Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter Seven - Our Relationship with Those in the Spirit World
Section 4. New Spiritual Age

4.1. The coming of the age of extrasensory perception

It is not as if the spirit world ceases to exist when you cross over just one peak. In the future, the age of extrasensory perception will come, and then there will be no one who cannot communicate with the spirit world. The time of people and spirits attacking the earth is over. Now Satan and evil spirits are attacking. But there will come a time when good spirits will attack. I am doing this in order to pave the way for that.

Regarding the attitude of parents toward their children, it is good for there to be parents present and caring for their children with loving hearts and from a loving position.

This path cannot be avoided no matter who may reject it. The path of death is unavoidable. What if you have to go the way alone? Where would you go if a desolate spirit world were to open up for you? Where do stateless people go? It might be a most fearful world. Both Satan and the angels will come there.

When you open your eyes suddenly after you have died, you will realize the spirit world exists. But then what would you do if Satan were to drag you away? Satan might leap at you, saying, "Hey you! Stand at the head of the line!" Such things could happen. If you think about this, can you sleep at night? This is an inevitable course.

I'm serious about such things. What will happen after death? When I go to the spirit world, such and such people will come to me. I have made all the arrangements. I know all the secrets of Confucius, Buddha and Jesus.

I even asked Jesus, "Did you not die because of such and such?" and he replied, "Yes, I did. How did you, the leader of the Unification Church know all that?" By knowing such things, it is even possible for me to become a friend of Jesus.

You or Christians may call Jesus, "Lord! Lord!" but I do not. We are friends. They call me a heretic for saying such things, but you will find out who is the heretic when you go over there. You should prepare the ground for all these things before you go.

I'm doing this because I know very well that when I go to the spirit world, there will be a big commotion. If you cannot believe this, pray and find out for yourselves. This is the threat of the Unification Church. If you prayed and found out that you were wrong, what would you do? That is what happens because all such preparations have been made.

That is why I am following this way, although it is difficult. How about you? Where will you go? Are you ready? When you are dying, Will you say to me, "Oh Teacher, please help me, as I am dying and going to the spirit world," nothing can be done by then. Preparations cannot be made then, but only while on earth. (61-127, 1972.9.3)

4.2. Entering a new age through the declaration of the Day of the Victory of Heaven

Jesus is formation stage, the twelve apostles are growth stage, and the seventy-two disciples are the completion stage; these are the three stages. If you cannot do this, you can not go to heaven. Originally, you receive the Blessing after doing this. Then Jesus also gets married.

When your entire family comes to believe, with all three generations, grandparents, children and grandchildren, taking charge of this and that, then they can function as three generations. When this happens, by restoring your parents you can immediately restore your ancestors from myriads of generations.

The age is coming when the spirit world can return to the earth. The organization on earth also forms the organization in the spirit world, and they become one. As such amazing phenomena occur imagine how overjoyed the spirit world will be!

Hence, the age of victory of religion and of the spirit world has come. (96-250, 1978.1.22)

Now pray, in accordance with True Father's words, on this Day of the Victory of Heaven, October 4 (1976), you good spirits please return and lead your evil descendants on earth to heaven through your virtuous embrace." An age is coming when such commands will be made possible. Since we live within the domain of the age of Adam, and spirits live in the domain of angels, due to the principle and law that angels must assist Adam, we quickly come to the conclusion that they would be compelled to help. (89-111, 1976.10.4)

The spiritual and mental world is basically a realm of unification. If you say, "I would like to see so-and-so," and wait for twenty-four hours, that person comes. This happens. When you focus, he appears. This is like sending out radio signals.

Then, because he has a mind that works like a receiver, for no reason at all, he becomes curious about you and feels a desire to come. (76-142, 1975.2.2)

4.3. Unification Ceremony and spiritual assistance

What is the significance of True Parents' birthday (sixth day of the lunar New Year)? After returning this time (1976). On the first day of the second month of the lunar calendar, I conducted what is called the Unification Ceremony. You may not know what this ceremony is.

In the course of restoration you must perfect the individual, family, tribe, nation and world and connect them in a straight line.

On earth, I had accomplished things on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation, but they were not yet connected to the spirit world. Nor were they connected to the families of the Unification Church. Although the road was paved, it had to be connected with the spirit world and then to the physical world. Only then could the Unification Ceremony take place.

When could the Unification Ceremony take place? Since Christianity has been developing globally mainly through democratic countries, unification is possible only when there is a global foundation. Without such a foundation, unification at one level cannot be connected to other levels. Until then, we could only aim at the global level from the national level, but we could not determine and fix it.

But now, through the foundation I made in America, we can make the connection. Now is the time when the nation and world are connected. When this spiritual standard can be connected to the global foundation, based on such a global standard, it can be connected to the spirit world for the first time.

In the spirit world, Korean and Japanese spirits are not well connected. Spirits of different nationalities were connected only to their own countries, so we could not mobilize them all as a unified force toward one global path. Until this is resolved on earth, the spirit world cannot be organized.

Thus, in the spirit world, Japanese and Koreans, Japanese and Chinese are all enemies to each other. There is so much animosity between nations in the spirit world. Since those enemy spirits are against each other, they have to get connected.

Thus, I conducted the Ceremony for Total liberation from Resentment on March I, 1975, a ceremony to liberate and forgive everyone. This opens the way to liberate even Satan. Through this ceremony, enemies can no longer treat each other as enemies but must forgive one another. To me, Satan is my enemy and when I forgive him he is no longer an enemy, since God does not consider him an enemy either.

Now is the time for unification. What will happen when the physical and spirit worlds become one? Was not the Fall the separation of those two worlds? Did God not get separated from Adam and Eve? Wasn’t there a breach of heart between Adam and Eve? Hence, with the spiritual and physical worlds unified, if an interracial structure develops based on Adam and Eve's family, tribe, people, nation, and world, this can create the global realm of unification. These things must be resolved; but it is not possible in the USA. It cannot be done there.

Since I established the individual, family, tribal, ethnic and national foundations centering on Korea, and advanced to the world, and because Korea is the central nation, I hurried to get here. After the Unification Ceremony, I realized that my birthday this year is historic, because the people in the spirit world never before had a chance to attend the True Parents birthday from a unified position, nor were they qualified to celebrate it. Also, all their descendants on earth did not have the privilege to celebrate the True Parents' birthday.

It was because the spiritual and physical foundations were not unified.

Now, however, with such privilege being provided spiritually and physically, the spirit world moves to restore descendants. From the standpoint of the Principle, the ancestors are in the archangel's position and their descendants in Adam's position. That is because the archangel assisted in the creation of Adam. With the unification of the ancestors in the spirit world, a foundation was created enabling them to assist in the re-creation of Adam on earth. Therefore, logic leads us to the conclusion that we have entered the time in which our ancestors can intervene in our affairs.

For this reason, this day, when the True Parents come to Korea to celebrate their birthday, is a day when they open another historic epoch. In other words, countless spirits in the other world now have the privilege to participate in this celebration. Through this, even their descendants on earth who still do not know about the Unification Church can be re-created.

We have now entered the age in which the ancestors assist their descendants and mobilize their descendants to begin the re-creation of the earthly people who stand in a similar position to Adam. This is just like when God created Adam with the archangel's assistance.

Based on this logic, all the people of the whole world can receive the privilege to celebrate the True Parents' birthday. (83-109. 1976.2.5)

4.4. Ceremony of One Heart and ancestral assistance

I have become the head of the Moon clan, not through coercion but through their own desire to attend me. That has come to pass. Do you think I knew this organization existed before? I met it for the first time. Through this meeting, clan heads got together and presented me as the one parent of Korea. In order to accomplish such a thing, this ceremony is essential.

The position of the True Parents spoken of in the Unification Church is not just for Koreans but was originally for all humankind and the ancestors who went before us. All ancestors should have gone to the spirit world as the True Parents' relatives, but this collapsed due to the Fall. Since the earth is in Abel's position, by following Abel as they went the way of restoring the birthright of the firstborn, the spirit world could be liberated.

Since the physical world has restored the birthright of the firstborn, the time has come for the spirit world to support our endeavors. So be strong and courageous. At this hour, I am determining and proclaiming this ceremony as the Ceremony of One Heart.

You are not sure about the reality of the spirit world, are you? Your good ancestors are making full preparations to help us, through the heads of clan associations. This is connected to the earth like 'X' is to 'Y'. The fallen world, the earth and the spirit world have had different points of view. If the spirit world tries to go one way, the earth opposes it. How can this be overcome? Through true love. (190-314, 195?.6.23) 

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