Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter Seven - Our Relationship with Those in the Spirit World
Section 5. Returning Resurrection and the Assistance of Spirits

5.1. Position of our predecessors in the spirit world

Those who, in the course of their lives, experience the heart of God, who is guiding the providence amidst historical sorrow, cannot behold Him without tears, wherever they may be. Being in such a position, they understand God's will and struggle to become His children. When He finds such kindred spirits, God will come to that place and shed tears.

God's sorrow is embedded within us and at the same time, within this nation, world and within all things. We should liquidate this sorrow and develop a movement to restore His joy. Experiencing God's sorrow is central to our life.

The question is whether we have set the standard to mobilize the people in the spirit world, who are unknown to earthly people, to testify to us. The spirit world is also requiring such things. Since the spirit world knows God's heart, if such people on earth appeal to them, spirit people will be mobilized to help with the work on earth of actualizing the ideal of the heavenly kingdom. Spirit people cannot come to earth because it has become a realm of complaint. (4-60, 1958.3.2)

The place where you are standing is not where Adam of old fell. It is beyond that hill. In other words, now is the time when Adam can converse with God directly and go straight toward one purpose directly.

From this point of view, the histories before and after the third seven-year course will be entirely different. In this course, the forces of evil must descend and the forces of good will ascend. Because of this, it is the time when the spiritual and physical worlds intersect.

In the spirit world, there are evil, middle-level and good spirits. They stay at the three stages of formation, growth and completion. By being linked to the third seven-year course, the good spirits will have a path enabling them to contact the earth. That is inevitable. Since the formation and growth stages lie within Satan's dominion, the evil spirits within the dominion of the forces of evil have played a leading role, and evil people have dominated the entire world. From now on, the spirits will begin to cross over to the earth.

The spirit world descends at this time of intersection, with the evil spirits descending first. This time of intersection is the time of transcending the middle spirit world and crossing over into the good spirit world. On this day of crossing over, the good spirits and the good people will ascend while the evil spirits and the evil people will descend. Up until now, good and evil were in a muddle, crisscrossing over each other while ascending and descending. But from now on, I see us entering a new-dimensional age, in which good and evil can be completely separated. (75-193, 1975.1.5)

When you arrive in the spirit world, you will see some great New Testament martyrs honored and who were supposedly in a lofty place dwelling in the most miserable place. Those who die thinking that their death will bring them to heaven cannot go there. The attitude of people who die like that is like that of someone who became insane and committed suicide for heaven. Yet those who suffered and sacrificed even though they were not martyred, believing that their sacrifice would create heaven in their nation, and who helped countless other people go to heaven, turn out to be the ones who end up in lofty places there.

We must root out and rectify the essence of faith. Christianity caused much trouble by teaching such ideas. Unification Thought has to get rid of these problems. Even if we do not destroy it, it is destined to perish. Yet why must we destroy it quickly? Because if it perishes on its own, it will be abandoned by God. So we must destroy it and redeem it. (64-198, 1972)

Among your ancestors, many have gone to hell. We must liberate them all. The parents must go this way, and you have been placed on the path to follow them. Accordingly, you are destined to follow this path all the way to the end.

Then the spirit world will help us through the individual, family, tribal and ethnic levels, carrying on the fortune for unification. Once the world is unified, the spirit world will automatically unite. The people in the spirit world are descending to the earth, yet evil spirits have been descending before the good ones do. This is why the phenomenon of neurosis is occurring among people on earth. You did not know this, but now evil spirits have all descended upon the earth and invaded the human world.

With the coming of the age of ideological confusion based on the democratic and communist worlds, evil spirits descend from the spirit world and cause spiritual and physical chaos. When good spirits descend to earth, however, they spread out around the evil spirits. Having descended upon the earth, they disperse the evil spirits and occupy the land these evil spirits had been occupying.

When good spirits occupy the earth, there is no place for evil spirits to go. So they will begin to surrender. When Satan comes to the earth and surrenders, evil spirits will also be restored. So in the Last Days, we must even restore Satan.

5.2. Spirit world mobilization and assistance

You must witness even when it does not go well. It is like throwing stones into the sea. You keep on doing it and do not stop until the stones fill the sea and form a mountain. Through this, your heart grows. Even if your body remains unchanging, your heart grows.

Get up at dawn and pray with tears for your neighborhood and your mission area. This is the way of the heart and the way of establishing a spiritual bond with the spirit world. You should feel that if God were to look down upon this neighborhood, He could not help but shed tears because they are all destined for hell, and you would feel like shedding tears yourself in His place, in empathy with Him. When the force of sympathy enters you, enabling you to shed tears based on God's heart, the entire spirit world will be mobilized.

As human beings, you should be moved to tears in God's presence. Inspire Him to be grateful to you and able to shed tears, saying that although you are the descendants of fallen Adam and Eve, you are better than them. Otherwise you cannot communicate with the spirit world. Only when God is moved to tears and says, "As the descendants of fallen Adam and Eve, and as the descendants of traitors, how can you be like this!" Only then will the spirit world come to your assistance. The spirit world opens from there. Anything below that standard will never work. This is the Principle. (9?-280, 1978.2.13)

Would you all like to go to the spirit world? Which is more sincere: your desire to go to the spirit world or the desire of spirit people to return to earth? From the perspective of the Principle should you or the spirit world be more passionate? The spirit world is the realm of the archangel, and here on earth is the realm of Adam and Eve, the realm of the children. Should not the children be more passionate than the servant, rather than the other way around?

Are you supposed to help the spirit world or is the spirit world supposed to help you? The spirits are waiting to come to help, but why are they waiting? Would they help you to build God's Kingdom on earth or to eat well and live in comfort? They would help to build the kingdom on earth. (1987.2.15)

The spirit world must be mobilized. How can heaven be formed without mobilizing the spirit world? It cannot. Heaven is supposed to begin from the True Parents, not the fallen descendants who have existed until now. Just as the angelic world helped when Adam was created, the spirit world should return to earth and help in the re-creation. Without doing so, it is not possible to build heaven on earth. Is that not the Principle? Is this not the Principle of Resurrection? It will be recognized as true when it appears as real and unchanging. (162-114, 1987.3.30)

I make your life hard and make you suffer not because I hate you, but to save you. You should realize that all this is for the sake of saving you. You must understand and be grateful that your suffering is for your own salvation. Then the world of heavenly heart, the new world of heart, will unfold before you. This is the order of things. So once you possess the bonds of the heart, you can fly anywhere, day or night, according to the heavenly command. If you are determined to take responsibility and lead the world like a locomotive, the spirit world will help you. If you think like this, it will surely help you. (96.275, 1971.2.13)

If you keep pace with the Unification Church by way of the principled standard, good spirits and ancestors in the spirit world who used to cooperate with the national fortune will work for you. Externally, you may appear unlucky with a flat face and small ears, but the spirit world sees you as a lucky child. Your ancestors within ten generations are anxious because the history of restoration is realized based on ten generations. Yet when an evil descendant appears, ancestors within ten generations judge him by saying, "Hey you! You are going to ruin us!"

For this reason, those who have good ancestors will be actively supported by them. You all are standing in such a position. The spirit world will be eternally happy if you, who are in such a position, tight with excitement and style and win every battle wherever you go. Various evil spirits will fall back with surprise even before they show up. So these ancestors will attend you like a king.

We must prepare a victorious foundation before God's will with the heart that refuses to defile God's tradition and dignity. You must pray about what kind of tradition you will establish. Now is a blessed time. (14-19, 1964.4.19)

5.3. The spirit world and ancestors

When I look at people's faces, I immediately know whether they have good or bad ancestors. Some people have good ancestors and receive blessings. Others have bad ancestors and suffer unbearably. Such people suffer unbearable hardships even when they go witnessing in their mission areas. (37-144, 1970.12.23)

When your character has a certain shortcoming, then listen to the kind of testimony that can supplement it. Listen to those testimonies and absorb them to enhance your character. That is why you must listen to many testimonies about other people's personal experiences. When you listen, do not criticize them.

Criticizing means deciding between Satan's side and God's side. When you criticize, you end up on one of two sides: Satan's or God's. Therefore, criticizing can be a cancer in your development. Once you are on Satan's side, you cannot just go to God's side, and once you are on God's side, you cannot go over to Satan's side. In our life, we do not just go in a straight line but zigzag.

We are the conduits for not only good ancestors but also evil ones. In terms of our disposition, when we have many character traits from our good ancestors we go the way of goodness. But a part of us also comes from our evil ancestors. A time will come during your lives when you will surely behave in an evil way. If you criticize, it will bring trouble. Hence, the words "do not judge others" make sense. (76-139, 1975.2.2)

If you possess true love, you can join God's party anytime. You will see thousands of ancestors and spirits because of being able to transcend time and space.

Only those who have the heart of true love can manage and transcend all this. The only way to obtain the privilege of receiving the rights of inheritance from God is through love. If people of true love were to push past me, I would be very happy and would not react against them. Everyone would welcome them. Since the other world is like that, you must be trained here.

I am teaching these things to create people who can go to God's world, breathe there and be synchronized with it. Then you must be able to dance to the beat. Am I not also going to the spirit world soon? Satan cannot follow me there. (147-115, 1986.8.31)

We must become one by receiving God's true spirit. Since people were born from the origin, we must begin from the original subject and maintain the standard of moving the body through this process. Then we can achieve complete integration. Otherwise, we end up with an imperfect integration.

Unification Church members are moving within a living reality with a clear background. Because when they try going their own way the spirit world stops them and helps them put things in order through spiritual revelations. This is an amazing thing. Therefore, when you look at a Unification Church member, you will see that his body is centered on the spirit and his ancestors are all rooted in him. His good ancestors are all attached to him. They obstruct his body from going toward the evil world and bundle it off quickly toward the good world. (162-103, 1987.3.30)

If there were true parents, true families, true societies, true nations and a true world that governed everything on earth, how wonderful this world would be! Such a world has not been able to come about.

Why has the world become like this? Because of the Fall. Generally speaking, the world is the way it is because it began with an untrue motivation and existed till now as a fallen world.

If human life just ended in this world, how simple it would be! People live eternally. They are made to live eternally. This is a good thing, but you are in trouble. People are to live forever. You would not know, because you have not had so many spiritual experiences. But those who have spiritual experiences can meet all the ancestors who lived millennia ago, including Adam, in the spirit world. (139-274, 1968.5.19)

When you go to the spirit world, you will meet and chat with countless saints and sages and countless ancestors. They will ask you, "Where did you come from? Where on earth? Which country? Where?" and reminisce as they talk with you. Do not friends also share stories about the past when they meet? When you go to the spirit world you will meet your first grandfather and thousands and myriads of your ancestors. Yet how would you feel if they asked you roughly, "You good-for-nothing, what kind of a life did you lead?" Think about it. (148-320, 1986.10.26)

5.4. The hope of spirit people

If our Unification Church members have a sincere, loving heart to make the True Parents happy at least once in their life, they will be in rhythm with the other world.

What would the people in the spirit world think? Would they not want to bring me something to eat and see me eat it? They are more enthusiastic than you are. It is true. You do not know, but they know everything. They know everything that will happen in the future. You are ignorant, but the other world has clear knowledge and understanding.

The people in the spirit world know clearly how they can devote themselves and serve me. All the five senses feel a stimulating force from me. You have not been able to feel this so far, but now you will be able to feel this when you are connected with me. (207-97, 1990.11.1)

5.5. Returning resurrection and rebirth

5.5.1. Returning resurrection

Just as the good ancestors were able to enter the life-spirit level from the form-spirit level when Jesus came upon the earth, your ancestors, too, have entered the realm which gives them the special privilege to return to earth through the conditions you have made. When you understand this and become victorious branches, you stand in a position of having created life, and consequently, your ancestors will help you. In this way, you should be the base through which thousands of generations of your good ancestors can return.

The time of Jesus was the era in which the spirit world helped conditionally for the sake of resurrection to the life-spirit level. But now is the era in which they help unconditionally for the sake of resurrection to the divine-spirit level. Since such an era has come, there is no greater blessing. In other words, the spirit world is helping. (14-21, 1964.4.19)

The world has opposed me. How much did the world try to kill me and get rid of the Unification Church? We were able to steer our way through all this because I was not crazy.

I have tied a rope high up with God according to the way of heaven and earth. People tried to grab hold of the rope, but they failed. In the end, this created wars between churches and nations, bringing countries to ruin. The Unification Church fought and knocked out the established churches, political parties, and the democratic and communist worlds that had opposed it. When the rope is hanging from high up, do you think they could sever it with their own strength? Can they cut off the Unification Church? Whether it is based on philosophy or religion or communication with the spirit world, no one can match us in theory.

This happened when I was in America. There is a spiritualist association, and its head was Arthur Ford. He had heard about Rev. Moon from Asia. Our missionaries did not visit person by person. They would bring Divine Principle books to people who had received spiritual communication and tell them, "Please check what kind of book this is. I will come back in a week." When the missionaries went back after a week, people would say, "Oh, Master, please come!" (205.193, 1990)

We should offer sacrifices to God with a theoretical system and practical foundation with which we can subjugate the spirit world. This ceremony of sacrifice was today's morning pledge service (November 17, 1990, the 31st Children's Day). In that place, I prayed that since the time had come, the current that had been flowing in reverse through heaven and earth must now flow in the right direction. Since God has restored the birthright of the firstborn, all second sons to be born in the future and those existing now are under His rule. Consequently, in the era of the second son after the restoration of the birthright of the firstborn, heavenly law cannot condone the devil's sphere of activities.

Up until now, all the spirits in the spirit world have abused Abel on earth. Just as the first son murdered and sacrificed the second son, since we have the birthright of the firstborn here, from now on we can even regulate the spirit world.

Now they must help us in order to receive blessings. The more they oppose us, the deeper into the pit they will fall. Heavenly fortune is changing rapidly. In the future, they will clamor to have a picture of me hanging in each of their houses. From the spirit world your ancestors will admonish you. Accordingly, those who hang up our flag and my picture and bow to it daily will enliven the work of resurrecting their ancestors.

I do not need to say these things because it sounds like I am telling you to obey me absolutely. I do not like saying such things, but there is no other way.

Until now, numerous sundry low-level spiritualists told you not to go to the Unification Church. Yet from now on, if Buddha, Jesus, and Confucius do not encourage people to go to the Unification Church, they will be violating heavenly law. Why? Because the religion I teach is that of the Parents. (208-53, 1990.11.17)

5.5.2. Answers about the principle of rebirth

In Asia people talk not about the principle of rebirth but about the theory of reincarnation, which is a Buddhist idea. They view returning resurrection as such a phenomenon, because they just see it as a single instance. They do not see the whole picture. Spirit people in the spirit world want to benefit through people on earth. This is their request.

Original people who have not fallen are valuable beings who can manage the angelic world and the universe. Due to the Fall, people dropped several levels downward and consequently must go back up to that original position. In ascending, however, they do not do so in one step but through stages, restoring individuals, families, tribes, people, nations, the world, and all the way up to the cosmos.

Originally, people were to go to this world. Yet, because there is no way of going up in one step, each stage must be pioneered and passed through, from the individual to the family, from the family to the tribe, and from the tribe to the race.

In view of God's providence, those who died before the Old Testament Age, which is the age of the providence for individual salvation, desire to enter that age and receive its benefits. As such, going up each stage inevitably requires indemnity. Crossing over each stage inevitably requires conditions of indemnity, like in the case of Cain and Abel.

Even if a spirit named A has been helping through this age up to this point, he cannot cross over into the next stage just like that. There must be a period of indemnity. It is not finished in a day or two but rather over a period of time, such as seven years, forty years, seventy years, or even a few centuries.

Since spirit A, who has been helping up to this point, cannot continue his ascent before his period of indemnity ends, he returns to the spirit world. Spirit A wants someone on earth called B to lay the foundation, but if B fails to indemnify within the period and dies, spirit A chooses someone else called C and waits impatiently to return through C. Thus, the spirit who returns to C is the same A who had returned to B.

Suppose the spirit person is Paul. If B, through whom he returns in an attempt to ascend through each stage over the ages, fails to indemnify within that period and dies, Paul returns through C and helps him and ascends. There must bean indemnity period.

According to the Principle, indemnity is not accomplished in a short time. For this reason, if B, the second chosen person, does not indemnify, the next person C is chosen for coming again. So eventually, Paul will have returned through C. If B were to leave a message or were to do something, he would say that he is working with Paul's assistance now. Likewise, C in the next age will also say in the message that he is working with Paul's assistance and that he is even Paul himself. This way, it looks as if Paul's spirit appeared in B and again in C around the world.

Looking only at such a phenomenon, people call it reincarnation. It appears like it is this phenomenon of reincarnation. People speak like this, because they do not see the whole picture. Such phenomena will appear in this age as well until the global and cosmic ages.

Originally, people were not supposed to live under Satan's rule but rather within the realm of God's direct dominion. Yet due to the Fall, they have come to live in the fallen domain. In order to escape from this fallen domain, they must pay indemnity as individuals and as families. Without indemnifying this, they cannot escape. Each stage looks like a phenomenon of reincarnation or transmigration of souls, because spirit people must appear in each age through the returning phenomenon.

From this point of view, the same applies to all of you. If you have faith just as an individual, but die before having a family, you must surmount the standards of the family, tribe, people, nation and world. Because of this, you will not know how many eons it would take. It corresponds to infinity. Even Jesus could not go over the national standard. In order to do so, he has to come again, and only by going over the peak of the nation can he enter heaven. Right now, he is in paradise and the same reasoning applies here.

The person to whom Jesus comes and directly guides and dwells within calls himself "Jesus." Seeing only this, a person thinks that Jesus is born again in him, which gives rise to the theory of reincarnation. You must understand such a spirit world well.

People who are supposed to live in God's direct dominion of goodness live instead in the fallen dominion, and thus must escape from the evil dominion. This is why such things happen. Jesus did it spiritually. So did Christianity.

From this point of view, the Unification Principle of Resurrection conforms exactly to the realities of the spirit world. In other words, it teaches you the formulas of the spirit world. So far, countless religious people have experienced these unknown facts of the spirit world but have not understood them clearly.

When you hear this principle, however, do not just learn it as a theory. It is difficult enough to find this principle itself, but you must practice it in your own life and achieve victory. If you fail in this, I will not teach it to you.

In other words, instead of just learning about Noah's family, Abraham's family, Jacob's family, the age of Moses, John the Baptist, and the age of Jesus and stopping there, it involves understanding about them all, paying indemnity for them, and equipped yourself with the restored foundation of victory. I will teach it to you when you have done that.

Unless we turn our past defeats by Satan into victory, we cannot realize God's will. The figures who took charge of the providence of restoration -- such as Noah, Abraham, Jacob and Moses -- did not know this. Yet the Lord who is coming upon the earth must indemnify the failures of individuals, families, tribes, people and nations. He is the representative who knows all this and can put it into effect until the ideal world is found. If he does not, it will not he realized.

When meeting the Messiah, what will happen if you believe in and follow him? If you meet him at the time he perfects the ages of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation, you will also receive the benefits of those ages, ascending to the national level. Yet, for those in the age of the individual to receive the Messiah and thereby ascend to the age of the family, they must pay indemnity on earth, just as spirit people do. Also, because they must go through the course of indemnity to ascend from the age of the family to the age of the tribe, the longer they have stayed in the Unification Church, the more indemnity they have paid. The longer they have been here, the closer they are to me.

The way up to the age of the nation is one of vertical ascent, and the national system should be determined and surmounted here. Yet, if you do not continue the process of ascending, you may fall away, because however high the stage to which you ascend, the same phenomena recur, due to indemnity; this is the nature of spiritual phenomena. Indemnity blocks your way. It causes opposition. This is why it is easy to fall away after taking a risk and making a mistake. If you fail here, you will collapse.

The nation of Israel and Judaism prepared to receive the Messiah for over four millennia, but because the Will remained unfulfilled with Jesus death, the prepared foundation completely collapsed. Consequently, countless people have been sacrificed in the ups and downs of the process.

This happens to the mainstream of God's providence, but it also happens to many subsidiary peoples around the world. Through this, indemnity is paid globally.

Since the providence ascends as a mainstream in this way, other people around the world take either conforming or opposing positions and pay indemnity. Things are organized through such indemnity. Until now, countless religions have made many sacrifices in going the course of restoration.

The question is how do people in the spirit world and religious people on earth attain the highest level of goodness? In other words, how do they take their places after transcending the national level? This person becomes the Messiah; he comes to seek that. As he knows the way to pay indemnity, when people unite with him, even though they have not yet paid indemnity, their indemnity period will be shortened. If a nation takes its place with him, all individuals of the nation will be included here. If a nation pays indemnity, its families, tribes, people, and the nation itself will ascend to the global level. Looking at it this way, think how quickly the world would he restored if one nation were recovered!

Only by establishing a nation can we transcend paradise. Paradise is the same as a waiting room before going to heaven. If errors remain that were committed by Adam, Noah, Abraham and Jacob as they underwent the process of restoration, these must all be indemnified. Without indemnity being paid, horizontal development cannot take place.

From this point of view, we can know how important a nation is. If we have a nation, we will not fall away. For instance, the German government intervenes with the affairs of foreigners in Germany in the same way it does with its own citizens. If a foreigner does something wrong, he is deported. If someone is deported and if he is stateless, where can they go? They have nowhere to go. Even if such a person was sentenced to death, they would have nowhere to appeal.

The same can be said about the satanic realm. In the satanic realm, we are their enemies. As theists are their enemies, how much do they hate and persecute us in their realm? Not only that, even if they were to deport or kill us, we would have nowhere to appeal. Since the nation is important, God comes looking for it.

In seeking a nation, you must pay indemnity for the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. You must go through indemnity courses as an individual, family, tribe and people. Otherwise, there is no way to the world-level course. Since the nation is the center, each nation must pass through the central nation in order to go this way.

If you died without restoring a nation, you could only return to the earth to support individuals and families, unable to work with dignified authority. You would not be qualified to fight for the occupation of the satanic world.

Accordingly, you can be registered only when a nation appears. Have you been registered? You have been registered with the Unification Church, but not with God's unified nation. Can you be citizens without a nation? No.

Because of this, all the people in the spirit world hope to assist the people of this nation. Only if you are in this nation will returning phenomena occur horizontally.

As the phenomena occur horizontally, the foundation you work for will remain for you. When ascending in seeking that nation, however much indemnity you may have paid, you would lose everything if you were to collapse. Wherever you might have climbed up to from the bottom, if you were to collapse, everything would disappear. This has happened repeatedly.

But when this is being done on a horizontal level, what you have worked for will remain eternally. In other words, in the age of ascending through restoration, you lose what you invested through indemnity, but when a nation is found and we work horizontally, it will be the age in which your efforts will remain as your accomplishments, rather than disappearing as indemnity. (54-277, 1972.3.24) 

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