Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter Seven - Our Relationship with Those in the Spirit World
Section 3. Our Ancestors and Ourselves

3.1. Ancestors are looking upon us

When you go to the spirit world, will your ancestors come to you or not? They will say, "Wow, our descendants joined the Unification Church and met Rev. Moon!" From that point on, the palace and Royal Family of heaven will start. Until now, there has been no palace in heaven.

Between the grandson who obtusely does what I say and the granddaughter who tries to be smart and according to her own thoughts evades me imperceptibly like an eel, who will the ancestors praise? Will they praise the granddaughter who acts like a rabbit or the grandson who acts like a turtle? They will praise the one who acts like a turtle.

Rabbits urinate often. I do not know about turtles. I have not seen them urinate. Rabbits urinate after hopping a short while and do it again after a short while. Why? They are marking their territory to stop other rabbits front encroaching. So we should he like turtles. Those who do as they are told and who move on forgetting about whether it is day or night, oblivious to the passage of time and the seasons, will be welcomed everywhere. All your ancestors in the other world are watching the way you live. There is nowhere to hide. They see everything. When you go to the spirit world, you will be able to pass through walls and even the entire earth.

We must go and live in such a world eternally. Since we were created as God's objects of love, He needs beings who become object partners to His eternal love forever. Just as He is eternal, we are eternal. Without becoming partners of love, we have no eternal life.

In the other world, who goes to the highest place? Those who wish it were possible to be born again as people who serve humanity as God does. Those who empathize with Him and comfort Him eternally get closest to Him: they are those who try to use whatever good things they have for the sake of humanity.

When grandparents approach their dying day, do they not pass on all good things to their children? Just as grandparents hand down to their descendants the fruits of their labors, with that kind of heart we should live in a way that enables us to say we will bequeath something to humanity. (213-1?, 1991.1.20)

3.2. We should surpass our ancestors

When you leave behind a love greater than that of your grandparents and great-grandparents in the house where your ancestors had lived, in the room where your grandfather, your father and you were born, heaven will see the luster of love shining forth. Hundreds, thousands and millions of volts of light will shine forth. If you wonder where the shining light goes, it ascends from your hometown to generations of your ancestors.

When you go to the spirit world, you arrive at the Kingdom of Heaven centering on God. This kingdom is our original homeland. Is not God our original Father?

Adam and Eve are God's incarnations. Since they are horizontal parents with God as the vertical Parent, when people discard their horizontal bodies and vertically return to their hometowns, they live attending God, the eternal king. Who is the king?

Had Adam and Eve not fallen, they would have become monarchs of love who, by perfecting themselves as God's incarnations would fulfill their portions of responsibility, connecting the realms of direct and indirect dominion on earth through God's love. Then God would live in the hearts of Adam and Eve, and the spirits of Adam and Eve would become God's body. They would become one body. Together, they would share and breathe divine and human love eternally.

Hence, we must receive God's love; and next, strive to practice love closer to the essential love than that of the ancestors Adam and Eve. This is the eternal path you walk in the spirit world, seeking after truth. (213-190, 1991.1.20)

3.3. We should also visit our ancestral graves

If your grandparents are deceased, you should visit their graves with the feeling that God is buried there. From now on, when they die, you are to mourn and wail bitterly. You should atone for the resentment you caused by not having served your grandparents well during your lifetime.

You should offer devotion until God hears your cry and recognizes you and until your grandfather sends a message that it is now okay. At harvest time, you should not forget your grandparents. You should visit and serve them earnestly in each of the four seasons. Then they will commend you and say that although they mistakenly thought that you had become a departed soul or baby goblin of the Unification Church, you had actually become a royal grandchild.

You should serve your parents better than any king was served by his parents. Do you not wish that your parents were king and queen? Your heart's desire is for your parents to be higher than God and a king, and for you to be permitted to serve them as such. You should live with the qualifications of royal children who can make their mother and father happier than any kings of this world, even if you had to abide by palace protocol.

Then your parents cannot help but praise you whenever they open their mouths. Since your ancestors in heaven and your descendants will all praise you, the realm of unification will develop centered on attending all those parents and grandparents. The realms of unification for grandchildren, parents, children of filial piety will determine the one mainstream all generations in the future. The seed of unification can be sown on this foundation. Once you have this, you will go forward, dreaming. (220-34, 1991.10.20)

Since the birthright of the firstborn has now been restored, all our ancestors for three generations -- grandfather, father and elder brother -- will submit themselves before the positions of the firstborn, the parents and the king to attend their grandson as their ancestor and grandfather. As this great upheaval of heaven and earth a 180-degree inversion takes place, in which a child is attended as a parent and a younger brother is attended as an elder brother, a similar action takes place in hell, changing its direction so that it can move toward heaven.

Thus, we must return to our hometowns and restore 160 families. In your hometowns, you should have people listen to the Word, traveling back and forth. When the eldest grandson by the eldest son, who is the root of the lineage, recommends it then all the collateral descendants should follow. So gather all the 160 families and hold a feast with a Unification Church declaration ceremony. They should pledge absolute obedience to the orders of God's princes and princesses, assemble at the ancestral burial ground in front of the ancestral grave, and attend them like a king being enthroned.

You must be able to say, "Through the True Parents we have become ancestors who can bequeath a new lineage and become a blessed tribe that affects the realm of liberation! Our tribe will be of God's eternal unchanging household and kinship!" When that happens, you will bid farewell to Satan completely.

The Unification Church allows the honoring of ancestors. Did Christianity allow you to perform a memorial service for the repose of your ancestors? The Unification Church should carry on and establish this tradition. This is not a secular tradition. This becomes the royal domain for eternally serving the traditional blood relatives in the realm of tribal messiahs who are succeeding in the genealogical generations by serving the heavenly Parent, the heavenly kingdom and the heavenly ancestors. It will be a nation where we can attend the king and sing praises for the eternal reign of peace. Do you understand? You, your mother, father, family and tribe can go directly to heaven only after having lived in such a nation. (220-221, 1991.10.19)

3.4. Ancestors we can meet in the spirit world

You must know what your house is like. It is a representative house for all the houses that people inhabit while living on earth. Not only that, it even represents the spirit world. You can live in that house. Those who have lived in this way can naturally and automatically go to the realm of the original homeland, their hometown. There will be no conflict when meeting grandparents or anyone else.

When you go to the other world, thousands of generations of your ancestors will all be gathered there. There will be some of them who ended up in hell. Some generations of your ancestors went to hell, while others went to different places. They are staying at different levels. Those who lived serving others go to heaven. So you can be an example of the saying, "All is well if there is harmony in the family". If you live for the sake of your family and take care of your grandparents just three times, they will realize that they were in the wrong.

How many times, through miracles and mighty works, did Moses try to serve in Egypt? Several times -- seven, ten, even more than twelve times he tried to serve. When you try to serve and yet they do not receive you, then God will guide you. What you have officially invested in one place through serving others, He will bring to fruition in other places. So, among the people of faith living on earth within the satanic world, those who served God on earth will live well in His original homeland, even though they had been persecuted and opposed on earth, just as the Israelites became the chosen people and entered Canaan after passing through the wilderness.

So, have you served white-haired grandmothers well? God is white. Snow gathers in high mountains, right? God is clean. So the brain knows all this. Also, did these grandmothers serve their own mothers-in-law and grandmothers-in-law? They must serve their mothers-in-law and grandmothers-in-law in such a way that their dying words will be, "I will go ahead and prepare to receive you in the other world just as you have served me." (13-182) 

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