clearly. (208-345, 1990.11.21)

2.4. Jesus and paradise

If wasn't for the Fall, heaven would have been the place where God's only begotten sons and daughters would have gone to after creating a family of God and living in His love. Heaven can only be entered as a family. You cannot enter heaven by yourself. Since Jesus did not form a family, he was unable to enter heaven and is waiting in paradise, which is the waiting room for heaven. Paradise is like a preparatory environment before entering heaven. (143-25, 1956.3.15)

Jesus could not establish an ideal world through his family and kin. Therefore, he has to come again and fulfill this ideal, otherwise he cannot enter heaven. Where can you find the right prerequisites and circumstances to open the gates of heaven? They are on the earth. Therefore, Jesus left the keys to heaven on earth. Since he and his twelve disciples could not create families, the Unification Church today must establish 70 and then 120 disciples with Blessed Families. If that is accomplished, heaven will be opened. (160-39, 1968.5.11)

Can you go to heaven just by believing in Jesus as the Christians say? If Jesus himself does not fulfill the ideal of the couple, even he cannot go to heaven. Can Jesus realize true love by himself? Even God could not substantiate true love by Himself. Therefore, Jesus has to come again. If that is the case, can he realize true love by coming on the clouds? Now is the time for the people of this nation, who in their own minds understand the current circumstances, to follow me. (176-210, 1988.5.9)

Christians today think that they are saved and will go to heaven by believing in Jesus; that each person goes to heaven as an individual. Only a few people say they want to take their father and mother with them to heaven. In the future, religion should not teach just about individual salvation. If it is a true religion founded by God, then it must be able to remain universal until the end. The religion all humanity desires would be one that states that God's will is not just to have individuals enter heaven. It should teach about heaven not just for individuals, but also for their mothers and fathers. When this has been understood by the heads of families and tribal leaders, everyone will follow them into heaven together. (91-341, 1971.2.18)

Why couldn't Jesus enter heaven? God created heaven for human beings who lived without falling. People can only enter heaven when they live according to the original standard of the Principle. Jesus was meant to save fallen humanity, stand with his spouse in the position of unfallen Adam and Eve as the parents of humanity, and enter heaven with his children. However, Jesus came and went alone; he had no children and thus he could not enter heaven and instead went to paradise. He is in a place for waiting before entering heaven. (41-300, 1971.2.17)

Heaven is empty. From this you can realize that God's providence for restoration has been a sorrowful one. God lost Adam and Eve. Yet, it did not end there. The loss of Adam and Eve meant the loss of their tribe. That tribe would have expanded to become a race, nation and world; but all these were lost. In this way, in losing one man, Adam, God lost His kingdom based on the kingship of heaven. He lost the people of heaven, tribes of heaven, and heavenly man and woman -- His only begotten son and daughter. (143-25, 1986.3.15)

Originally, families were supposed to enter the spirit world but there are no families there. Jesus was single and did not live a married life. What about the great sages such as Confucius or Buddha? Or the kings? They are living single lives in the spirit world, without an ideal partner, since they were descendants of the realm of the archangel. If I continue to talk about these things, someone ignorant or unknowledgeable might learn a lot and think, in an unprincipled way, that he could be like a king. You cannot become a top leader without true love. You have to live for the sake of others. (296-191, 1998.11.9)

God has worked his providence to save humanity through religion. Therefore, the higher the dimension of a religion, the more that religion's teaching should be in accord with the purpose and principle of the original homeland; they could not help but teach the idea of sacrifice and service. In this way, there is no denying the fact that God has been working providentially behind history and religion. In the light of these principles, we conclude that a religion that strives to live for the sake of others will develop, while a religion that causes problems in the world by trying to take a self-centered, subject position will decline. (74-51, 1974.11.27)

The Bible states, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind! This is the first commandment." Those who do not abide by this commandment cannot enter heaven. What is the second commandment? It is, "Love your neighbor as yourself!" The one who loves God first and loves his neighbor second can be a filial child. (198-259, 1990.2.4)

The disciples of Jesus thought that Jesus would dominate the Roman Empire in an instant and become the king of Israel, and that they would then each receive high positions. However, that was not the essential matter. First of all, you have to make the foundation for heaven within your mind, and then, based on such a mind, make the foundation for unity between your body and God. This is the greatest challenge. In the end, it all begins from you. Hence, your mind is the base for heaven. (47-273, 1971.8.29)

When God is being friendly, you should not be hot-tempered. If He is amiable, you should also be amiable. The internal and external should be matched. Does everything work out just by having the internal and external match? You should align this with God's will. That being the case, can you do things that aren't on your mind? Can you do things that your body detests? You have to do things that both your mind and body enjoy. If God exists, there should be things that He likes. Since Jesus is God's Son, he also has to like such things. (47-257, 1971.13.29)

You cannot free yourself from the satanic realm without loving God. Therefore, you must love God more than your wife or husband. From the trap of love within the satanic realm, fallen humanity has only reached the edge of that realm, but they still have not been able to completely come out of it. Therefore, you should not love your father and mother more than God. (41-299, 1971.2.17)

In the spirit world, you will see that martyrs who died so as to enter heaven did not actually get there. Conversely, those martyrs who were able to think, "Heavenly Father walked the path of suffering and shed blood to find me. I will follow any path in order to return His grace," and then died saying, "I am grateful for this moment of glory enabling me to participate in returning this grace," could enter the kingdom. Such people did not die for their own sake but died for the sake of heaven and earth. If you think, "I will die like this in order to enter heaven," it is dying for your own sake. Fallen human beings can never enter heaven by putting them selves forward. (41-355, 1971.2.18)

2.5. Hell has no relationship with the love of God

What was the Fall? We have reached the conclusion that we were overtaken by the darkest of nights because of the Fall. Instead of taking a ticket to heaven we took a ticket to hell. Doesn't that sound realistic? Our ticket to heaven was transformed into a ticket to hell because of the Fall. (132-82, 1981.5.20)

What is hell? Hell is a place that has no relationship to God's love, life or lineage or even to God Himself. (201-97, 1990.3.11)

Hell is where you are alone with everything shut away from you. You long for everything but it is unattainable. Intuitively you can see and feel a vast realm of happiness of this universe, but you cannot move an inch. So what is it that I am doing? I am initiating a movement to love God, heaven and earth, based on a universal system of thought: the Principle. This is so that from now on, you have to prepare the way you will take when you go to the spirit world. You are doing great things by making such preparations. (106-308, 1980.1.13)

The spirit world is in finite. The homeland that will embrace us is so immense. Our eternal hometown, the spirit world, is an enormous place. Do you like the spirit world? You do not know how vast it is. You are making that world the stage for your activities. Only when your mind is global and universal can it keep pace with that world. It is not possible if you are individualistic. Individualism is unable to connect to the whole. What greater hell is there than that? It is like catching an eagle, locking it up in a dark hole where it cannot move, and just feeding it. The eagle is the bird that symbolizes America, isn't it? How miserable it would be, just living by eating what needs to be eaten? Is that happiness or unhappiness? It is a tragedy. (247-171, 1993.5.1)

To commit suicide is the worst sin of all sins. It is an atrocity that destroys the universe. Such a person would go to the lowest level of hell. (107-36, 1950.1.20)

Have you ever thought what would happen if you breathed in air one-tenth through your nostrils and one-tenth through your mouth? That would be hell. Hell is not something else. Hell is where you cannot receive when you want to and where you cannot give when you want to. When you have the urge to breathe or inhale air, see what happens if you try to suppress it. How many minutes can you endure? How long can you go without exhaling when you want to or without inhaling when you want to? That is hell. (112-210, 1981.4.12)

You cannot eat without God's love in the spirit world. You do not have a right to eat. You have to realize that hell is a place where you watch but cannot eat, and know but cannot act. Therefore, you should know that only those who have made substantial the core value that can unite the spiritual and physical worlds based on God's love, and who have experienced the life of heaven on earth with their mind and body united, can take ownership in the eternal ideal world of the Kingdom of Heaven. (91-173, 1971.2.4)

What will you do in the spirit world? Would you like to eat food? Why would you eat food there? You eat based on love. Consequently, a person who doesn't have love will not be able to open his mouth no matter how much he wants to eat. That is his punishment. (207-94, 1990.11.1)

The world is in chaos. How about the spirit world? Since the people who are living on earth go to the spirit world in confusion, it also cannot help but be in chaos. If stealing becomes a habit, you will always end up stealing something. Consequently, when a person who committed theft on earth goes to the spirit world, he naturally wants to get something for nothing. Since it is difficult to deal with such a person in the spirit world, hell was made. God did not make hell. You don't build a house after you have bought a rubbish bin. You acquire a rubbish bin after building the house. It is the same thing. Christians do not understand such fundamentals. (148-28, 1986.10.4)

Hell is like a storage place for waste. Since hell has nothing to do with God's love, all humanity, who began from false love, inevitably go to hell. Therefore, the person who goes to heaven is the one who lives with God, and whose mind and body, spouse and children are united with God's love. Just as God's mind and body are in absolute unity, if a man and woman and all the members of their family can absolutely unite their minds and bodies, and live together in front of God, the subject partner, as His object partners, they would naturally move from this earth to the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world. (274-9, 1995.10.25)

God never sends people to hell. When people go to the spirit world, they go to hell on their own account. When people who live an evil life go to places of goodness they cannot breathe. They cannot breathe. So, inevitably they go in search of a place that suits them. They go to hell, to a darker place, and say, "Ah ha, this is the place that is hell. People like me cannot stay in hell, even if we were told to live there. I wouldn't be able to breathe. It would smell and taste repulsive to me. Who sends people to hell? It is not God. You go to hell on your own. (200-192, 1990.2.25)

If you go to heaven, you would be able to freely come and go, even to hell. Would you rather become a person limited in the spirit world or a liberated person in the free heaven and earth? You have to consider the person next to you, thinking to yourself, "So, this person is from the tollgate of heaven. He is the gate keeper," and allow yourself to be trained by him so that you can pass through the gates. You should think, "I need to pass those gates. I consider you to be the gatekeeper. I'm going to touch and melt your heart, so that you will guide me when I reach those gates." (115-58, 1981.10.28)

Hell is a place without a future. Heaven is a place with a future. Hell is without one. There is a future when you enter heaven. Where did the Fall begin? All of you should know that the Fall began from the place which has no future in the public sense; a place where the self is the only center. Living for your own sake is the way to hell. Living for others is the way to heaven. That is the concept of heaven and hell. (111-11, 1981.1.11)

Let us think about balloons. If you fill one with hydrogen, it slowly rises. It rises but there is a limit. At first it would seem to rise without end. But there is a limit to how far it rises. It stops at the place where it finds a balance with its weight. It remains at the same level of atmospheric pressure. It is the same in the spirit world. Those who are greedy go down. They are heavy. For that reason, hell is where heavy things gather and collide with one another. That is how it is. (115-186, 1981.11.15)

Suppose a white person and black person go to the spirit world. What would happen if the gate keeper of heaven for the white person was black, and the gate keeper to heaven for the black person was white? Would they go back the way they came? Then what would they do? If a person was blocked from entering and turned back, would he cling to the gate keeper crying out, "Kill me. I didn't understand in those days!" and plead for mercy, or would he run away? He would experience a living hell hundreds and thousands of times greater than the suffering he gave to black people in his lifetime. If I were God, I would also put such keepers by the gates. (116-108, 1981.12.27)

You will not be free to go anywhere in the universe. You will have no place to run to. You cannot run away as you wish. You have to know that you are unable to free yourself from the realm of universal law and order. You have to follow the right path. You should realize that you are living under the rule of the universal law based on the standard of the official constitution. This affects everything relating to the order of love and morality: family, society, nation, world, cosmos and God. The path of giving love and living for the sake of others is the only way to attain an autonomy that is supported and upheld by all the laws including the laws of nature. Unification Church members do not have a clear concept of hell. You should know that hell exists. You should know that there is a severe and fearful hell it you do not follow the way of carrying the banner of love. Did you know that? I hope that you can stand in court and be victorious. (117-312, 1982.4.11)

In the other world, when you lack the discipline to persevere in conforming to the ideal practice of love, a reaction comes against you. Nobody tells you to go to hell. (121-173, 1982.10.24)

The terms private matter and public matter are clear. Being public means living for the greater good, doesn't it? Being private means putting yourself first. Living for your own sake leads to hell. Public-mindedness leads to heaven. (121-127, 1982.10.24)

Unification Church members are not without value. We are not a simple group that believes we can go to heaven just by going to a Sunday service with the Bible under our arm or by giving a few pennies in donations. That is for simple folk. That is not for people as intense as us. Once we believe in something, we do it till the end. Placing our life on the line, even if our spouse grabs us to prevent us from following, we are so intense. We follow the path of faith, even if there at the risk of it leading to divorce. (121-70, 1982.10.24)

The reason you suffer now is for the sake of finding the freedom of heaven. It is to create heaven even in hell. Even if you go to hell and act like a judge, those serving time in hell would say, "Since you went through it all, we cannot accuse you!" In this world if a person went down to this position or if he went down from a high level to a lower one, wouldn't he make a fuss? He would say, "Why should I go there? Why should I go?" Going down to a lower position is something that would never happen in a society of brothers, but is only possible within the realm of the parental heart. God, the most High, can go all the way down to the bottom of hell. That is a parent -- a true parent. He would do that even if He were to be injured in His face or whatever may happen to His body. (16-115, 1981.12.27)

If those people say with glaring eyes, "You shouldn't drink alcohol. Go to the devil!" they are just a group of good-for-nothings. They have no peace of mind. I am weary of them. When I see them saying, "That goes against the Bible, Matthew chapter so-and-so. You're going to hell," really, those rogues. If killing someone could save a nation, then don't you think they would pass a law to free the person who had killed for the sake of saving the nation? Those good-for-nothings! They have to think about that... If there is a pine tree the size of a fist with its roots wedged in a crack in the granite along the mountain ridge, not even a dog going by would stop to urinate on that tree. He would only urinate if it has shade. The dog is ashamed of urinating, so it goes close to something when it urinates. That's better than people. It goes to the shade to urinate. Why? Because he is ashamed if he is watched by others. (120-240, 1982.10.17)

What is the greatest obstacle to entering heaven? The self is your greatest enemy. The reason hell and the satanic world were created was because of the awareness of the self. The archangel thought centered on himself. He thought about himself intensely. What is a traitor? You call a person who puts himself before his nation and sovereign, a traitor! Rising up from the paths of a traitor is the summit based on the self. It is the road that leads to hell. For human beings it is the path that leads to ruin. This foundation called the self, and centered on the self, leads to death. (122-20, 1982.10.31)

Wanting to receive love is the path to hell and belongs to Satan's side. Wanting to give love is the path to heaven and belongs to heaven's side. This is clear. There is only one love of that kind in this world. There is only one kind of parent's love. Parental love continues to give even when the child refuses to receive. Though all humankind is fallen, the path still remains through parental love. Since God is the parent, that kind of love still remains in human beings. (122-234, 1982.11.14)

What is your destination? Where will you go and live? I will go to the spirit world and stay at the highest point of all kinds of love. Just as there is a North Pole and a South Pole, there is a Love Pole. No matter how hard you try searching at the half way point, or however much you go around, you will not find me. Since you cannot find me, you might say, "Rev. Moon went to hell." Would it be easy to stay at the highest point? "I will not freeze to death at the North Pole. I will be like a fireball of love!" This is a great ideal and a great system of thought. So, everything will be fulfilled. Even God is inside me. The people of the world are inside me. Those who say that they will inherit love are of my tribe! You're not offended? (108-182, 1980.9.28)

If God visits hell, the devils in hell will bow their heads. They bow their heads to Him. Even Satan cannot oppose absolute love. If God goes to hell, hell must adapt to Him. Even hell belongs to God. If God goes there, hell must open all its gates. This is a simple point, but you should know that the fundamental rule for the relationships of all beings is made in this way. (125-41 1985.3.13)

There are no boundaries in the mind. When we think about God, even He does not have any boundaries in His mind. Consequently, God can go anywhere. He wants to go to heaven, He can go there. If God wants to go to hell, He can go there. He can go anywhere. That means there are no borders in the mind of God. (121-184, 1983.2.15)

A person going to the place of execution would detest their clothes no matter how nice they might be. But no matter how ugly the clothes might be, if they were made by the loving hands of your wife, the clothes would shine extremely brightly. We can conclude that anything done out of the essence of love will be welcomed by God wherever it goes. Even if it goes to hell, if it went there because of love, God can go and be there with it. How would it be if the word 'love' was attached to hell to make 'love hell'? Would you like it? Even if it was hell, how would you like it if it was the hell of love? Those in hell would grimace but if you said, "Hell of love!" they would laugh "Ha, ha, ha." Do you know that? Don't you think it would be like that? (129-284, 1983.11.20)

People who go to prison because of the person they love are not really in prison. They are in a place that lets them bring further brightness to their loved one and deepens the bond between them. Therefore, true love can control both God at the highest level, and hell at the lowest level. Then, can this love only be given in the world of humankind? No. It is the same throughout the whole world of creation: in the earth and in the world of plants and animals. They all like the song of love.

When you wake up in the morning, do you like to hear the sound of birds singing love songs or the sound of them fighting? You would like to hear their song of love. Now you know. In this universe there are no borders in places that have true love. There are no boundaries and those with true love have what it takes to pass through any place. They have what it takes to control God and hell. Thus, you should know that it has the strength to break down barriers and go anywhere. (129-284, 1983.11.2)

Love became the pillar that let this universe come into being. You should know that in the same way this love became the pillar that supports hell. How difficult it is to put right something that became like this! Even if you wash its cells with really powerful bleach, because love makes up its root, it becomes tainted again. (133-219, 1985.1.1)

Only the strength of true love can make total unity. Speaking words of true love would make God say, "Mmm..." and even Satan in his hell would say, "Mmm..." and the entire world would say, "Mmm..." What makes everything become one is the power of true love. Is there anyone who can tell me? "You're wrong about that?" (133-311, 19YS.1.1)

We're trying to build a cable car between the highest summit where God is, and the human world that is in the depths of hell. What is that cable made of? A cable made of money would snap in an instant. This cannot be done with a cable made of money. Then what about a cable made of knowledge? Even a cable made of authority would not do. A cable made of love that transcends the top and the bottom should be used to hang the cable-car so it can run on the cable. (130-35, 1983.12.11)

What does a clown do? A clown amuses people and dances. Even if you can't dance in such a place, you should at least keep in time with the beat. God is not so stingy as to say, "Oh dear, if you, as the founder of the Unification Church, are found keeping time with a clown, then you go to hell." God is truly amazing. God's mind is not smaller than the toenail of a dog, or awkward like the front leg of an ant. We haven't known that He is such a great God who is so large that He can open His mouth and inhale all the air in the universe and still have room to spare. (130-87, 1983.12.26)

When we look at God's providence, do you think God sends the people in the spirit world to hell and only undertakes the providence of restoration for those on earth? If God is love in the truest sense, what would be the limit of that love? Wouldn't God desire that His providence of salvation be completed even if it crosses the boundary lines of hell? This is the answer you would get. (121-297, 1982.10.10)

The human mind is not like crystal but like ice. All sorts of odds and ends are combined and frozen in it. We are trying to melt it, get rid of all the odds and ends and make it into a lump of pure ice. Out of clean water, we are trying to make a lump of ice that God could suck. Only when you think, "There is ice that Satan likes and ice that God likes. Let's become the ice that God likes!" can you be restored into a lump of ice belonging to heaven rather than one belonging to hell. (109 28, 1980.10.26)

2.6. We choose to go to heaven or hell

You decide whether you go to heaven or hell. I do not decide. God does not decide. You are the one who decides. If you complain, it is hell. If you go with a grateful heart to places where you would have complained, it is heaven. (96-122, 1978.1.2)

God did not make hell out of jealousy or envy. Since false people appeared, God made hell as a warehouse in which to manage them. Do people make a rubbish bin before they build their house? For example, if you bought a cabbage to make kimchi, but while making it you discovered the outer leaves had been eaten by worms, you would dump it into a rubbish bin. The Fall was committed by the ancestors of humanity. Therefore, in order to indemnify that, and remove sin, someone with the qualification of the true parents must emerge. (20-118, 1968.5.1)

Up until the present, all the people who were born into this world were destined for hell, because there was no condition for God to save them. It is as if they would be devoured by insects and worms. As such people are only good for pigs' fodder or some such purpose, He cannot help but place them in hell. Hell and paradise do exist. In the light of this, we can really feel that heaven is empty. (135-118, 1985.10.1)

From the birth of humanity up until the present, people have been born of a fallen lineage, and there has not been even one moment when all humankind attended God with all its heart. Before Adam and Eve fell, they grew according to the ideal of creation, but they never attended God within a relationship of heart. (8-290, 1960.2.14)

What is hell? Hell is a place that bears no relation to God or His love, life and lineage. No matter how much effort you make or how well you do in this life on earth, the physical world has become such that you cannot establish a relationship with Heaven, the realm of God. This is the tragedy and bitter situation that we find on earth. (201-97, 1990.3.11)

What is God's bitter pain? It lies in the fact that human beings, who were created to attend God wholeheartedly, fell into a position where they could not do so. In other words, God, who should have been lovingly attended, was left deserted. God's deep anguish is not that there was no one who believed in Him or knew Him. The bitter grief of heaven and earth is that no one attended and related with God in heart. (8-290, 1960.2.14)

You have to hate your fallen self. You should hate your body. The blood of the enemy is coursing through your veins. You should understand that you cannot sever this with a knife or burn it away. You have to realize your pitiful situation: you have become a waste factory that consumes and digests the things of creation and you are in a position where you are unable to receive God's protection. (214-283, 1991.2.3)

What determines the division between heaven and hell? It is not decided by knowing or preaching the Bible well. It is decided through results and heart. In the end, the boundary line between heaven and hell is determined by the boundary line of the heart, and the boundary line of results. (32-231, 1970.3.19)

In the other world, when you lack the discipline to persevere in conforming to the ideal of love, a reaction comes against you. No one tells you to go to hell. Therefore, the Bible states, "Love your enemy!" Genuine love exerts its influence on the enemy. If this love goes to the enemy once, twice, thrice and four times, the enemy will disappear for sure. It is because love has such great power that Jesus said, "Love your enemy!" (121-173, 1982.10.24)

When God sees humanity dying in hell, He becomes desperate, trying to give them eternal life. Only then will His responsibility as the parent of heaven be fulfilled. If He were to say, "Ugh! Let me eliminate everything," He could not stand in the position of a parent. Therefore, this establishes the logic that God even has to liberate hell. When a son sees his parents desperately trying to save him, he will say, "My mother and father have done so much for me!" and repent thousands of times for his sins. If there is such a mother and father, the son will repent till his bones melt and flesh falls away. Because of the parents' heart, such a way can be made. (62-51, 1972.9.10)

Not even Satan can accuse God for His love in trying to save humanity. There is no rule preventing forgiveness for the one who repents through the love of his parents. Hell must also be liberated through this kind of heart. That is the way of a true devoted child, isn't it? Therefore, the Unification Church believes that it must liberate even hell. Why? It is because God has such a parental heart. (62-51, 1972.9.10)

Hell is the place where you can never escape once you are caught. Despite this, you do not feel desperate about the fact that your mother, father and relatives are going to hell. You just think, "It will work out somehow." However, let's think seriously about your beloved parents really going to hell. Human nature is such that if your parents were to go to prison, you would cry and do all sorts of things to have them released. Then, even more so, if you knew that your sons and daughters, parents and relatives, brothers and sisters -- with whom you have bonds made in heaven -- were going to go to an eternal prison, could you just think casually about their fate? (34-266, 1976.9.13) 

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