Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Six - Our Life And The Spiritual Realm
Chapter Two - What Kind of Place Is the Spirit World?
Section 1. The Reality of the Spirit World and Its Laws

1.1. The spirit world is an infinite world that transcends time and space

Do you know how infinite and unchanging the spirit world is? We are now aware of the vastness of the universe. The universe is over 22 billion light years across. How big is that? Light travels 300 million meters in a second. In one second, light can go around the Earth seven and a half times. The distance light covers at that speed in one year is called a light year. Light takes 22 billion years to cross the universe, not 200 days. So how vast is the universe? The entire universe is the stage for our activities. (206-33, 1990.10.3)

God exists transcendent of time and the world of space that we know of today. In the spirit world, there are no such things as one year, two years, or even a day. Isn't that convenient? Once you enter the spirit world, you do not need to sleep. You can live without sleeping. You can live without eating. You can eat and sustain yourself completely by your thoughts. If you see something and remember that it is good, you will not forget it in thousands of years. Isn’t that wonderful? (176-294, 1988.5.13)

Heaven does not have three hundred sixty-five days in a year like the Earth in the solar system, nor does it have twenty-four hours in a day. The concept of one year or two years that we speak about is for this earth. A year on Earth is measured using the position of the planets in the solar system, and a day is calculated by the rotation of the earth on its axis. The spirit world has no reason to rotate on its axis for a day, like the Earth, or to travel along its orbit around the sun for a year. Morning can be eternal in the spirit world. There is no concept of a day or a year in the spirit world. (175-196, 1988.4.17)

In the spirit world, you can travel billions of miles in a second because it is transcendent of time and space. You can look back a thousand, or even tens of thousands of years, and see things from the past. What would you be looking for when you looked into the past? If you looked at nothing else, what is it you would want? If you are a man, you would want to meet a woman. After meeting her, you would wonder how great the original love inside that person's heart is, or how much love that person has. Love becomes the standard of measurement. (209-17, 1990.11.24)

What is the center of the spirit world? The structure of the spirit world centers on the absolute God. And, if there is such an absolute God, He would have been the originator of the universe at the outset. He has created everything. Since all of creation belongs to God, everything feels as He feels and exists in relationship to Him. For example, we have trillions of cells in our body and whenever each cell feels something in a certain area, this feeling is directly communicated to the brain. It is the same for all existing beings that are interconnected around the original Creator. Moreover, those who are human beings by birth, who live in pursuit of goodness and the values of a higher dimension, originate from God, the original cause. Therefore, human life is about living in the resultant world, where we can connect to our origin by going through a particular course. (140-123, 1986.2.9)

What kind of being is God? God is like the mind of the existing universe. Can you see your mind? The spirit world is like the world of the mind. It is a place that transcends time and space. In the spirit world, you can freely eat whatever you want. There is no need to worry about food. There is no need to worry about water. There is no need to worry about clothes. You transcend all worries for food, clothing and shelter.

In the spirit world, you can go back and forth, covering billions of miles, in just an instant. With what power can you do this? You can do so with the power of love. If you wish to see someone you love, that person will instantly appear before you. (210-225, 1990.12.23)

Since birds can fly, it is understandable that human beings, who are the lords of creation, also wish to fly. People were supposed to fly. The spirit world is a place where people can go anywhere in an instant without the aid of an airplane, even though the world is hundreds of light years in length. Don't you want to visit this place? (199-128, 1990.2.16)

If you were to ask God, "Why is it that insects and even pigeons can fly, but we, human beings, cannot?" what do you think His answer would be? When God comes down to visit you from His high place in the spirit world, do you think He will come down on foot or fly down in an instant? The spirit world is an infinite world. These days, we have man-made satellites traveling as far as Venus. These are times when satellites track moving objects for fourteen years and take pictures, which they transmit back to us. In the spirit world, however, none of this would take fourteen years. It would only take an instant. The spirit self moves faster than lightning. Consequently, if you wish to follow God, who moves about like a spirit person, and become an object partner to the Subject of love and live with Him, should you walk or fly? You can only take so many steps with your physical body. (298-289, 1999.1.16)

When you look at the vast universe, don't you think there would be diamond stars in the spirit world? Don't you think there would be stars made of gold? All of those stars belong to you. You can experience that joy. You look at God's astonishing creation and... This is the ideal world where all the loving communities -- God's loving family -- are harmonized as a whole and experience a life of travel and exploration. Would you like to be in their company and be a part of this family? (126-145, 1983.4.12)

How convinced are you that the spirit world exists? The spirit world is a more certain world than this one. What kind of world is the spirit world? It is a world where everything is possible, based on conceptions approved by God. (107-56, 1980.1.20)

So many people are in the spirit world. It is such a remarkable, ideal world, where, in one moment, you can serve feasts for everyone from every different nation and the billions of people in the spirit world, and still have something left over. I am moving toward that kind of world. I am not going forward with this world in my sights. I am preparing myself here, to go to the other eternal world. (107-56, 1980.1.20)

Once in the spirit world, each couple will look like one huge person. What are people like in the spirit world? Each of you will become like cells in the universal body. The entire spirit world will completely look like men and women. That's how it will appear. It will all be combined. If you walk in a certain way, the spirit world will walk that way. Those who are in that realm are like God's cells. They are one body. (207-97, 1990.11.1)

There is no need for explanations and excuses in the spirit world. You will know everything with just a glance. In an instant, you can discern if a person is below you, next to you, or in a higher place than you. Even when you meet old people who lived millions of years ago, you can immediately see their rank in the hierarchy of love. This rank is absolute. Those with a high rank adjust naturally to it and stand in their rightful position. This does not happen at random. The spirit world is different from this world. Those who succeed in earthly life by slandering and plotting against others will be turned upside down in the spirit world. They will be in the opposite position. For this reason, I am telling you to seek and find the path of righteousness. (194.133, 1989.10.17)

What would people in the spirit world desire? The spirit world is a place where you can be supplied with all your needs, according to your standard. If you want something, it comes to you immediately. It is a world where nothing is impossible for a person with a heart of willingness and initiative. If you want to give a party for one million people, it can be done very quickly because one million people will appear at once, and all the preparations will be finished the moment you think about it. That's the kind of world it is. What makes this possible? Atomic energy produces heat when atoms divide; thus in the same way, when you start the creative division process of love, anything will be possible in an instant. Don't you think it will be like that? (141-278, 1956.3.2)

In the spirit world, when you are determined to go somewhere, you are already going there. It is like that. Imagine if the vast universe became the stage of your activities. Love must take precedence. If so, you have only to say, I want to see him. I want to see him!" If you desire to see someone as you would your spouse or someone you love, you will be able to go to that person in an instant. If you meet an artist in the spirit world, your artistic abilities would be instantly cultivated to a level that rivals that artist. Everything is possible in the spirit world. So when you go there, you can sing and dance in any place you like. Everyone would rejoice and your mind and body will harmonize and dance and sing. It is a beautiful sight.

If God drew a picture, would He not win the top prize? Right? Does God take a picture, someone else's masterpiece, hang it on a wall, and look at it? Or does He look at His citation that behaves like a masterpiece? Which do you think God prefers? Masterpieces are not necessary, right? Since the spirit world is in such a supreme position where you are intoxicated with the heart of love, you do not age there. My mother is old now, but in the spirit world, she appears the way she looked, for me, at her best. (201-101, 1990.3.11)

It would be boring if we only had bright, sunny days every day. There should be fog and the moon should be ringed by clouds and sometimes hidden from view. How artistic it is when we can see so many variations in the weather! Think about it. It is a world of art. It is an artistic world. You can become such a person who could make a fine day in the spirit world become cloudy, or make fog roll in if you wish; you can become a person who has the distinct quality and capacity to create a sphere of many different kinds of emotion with love. So everyone in the spirit world will be interested in you. They will all say, "It is fun to be with that person." (201-101, 1990.3.11)

The spirit world transcends time and distance. There is no concept of time. If you think about seeing something, it instantly appears. You can relate to the vast Kingdom of Heaven in an instant. Even the phones on earth do not have a problem with distance, right? In the same way, you can communicate with any place like that in the spirit world. That world exists as the world of cause, hidden behind the scenes like a powerhouse. (283-126, 1997.4.8)

Will there he night in the spirit world or not? Once you get to the spirit world, you can communicate with the earth freely and directly connect with this material world. In spirit, you can go through water and go directly through the Earth to another continent or region. There are countless stars in the universe, but all the roads are opened to you when you go as the partner of God's true love. The speed of love is by far the fastest. The speed of light can cover 300 million meters or go around the Earth seven and a half times in one second. But love is thousands of times faster than this. If true love decides to go across millions and billions of miles, it immediately covers that distance. The vast spirit world can be activated in an instant. (294-310, 1998.8.9)

What kind of work do you think you will do when you go to the spirit world? What is there to do in that world? Will you earn money there? Will you need clothes and a house? Everything you want will be instantly provided. No matter how much noise or threats you make in the spirit world to order something for yourself, it will not appear. You should know this. On the other hand, everything will instantly appear if you say that you need it because you love God, you love the world, and you are attending the King from the position of the prince of the Kingdom of Heaven. In an instant, you will be able to have all those things that you couldn't have before in the earthly world. You should know that anything imaginable is possible in the spirit world. (129-101, 1983.10.1)

Love is likened to heat. You talk about it as if it were heat, don't you? You say, "My heart is on fire," don't you? In the spirit world, since God is the essence of love, He appears as light and heat. When you look with your spiritual eyes, you are supposed to know how strong the light of love shines, what color it is, how brilliant it is, and whether it shines in rainbow colors. The family should be combined to become a shining star. All the stars become like moons. There are even stars that have other stars like our sun orbiting around them. (303-42, 1999.7.4)

When God began creation, do you think He started by first creating the color He liked the most or the color He disliked the most? If that's the question, then what color is the flower that blooms in early spring? It is a purple color. The color purple includes red and pink, and what other colors? It has all the colors in it. You like the color purple, don't you? Elegant things are in purple. In the spirit world, the most beautiful color is purple. (197-49, 1990.1.7)

In the spirit world, it might appear that there are no colors. It is so bright that it looks almost like silver. It looks like silver, but because it is so bright and radiant, it appears purple. When electricity passes through a filament, it lights up with white light. Similarly, in the spirit world, people will shine brilliantly. Skin color is not an issue there. Good people who lived with a true conscience go to a high place in the spirit world. There are no handicapped people there, either. Those who are handicapped or have deformities will have no disability once they discard their flesh. (293-223, 1998.5.26)

How old do you look when you live in the spirit world? You live with the appearance you had at the age when you were the most beautiful. That is how you would look in the Kingdom of Heaven. You stay like that for eternity. The more beautiful the way of thinking you have, the more beautiful your face and appearance becomes. If you know the spirit world, all those things are related in that way. (294-309, 1998.8.9)

Once you enter the spirit world, you forget about the earth. What are you going to do on this stifling earth which is only the size of your palm? The great universe is before you. Would you even remember about something the size of a grain of sand? Still, the earth is the only place with a factory for producing the citizens of the spirit world. There is only one of its kind in the universe. What? Do you think that there are people living on Venus? This is the only place in the universe where there are people. (198-367, 1990.2.11)

1.2. Love reigns supreme in the spirit world

The spirit world is a place filled with the concept of true love. The Kingdom of Heaven is where you go after fully experiencing true love on earth equally with all your five senses. When you reach that state, you can do everything in the spirit world. The ideal environment for life begins from there. You do not know how wondrous this is. (246-44, 1993.3.23)

What kind of place is the spirit world? It is a world of harmony where everything is filled and overflowing with love. Can you believe that we can send electricity to several million families in New York City in an instant, with just one push of a button? So does it sound like a lie or the truth when I say that this universe can operate with just one push of a love button? The Kingdom of Heaven on earth is the place where the lights are all love bulbs. Then what is the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world? It is a place that is completely lit up by love bulbs.

Therefore, as long as you keep a loving heart and pull the rope of love, you can drag everything around. When you pull it towards the back, it will go towards the back. When you pull it to the side, it moves sideways. When you pull it this way, it tries to go like this. If you pull it up that way, it tries to go upwards. You can control it the way you want. It does not resist moving, but does so naturally. It automatically becomes like that. Do you understand? (112.17, 1981.3.15)

There is nothing to envy in the spirit world. Will you compare your incarnation of love to a diamond, or to gold nugget, or to a pearl? Precious stones are not really the issue. You give out a brighter luster than any of these; an incarnation of love is more beautiful. Are there diamonds of love among diamonds? Are there diamonds of life? We are beings of such value that we can even move the hearts of diamonds and influence all things. We are a precious diamond of love. We are a precious diamond of life. That is what we are. So how wonderful we are! (201-101, 1990.3.11)

The spirit world is a place filled with the electricity of love. That is the spirit world I know. People these days try to establish relationships of love with everything. Why do they try to establish relationships of love? It is to keep pace with the spirit world. This conforms precisely to theory. Since that is the way things are, we, as existing beings, have no choice but to respond to it. You should know that we cannot avoid being in that position. (111-17, 1981.3.15)

There are innumerable and fantastic mines in the spirit world, which go beyond the imagination. There is an endless supply of gold, silver, and precious stones. With the beautiful flowers there, if someone they love approaches, they will wake from sleep, suddenly opening their eyes and mouths wide to welcome that person. But if that person just goes away, even though the flowers ask him or her to stay for a moment, they will say, "Oh!" and wither away. (213-277, 1991.1.21)

When God laughs, the whole world laughs together with Him. That's how it is in the spirit world. When you go to the spirit world, you will discover a world of intuition; you will intuitively know whether God is pleased or not that day, and whether He feels happy or not. If something happens in the physical world that pleases God, then the whole spirit world begins to float, inflated with joy. (193-264, 1989.10.4)

What are you going to do in the heavenly spirit world? You will sing songs of love and speak words of love. In the spirit world, if you are spoken to in a melodious operatic way, you should respond to that person in the same operatic way. If you are spoken to through the medium of dance, you should dance back in response. You will rejoice eternally and never get tired of dancing. When dancing begins in one part of heaven, the entire Kingdom of Heaven will begin to dance. When singing begins in one part of heaven, everyone will begin to sing. Brothers, you will dance with your beloved wives. If you should dance with another man's wife, you would say to her, "I am dancing with you in order to love my beloved wife a hundred times more than you." You would think like that.

If you should ever dance holding hands with another man's wife, you would do so for the purpose of making love with your own wife in a way that is a thousand or ten thousand times more stimulating than that. (107-331, 1980.6.8)

When God looks at you in the spirit world, if you reach the place where your heart resonates with the bell of love, the light of your love gradually intensifies. This light shines radiantly in five colors. In God's eyes, it looks brighter than a diamond. God doesn't simply like this light; He is drawn to it, especially because there is a pleasing taste within the light. The more He looks at it, the more He becomes intoxicated.

For this reason, God talks about love. If your heart is ringing with the bell of love, then heaven and earth will be moved. If you can move the hearts of people from all races, God will exclaim, "Ah!" and be moved. You have to realize that there is such a bell. Therefore, however many tears you have shed for love and however many heartbreaks of love you have experienced -- these are your fortune. (103-29, 1979.12.11)

Once we go to the heavenly spirit world, we can meet with someone in an instant through the power of love, even if this person lives far away. If we want to visit someone far away in our hometown for the sake of love, we can return there in an instant.

Since the spirit world is an infinitely vast world, we can go back and forth over many millions of miles in an instant, through love. Love has the fastest possible speed. If you have no foundation of uniting your mind and body based on love, then you have nothing to do with the heavenly spirit world. That is why you have to know clearly that the starting point of unification originates within yourself, not in any objective being. (216-192, 1991.3.31)

No matter how exalted God is, if you should call for Him with a heart of love saying, "God!" He will immediately answer inside your heart saying, "Yes?" If you should ask, "God, where are You?" He will answer, "Where? Why do you ask where I am? I'm at the source of your heart." Isn't God originally the source? He is at the root and source of our hearts. That is how it is. (194-42, 1989.10.15)

What is essential in the spirit world is to love God -- more than the world, your country, your wife, and even your own son. That is the principle. Your mother, father, and children must all love God in this same manner. Your mother should say to her husband, "My dear, you can love me, but love God more than me." Only then can she receive her husband's God-like love in a higher dimension.

Even the children must beg on their hands and knees saying, "Please set us aside and first receive love from your other Parent. I want to love you as the parents who have received love from the original Parent." (126-142, 1983.4.12)

The spirit world is a world where a person standing as the object partner before God, the embodiment of the ideal of love, can create in an instant everything that he can imagine. It is a world where you can immediately prepare a banquet for billions of people.

If you wear dazzling clothes and determine to give pleasure to God as His object of love, you take on a quality of magnificence. The spirit world is a world where it is possible for things to exist or occur beyond anyone's imagination. For those who know of that world, there is nothing on this earth that they would feel attached to. That is why even when I am locked up in prison, I have no problem. Our short life on earth is like holding one's breath for an instant when compared to life in the eternal world. (211-244, 1990.12.30)

Focused upon God's heart and the heart of the Kingdom of Heaven, you can unite and harmonize with everything, wherever you may be. When that happens, those people who can pass through those gates and live within that realm will say, "Wow! Mansei! God is great!" They will want to follow God around and everyone will be happy. They can eat anything they want to eat, wear anything they want to wear, play if they want to play, and do anything they want. They can feel all the things they could not feel in the hundred years of their life on earth. They can feel deep joy and gratitude, which can be experienced in a moment and remain thereafter. (106-229, 1979.12.30)

What kind of world is the heavenly spirit world? It is a place where anything is possible if you attain the heart enabling you to stand at the same level as God's heart. In the future, when we have tens of millions of members, you can say, "Oh! You should all change your clothes to these new clothes," and they would all change their clothes to the new ones in an instant. Then if you say, "Let such and such banquet venue wear!" it will become so at once.

The tables will be adorned in gold and silver, with cloth woven in five dazzling colors. The chairs will also be like that, and all the people sitting there will dance intoxicated with joy, delight, and love. It is a place where you can be joyful even if you should dance for a thousand years. (106-229, 1979.12.30)

In the spirit world, just by saying with a strong heart of love that you want to meet with a person who is a hundred million miles away, he will appear at once. If you ask him, "Why did you come here?" he will answer, "I came here because you called me." If you ask him, "From how many miles away have you come?" he will reply that he came from a hundred million miles away. The spirit world transcends distance. It is to become the base for your activities, so why are people tying themselves tip in knots for things that do not exist there, like money, knowledge and power? Such things do not exist at all in that world. Nothing related to those things will endure.

People need money, knowledge, and power in this world, but these things are not needed in the spirit world. If these are your focus, nothing in the spirit world will welcome you. Even if the spirit world were to show interest in you and want to unite with you, you could not have anything there. Nothing that stands against the original essence can become one with you there. You will not be able to catch the interest of the spirit world. (205.128, 1990.7.29)

If you think, "I want to meet such and such a person," he will immediately appear before you. You can have a conversation with him, at which time you will ask, "Are you such and such a person?" and he will answer, "Yes, I lived in such and such a place hundreds and thousands of years ago. Did you want to see me? Is there something you want to ask me?" To which you will answer, "Yes, I do. I've taught things in this way. How different you and I are! Do you see?" It doesn't take time. You will immediately know things as soon as the conversation begins. How inconvenient it is to live in this earthly world! There will be no need for a car in the spirit world. The emotions of love can create everything. Everything can be created through ideas. Anything can be created, centering on the idea of true love. (217-131, 1991.5.12)

Those who lived millions, even eight or ten million years ago will come and greet you. The Bible says that human history is what -- six thousand years? That's quite unreasonable. How much has changed over the past thousand years? People who lived so long ago could sense heaven with their hearts much more than those who live today. However, looking from the viewpoint of our standard of living, it is the opposite.

The development of living standards and the realm of the spirit occur together, isn't that so? If you become profoundly learned, you understand more according to the measure of your knowledge and become sensitive in your evaluation of everything. Consequently, the foundation to absorb inspiration is further expanding. Therefore, from now on, the spirit world will naturally teach those with such knowledge and concern about the flow of developments in this world. Through the spiritual vibration and through intuition, they will understand what is going to happen. When you go towards the highest position, there is only one conclusion, isn't there? It is like that. (206-138, 1990.10.3)

If you wish to meet with someone who is millions or billions of miles away, that person will immediately appear. Even though the Kingdom of Heaven is vast, when you prepare your heart and say that you would like to meet with someone you love, he will appear before you. How wonderful that is! Isn't that great? When he appears in front of you, you will immediately know which level you are on; you will know if you are higher or lower than he. Even if he is your closest friend, if your level of love is higher than his from heaven's point of view, he will bow to you as soon as he comes to you. Even your own mother or your ancestors who lived on earth long ago will bow to you. Such a place is the spirit world. (206-1313, 1990.10.3)

You worry about food in this life, don't you? We need factories to manufacture automobiles, fertilizer, clothes, food, and so on, don't we? People busy themselves with preparing food at home, don't they? In the spirit world, many of these things do not exist. There is no need for cars and no need for airplanes. In the blink of an eye, you will be able to travel a hundred million miles. Spiritual energy travels faster than the rays of the sun. The sun's rays, which were created by God, travel 300 million meters in a second. Doesn't electricity travel as fast as the speed of light? God's original love energy and life energy travel many thousands of times faster than that. (206-138, 1990.10.3)

In the spirit world, when you visit someone who is on a level of love lower than yours, you can possess that person's house if you like it. When you quietly enter such a house, the owner of it becomes aware of this possibility as soon as he sees you. He will know as soon as he sees your forehead and face. If he recognizes you as someone higher than him in spiritual stature, he will happily welcome you into his living room and say, "Welcome to my house!" (207-95, 1990.11.1)

If you become God's son or daughter, the whole vast universe will become yours. When you go to the spirit world, would you want to follow me around? You cannot do that now. You cannot follow me to the place I go. The gate of your heart is narrow. True love enables you to freely go through a wide gate or a narrow gate. Only true love makes it possible. The place of true love represents the whole so you can enter and leave anywhere that you want. (207-95, 1990.11.1)

How much you love humankind and all the things God created is measured based on the standard of how much you love them in the way that God loves them. That being the case, you will be capable of coming to know anything at once, faster than a computer. Married women talk proudly about how much their husbands love them, don't they? Likewise, in the spirit world, centering on God's love, you can be proud of how much you have received God's love. Original true love is love of the highest level. From there, each level is determined. (216-171, 1991.3.10)

If a ladder to God's heart exists in the heavenly kingdom, how will you climb that ladder? By going back and forth on a helicopter? Or by an elevator that brings you straight up? Would you go by helicopter? You would go by an elevator. It is an all-year-round elevator. It is vertical. In order to connect with God's love, you have to be in a perpendicular position.

The Bible states, "Love God with all your heart and with all your mind." What this means is that the center of everything is love. When you concentrate all your functions and consciousness on loving God, you will go straight up in that elevator. You have to experience that wondrous world. (208-142, 1990.11.17)

In the spirit world, if you have an upright relationship with God, you will fit perfectly wherever you go, to the north, south, east, and west. Any society comprising many associations, and having so many different characteristics... How many people are here in this room?

If there are five hundred, then there are five hundred types of people. Everyone is different. Right? In the spirit world, people of similar nature come together in groups. This occurs more precisely than if it was arranged by a computer. You can tell your own disposition just by walking past others. Within a week, you will be able to see through everything, behind everyone and even into the inner reaches of a person's secret world. Words are not necessary. You can sense what a person's heart is trying to tell you. It is an all-knowing world, like a grandfather computer. (211-244, 1990.12.30)

Do you understand that God created everything for love? If you ask God what He loves most, what do you think His answer will be? God does not have His favorites. He has no need of money, knowledge, or power. What do we need? In love, money, knowledge, and power are included. The power of love is an everlasting power.

A person who understands genuine love will have nothing more to learn in heaven. Such people can go in and out of God's heart at any time. They can freely move east, west, south, and north through God's heart, which is like a central railway station. When you go in and out of there, tremendous power is generated, because all energy from the north, south, cast, and west becomes concentrated there. Even a humble person will be elevated to the same position as God when he comes through the center of love. Love has such great power. (202-86, 1990.5.6)

I understand why today's world is so excited about space and electricity. It's because they are similar to internal lubrication oil for establishing the ideal world of love. You are supposed to say, "Amen." Thus, we can say that the spirit world is a world filled with the electricity of love.

Harmony is created in that world where nothing is impossible when we tap into the electricity of love. There is nothing that we cannot do through the electricity of love. So we can see that the spirit world presents possibilities for us to resolve some basic problems concerning our understanding and awareness. Then what is the spirit world? It is an eternal realm that desires eternal elements.

Thus, a spirit self that has experienced love here on earth would surely go to just that kind of world automatically, as if pulled by a magnet. The level of the spirit world you go to depends on how much you have experienced and felt those things. (12-17, 1981.3.15)

1.3. Love is like air in the spirit world

Of what does the spirit world consist? The air in that world is love. Love is the air. Your mind and body should feel the touch of love on this earth and experience it as something that brings harmony. Then once you enter the realm of this experience, you can go anywhere. You will be connected with God in the way the sap of a tree connects its bud and root. You will naturally sense when God is rejoicing. You will know that God's banquet is going to be held in the East. You can go there automatically. It is the land of freedom. (162-227, 1987.4.17)

The air you breathe in the spirit world is made of love. Everything comes from love, lives for love, and harmonizes with the principle of love for the sake of love. Only when you fulfill that love can you embody the hope that God has longed for throughout human history and be welcomed wherever you go in the Kingdom of Heaven. (143-72, 1986 3.15)

The spirit world is covered with the constituents of love. The earth is covered with air but the spirit world is wrapped in love. On earth, we breathe air in and breathe out carbon dioxide, but in the spirit world we should live by breathing love. We are not to give and receive secular human love in the spirit world. Instead, we are to give and receive true love in that world. (145-267, 1986.5.15)

I have to beat you to make you into pure gold. I have to make pure gold out of you. After that, you have to sacrifice yourself. You have to die until you disappear. Disappear, disappear, sacrifice, sacrifice, and become a zero. Why have we entered the space age and the age of electricity? It is because the spirit world is drawing close. Our teaching says that before the appearance of the truth, external or Cain-type things will appear first. This world is a Cain-type world. From this point of view, I am the founding teacher of studies of the electricity of God's love. (112-19, 1981.3.15)

Once you go to the spirit world, everything will be connected from hell to the midway spirit world, to paradise and to the Kingdom of Heaven, depending on how much you adapt and align yourself to the Principle. Shouldn't there be such a principle? Even if one is an American president, a Nobel Laureate or a world-famous scholar, can such a person go to the Kingdom of Heaven when they enter the spirit world? Can they be admitted? No. they cannot. That is why the world of religion teaches people to give everything up and follow. You have to give everything up and follow. Then what is the most precious thing? What counts is how much a person received pain for the sake of heaven, how much he received pain for this world, and how many tears he shed. That is the ticket to pass into the next world. Make no mistake about this. It is absolute. This fits the theory. (97-172, 1980.3.15)

Would you like to become a person who, even though breathless, suffocating and having to breathe oxygen from a mask, can pace themselves with the eternal world for the sake of being resurrected there? Or will you live free within God's sphere of love where you can move about in freedom? This is one's path of life because life on earth should be for this purpose and for the sake of the world. You should know that the inevitable path of life must be one that you follow for the sake of the future. (107-56, 1980.1 20)

1.4. The lives and relationships of people in spirit world

God is the Creator who made heaven and earth. He is the origin, the very parent of all beings in this world. He is the origin of the value of all existence. Because of Him, this phenomenal world of today came to exist. Such an absolute being does not change according to the changing of the ages. An absolute being does not change. He is not limited by time and space. He transcends all limitations and is the one who governs every limitation. Who is that being? We do not only call Him God. He is our "Father,* so we call Him "Heavenly Father." What do you call God? He is your Father who gave birth to you. The word "rebirth" exists because of the Fall, but it was God, your Father, who originally gave birth to you. Your physical father forms a bridge between you and God. But after your physical father goes to the spirit world, you will call him your brother, not your father. In the same way, you will call your physical mother your sister. (21-249, 1968.11.24)

When you go to the spirit world you will find that Adam and Eve call God "Father" and you, who descended from them thousands of generations later, will also call Him "Father." When you pray do you say, "God, my elder brother," or "Heavenly Father"? Then what about your natural father? What will he be to you in the spirit world? He will be your elder brother. What is an elder brother? It is someone born before you. Your elder brother is someone who came into being before you. So the internal elder brother is God and the external elder brother is your physical father. You should know that there can be no higher theory than this. (102-168, 1999.4.13)

What do all the people call God? Everyone calls God "Father" just as Christians do. In the same family, the grandfather calls God "Father," and the father also calls Him "Father." Grandchildren also call God "Father." Everyone in the family calls Him "Father." This is why God is the Father of all humankind. Thus, He is the Father of humanity and therefore all people are brothers and sisters. I sometimes wonder how interesting the spirit world will be when everyone thinks that way. (21-249, 1968.11.24)

Ideally, we would be able to meet our first generation ancestors on earth. But what about meeting the God who created our ancestors? We should also be able to see God. Do you know what this means? The family is the place where the invisible God expresses His love. All the ancestors throughout history who were born from love are governed by that love in the spirit world. It is the same love. (214-268, 1991.2.3)

If all families become one in true love and enter the spirit world, they will live forever, feasting on the spiritual elements of God's flesh and blood. When you go there, you will find no farming and no work. You can live forever just by smelling the food of true love. You can taste it just by looking at it. You share and eat the food of love. You live by sharing God's flesh and blood and love. (278-286, 1996.5.26)

Who is God? He is your friend! He is your best friend. He is your elder brother, Father, King and Creator. So when you enter the vast world of heaven in the spirit world, even if you ask God for something greater than anything there, He will make it for you. That will not be a problem. How proud you will be! That is the position representing God. Do you think God would dislike people who reach that position? No! He will welcome them saying, "My son, my number one son!" This is the greatest wish of a parent. (293-161, 1998.5.26)

The love between father and child is cherished in this world. If while on earth you live your life with that kind of love, you will be attending God as your parent and will live in heaven as God's son or daughter. That kind of life in the spirit world corresponds in every respect to the way of life of an unfallen family on earth, since the character and quality of the people are the same. (214-268, 1991.2.3)

A family that is not fallen can communicate with both the spiritual and physical worlds. If you call for your great-great-grandfather, you will be able to meet him. You will be able to find out who his grandfather is and in this way whom your ancestors are from the fourth generation back, the fifth, the hundredth, the thousandth, and beyond.

If you wonder what Adam and Eve look like, they will appear and say, "This is how we look." You will say, "My eyes resemble Adam and Eve's! My nose too! And my mouth!" The shape of your faces will be similar. Are there more than four things that make up the shape of your face? Eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Four things. You will also say, "Oh, our limbs are the same! Their eyes blink too! They also speak! We look alike! We look so alike!" (214-268, 1991.2.3)

In the spirit world the wrinkled grandmothers and grandfathers you remember will look much prettier than you. They will look more beautiful. They can remain in that state if they have love. It is a unified and beautiful world. Can you behave in the same way as usual when you meet your grandfather and grandmother? How wonderful it would be for us to see beautiful grandfathers and grandmothers! A wonderful scene to behold in the spirit world is a granddaughter shouting with excitement as she approaches her grandparents. If you are like your grandfather, then who is his grandfather? Who is your ancestor's grandfather? The first grandfather is God. If you say, "Ah ha, God, I am so happy!" God will say, "Welcome!" and He will burst out in joy, "Ha, ha, ha!" and say, "Ah ha, that's right." (216-180, 1991.3.10)

When you go to the spirit world, you will not recognize your grandfather or father as they were on this earth. Your grandfather and father will be completely transformed and will appear young and handsome. They will not look old. So at first, you will not recognize your grandfather because he looks young. However, after talking to him for a while, you will say, "Yes, that's right. You are my grandfather!" and embrace him. That's the kind of world it is. (271-333, 1995.9.3)

When you go to the spirit world, your face will return to its most beautiful state: as it was when you were in your twenties in the springtime of your youth. The principle of creation pertains to the time when love blooms and spreads its fragrance. So when you enter the Kingdom of Heaven, the original homeland, your face will return to how it was at that time. You would not recognize the oldest person in the world after he goes to the spirit world, even if you met him there. His face would be that of a young adult in his twenties. If you knew someone when they were eighty years old, that old person won't he there. That is why you won't recognize him. World-famous and historic people are in the spirit world, but you will not recognize them. You only know them by the pictures taken at the time of their death, but since their appearance has returned to how it was at the age when they were most beautiful, you will not recognize them. (271-124, 1995.8.23)

Who are the closest siblings in the spirit world? The closest siblings are not natural siblings. In this world, is the relationship between a parent and child or that between siblings closer? Since the relationship between a parent and child is closer, you will be closest to your father, then to your grandfather, and then great-grandfather and so on.

When you trace the vertical line all the way up, who is the last grandparent? God. That is why you do not have to feel lonely if you have no friends in this world. You do not have to feel sad when you live by yourself and die. When you go to the spirit world, you will have numerous siblings above you and by your side. But you will not become their sibling automatically without doing something.

You can become their sibling only when you have attained the privilege of attending God as your Father. Do you feel bad to have your father as your elder brother, or your grandfather as your elder brother? Do you feel good or bad? In a sense, you feel bad, don't you? On earth, you used to call him your father, but in the spirit world, you will call him your brother. From your father's point of view, he would feel bad too. However, that is what you have to call him. (21-249, 1968.11.24)

What will happen to a dark-skinned person in the spirit world? Will a black man's skin be dark? What do you think? If a black person wishes to appear as a white person, he can choose to do so whenever he wants, and vice versa. In that case, what effect would that have in the spirit world? A light must he bright. What kind of light? The light of love. In order to magnify the light of love, you must be ablaze internally and externally.

You should he on fire from the impetus to love. You have to unleash this energy in large quantities to the east and west. Love is able to do such a thing. When we come to understand this, all events in this world just become passing visits. (194-56, 1989.10.15)

If you wish to become a beautiful person in heaven you must harmonize with the flower of love that blooms in all its glory. You must express the beauty and fragrance of that flower in your world of relationships, and live on earth in such a way as to bear new seeds from that flower. If you go to the spirit world after living like this, you will look like this in the eternal world. (256-170, 1994.3.13)

When you go to the spirit world, you will want to expand the love with your husband on earth and make it more stimulating. In the spirit world, a woman who is in love will have a man within her. (255-308, 1994.3.11)

What heights will conjugal love reach? Let me describe how it is when you enter the spirit world. Even if you are sitting down, if your husband goes for a walk, in your mind, you go with him. When he returns, your mind is already returning with him. You are walking with your husband in your mind. You know where he is coming from and you know where he is going. These days, men go to a bar and other places. Their women scold them and yet are always deceived because they don't know where they have been. But in the spirit world, you know everything. (238-70, 1992.11.19)

You have to go to the other world, the spirit world, and resemble God. You are returning to God. God's dual characteristics, His internal nature and external form, are completely one. After becoming completely united in the same way, a man and woman appear to be cocooned together, and they return to God on the basis of being one. (210-201, 1992.5.3)

In the spirit world, when a couple is truly one in spirit and body, at any time the man can become the woman, and the woman can become the man. They say that love is being one flesh, right? If you look inside a woman, there will be a man within her. Her husband will be within her. It is exactly the same with God's dual characteristics. Since men and women have been separated from God's internal nature and external form, when they return to the origin, they need to climb the ladder of love. Since the standard of creation began from love, they must return to that by going up this ladder. Ultimately, the final destination is to become like God. (205-97, 1990.7.7)

When you go to the spirit world and look at a man who lived happily with his wife on earth, you will find a woman inside him. If you ask him, "Who is that woman?" he will answer, "My wife." You will also see a man within a woman. In this way, when these two unite, the number of the four directions -- north, south, east, and west -- arises. Man and woman are two. When a man and woman as a plus and minus go in all four directions, they are attending God. God becomes a protective fence. If that happens, God becomes your God and you live together with Him. Did you know that when parents grow old and are over 100 years old, they become friends with their son who is eighty years old? They do not say, "Hey, son!" They say, "Hey, you!" They speak to him as a friend. They must return to God and the original relationships. (252-105, 1993.11.14)

When a couple that engages in true love goes to the spirit world, they encounter God's original standard where God exists with an original internal nature and original external form. The original absolute God also absolutely obeys true love. So when that couple also reaches the original standard, which is a single point, they become like God. They return to God. He is the Alpha and the Omega. What makes this possible is true love. Sons and daughters born on earth go to the spirit world as parents. Don’t they? It follows the same logic. So when you go to the spirit world, look at those men who lived harmoniously with their spouses on this earth. They look like men. But when you look closer, you will find the smiling face of a woman inside each one. She will be that man's beloved wife. That is the greatest ideal. Then you can become God's friend. Only then can you live with Him. You were born because of love. (226-141, 1992.2.2)

In the spirit world, God harmonizes with human beings through love and we become one with God through love. We become God-like. In the creation, we can see how God's dual characteristics are divided, but when man and woman become completely united in love, they will be like one person in the spirit world. If you were to just glance at a person, he would clearly look like a man, but on closer inspection, you will find a woman harmonized inside him. The eyes of love are completely united in what they see. Even ugly people look beautiful. Do beautiful people look ugly? They look beautiful. (205-141, 1990.10.2)

If you want to become a partner in true love, you must stand in the zero position. When that happens, God says, "Yes, yes!" and when He looks at the earthly world, He shines as the sun shines on the earth. The instant two people explode in love; even God in the spirit world will be surprised at what He sees. God will say, "Oh! Yes!" That phenomenon of love is the signal flare. On seeing that flare, God will visit the place where that couple are emptying themselves in a zero position, blazing with the fire of love that shines like the sun. He will want to go inside and spend the night in that place of first love. (202-34, 1990.5.1)

In the spirit world, a person who lives thousands and billions of miles away will come to you and not want to leave you because you have the same standard of heart. You would not say, "Oh, I wish he would leave soon!" There is no need for food in that world. Everything will be solved by your intuition. That is the intuition of love. It spreads out to all nations from the complete experience of this love. Once you attain the heart of God's representative, all the necessary people will gather and a platform will appear that can be filled at once with millions of people. (225-223, 1992.1.20)

God does not exist elsewhere. Where does He exist? God's omnipresence means that He doesn't just exist in any single place. He exists where there is love. You must know this. God is omnipresent through love. Each of us can also be omnipresent through love. It is our privilege. So the owner exists in the places where there is love. You will instantly know the owner, so there is no possibility for the reversal of owner and guest. That is how the spirit world is. Everything is controlled based on love. (149-23, 1986.11.1)

What is a man? He is only half by himself. What is a woman? She is also just half. Even God, the Supreme Being, cannot be without an object partner. So the top needs the bottom, and the bottom needs the top. What is the spirit world? It is just half of the cosmos. The physical world is also just a half by itself (161-320, 1987.3.1)

What will you do when you go to the spirit world? How will you live in the future when all the people from past history come together to live beyond the worldly domain? You will be living for each other. When you go to the spirit world, you continue with a life revolving around the ideal of love. Therefore you are investing in something that has greater value and that brings joy to you.

The spirit world is the extension of the physical world. If you pursued the deep, joyful and all-embracing aspects of the ideal of heavenly love while on earth, then when you go to the spirit world, you will connect with both the outer sphere of love with all its different qualities and its inner essence. So ultimately, you must be able to invest your love in all of its aspects -- deep, shallow, high, and low. You have to live such a life of re-creation in God's stead. (164-326, 1987.5.18)

Do you want to become a representative who can move the spirit world? Racists will never be effective. Humanists, materialists, and denominationalists will not be effective. Only Unificationists will be effective in this matter. Let us say you go to the spirit world. There is no worry about food or clothing there. You have no worries about living. What hobby would you have there? You must realize that there is nothing greater than enjoying gatherings and banquets with God. Having a feast with God is the greatest ideal. There you will find love and joy. The beginning of happiness will well up from that place. (162-110, 1987.3.30)

In the spirit world, people will come to you from hundreds and even millions of miles away in an instant. When you meet them, you will know where they have come from by looking at their forehead. You won't ask where a person is from, look at him, and then bow your head. That is not the custom in the spirit world. When you meet people who used to live hundreds of years ago, if the standard of your character of love is high, they will naturally first bow their heads to you. People are moved by love. How much you love humankind and all the things that God created out of love is measured according to the standard of how much you love them in the way that God loves them. You would know at once, faster than a computer. Married women proudly talk about how much their husbands love them, don't they? Likewise, in the spirit world, you can be proud of how much you receive God's love. Original true love is the love of the highest dimension. Every other level is determined compared to it. (216-171, 1991.3.10)

A flower will bloom even for an old person when he experiences the essential and original love. That is why when people go to the spirit world, everyone returns to the time of the blossoming of their youth. They return to the appearance they had when they were at their most beautiful -- during their young adulthood -- and remain like that for eternity. That is why love is great. If you don't believe this, you can die today and find out for yourself. Won't it be wonderful to become young again? (204-82, 1990.7.1)

1.5. Food, clothing and shelter are not constraints in the spirit world

What is life like in the next world? You don't need to worry about what to eat, where to live, or what to wear. Why not? Because depending on your spiritual state, everything you want is possible. You can eat in the spirit world too. When you touch yourself in the spirit world you can feel your flow and pulse of your blood. Although it is a spiritual body, it feels just the same. When you want to eat, food will be created at once. When you express the desire for something, it will appear immediately. Where dues it come from? The spirit world is a place where you can use the power of autonomy to mobilize the elemental resources. What does this initiating and active authority have that enables it to mobilize the whole? It is neither power, knowledge, nor money. It is love. (194-42, 1980.10.15)

This is an enormous universe God has created! There are no cars or restaurants in the spirit world. Yet in the spirit world, we can lovingly express our original abilities. We can create everything as if we were like God, the Creator, who creates all sorts of things based on the concept of true love. When out of love, you command something to appear, the thing will appear in its complete form. If you say, "That kind of tool appear!" it will appear at once. Isn't that wonderful? If you wishfully think, "I need to prepare this kind of meal for the ten thousand or even millions of people who have come to a banquet hall," it will appear without fail. If you wish for a golden formal dress, it will appear instantly. How beautiful and wonderful this is! It is wonderful indeed! (217-293, 1991.6.2)

Will there be a car factory in the next world? In the spirit world, cars can go millions of miles in an instant. I know very clearly about all these things in that world, which is why I do not want to live in the physical world. The vast spirit world is all built around love. Everything is complete if you possess the sphere of God's heart that is harmonized with that love. The history of creation will continue forever. You have to accomplish what you have planned by harmonizing yourself to that mind of love. Once you determine and command, it will unfold at once. (202-86, 1990.5.6)

When you are in the spirit world, do you think that you have to urinate or not? Why don't you go there and find out? I can tell you that you will have to urinate, even in the spirit world. However, those who disagree should go there and find out for themselves. Then what about bowel movements? Do you think we do that there or not? You do everything there, but it will immediately return to the elements. Scientists say that there are 107 basic elements in the universe, although the number is constantly increasing. Anyhow, urine and feces will return to their elements. That is why you do not have to wash in the spirit world. If you wave your hands with the heart of love, everything will go back to its original place. If you ask something with a heart of love, it will come out. With the heart of love, the mobilization of all kinds of things is possible. (212-30, 1992.2.10)

Is there a bread factory in the spirit world or not? Is there a factory that produces cola and juice or not? Why not? You don't know why, do you? Is there a factory that makes cars in the spirit world or not? Would you say, "I want to go around in a luxurious car," and then travel around in that car? On earth, people boast of owning a Mercedes Benz, but in the spirit world there is no need for cars. (207-94, 1990.11.1)

In the spirit world, you can keep your eyes open forever and you can hear forever. You can live forever, even without eating. Would you eat rice because you are told to when you are already content with the way you are? Would you eat if you were told to? I would not eat. In the spirit world, you can wear clothes in whatever way you want. "Let's all wear a gold suit today. Okay, let's put on a diamond. The Queen of England has a 517-carat diamond, so let's have a better one. Give me a 17,000-carat diamond." If you say these things, you can have them all in an instant. You can create anything. When you hear this, you may think I have a wild imagination. But you should know that I'm speaking to you within the logical realm of possibility. (112-17, 1981.3.15)

The heavenly spirit world is a place filled with the air of love. We can understand this concept with the structure of perception that exists on this earth. If the God of love, with a heart of love and in the hope of feeding all humanity at once thereby making them happy, says, "Let there be rice," it will appear. This is so because we have to eat, even in the spirit world. Therefore, you eat the food of love. When people look at each other, they do so with loving eyes. Even if you are beaten, you try to be hit again. There are no words to describe the mystery of the spirit world. You never get tired of listening. There is no concept of sleep or fatigue. You never feel tired and there is nothing that can excite you more than God's love. Nothing bores or disturbs you. How can you get tired if none of these things exist? (112-17, 1981.3.15)

In the spirit world, you are completely free from the problems of food, clothing, and shelter. When you stand in the realm of loving unity, in the position of God's object partner, you can do the things that God does. You can do anything. You can transcend billions of years in an instant. The speed of love is super-speed. It doesn't take time for you to visit the place where the person you love resides. You can come and go back in an instant. So you can immediately meet the person you love. There are no obstacles since it is an absolute realm. It is a world that goes beyond limitations and transcends time and space. No one knew that kind of infinite world was prepared for human beings. People came to know these things from the True Parents. (259-56, 1994.3.27)

In the spirit world, do you know what your life will be focused on? Are there factories and cars in the spirit world or not? Are there factories for expendable items? Do you eat in the spirit world? Do you wear clothes? Although these physical things do not exist in the spirit world, if the quality of your character reaches the standard as having the value as God's object partner, you can inherit God's creative ability. You can instantly prepare a banquet for a million people in the spirit world. If you have a true heart of love that feels, "I have to feed these people," and if you have a mind of sincere love like God has, anything is possible. Therefore, in the garden of love, the person who during his life has trained to pace himself in swimming through all the waves of the world of love can even enter inside God. Why? Because the waves of true love are the same; there is no discord. (201-140, 1990.6.28)

When you go to the spirit world, if you think, "Today, I would like to have this food," it will instantly appear. If you want to meet the person you love, in a flash you can be one with that person. If you ask in such a way, he or she can appear immediately. You can create a banquet room for tens or hundreds of thousands of people in an instant. This is not made up. The theory itself is that way. The leftovers return to their original form. They revert back to the elements in their original state. That's how convenient the spirit world is. Therefore, I am going to such a place where everyone in the cosmos longs to be with me. (227-100, 1992.2.10)

In the ideal world of creation, the Kingdom of Heaven is my home. Although it is vast, it is the stage for the activity of my life. It is not my nation. There are many institutions and kinds of occupation in a nation. It isn't like that in the spirit world. It is simple. Will there be factories supporting the economy? Will there be factories making clothes and processing rice? None of the necessities of life or things needed in this world are necessary there. So would we need factories or not? It is an ideal society where only flowers bloom. You can eat whenever you want. Whatever you think appears immediately. Would there be a need for rubbish bins? There are no rubbish bins. It is a world where things revert back to its elements with a wave of your hand. (204-174, 1990.7.8)

When you go to the eternal world, there will be a political system. But there is no need for an economic system. You are supplied with everything you need at any time. (167-59, 1987.6.14)

Economy is a secondary problem. Do you think you will enter the spirit world holding a rice bowl? Do you think you will carry a tin can? In the spirit world, food appears the minute you wish to eat. After you finish eating, if you tell it to return to zero, it will do so. Thus, everything is just an object that can be used based upon the quality of your character. The object would not have any subject-like influence to affect anything. (167-61, 1987.6.14)

Words cannot express how wonderful the spirit world is. It is a place in which there are no worries about food, clothing, and shelter. There are houses, clothing, and food to eat that you can use as you please. A person will be freely supplied with the appropriate environmental conditions according to the standard of love his mature character has achieved. Even if you are asleep, your spiritual body leads you to places where you can eat breakfast and dinner. That's how it is in the spirit world. You are free in this way. You can even eat in your sleep and go on your way according to your desire. Your spiritual body is made that way. (248-163, 1993.8.1)

What happens when you go into the spirit world? You will have no worries there about what you will eat. You will not work for bread or food. You can eat whenever you want to eat. The interesting thing is what happens to the leftovers after you have finished eating. You say. "Return!" and they will revert back to the elements, the primary reality. What kind of a person can move around in all directions in that world? It is a person who lives intoxicated by God's love. Since the spirit world is a place where the God's ideal of love is realized in all directions, people who live enraptured in God's love stand in a prominent position. (198-291, 1990.2.3)

In the spirit world, you drink the elements. If it's water, you drink the elements of water. Do you know what these elements are? In this way, you eat your fill and with a wave of your hand, it returns to the elements. There are no rubbish bins. (211-244, 1990.12.30)

Do you need a job in the spirit world? Do you have to work for eight hours even there? Is there night? There is no night. Your eyes are always open. Your organs are always working, but what are they doing? What are they occupied with? What kind of activity would you enjoy even though you can go on for eternity with your eyes open and without sleep? It is love. Once you have the ideal of love and you demand something to appear, it will appear instantly. If ten thousand people are gathered there, everything will be prepared when you command, "Prepare a dining hall and a banquet for ten thousand!" (107-331, 1986.1.5)

Should there be air in the spirit world? Why do you need air? How wonderful it would be to live without breathing! Why? You cannot grow if you live without breathing. You would not be able to connect the two worlds. You have to connect them. You have to connect your spiritual and physical body. In order for the spiritual self to grow, it needs to have a growing physical body. It cannot be locked in its present state. Then what should we do? Even things that are invisible supply the elements that become the source of life, in the same way that God breathes the invisible air of love. (197-42, 1990.1.7)

In this world, your eyelids blink to stop the dust in the air going into your eyes. Is there dust in the spirit world or not? If God had His eyes open in the spirit world for thousands and tens of thousands of years, would He feel good? Since they blinked out of habit on the earth, they will blink in the spirit world, even though there is no dust. Why does God blink? It is because He resembles us. (197-15, 1990.1.7)

Do you want to go to the spirit world or not? I may be telling you a lie. Even if it is a lie, if you believe it to be the Word of God and since God has the ability to create, you should know that these words are capable of creating things that are even greater than God's wishes. When the devil says, "Hey, God has told you such and such," and you believe in things greater than what the devil has said and act on them, God has plenty of ways to create and make this come true. (212-30, 1991.1.1)

1.6. Love is the origin of authority in the spirit world

In the spirit world, you do not need money. You do not need knowledge. That is how it was when I went there. You do not need power. God can create enough money to spare. He can even make stars out of diamonds. He is the Absolute Being. He is the great King of knowledge. He is the great King of authority. He can eternally and freely exercise His authority at all times, beyond the four seasons of winter, spring, summer, and autumn. What could He need? (196-311, 1990.1.12)

There are billions of people living in the infinite spirit world. When you go there, you can meet anyone. There is no need to study history. However, if you think, "I want to meet so and so!" and call that person, he will only appear if you call him out of love. He will not appear if you are greedy and think, "Because he is a learned man. I will meet him to get knowledge." You will not be able to meet him. You have to have love. If you call a person with a loving heart, recognizing the difficulties he went through to become such a famous person. You can deal with anyone from the east, west, or all four directions. (233.140, 1992.8.1)

Money? You can make as much money as you want. Knowledge? God is the King of knowledge. Power? Is the president of the Republic of Korea any more than a piece of rag? I may sound rude, but what is the president of a country one-hundredth the size of the Soviet Union? Knowledge, money, and power are just some of the values people pursue during their lifetime. Can a professor be proud of his knowledge for one thousand or ten thousand years? Can he show it off as he wanders around? It stays with him during his lifetime. Your knowledge is with you only during your physical life. It is the same with money and power. I'm sorry to say this. When you talk about someone saying, "He is great," isn't it usually because of his knowledge, money, or power? That may be the case in this world, but God regards those values as nothing. They are all worthless in the spirit world. (203-291, 1990.6.27)

On what basis can humankind and its history be resolved and completed? People should know God. God is a God of character. God cannot be vague. We ourselves are real and substantial. Since we are beings of character -- with intellect, emotion, and will -- then our subject partner God also has character that includes intellect, emotion, and will. That is how we understand it. What is the central attribute of God among all His many attributes? It is emotion. It is love. God needs love most of all in order to live in complete fulfillment. In the Kingdom of Heaven, we do not live by knowledge alone.

Because of your ignorance of the spirit world, you do not understand this, but it would take less than a week for you to learn everything in that world. It is like a mirror in which you can see your own heart reflected. The spirit world is a world of intuition where within a week you could obtain all the knowledge that a very intellectual person has acquired throughout his life on earth. Because you see things through the light of your heart, you will automatically understand that world and all its related connections. Only through emotion and heart will you understand whether a person is in a relationship with you as your object partner or subject partner. It cannot be done through knowledge or any of the other attributes of God. (210-312, 1990.12.27)

What is knowledge? With knowledge or information you can control the environment. If you only have love, which is the greatest knowledge among all knowledge, you have a foundation for everything in heaven and earth to connect to you. It is people with knowledge who rule this world. Don't they say knowledge is power? It is logical that a person of power rules. For that reason, a person who has love does not need knowledge. In the spirit world, you will know everything even without studying it. (202-86, 1990.5.6)

The universe is our great stage for action, yet we are strangling ourselves with things like money, knowledge, and power, which do not exist in the spirit world. None of those things remain in that world. On earth, money, knowledge, and power are necessary, but there is no need for them in the spirit world. People in the satanic world covet those things. (205-128, 1990.7.29)

Do you need money in the spirit world? Do you need power, knowledge, or food? If you need those things, they will appear the moment you wish for them. There are no factories producing food in the spirit world. There are no schools. There are no people with secular authority. God alone is the source of strength.

The spirit world is our eternal homeland. Our place of rest awaits us there. Whether one wishes it or not, everyone will go to that place. I know this well. (231-270, 1992.6.7)

Power is not necessary in that world. The spirit world is a harmonizing power based on love. It is a power of influence based on love. That world is such a world. Therefore, a person who has not acquired the power of influencing through love cannot be harmonized in essence with the original world, which is influenced by love, and is instead repelled once he enters that world. That person will go to hell. This is a serious matter. (230-28, 1992.4.15)

Nobody hates love. If you don't have money, you just make it. You can always study in the spirit world if you don't do so now. In the spirit world, it doesn't even take three days to meet the standard needed to graduate from Tokyo University.

When you try to express your innermost thoughts while looking into a person's heart, he will catch your thought before you voice it. For that reason, you cannot hide anything in that world. Isn't that convenient? Even a computer with the most memory and fastest processor cannot compete with this. (229-93, 1992.4.11)

Everything in this universe is connected through love. The spirit world and all creation are connected by love. They are connected based on true love. Therefore, you can be connected with any place just by having true love. If you have true love, everything will bow its head to you. There is no need for education in the spirit world. Within a week, anyone can learn ten times more than someone who has graduated from Tokyo University. Do not be proud of yourself just because you graduated from there. A conscientious person will see through everything in an instant. He will not need any explanation. (229-20, 1992.4 9)

In the spirit world, there is no need to study languages. You will know everything in a week. You will know all the thoughts that arise in the mind. You will know them even before they are expressed. Therefore, people cannot be deceived. In that world, you will gaze upon people who are revealed in your searchlight. You should know how to pass through that light safely, without any problem and connect with your original position -- this is your lifetime task. (205-67, 1990.7.7)

How inconvenient this world is! Do you or do you not need to earn money in the spirit world? Do you have to study? You will understand everything without studying. Before anything is said, your heart will already know.

In that world, you will see clearly who is higher and lower around you. You will know as soon as you meet someone. You can measure their level. You will know how it is in the east, west, south, and north. In this way, even as you lie still, you will sense whether someone is calling you. In that case, you enter a state of nothingness and set up the spirit world as your subject partner. It is a world that is being created through the power of love. (202-416, 1990.5.6)

The structure of the spirit world is such that everything is made into a system focusing on one's life so there is no such thing as power politics. Here, people use any means strongly for military expansion or political purposes, but such things do not exist in the spirit world. The issue is how everyone will be able to live an enriched life based on the movement for economic equalization of resources. The physical world should also be this way. (303-192, 1999.5.15)

Do you understand that God created everything because of love? If you ask God what He loves the most, what do you think His answer will be? God does not have favorites. He has no need of money, knowledge, or power. What do members of the Unification Church need? The same thing. Love includes money, knowledge, and power. The power of love is an everlasting power.

A person who understands genuine love will have nothing more to learn in heaven. That kind of person can go in and out of God's heart at any time. He can freely move east, west, south, and north through God's body. This acts like a central railway station. Do you understand?

Why do we need God's heart? When you go in and out of His heart, tremendous power is generated because energy from the four directions is concentrated there. Even a small, unimportant person will be elevated to the same position as God when he comes to the central point. Love has such great power. (202-86, 1990.5.6)

1.7. The spirit world is the world of God's law and order

The sun rotates on its axis just like the earth. The sun, whose mass is 1.3 million times greater than the earth, is constantly moving. There are vast galaxies in the universe whose mass is 200 billion times greater than the solar system. These galaxies are called microcosms. There are countless nebulae like these galaxies in the universe. Considered together we call this the macrocosm. We should broaden our minds and look at the world of this vast and boundless universe.

God, who created this enormous universe whose radius spans hundreds of millions of light years, has moved this great universe along for millions and billions of years in accordance with an unchanging law. God is moving all these celestial bodies with a power that goes far beyond our imagination and senses.

The more we think about God, who created this universe, the more naturally we come to bow our heads before His grandeur and greatness. We should broaden our minds to consider the fact that the Creator of this great universe is our Father, who looks after us, our God who protects us, and the great living Master. (5-342, 1959.3.8)

Trains run on rails that were made based on meticulous calculations. If a train's speed is beyond a certain limit for even a second, it will be derailed and cause a disaster. The great universe conforms to the laws of nature and smoothly rotates with ease. Even the solar system has nine immense planets that all rotate in this way. You should know that the vast universe has 100 billion solar systems and even now they are active as they go through all sorts of courses of movement. This universe with a 100 billion solar systems does exist. They are all moving; every one of them. We call it nature because it has developed naturally and spontaneously. (94-252, 1977.10.11

The origin must be revealed. If God existed from the beginning, He must be an absolute being. He must be unique, unchanging and eternal. That's how He must be. The laws He established have to be absolute. For that reason, this universe continues to move for thousands, tens of thousands and billions of years according to those laws. The animal world, the plant world and the world of micro-organisms continue their existence based on scientific formulas and laws. Consequently, everything can be explained using mathematics. (172-35, 1988.1 3)

People have to go to the spirit world when they die. What is it like in that world? The spirit world is a place where everything is in order. You have to know all about it. What kind of world is it? It is an ideal world where order is established. It is a world permeated by love. You breathe in love. We breathe air in this world, don't we? Fish breathe water, don't they? Then what do we breathe in the spirit world? We breathe love. (132-270, 1984.6.20)

With what does God govern heaven and earth? He governs them through the law, a law of dominion through love. The universal law exists in order to support the way dominion is undertaken. God's reason for creating human beings is that He longs for love. He could have remained by Himself, but for what did He create us? It is because He needs stimulating and impulsively expressed love. (121-103, 1982.10.24)

Many people are experiencing the spirit world. It is a special world. They have come to know that it is extremely difficult to comprehend the vastness of that world; for example, from what kind of principles did the spirit world originate, and how does it operate as a result? If you look at the content of the Principle that the Unification Church advocates, you will realize that the spirit world is a realm that we can perceive on the basis of a principled formula. I believe that the fact that this Principle was revealed will be regarded as a momentous event in history. (53-327, 1972.3.6)

Have you ever felt very keenly, yet with gratitude, about how amazing it is that God governs all the laws that move the universe while guiding the providence to re-create human beings and raise them as beings of value who can govern the universe in His stead? (5-344, 1959.3.6) 

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