Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Six - Our Life And The Spiritual Realm
Chapter One - The Path of Life
Section 4. The Secret of Entering Heaven

4.1. Heaven is a place to enter with the honor of a royal family

You cannot enter heaven without complying with the requisite standard. You cannot freely enter heaven. There is a formula. The standard for a meter can be found in the Louvre Museum. It does not change with the climate or temperature there. There are a great number of meter measures, and if each were to follow its own standard, to debate whether any particular length is right or wrong is absurd. The only way is to decide after comparing your measure with the standard meter. You should he aware that there is such a standard in heaven. Not just anyone can go to heaven. (248-299, 1993.10.3)

Do you all want to go to heaven? If you want to go to heaven, you have to have the qualification that lets you enter there. Do you need a ticket on entering heaven? Will you go through with a free pass or will you be examined based on some requirement? It is not a free pass. They will know immediately. Do you think you will find computers in the spirit world or not? Computers are amazing, but the computers in the spirit world can show your entire life in a minute with the touch of a button. You cannot lie. How you were born as someone's son or daughter, and how you lived your life -- everything will be revealed. Everything about a mischievous woman, or a woman with many unpleasant experiences accumulated as the result of her misdeeds, will come out. (250-110, 1998.10.12)

If human beings had not fallen, they would have entered heaven as God's direct sons and daughters born from His lineage. Original families would have entered heaven. Yet, the first family fell and inherited the lineage of the enemy. The standard for entering God's original nation cannot be established until one family attains the position to be His direct children who have not fallen. Once this family exists, God can forget that humankind inherited the lineage of the enemy and became the enemy of His love. The person who directly loves God's children, his own children who are of God's lineage, can enter heaven. Yet, without fulfilling the condition of loving the children of the enemy in the satanic world even more, he cannot actually enter heaven. You cannot attain the qualification for entering heaven without loving the children of the enemy more than your own children. (262-304, 1994.8.1)

The main problem lies in the fact that human beings inherited the lineage of the enemy, Satan. Human beings should inherit God's lineage and be directly connected to heaven in the spirit world. People should unite mind and body in God's love, become united couples, and become one with their children. They should live a heavenly life in the heavenly kingdom on earth and then enter the Kingdom of God in heaven. These are the fundamental principles of creation. As God's direct lineage, human beings should have established the absolute ties of true love, lived on earth based on the framework of a unified individual, couple and family, and then entered heaven. This would meet the standard of the principle and law. (264-168, 1994.10.9)

Hell was created after the Fall, was it not? Heaven is a realm where people from both the spiritual and physical worlds enter through the gate of True Parents' love. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, and had entered heaven through True Parents' love, they would have become the model for all families. One original model of the family would have entered heaven. Through this, all families would have connected to the realm of love through this royal family that inherited the original tradition and would have become like branches spreading towards the north, south, east, and west, relating to one central trunk. All families would have entered heaven in accordance with the principle that integrates all realms. A unified world would have developed naturally. You should clearly understand this. (231-76, 1992.5.31)

Do you have grandparents in your family? The True Parents are in the position of the grandparents in your family. If there are true parents in your God, your family will stand in a position that is higher than that of regular parents. Were you not all born as true children? Did you give birth to many children? Your children will create royal families in the future.

God will create royal families for the first time in history, perfect those families, and take them to the spirit world. They will become the ideal families of the Most High. Those are the royal families of heaven. The original Adam and Eve are thus perfected. They are royal families based on true love. Heaven is the place they can enter after perfection.

It would be wonderful if True Father went out and lived in your homes. Why? If you live by attending the True Parents during your lifetime, you automatically go to heaven. This is the heavenly tradition. The True Parents have lived such a life. Thus, they are connected to heaven naturally. Consequently, all of you are also connected. How amazing, joyful, and precious this is! You should not exchange this for anything. (230-110, 1992.4.26)

Let me speak about one more thing on the principle of restoration through indemnity. This principle is the unchanging truth. Restoration cannot be achieved unless the crime Eve committed in Eden is indemnified within Eve's world in the ensuing generations. I am sure you all know this. By restoring this, the satanic world will begin to disappear. When the original standard of relationship between Adam and Eve is established worldwide based on the True Parents, then the original heaven with no connection to the Fall will be created. Humankind can hope to enter this world of peace only by way of a single, unified direction. (262-214, 1994.7.231

When you unite with the True Parents and inherit their tradition, you have the basis on which your family can govern all nations through that proactive tradition. When your family can retain this proactively, you can be registered into the realm of the royal family in the Kingdom of Heaven. In this way, you enter heaven. Not everyone enters heaven. Three generations should resolve to follow this path. The grandmother and grandfather, the mother and father, the husband and wife, with the children together make up four stages. The set consists of three generations of couples. (228-295, 1992.7.5)

Had it not been for the Fall, our first ancestors would have become God's son and daughter and the prince and princess of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world. This would have had global significance. They would have been the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. However, since the evil parents emerged at the alpha instead of the good parents, all this must be discarded. Therefore, the True Parents, who can digest everything that began from the false parents, should appear. (226-319, 1992.2.9)

Originally. Adam and Eve were God's son and daughter. Were they not? As God's son and daughter. They were the prince and princess of the Kingdom of Heaven in both heaven and earth. They were the prince and princess of the kingdom in the spirit world, but at the same time they were to grow up to become king and queen on this earth. They were of the royal lineage.

By abiding by and practicing the laws of the palace in the Kingdom of Heaven, they would have become an ideal model based on God's love in all directions -- high, low, front, back, left, and right. Wherever they went, to the east west, south, north, front, or back, they would have stood as the ideal model. This is because they were placed on earth to be at the center of all creation. That central position is the core of all relationships -- east, west, north, south, above, and below. From this view, all of you have to stand as a model wherever you go. (226-258, 1992.2.9)

Based on my possession of love, I can gain ownership over my hometown and family. There, the children are perfected, the siblings are perfected, the couple is perfected, and the parents are perfected. Today, through the True Parents, all the things present in God's manual of creation that were unfulfilled can appear. When this is accomplished, God can completely overcome His deep feelings of anguish and educate humankind as they stand in the original position before the Fall. Through this, you can be qualified as the people of heaven and become a qualified family. The spirit world is connected to the ocean of love on this earth. It is the spiritual Kingdom of Heaven. Consequently, you cannot survive in that kingdom in spirit world without having a heart embodying love on earth. (226-173, 1992.2.2)

All five billion people of humanity are to become the royal relatives who inherit the kingship of the direct lineage of the realm of the firstborn son of God. Those who experience the realm of heart of the heavenly royal family will go to heaven. Therefore, you should live in the realm of the royal family that has expanded worldwide; you should embody its substance, the realm of heart based on global unity. From there, we stand above the eldest son as the True Parents. This is the kingship of the True Parents, who lead the surrounding royal families based on this kingship.

You can enter heaven by attending the kingship at the head of your own royal family, which includes your brothers and sisters as well as your parents. You enter heaven after living with this kind of heart. What kind of place is heaven? Adam and Eve were born like twins; they should have matured, married, and become parents. Similarly, those who can enter heaven have experienced this realm of heart, established this kingship, and stood at the head of their royal families with this authority. You can enter heaven with your royal family only after the original king enters heaven. In this way, on the horizontal plane, four great kingships arise. (247-265, 1993.5.9)

Now, as we enter the age of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, our families become royal households. This is what you must exemplify. Can the king live as he pleases? Can a queen live as she pleases? Can their sons and daughters live as they please? The king, queen, prince, and princess should all follow the laws of this nation. Furthermore, there are palace laws within the code of laws. Were there not laws for the nobility that lived in palaces? Is life difficult or easy for the royal descendants in places like Britain and Korea? (232-326, 1992.7.10)

True Father has followed the entire path, the path of restoration. Without following it, you cannot perceive heaven. You cannot be raised to the position of the king who reigns over Heaven. How can you become the king of men without knowing how to attend the queen? Is this not an issue? (232-331., 1992.2.10)

Each of you should become a royal family based on true love. If Adam, who is of royal lineage, is the direct heir, then his brothers and sisters would naturally all become his people. Thus, in order to enter heaven, you have to receive love as the prince and princess of the Kingdom of Heaven and enter with this authority and dignity. Let it be known that heaven is the nation of the original homeland and that people can enter in this way! (220-219, 1991.10.19)

4.2. Those who embody the love of the four great realms of heart can enter heaven

What kind of people will enter heaven? Those who embody the love that perfects the four great realms of heart can enter heaven. God longs for His object partner to be thousands of times better than Himself. As the object partner of God's love, you should be aware that your family is a central family representing the three kingships of the Kingdom of Heaven, the kingdom on earth, and the kingdom of the future. Since these have been lost, we should practice these ideals and values and bring them to fruition within the restored family. You have the responsibility to hand this down through your sons and daughters.

Since the original path was lost, you need to perfect the way and return to the origin. You should know that this is the path of restoration and the path of recreation. Amen! These are not my words. They are God's words. (235-254, 1992.11.22)

Is this the first time for many of you to hear these words? Heaven is that to which you should ascend with the love of the royal family by restoring the four great realms of heart and three great kingships. No matter how great you may be here on earth, you will be caught in the spirit world. Instead of feeling regret once you get there, saying, "I should have listened to Rev. Moon!" you should quickly make your decision to receive the Blessing. This is the fastest way to resolve these issues. You can learn through the Blessing.

Man and woman should come together in harmony, find the lost family of the Kingdom of Heaven, and attend God as the King. This is why the grandparents are God's representatives. You have to attend your grandparents as God's representatives. Your father and mother are the king and queen representing the families of all the five billion people of humanity. Their sons and daughters should be attended like future kings. You should inherit the way of the parents by attending the parents, who are like God, the parents who are like monarchs who represent the families of today. The world to which you bequeathed this parental way that will prevail for all future ages will become the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Amen! (239-76, 1992.11.23)

The family that perfects the four great realms of heart and three great kingships is the ideal family. The grandparents stand as God, the parents as the king of the families of this world, and you as the children are the future kings and queens who will inherit the kingship in the spiritual and physical worlds. You become the kings and queens who inherit all of this. The ideal family is the place where the three great kingships should bear fruit. (239-185, 1992.11.24)

The purpose of the restoration of the right of parents is the restoration of kingship. The purpose of the restoration of kingship is the restoration of the right of the royal family. This incorporates the four great realms of heart. The grandparents, parents, and your couple symbolize the three great kingships. The grandparents symbolize the past, your parents symbolize the present, and your couple, as children, symbolizes the future. The grandparents were sent to your home as a special envoy from the spirit world. Therefore, the family that is obedient to the words of the grandparents will prosper. (249-306, 1993.10.11)

Our way of life on earth is transferred to the spirit world as it is. This being the case, when you go there, how do you make horizontal connections? Your family relationships on earth will transfer to the spirit world and expand to encompass all beings in order to enliven the universe as an extended family. In this earthly world, you live with your family centered on your horizontal Parents and the vertical Parent, which means centered on God's realm. After life on earth, you enter the eternal, vertical world, which is the parental world. Since that is the spirit world, it does not just encompass one generation. Thousands of generations will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The spirit world is a world that expands your life on earth, which you spent with your grandparents, parents, sons, and daughters centering on God. Therefore, if you wish to enter and live freely in that world, you should be able to harmonize with others through the same responsible, loving relationships you experienced within your family on earth, as an elder sister, younger sister, wife, and mother, or as an elder brother, younger brother, husband, and father. (247-308, 1993.6.1)

In marriage, a man should absolutely become one with a woman; a woman should absolutely become one with a man. The parents with their sons and daughters, and God with His sons and daughters should absolutely become one. Siblings should also absolutely unite. Heaven is the place to which you pass on after having lived a family life with God and His love at the center. (219-114, 1996.8.1)

Adam is God Himself. He is the master of the family, but also God's body. The center of the nation and the center of the cosmos are also God. Therefore, after a person is born, he has to go through three stages of becoming one with the family, one with the nation, and one with the spirit world. (278-169, 1996.5.5)

Adam could receive only God's love. Yet, Adam's sons and daughters could receive two types of love: God's love and Adam's love. They could inherit the kingship of the spirit world and the kingship of the earth. Only then, after living in the kingdom on earth, could they enter the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world. Therefore, these kingships cannot be divided. (276-161, 1996.5.5)

You must love your nation more than you love your family, while nonetheless retaining a heart that you absolutely need your grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, husband and wife, and children. Love the world more than your nation, knowing that humanity is made up of these four stages. If you wish to go and live harmoniously in the spirit world, you have to love it more than you love the world. This is because it is where your loved ones, who passed through those four stages representing past, present, and future, are residing. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth is such a world established here on earth. The Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world is automatically created through the kingdom on earth. (277-192, 1996.4.15)

The four great realms of heart bear fruit when a couple unites in love. The three great kingships are completed only when Adam and Eve give birth to sons and daughters. Only with the birth of sons and daughters are the three great kingships achieved. The grandfather who represents God represents the spirit world. Adam and Eve as the parents represent the present. The sons and daughters who represent the future come into being centering on Adam and Eve. This means the past, present and future are all represented. The origin that has been divided should be united once again. (270-252, 1995.7.16)

Through their feelings upon their coming together at the time of their marriage, Adam and Eve are united vertically with God and horizontally between themselves, thus manifesting all the things God felt in the past but which could not manifest in the spirit world. From here, siblings are created and thus an original sphere of relationships emerges. This original sphere creates the realm of the royal family, within which the couple establishes kingship. The realm of the unity of three generations is created. Three generations become one. (270-268, 1995.7.16)

The grandfather is the king of the past. Since he stands in the position of God, he is the special envoy sent from heaven representing the spirit world. The realm of the mother and father, the realm of Adam and Eve, pertains to the king and queen of the nations of this world. The grandfather and grandmother stand in the position of the king and queen of heaven. The father and mother are the king and queen representing the families of this world. Their descendants are the ones who inherit the union of these two kingships: the kingship of the grandfather representing the spirit world, and the present kingship representing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Thus, sons and daughters should always be united with their parents and grandparents. The grandparents should always be united with their grandchildren centering on the parents. The parents, likewise, should be at one with the grandparents. The foundation of heaven will go awry if you deviate from this. (246-74, 1993.3.23)

No matter how great the difference in dimensions between heaven and earth, everything residing in these worlds consists of four stages. There is grandfather and grandmother even in the spirit world. There are people who are the age of your mother and father, the age of young adults, and the age of adolescents. If we condense this a little more, it becomes two people. Two people! (253-132, 1994.1.23)

You know about the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships. As couples, you must accomplish these things. If you can do this, you can freely come down to the earth from the spirit world at any time. (253-71, 1994.1.7)

The perfection of the four great realms of heart is made possible by a couple becoming one in love through marriage. If this unity is broken, then the realms of the children's heart, siblings' heart, couples' heart, and parents' heart will remain incomplete. You need to perfect these realms of heart in order to pass smoothly to the spirit world. Yet, because of the Fall, no one has ever achieved perfection in these realms of heart. This is why you need to carry out restoration through indemnity. (249-289, 1993.10.11)

4.3. The body should harmonize with the mind

You did not know that the conscience was your second God, the central aspect of your existence. You have to attend it more than you attend God. Attend your conscience more than you would the founders of religions, even Jesus. Then you can attain a position higher than that of believing in Jesus. Do not believe in me, the founder of the Unification Church. If you accept my teachings and become completely one with your conscience, you can go to heaven even without following me.

You have to buy all the materials and study. A person who fails to open his conscience, establish himself as a liberated person, and attain unity between his body and conscience cannot go to heaven. I searched heaven, but I could not find such a person who had entered there in that way. Even now in the spirit world, people are lamenting and groaning in the midst of their course of cultivating their character. Amongst pastors, church elders, and those who carried themselves with pride, there are many who are bound in chains upside down. (253-45, 1994.1.1)

You should liberate your conscience. Your mind is the guard post of heaven. Your body is the guard post of hell. Does your body drag your mind around or does your mind drag your body around? For those who believe in religion, their minds drag their bodies around. For those who do not believe in religion, their bodies will always drag their minds around. They live centering on themselves. That is the difference.

Therefore, each of you is the starting point of hell, and yet you are also the starting point of heaven. If you live according to your conscience, you will go to heaven. If you live according to your body, you will go to hell. If you live for the sake of others, you will go to heaven. If you insist on living for the sake of yourself, you will go to hell. When you go back home today, you should declare the liberation of your conscience. (252-257, 1994.1.1)

What is the relationship between mind and body? It is a partnership of subject and object. They should both exist for the sake of their partner. The mind lives for the body and the body for the mind. When they unite, you will have not five, but ten sensory organs. You will see and know the heavenly spirit world. Everyone will hear the music that comes from heaven. (233-253, 1997.1.13)

In the future, when people enter the Kingdom of Heaven the spiritualists will come forth. Those who committed evil will be pierced with a stick, as Jesus was pierced with a spear. You should be aware that a ruthless age will come. There have been kangaroo court trials, have there not? Although it will not be to that extent, you will want to avoid it, but will be unable to, and you will never be able to rest. Realizing that such an age will come, your mind and body should become one. (252-140, 1993.11.14)

If God exists in unity, any fallen being that contains internal struggle can only go to the place that is opposite to God. We call that place hell in both the spiritual and physical worlds. Evil things should go to hell. Everything must be put in order according to principles. Do you understand clearly? If your conscience and body continue to struggle without forming unity, will you be put away in hell or heaven? It will be hell! You should make your conscience and body one, sometime or other, before you die. Those who think they can go to heaven without bringing these into oneness are thinking nonsense. This is the conclusion. (258-309, 1994.3.20)

Satan is not to be found a long way off He is connected to the self. Each of you is a dividing line between heaven and hell. Hell and heaven can be found within you. Your conscience is heaven, and your physical body is hell. Though your conscience is the subject partner, humankind fell. Through the practice of love, your conscience must become one with love and stand in the position of the complete spiritual, intellectual, and eternal subject of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. (255-51, 1994.3.12)

What is the human body? It is the central core of hell. It is the nucleus of that core. Then what is the conscience? It is the central core of heaven. These two are in continuous struggle. This is the problem. The greatest task in your life is how you are going to resolve this conflict. Thus, you should think of striking and controlling your body as one of your hobbies. Your conscience should constantly occupy the opposite territory and possess more and more of it. Then the physical body's dominance will gradually diminish.

You are expanding limited territory into the infinite world. You are living for the sake of the eternal world. Thus, you continue to dominate your physical body and go all the way to the spirit world. You should go on until the body can naturally follow the conscience. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth cannot come without having achieved this. Otherwise, you will not be able to restore the original state where body and mind can unite based on original true love having nothing to do with the Fall. (254-221, 1994.2.13)

Heaven is where the God of goodness reigns and hell is where the devil rules. What is heaven like? It is a place where things are built. Hell is where things are destroyed. This is the difference. The collision between this construction and destruction within you is the struggle of your mind and body. (261-196, 1994.6.19)

Since mind and body are united within God, those born as the ideal sons and daughters will naturally have unity of mind and body. They will live in harmony on the earth and then pass on to the heavenly spirit world. People whose mind and body are in conflict will not be able to go there. God does not like seeing such forms of existence.

Therefore, what is the hope of humanity? It is that a master and parent who can stop this struggle will come. Since human division originated from false parents, true parents must come and teach the truth in a clear and logical way. Since humankind broke down somewhere, heaven will remain eternally remote from the earth unless a movement is initiated on earth that can restore the essential point of breakdown. (261-300, 1994.7.24)

How much has humankind sacrificed the conscience for the body? Do you know the history of the conscience that you have trampled upon for your entire life? Your conscience is exhausted in caring for you day and night. Yet, it tirelessly blocks the body's desire to go toward misconduct. It says, "You have done enough. It is time to quit. It is now time to listen to me." The closest being to you and the one that stands as the representative of the ideal teacher, parent, and God, is your conscience. The mind itself does not need to be educated, but the body absolutely needs to be educated. (214-282, 1991.2.3)

Throughout their lives, everyone keeps the most precious teacher in their heart. Yet, they mistreat this teacher, trample on him, and abuse him. This teacher is your conscience. Your conscience always tells you things in order to help you and strives to connect you to true love. Like a parent, your conscience urges you to become a good and selfless person. It guides you according to God's will. However, a rebel inside your mind always challenges your conscience. That rebel is your physical desires. (201-208, 1990.4.9)

Mind and body cannot be achieved without true love. Thus, the mind sacrifices itself for the body and still forgets, repeatedly. The mind is in the position representing God and thus is your greatest teacher. The mind is your center that God sent as His manifestation. It is the vertical you. (226-60, 1992.2.1)

When I was young, I did everything that I could to control my body. I slept with my eyes open for seven consecutive nights. You men should likewise learn to discipline your bodies so that even if you slept among numerous beautiful women and touched the triangular area of those beautiful women, your organ should remain unmoved. Those who cannot control their body cannot go to heaven. (263-100, 1994.8.21)

Where are the root of heaven and the root of hell? They are not the world. The world of the Last Days is neither heaven nor hell. Where is the root of heaven and hell? You should realize that it will always be in your mind and body. People have not understood this. Numerous saints came, gave their teachings, and tried to apply them to the world of human relationships. Nevertheless, they failed to destroy the root of the struggles that occur within the self Unity should begin from there. It has to begin from the root. (263-199, 1994.10.4)

The satanic world goes to hell. God's world goes to heaven. A world that lives for its own sake will go to hell, while one that lives for the whole purpose will go to heaven. The crossing point of good and evil lies within oneself.

When the mind and body come together, the former tries to live for the greater good, while the latter tries to live for the individual. The mind and body always struggle; one adopts a public-minded position and the other a self-centered position. You should reject your birth from false love, false life, and false lineage. You should cut off these things and be restored to life by engrafting yourself to true love, true life, and true lineage. The individual and humankind need to follow this path. This is the conclusion.

Religion emerged for the purpose of subjugating the body and making it one with the mind. Having accomplished that, you should unite with true love and give birth to sons and daughters who can go to heaven after living on the earth. Without believing and practicing God's word, you cannot give birth to true sons and daughters who can go to heaven. Thus, a religion should appear that can subjugate the body, making it one with the conscience. When people become one with the True Parents and engraft to them, then wild olive trees will become true olive trees and give birth to true sons and daughters. After living on the earth, they will ascend to the spirit world and enter heaven for eternity. This is the ideal of creation. (263-281, 1991.10.15)

You should resolve the war inside yourself at the earliest possible date. It is not possible to enter heaven without ending this war while you are still living on earth. Otherwise, you will be caught forever in an unsavory place in the spirit world. Your parents are not the problem, your families are not the problem, and your tribe is not the problem. You, yourself, will be caught in an instant. (264-121, 1994.10.9)

Those who cannot unite their mind and body cannot go to heaven. They are not true beings. Even if a heavenly nation is established, you should know that a seven-year course based on the family will remain for each individual to accomplish. You have to go through this harsh course.

A snake passes through a narrow crack between the rocks to remove its skin. The larger the snake, the more laborious this is. It is easy for the small ones, but for the larger ones it is painful. Is there a crevice that would allow a large serpent to pass through and remove its skin? The serpent should remove all of its skin by keeping low on the ground. Hence, the larger it is, the more difficult it is. Do you think world unification is difficult? Then consider how difficult it will be for the unification of the spirit world. (303-264, 1999.9.9)

We should be constantly aware of the fact that Satan's blood is coursing through our veins. The mission of putting an end to this and eliminating the root is the course of our lifetime. It begins in our daily lives. Without eliminating Satan's blood, you will be brought down in the eternal world.

As you seek the path to enter heaven, you need to find a model course through which you can apply the formula God created. Do you not think this is how it should be? There is a formula. If you want to graduate from school, you have to go through all the school courses, get your credits and receive your diploma. In the same way, there is a course for going to Heaven and upon its completion can say, "With this, I have graduated." There must be a formula for entering heaven. (263-81, 1994.8.21)

In the spirit world, your conscience becomes your body and God appears as the conscience to that body. Your conscience becomes God's body. When you enter the mystical world and ask, "God, where are you?" He will answer from inside of you. "Here, I am here!" People have gone through many such experiences. For this reason, one hears it said that humankind is God. (250-156, 1993.10.14)

When you enter the mysterious spirit world and pray, "Where is God?" the answer, "Why are you asking this?" will come from deep within you. You are experiencing such things. Even without your knowing, He will speak words such as "Do not go there." If you act against this, you will run into trouble. Who is speaking? It is God speaking. If you pray earnestly, you will enter a state in which you have such mystical experiences. (249-223, 1993.10.10)

4.4. Heaven and hell are divided based upon absolute sex

The first love relationship between a man and a woman is their time for meeting God. The moment of the first love relationship after marriage is the point at which the husband is perfected as a man. He rules over God's entire world of plus as an antenna. He represents all male-types and right-sided beings. The negative electrical charge and positive electrical charge meet at exactly the same point at the top of the antenna. The point where a husband and wife make love is where they are both perfected.

The royal palace of love can begin from that place and establish itself on earth as the center of heaven and earth. It is the origin of perfected love, and life can be connected from there. Is this not so? The lineage is connected to that place. At the same time, a heavenly nation is created from there. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world begins from the first perfected love relationship, from that place where the gate of the first perfected love is opened. Humankind has not understood this. (261-16, 1994.5.15)

Do you know about the original palace of love? The first love relationship is the beginning point of the Kingdom of Heaven both on earth and in the spirit world. It is where man and woman are absolutely united into one. In the absolute state of unified masculinity and femininity within God, God's invisible internal nature and external form could divide and start the process of creating human beings. Similarly, man and woman give birth to sons and daughters by becoming one in love. Human beings are creating, in the visible, substantial realm, that which was created by the invisible God.

Love is the power that can join lineages. What is the central axis that can bring together different lineages? What is the power plant? It is the first love between the convex and concave parts of man and woman. From that love, for the first time, electricity begins to be generated through the love relationship. That place is the epicenter for the generation of true love, true life, true lineage, and a true family on earth, as well as the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world. Those who ignore this cannot truly exist. They can only go to hell. There is no way around this. (259-229, 1994.4.10)

You have to realize the importance of the love organs of man and woman. God comes down through them. God's liberation begins from them. God can begin to sing and dance around them. They are connected to the royal palace of love, to the eternal royal palace. The gate of the first love relationship of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world opens in that place. Does this seem true or false?

Were you all aware of how valuable this was when you were single? Your first love is important. If your first love goes away, the whole universe goes to hell. This is where everything was lost: the royal palace of love, the royal palace of life, the future history of true lineage, and the origin of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world. What would be the fate of the one whose first love went wrong? There exists a set of principles and laws, yet what is his fate? He will have no place to continue to exist. He will be thrown out. People were created to live forever, but they are going to waste. Onto the wasteland they go. They end up living upside-down. (261-27, 1994.5.15)

Where is the original place where the perfection of man, woman, and even God is brought about? Where can God's love be perfected? Where can man and woman be perfected? Where is the central place of settlement? These are the issues. The heaven that emerges from the ideal of love cannot expand on the earth without knowing where that place is. Is that place your eyes, your nose, your hand, or your feet? Where is it? (261-167, 1994.6.9)

The place where man and woman, convex and concave, unite is the place where God is perfected. That is where woman, who is one half, and man, who is the other half, is perfected. The land of settlement, where the ideal of love can be perfected, begins from the place where concave and convex unite and the first love relationship is established after marriage. The first love relationship of man and woman represents the place where the object partner of God is perfected. This is the core of the universe. When this moves, the entire universe swings back and forth in harmony. It is the base of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world.

Since this is the origin of love, it is called the original palace of love. Among the many royal palaces, the central palace is called the original palace. This is the original palace of love, life, and lineage, and the origin of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world. It is the place where the freedom, happiness, and peace longed for by humanity begin. This place is the royal palace for love, life, lineage, and all creation. The individual, family, tribe, and race are connected from here. You should understand that it is the original source and starting point of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world. It is also the origin of freedom, happiness, and peace. If a woman does not have a man, she is in absolute darkness. If a man does not have a woman, he is in absolute darkness. (261-173, 1994.6.9)

Where is the greatest place a man can worship? Is it a woman's face? Is it her breasts? Is it her body? Where is it? There is only one place where concave and convex can fit together. The natural environment, the society, nation, world, universe, and Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world are brought into connection by this place. This is the iron rule and formula for the existing world. (262-55, 1994.7.23)

The base of peace and everything that constitutes the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world arises from love. What kind of love? Is it man's love, woman's love, or the combined love of man and woman? It is the combined love. Where does the love of a man and woman come together? Is it combined at the face? Is it combined at the fingertips? It is combined at the concave and convex organs. (263-52, 1994.5.16)

God's wedding is Adam and Eve's wedding. Consequently, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world are created at the same lime. They begin from the love nest. The moment a man and woman unite through their sexual organs without committing the Fall is the origin of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world. That place is the base upon which the three great kingships should be established. The love nest can be built in no other place. (263-57, 1994.8.16)

Since the first love relationship is the starting point for establishing the ideal heaven, it is the royal place of love. It is the royal palace. The sexual organs are the royal place of love. In order for it to become a royal palace, you have to be married centered on God. Through married life, the royal palace of love is created. How is a couple united? Are they united through the lips when a man kisses a woman? They are united through the concave and convex organs.

This is a tremendous discovery. Through this love relationship, the entire being of a man and the entire being of a woman are completely united. From here, the lineages of man and woman are brought together and, for the first time, amid a vortex, a new history is connected and established based on a new life. It does not end with one generation. The eternal history is connected. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world begins from this place. (263-122, 1994.5.21)

A wife lives for the sake of her husband's love organ. She lives for love, life, and her sons and daughters. All women like babies. Women have large breasts and large hips for the sake of the baby. Their attributes should be locked up. Where can we find the original place of the three great palaces of true love, life, and lineage? It is a fundamental issue for human beings. This is the root of the family, society, and nation, and the root and origin of the earth, the spirit world, and the Kingdom of Heaven. (252-104, 1993.11.14)

The original palace of love is the royal palace that perfects God and brings solace to Him. How is this achieved? The royal palace emerges at the unified meeting point of Adam and Eve's convex and concave sexual organs. That is a truly great place. Thus, the sexual organs are called the original palace of love. These are amazing words. The original palace of love is the royal palace that perfects the entire creation of heaven and earth and also provides a place of settlement for all, even God. The Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world and on earth does not come first. Heaven begins from the family. That is the original palace. These are amazing words.

The place of conjugal unity is the original palace based on true love, true life, and true lineage. It is the origin of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world. Without this unity, the original world of the Kingdom of Heaven, the spiritual realm, and the earthly realm of human beings cannot be established.

This amazing place of true love has been vulgarized. Since it became the cause of national ruin and destroyed heaven and earth, it has been treated as the most evil thing to this day. Originally, it was something holy. You teachers, do you understand? When you get up in the morning, you should greet your love organ, saying, "Good morning!" You should know that this very place is the place that enables you to attend the love of your greatest ancestors rather than the ancestors themselves. (263-347, 1994.11.27)

If you use your love organ recklessly, you will be punished. It is the royal palace of love, the ancestral garden of love. Love, life, and even history started from that place. It is the origin of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world. The origin of God's happiness is formed there. The basis for God's smile starts from there. That is the very place where God can find love and dance with joy. You have to search for and find that place. Is this right or not? This is how precious it is. (256-199, 1994.3.13)

The fact that the flower of God and the flower of human beings blossom from love allows the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world to emerge. Thus, the phrase, "True love is the flower of complete perfection," makes sense. In this regard, each of you inherited from God the ability to create new life through the conjugal relationship. How great is the glorious position of being able to feel the joy God felt, and to experience the eternal existence of God deeply and substantially? (256-235, 1994.3.13)

If you wish to become a beautiful person in heaven, you should harmonize with the flower of love that blooms in all its glory, express the beauty and the fragrance of that flower in the world of relationships, and live on this earth in a manner that can harbor new seeds from that flower. When you pass on to the spirit world after living in this way, you will appear in the same way in the eternal world. (256-170, 1994.3.13)

The woman's sexual organs are the source of the universe. The place where you hold a relationship of love becomes the original palace of love. It is the original palace. Love begins from there. The first love relationship of a blessed marriage is the start of the original palace of love. The life of the woman and the life of the man become one for the first time. Therefore, that place is the original palace of ideal life and the original lineage begins from there. Thus, that place becomes the original palace of the lineage.

Heaven also begins from there, so that place also becomes the original palace for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world, and the original palace of human perfection and God's perfection. (257-324, 1994.3.16)

When human beings fell, it was because of love. Thus, the sexual organs are the most terrifying thing. Religion regards the act of adultery as the sin to be most feared. So then, is free sex in America part of the devil's doctrine for expanding hell, or a doctrine for expanding heaven? It is a part of the devil's doctrine. It is the kingdom of hell on earth and the kingdom of hell in the spirit world. All of it will be destroyed. (261-302, 1994.7.20)

I searched for all manner of truth. I looked into the spirit world and the physical world and inquired into all the scriptures. Yet, there were no answers to my questions. Does God exist or not? If God exists, He would not leave the world the way it is. I fought to reach a conclusion about these issues.

What are the fundamental principles regarding the birth of humankind? Why was humankind born? Man was born for the sake of woman. This is the greatest truth of all truths. The ideal man is the greatest truth for a woman. This is the essence of the truth of the ideal that perfects the entire universe. For a man, an ideal woman is also the essence of the truth of the universe. She is an absolute embodiment of truth. (267-230, 1995.1.8)

I never imagined that the fundamental problems humanity has struggled with, to this day, had such a simple and straightforward solution. I went through terrible hardships. Not knowing how simple the solutions were, I entered the spirit world and searched through things that were extremely repulsive and suffered all sorts of hardships. In the end I discovered that the solutions existed within each one of us. I exclaimed, "Ah! This is what I did not know!" The answers lie within us. This is inspiring! The entire universe is inside you. It is inside every one of us. (199-314, 1990.2.21)

The truth is not found outside of ourselves. Each one of us is equipped with the truth. It is not something that can be learned anywhere else. I myself searched everywhere for the truth, but I could not find it anywhere in the universe. I searched all over the spirit world, throughout the earthly world, and suffered in the pursuit of discovering it, but in the end, I realized God has given everything to us. It was a big surprise. I had not known until then, but all the answers lie within us. (263-47, 1994.8.?)

4.5. Conjugal love is the central flower of the ideal of love

God has the attributes of vertical dual characteristics and human beings are substantial entities that have attributes of horizontal dual characteristics. The ideal of the husband and wife is the unity of God and human beings in a perfect sphere, actually the shape of an apple. They are the parent body consisting of four shapes of internal nature connecting the ideals of love from the north, south, east, and west. (127-99, 1943.5.5)

If you are married, you no longer exist just in a horizontal plane. Although you as an individual only have a two-dimensional base, the vertical concept comes into being when high connects to low. A two-dimensional history might bring order to the universe, but it will not bring order to the cosmos. When the vertical meets the horizontal at a ninety degree angle. It all fits together. Whether you replace heaven with the earth, or the earth with heaven, or front with back, or back with front, or between any correlative aspects -- left, right, top, bottom, front, or back. The standard for the perfection of the physical world leads to the complete perfection of the spirit world. (230-259, 1992.5.8)

While on earth, you have to paint the absolute ideal of husband and wife, establish an artistic couple, and draw a picture of love never created before. The passing over to the spirit world with this picture is the beginning of a journey into an infinite, eternal, and heavenly world. There, you do not need money. You do not need food. You do not need clothes. If there is something you want to give to your beloved partner, it will be your privilege to give it to them. If you want to clothe your partner with garments of gold or anything imaginable on earth, then, by maintaining an earnest and giving heart of love, the object will appear. You will be able to travel anywhere you like. You will be free wherever you go. (271-211, 1995.8.28)

You have to make your family life into a work of art. You have to become a pleasing and artistic husband. If you find something good in a magazine, you should bring it home and read it with a soothing voice to your wife when she is about to fall asleep. If you dream of your wife while falling asleep after having been deeply moved by this, your dream will be substantiated. This way of life will continue into the spirit world. How wonderful this is! Would you like to live like this, or would you like to live as very drab couples? If you wish to live such a life, you have to assume a new direction with a fresh mindset enabling you to possess good vitality. This is the basic requirement. (271-382, 1995.8.28)

When you enter the spirit world, you will not need to farm but rather you will just eat and be at leisure. Then how will you enjoy yourself? You have to think about this. Do you think you would become bored? How would you enjoy your life if you were not involved in any disputes? How can you enjoy life without something that you would never tire of, even in a thousand years, something you would enjoy touching and listening to for thousands of years, even for billions of years? Food, you can eat everyday. Spirit world is a place where you easily can find anything you wish to eat and do anything you like. (279-21, 1996.6.9)

There, you would live a mobile lifestyle. (203-57, 1990.6.14)

If you watch TV for a month, you come to know everything about how people live in this world. Everything becomes very predictable and you become tired of it. This is why you have to understand the spirit world. You must know the spirit world.

When you offer your prayer with sincerity, the image of the spirit world will unfold. How wonderful that will be! Angels will come down and dance. Even those famous people from hundreds of years ago will gather to dance. How wonderful! These are not fanciful ideas. (203-57, 1990.6.14)

In the original world, all elements are connected, as the parts of a plant are connected to the root. The sap, leaves, and flowers growing from the same roots will all be of the same strain. If you can harmonize with the essential elements coming from your roots, then, when there is unity, there is nothing extra you need to learn.

Can any one draw his or her own face with total accuracy? Why do you need a drawing when each of you has something even greater? What use is a picture when you can have a beautiful couple with the ideal of love, a couple blossoming through the relationship of man and woman? This is how precious love is. The greatest masterpieces among paintings themselves are yearning to praise the love of the ideal couple. You do not realize how valuable this is.

When people wear colorful clothes, they do so in such a way that reflects and harmonizes with the environment in accordance with the seasons. All sorts of cultures and the arts have developed in empathy with and as an expression of love of the environment. (202-92, 1990.3.6)

If your spirit self lives for eternity after entering the spirit world, who would you seek out? Your mother or father? Your elder brother or elder sister? Your children? It would not be your children. It would not be your elder brother or sister, nor would it be your mother or father. It would be your spouse. Why?

You feel tremendous joy and fulfillment in having given birth to and having raised children. The joy of giving birth to a baby for the first time, after living as a couple, is the most stimulating. Amidst that joy, your heart goes out most to the first son. With one mind, the husband and wife both invest their heart in the baby. This is why the first child if often loved the most. The difference between the first son and second son is that the first son received more love. The same can be said for the first daughter. The first son and first daughter are, undoubtedly, the extension of the father and the extension of the mother. (258-242, 1994.3.20)

When human beings reach perfection, God's internal nature enters the mind of man, and God's external form enters the mind of woman. The substantial marriage ceremony for Adam and Eve becomes God's marriage ceremony. You will know this clearly when you go to the spirit world. This incomprehensible theory is correct. So, where is God? Where can He be found in relation to the couple? He is in the womb. This is where God is found. This is where the root of love is. I have revealed, for the first time in history, the systematic arrangement of the spirit world and its composition. (252-119, 1993.11.14)

Do you think God does not look at your couple when you are making love? It is all public. It is publicly in view before the entire spirit world. It is a big mistake to say that God does not see you. Your ancestors are all watching you. In the spirit world, you can see the act of love right before your eyes. You are being watched as if you were doing it standing on the palm of their hand. Therefore, it is a big mistake to try to hide this. (250-244, 1993.10 13)

All the harmonies and phenomena of this world that come out of love are as a fragrance to God. God wants to live within this beautiful fragrance and so He is seeking it. God's love descends to the place of sexual relationship between husband and wife. This is where all creation and the universe are harmonized. (Blessed Family - 889)

If you think about a royal palace of love, there is a royal palace in the spirit world and a royal palace on the earth. Where do these palaces make contact? That is the question. In other words, where do human beings and God meet? The sexual organs that bring the unity of true love are the original land. Since this is the original land, in terms of palaces, it becomes the original palace. This is the palace that God initiates, and it is the first thing He initiates. It is the original palace. (265-215, 1994.11.21)

After happily living together with your spouse, what will you think about when you pass away? You will always think about the love organ. You will remember your spouse's face and kiss. The only memories that remain after going to the spirit world are the ones about the union of the love organs when the husband and wife kissed and made love. Would you want to pass away holding and kissing the love organ? (11-57, 1995.4.7)

Through love, you are born as an incarnation of God and you live by love. You give birth to sons and daughters in order to reach the destination of love and you return to God in order to live with Him for eternity. Therefore, when you become completely united in love, you come to resemble God. When a couple comes into union, completely fulfills these three stages of life, and goes to the spirit world, they become an object partner god before God, who is the eternal subject partner. This happens when a couple lives and passes away centering on true love. Thus, human beings begin life with God and end their life with God. (201-36, 1990.10.21)

Men and women should live intoxicated by conjugal love. This is their aspiration. If they are attending their parents, they should want to live amidst their parents' love and the love of the family. That is the ideal and source of happiness. Happiness does not exist elsewhere. No matter how much you like the spirit world, after you go there, what will you do? I will seek out Mother. I will look for Mother.

There are two mothers. One who gave birth to you as a baby and the other who gave birth to your sons and daughters. Two mothers live in one household: your mother who gave birth to you and the mother of your sons and daughters. There is also your father's mother, your grandmother. This is why you love your mother. Is it not so? (174-250, 1988.3.1)

Each of you resembles God. You also resemble the perfected Adam and Eve. You resemble both parents. Since these are united as one, your mind and body do not struggle against each other. Man and woman do not struggle against each other. They are completely one. A new fountain gushes forth in the perfected place where the spirit world and physical world are one, where God the Creator and the creation are one and complete. This is the starting point for peace. It is the beginning of happiness. It is the beginning of the ideal and of hope. All these things were lost and hence, should be restored. (254-281, 1994.2.15)

In the spirit world, you will find that those born as men, who lived alone and died single, are not in a good place. They cannot go to a good place. In these circumstances, they lower their heads when they gaze upon God and look down before Him. God asks, "Hey you, why are you looking down?" The tip of the male's organ is pointing downwards, the man can only look down. What does that mean? How can a monk, born as a man, not knowing the harmony of heaven and earth, the union of yin and yang, and conjugal love, understand the way of love, which is the center of the great principle of heaven and earth? (197-24, 1990.1.7)

If you go to the spirit world without giving birth to and raising sons and daughters, you will have to stay on one side. You will not be free to move about. You will be in shame. Thus, those who emphasize a single life are under the direct line of the devil. The devil, Satan, will be driven out in the Last Days. Even so, such people will follow Satan. The devil was once the archangel. He does not live with the ideal of loving a spouse. Consequently, when that age comes, the young people will fall into ruin; the older men and women will grow weary of love, and sink into the devil's love, leading a single life. Those who lead a single life will all end up in hell. (228-263, 1992.7.5)

Those who live a single life stand as criminals before God's original will. Those who practice birth control and declare they will not have children will go to the other world and face the words of judgment: "Through your sons and daughters. I was going to send the prince and princess that would govern the universe! Shame on you!" Once you pass into the spirit world, these things will be known in an instant. You would come to know of this in a moment. God was trying to bring blessings to your generation and tribe through the merits of your ancestors who had worked hard through thousands and tens of thousands of years of bitter painful history. Yet, you were the one who cut off that channel. (264-150, 1994.10.9)

Widows will have a hard time in the other world. I do not mean widows, but those who live alone. What do you call them? I mean those single women who never married, and those men who die single. After they die, people call them bachelor ghosts. What do you call them while they are still alive? A bachelor ghost is a dead person. What is the word? What do we call them? A single woman? Single people have a hard time in the spirit world. They are not able to harmonize with anyone wherever they go.

When a single woman goes to the groups of women or when a single man goes to the groups of men, they have no place to stand. They have nowhere to go. So they head for a shadowy place, a world of shade. They cannot turn around. Harmony is possible centered on love in all directions: east, west, south, and north. Since they are stuck in one direction, they cannot turn back. You will see for yourself when you pass to the spirit world. (119-442, 1989.10.19)

You should not stain your Blessing lineage. All of you should be fully aware of this. Your lineage is your asset that will enable you to succeed to and inherit heaven. It is like a document of your blood relatives, or deed papers to your lineage. It is the equivalent of your genealogy. The issue is how you protect your purity. (263-62, 1994.?.16)

4.6. Entering heaven as a family unit

Our families and the Kingdom of Heaven have similar characteristics. There are parents, husband and wife, children, and brothers and sisters in a family. The household can be united through love. In a family, unification can be established, life can be connected, and the ideal can be realized. Therefore, you can become qualified to enter the Kingdom of Heaven when you respect conjugal love and parental love. Grandparents hand down love to parents, who hand down love to husband and wife, who hand down love to children.

If you deny any one of these, the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be established. You should love your parents more than you love your spouse, and you should love your grandparents more than you love your parents. This is the essence of Heaven and the ideal motto. (Blessed Family - 946)

As God is the original substance of true love, when one is connected to true love, everyone becomes part of one body. Parents are gods living in God's stead on earth, husband and wife are mutual counterpart gods, and sons and daughters are little gods. A family structure comprising three generations centering on true love in this manner is the basis of the Kingdom of Heaven. Without achieving such a basis, the kingdom cannot be established. The family is the center of the universe. The perfection of the family is the basis for the perfection of the universe, so if there is love in a family and love for the universe, you can freely go anywhere. In this case, God stands in the combined central position of love as the Parent of the whole universe. (298-306, 1999.1.17)

The four-position foundation of the Unification Principle is the realm of love of three generations. When three generations live together in one household in harmony and happiness, the ideal of the creation of heaven and earth is established. Naturally, husband and wife should love each other and they should pray for their children with love and sincerely care for them in order to create a happy and harmonious family. When this is accomplished vertically through three generations and connected horizontally with relatives, perfect love is established. Even cousins and second cousins should become one in love to form the perfect shape of love. (Blessed Family - 947)

The family is the basic unit of the Kingdom of Heaven. Once you enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you would never want to leave, because "The One" with whom you want to meet ten times and even hundreds of times, dwells there. If all humankind had a common desire to enter there and wanted to meet and live with "The One," the world could be unified right away. The Unification Church is heading towards that destination. However, this cannot happen all at once. First, an individual foundation should be established, followed by the family foundation, which then extends to the people, nation, and world. (12-150, 1963.4.1)

Where does the life in the Kingdom of Heaven begin? It starts in a family. It does not start anywhere else. The Kingdom of Heaven is the spherically extended form of a family. It is not something wholly outside the domain of a family. Therefore, you have to think you are embracing your spouse so that the men and women of the world may become one. The family is the place where you can erect the foundation for loving the whole of humankind. (30-82, 1970.3.17)

What is the world of God's ideal of creation? It is a world where the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world is established through the authority of the True Parents. The Kingdom of Heaven can only be established on the foundation of love. In the fallen world, no one received the love of true parents; there is no trace of it. Since this has been the case on earth, the same situation also applies for people who have passed to the spirit world. Man's love, woman's love, son's love, daughter's love, parents' love, and God's love are all included in the original family-level foundation centering on God. Whoever loves their parents, spouse, and children in such a harmonized manner leads the life of the Kingdom of Heaven. (Blessed Family - 946)

What is the mission of the Unification Church? It is different from other religions of the past that have emphasized individual salvation. The Unification Church wants to build the original ideal world as it was before the Fall. When people perfect themselves in heart, marry with God's love at the center of their relationship, and give birth to children, they can enter the Kingdom of Heaven that is the original ideal world.

How can people claim it is the Kingdom of Heaven if the father goes to hell while the mother goes to heaven or if the parents go to heaven while the children go to hell? The Kingdom of Heaven is the place everyone goes to -- parents and children, tribes, peoples, and nations. (42-286, 1971.3.27)

God's ideal for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth can be established for the first time in the place where heaven is established on the family level. This should become a four-position foundation. In the Unification Principle, the perfection of the ideal of creation is the perfection of the four-position foundation. Why is this so? It is because the four-position foundation is established when the world of vertical relationships and the world of horizontal relationships are created through three stages, centering on God and Adam and Eve.

The horizontal world can unfold only through Adam and Eve's sons and daughters. When this happens, the vertical world forms naturally. Considering the body, the children are the horizontal extension or multiplication of the body and the spirit world is the horizontal extension of the mind. God is able to come down there for the first time. Thus, the Kingdom of Heaven is manifested on the earth. (96-29, 1978.1.1)

The Unification Church view of salvation is not just that the husband goes to heaven while the wife goes to hell. Both have to be together. You cannot let your father and mother go to hell. You should bring them, as well as your sons and daughters, to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Unification Church is on a different level of teaching from any other religion since it shows the way to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven with the family and with the tribe whom we love. This is why the Unification Church emphasizes the family while other religions emphasize the single way of life. The family-centered way is the way to go. This kind of family lives for the sake of God and the world. This is the way for Unification Church members to follow. (34-359, 1970.9.20)

The Unification Church teaches that salvation absolutely cannot come to you as an individual alone. Individually, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You cannot enter by yourself alone. This is the principle. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve would have been able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven together. Could the husband, Adam, or the wife, Eve, have entered the Kingdom of Heaven alone? You cannot enter the kingdom without the unity of husband and wife and family. This is the ideal. What kind of heaven is it if the father goes to hell and the mother goes to heaven? You should enter the Kingdom of Heaven as a couple, a family, and furthermore, with the relatives and tribe, and ultimately the whole nation. (50-63, 1971.10.31)

You should attend your grandfather like God, and your father and mother like the parents who can unify the world. Your grandfather is the special envoy of the heavenly world, and your father is the ambassador plenipotentiary to this world. You should think of yourself as growing to become the ambassador plenipotentiary, the son and daughter, and inheritor of two kingdoms: the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world. Then, you will surely go directly to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Such people would have gone to the kingdom. Some Christians today, however, teach that the way to Heaven is through faith alone, but they need to exercise the greatest caution in promoting this narrow assertion. They should try going to the spirit world to see what happens. They will be stunned. They would say, "I never knew that it would be like this. How can this be?"

What do I mean? There are heavenly principles and there are consequences of deviating from them. There may be tens of thousands of people who believe a certain way, but if they are wrong, every one of them will enter a dung-filled pit. You therefore must seek a principled standard of life. (249-261, 1991.11.1)

Your grandfather is the special envoy of heaven. If Adam's family had not fallen, the grandfather would have been attended like God. Your grandfather is the last remaining master amongst your ancestors who have all passed away to the spirit world throughout history. Consequently, he is God's representative, and your father is the king of the families of this world. Your parents are the king and queen of the families of all the six billion of humankind today. (246-191, 1993.4.16)

The grandfather symbolizes the spirit world, the heavenly world. Therefore, you should attend him like God. He is the ambassador plenipotentiary of heaven. Since the father and mother symbolize the present, they are the king and queen representing all the families of humanity in this world. The parents are the king and queen that represent humanity. The sons and daughters represent the future. They are the future princes and princesses who will inherit the kingships of two worlds: the spirit world and the earthly world. (246-256, 1993.4.18)

The grandfather symbolizes the past. The subject partner of the past ages is heaven, the spirit world. The grandfather can be called the representative who connects the spirit world with the earth. He is God's ambassador who connects God and all the good things in heaven to his family on earth. Who is the ambassador for the Kingdom of God? It is the grandfather. (249-301, 1993.10.11)

The family is the model for forming a nation. The family represents the first stage. The nation starts from the family foundation. You should know this. Within the family, you find three stages: the grandfather and grandmother, the father and mother, and the children. These three stages of the family can be expanded in the process of forming the nation and world. Through the family, not only can you connect to this world but also to the spirit world. When you observe the world, you find a grandparent level, parent level, and child level. If you can expand all the things that are being practiced in the family to the world, you can easily fit in wherever you go. (225-166, 1992.1.12)

When you look at a family, you find a grandfather and grandmother, a father and mother, and sons and daughters. This makes three generations. All throughout history, this is the way it has always been. The grandparents represent your ancestors in heaven who have passed away to the spirit world. They are the ambassadors plenipotentiary sent to your household. So, like whom should you attend your grandfather and grandmother? You should attend them like God. By attending them in this way heaven will begin. (226-56, 1992.1.1)

Why do you need to have sons and daughters? There is a principle that states you have to enter the spirit world with your family. Originally, your descendants were to be born from the combination of the love that came vertically from God and horizontally from the parents, that is, the coming together of the vertical and horizontal lineages of God and the parents. Therefore, those who do not have descendants cannot harmonize heaven and earth when they go to the spirit world, nor can they keep in rhythm with the north, south, east, and west. Without having descendants, you cannot have a place in the other world for enjoyment and rest. (297-269, 1998.12.19)

You should give birth to sons and daughters and be able to train them in the traditional way of the family. You should become the head of your tribe and eventually pass into the spirit world. When you enter the spirit world, the perfection of children, siblings, couples, and parents should be complete. (226-156, 1992.2.4)

You should first endeavor to become a filial son or daughter centering on the parents in the family, and then you can go on to become a patriot in relation to the nation. Following on from this, you should become a saint in relation to the world. A saint is a person who loves the world.

A divine son is God's son. Therefore, he loves God, the palace laws of the heavenly kingdom, and the people who live in the palace. Since such people live centering on God's love, they respect the life of love and the lineage of love. The ideal land that human beings seek for should be a place where they respect these things and are able to live anywhere on this earth as if it were their hometown. When people who live like this enter the spirit world, they will go directly before God without any reservations. (209-16, 1990.1.24)

4.7. Heaven is a life of living for the sake of others

The Kingdom of Heaven is where those who have made sacrifices for others become the masters. The family should sacrifice for the sake of the tribe, the tribe for the people. The people for the nation, the nation for the world, the world for the cosmos, and the cosmos for God. The ultimate purpose is in reaching God and occupying Him. The highest ideal for all living beings is to occupy God's love. This is their highest goal. Human beings are given this privilege. (249-49, 1993.10.7)

In the spirit world, people who valued those around them and who served and sacrificed for the whole can go to a higher level. This is the common character of the people of heaven. What kind of people go to the higher realms of the spirit world? They are those who invest everything, invest like God, and invest and forget about what they have invested. Those who brought many people to God's side for the sake of the salvation of humanity can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Your position and situation in the spirit world is determined by the number of citizens you raised up for the Kingdom of Heaven. (249-40, 1993.10.8)

When you go to the spirit world, you will clearly know how miserable those men and women are who failed to live for the sake of others, who failed to live with love. In heaven, there are only people who live for the sake others. If you can live like that here on earth, you will swiftly rise to God as you are. Since I have known this, I have not wanted to show myself until this time. I let all my disciples go in front of me and let them stand in a glorious position. (202-249, 1990.5.24)

If you search for that which is true, you have to make your body live absolutely for the sake of your mind. When these become one, you can stand in a spiritually upright position directly connected to heaven and earth centering on God and you would know everything about the whole situation wherever you go, to the north, south, east, west, high, or low. You would automatically connect to the spirit world. You would know without having to learn. How did I come to know everything about the secrets of heaven and earth? I found out everything after achieving that kind of state.

After having reached the state where the mind and body resonated centering on true love, everything became clear. I could experience God fully. I could see the world of heaven. I could see history. I could see everything. Why? God's principles for His original ideal of creation provide the requisite environment that enables us to relate and bond through true love and lead an ideal life. Therefore, on entering that state, I had access to everything. I could call upon my ancestors in the spirit world and they would immediately appear; and I was able to ask them anything. (199-172, 1990.2.21)

What kind of being is the God who created this universe and its laws? He is the one who stands in the representative position of having lived for the sake of others more than anyone else has. This is God. Therefore, in order to meet Him, you have to live for the sake of others. Even though He is the great king of knowledge, He does not ask you to come to Him with knowledge. God is also the great king of power, yet He does not ask you to come with power. He is also the master and great king of authority, money, and material, but His desire is not for people to gather these things. If you live for the sake of others, everything can come to you. (133-16, 1984.7.11)

The original homeland only welcomes those people who lived for God, were born for others, and lived and died for others. This is the fundamental nature of the original homeland. Therefore, God raised many religions throughout the course of history to train people to seek for the original homeland.

Religions teach people to be humble and meek and to sacrifice because those are the principles of the spirit world to which they are destined to go. Religions have had to train people during their earthly life to qualify for the other world. Therefore, the more advanced religions emphasize a higher level of sacrifice and service in order to raise people in line with the heavenly world through their daily lives. (75-320, 1975.1.16)

Those who follow money cannot go on the path of eternal life. Those who follow knowledge cannot go on the path of eternal life. Where can you find eternal life in knowledge or learning? The more knowledge one has, or the more one knows, the more arrogant one becomes and arrogance borders the satanic world. The master of arrogance, the gang leader of arrogance, is Satan. I am sorry, professors, but this is the truth, as I know it. You will find out once you die. Once you go to the spirit world, you will find out if what I said was right or wrong. Once there, you can protest to me. As a teacher, I am right since I taught you the right thing. I am a teacher here. I am a teacher there. Moreover, I am not a bad teacher. (200-127, 1990.2.24)

In the spirit world, stubbornness is the greatest enemy. Those who served as congressional representatives will truly have a hard time in the spirit world. You should know this clearly. Professors should be re-educated. This is why I take off their shell and have them sweat as laborers again. They should sweat and dig the ground. That is what they should do. In this regard, I wove those professors together and warmly welcome them to this day. If I continue to treat them so well, they will accuse me in the spirit world. They will say, "Why did you do that, knowing all those things? Why didn't you teach us the right way?" This is the truth. Try going to the spirit world to see if my words are true. (201-257, 1990.4.28)

People who lived for the sake of others go to the heavenly world. People who ask others to live for their sake cannot go there. For this reason, those who became scholars, presidents, and kings in this world go to hell. They did not live for others. If you observe the heart of church ministers, you see that they only think of gaining something for themselves, not about giving to others. No matter how much the parents give to their child, they try to prepare something more to give. Such efforts, which are based on a heart of giving, will prosper. (276-30, 1996.3.10)

When the spirit world and human beings forge a connection, we realize that nothing can be hidden. When you observe water, you see that it always flows from top to bottom. Any empty space will be filled up with air. In the same way, the spirit world is an entity in motion. There is no emptiness wherever the spirit world goes. It fills everywhere. In order to receive water your container should be empty. If there is something in the bowl, then you can only receive enough to till whatever space is left empty. In the same way, air enters empty spaces, but if those spaces are clogged up, air cannot fill them. (280-11, 1996.10.13)

If you slip away to the spirit world, people from thousands and tens of thousands of years ago will try to gather around you. When you move, they will band together and come flocking to you. All of you want to live near me, do you not? When you are nearby, you all think, "I want to live looking at Father like this." Who makes it this way? It is not you, yourself. Heavenly fortune and the laws of the universe try to make everyone gather around such a person and unite with him. That is the law. No matter how you try to stay away, you cannot. (255-170, 1994.3.10)

Become a person who lives for others. This is the root of the creation and of the formation of the cosmos. Even God exists to live for the sake of others. In this way, the world of peace will unfold before your eyes. There is nothing in the cosmos that goes against this principle. The cosmos and even God will welcome a person who stands in the essential and core position of the subject and root-of-creation. I am such a person. You do not feel you have to live for others because you do not know these things. The spirit world is moving focused on me. Are you aware of that world? No! This is why you go about carelessly. (235-176, 1994.3.10)

Those who live for others centering on true love will be welcomed, day and night, wherever they go in the cosmos. All of you will end up on display in the gallery of the spirit world. The spirit world holds exhibitions of human beings. The way in which a person lived his life on earth will be immediately displayed in the spirit world. Would you like to be at the tail end of the line or would you like to be a person praised by everyone? Which will it be? Do you want to be someone who is praised most highly? In order to become such a person, you should live the way I tell you. In order to be praised as the most high, you should live by the highest standard. That person will surely become the central person. (255-479, 1994.3.10)

Young people do not know this principle. If you have twenty friends, then who remains as the center of all your friends? If you insist, "All of you should live for my sake!" they will all run away from you. If a person lives for the sake of those friends for ten years, twenty years, until his life ends, even in death; then, if there is a spirit world, everyone will gather around that person. This is an indisputable truth. The person who lives more for others and sacrifices more than others will become the central person. (237-44, 1994.3.13)

Those who live for others will not perish. Furthermore, those who live for others will be constantly coached by the spirit world. They will be constantly encouraged to establish relations with new things. Through establishing these relations, they naturally become famous and known worldwide. (292-26, 1991.3 3.27)

Parents first think about their sons and daughters when going through hardships. Men, what is the deepest concern of people's hearts? You have to know how to find people of misfortune and strive to raise them up to your standard. When you do this, the entire world may oppose you and treat you with contempt, but God and heaven will admire and protect you.

The spirits centering on God in the spirit world will go around protecting you like a cloud. Such a person will not perish. When this happens the clouds will sweep away the entire circumstance and sort it out. Thus, you can create results in equal measure to how hard you work and how much you have invested. Although you are persecuted and suffer hardship, heavenly fortune comes behind you and lays this foundation. Saints were persecuted in their times, but in the following generations they left behind their names. Such phenomena occur because the spirit world, heaven, and heavenly fortune make it this way. (207.99, 1990.11.1)

Those who wish to enter the Kingdom of Heaven should live miserably, die miserably, and depart miserably. Are these good words or bad words? They are good words. Then, the words, "Go out and die leading people to the church!" are also good words. You should die for the sake of others. If you die, not for your own sake, but for the sake of others, for the world, and for heaven and earth, you will be raised up as the master of the great universe. (49-303, 1971.10.17)

What remains forever is the suffering of a public life. If, when you go to the spirit world after undergoing the suffering of a public life and find yourself in ruin, you can protest to me. Those who are persecuted during their work for the sake of the people, the world, and heaven are wise people. (19-30, 1967.12.10)

You who begin the religious path should go the way of death until you die. You will go through hardships after you die too, but you have to go this way in order to pay indemnity during your lifetime. By completing the indemnity payment in your lifetime, you reduce the billions of years of suffering that would come after you die. Accordingly, the religious path is to indemnify on earth the suffering course that would otherwise have to be paid eternally. (31-320, 1970.6.7)

The Unification Church does not teach that one should live a rich and comfortable life on earth. Even though you may live a miserable arid poor life, and die on the street so that even the dogs do not touch your corpse, the day will come when flowers will blossom at the place of your death. All holy people will gather at that place to create a capital city.

My belief is to have the members of the Unification Church go through tremendous hardships for the nation and world in order to make them filial children and loyal subjects of the kingdom. I shall chastise those who are not willing to go. Even though I might kick you with my foot, that is my love to enable you to overcome your current miserable situation and present difficulties. (49-303, 1971.10.17) 

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