Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter Seven - Our Relationship with Those in the Spirit World
Section 2. The Relationship Between People on Earth and the Spirits

2.1. People on earth and the spirits

This world is the devil's world. We must recover it. You do not know when you will die, do you? Everyone dies. If we do not lay the foundation on earth to surmount and go back and forth over the peak of death, God's Kingdom on earth will not be created. Without that, His kingdom in heaven will not be established. We must make it possible to come back to the earth at will after going to the spirit world. Only then will we live in God's Kingdom on earth and establish and live in His kingdom in heaven.

After going to the spirit world, we must be able to freely return. Without realizing God's Kingdom on earth, we cannot return freely. This is not a wild fantasy. That's how it is. We must make an effort to make this possible for eternity. All our ancestors have failed to fulfill their portions of responsibility and indemnity conditions, and so were unable to find their way in the spirit world and descent to earth to pay indemnity. Likewise, you must not repeat the same failures. You will be caught by this fact since Principle is true. (40-723, 19?6.2.1)

There is a wall between the way religions must go and the way the ordinary world must go. How can unbelievers harmonize themselves with believers, and how can believers make harmony among themselves in the age at the end of the century? Without resolving this problem, humankind will be divided in two and become unable to enter a new unified world.

If these two factions were to enter one world, that would result in a divided world, and this cannot be the ideal of the absolute God. I consider that since the ideal world of God can only be one, the two divisions cannot both enter there. The way to solve this problem cannot be found in complicated global affairs. The problem is how one can discover the self that will unify the mind and body and leap toward the goal.

Starting from the idea that religious and world unity must come from myself; the question of what the Unification Church is trying to do today comes to the forefront. It is not a religion just for the sake of religion. It should achieve solidarity with the world, finding ways that religious activity can be accompanied by social activity; it should find ways the world is seeking the religious path and bring the two into oneness. A big wall lies across here blocking religion and society from becoming one -- for individuals, families, peoples, nations, the world, and even the cosmos.

Where do we start from to demolish this wall? Where did the trouble start? Not from the end of the world, but from the individual. Because individuals got out of order, mind and body came apart and pursued their own separate purposes in different directions. What is the issue here? It is how to merge, weave, combine, and melt different purposes into one, and then how to reintegrate mind and body.

Since God and Satan exist, they are at work. Until now, God has been guiding the providence of restoration and the providence of seeking truth to save humankind. Contrary to this, Satan is opposing God's providence. On the side of goodness and after setting one ideal world in the direction of His providence, God is driving toward that purpose, distinguishing daily between right and wrong. On the other hand, the evil god Satan is twisting humankind in the opposite direction while telling them not to go that way.

At each border and wall, God is twisting people's arms and saying, "Don’t go over the wall. Turn right!" and Satan is also twisting their arms and saying, "Turn left!" This is how we are being divided. Our movement to go right resulted in the right wing, and the result of moving leftward globally is the left wing. Now we are faced with the historical age at the end of the century having right and left wings. This is the visible result of the struggle between mind and body.

Then the question is how to create oneness. By uniting the world, the nation, the tribe and the family, does the individual become united? No. It must start from an individual.

So, setting aside the world, we must create a movement which can bring about unity within the individuals. A movement that can connect the present day real world to religion, and connect religion to the real world, thereby, becoming individuals that both sides can accept.

The problem here, however, is that evil spirits are dominating the body. Evil spirits are rooted in the body and good spirits in the mind. From this comes the division of materialism and idealism. The things that people talk about in this world do not just spring up like that. As the time approaches, sinners should confess their sins. They should come clean about who they are.

Whether we achieve unity on earth is decided by the testimonies of the good and evil spirits on the global level. Good and evil spirits are fighting on that level. Although we cannot observe it or feel that, we are a part of that. (40-15, 1986.2.1)

2.2. The position of people in the spirit world

Today, there are four billion people living on earth, but in the spirit world there are hundreds of billions of souls. The question is how this world and the spirit world, which we consider the subject, are connected. Are they connected through what we consider valuable on earth, such as material, knowledge or position? That cannot be it.

That is because the spirit world is a world that transcends the material world. It transcends the world of knowledge. Since it transcends time and space, it is a world where yesterday's joy can become today's and today's joy can become tomorrow's.

In this light, that essential world does not move based on the things that we who live on earth today need or value. What is important is: what is the center of everything of value within life in the spirit world?

Each soul in the spirit world belongs to its own society. Just like on earth, the spirit realm also has families, tribes, nations and a world.

The spirit world is the place where everyone now living on earth, whether they like it or not, will go and live. From the uncivilized to the civilized, all sorts of groups of people who came and went throughout history will be congregating there.

If, up until now, human history failed to become one based on peace, happiness and the ideal, then what is going to happen to the people in the spirit world? How will they be ruled? People who lived on earth cannot suddenly change in the spirit world. Is there not a saying, "A habit formed when you are three continues until you turn eighty"? It is difficult to correct your inner nature.

In this regard, is there anything particularly different about the people in the spirit world compared to people living on the earth today? Would they suddenly become different? That is not possible. You are harvested with the exact same form in which you lived in this world. All the people in the spirit world are, after all, just people who have lived on earth. From that perspective, the spirit world is no different from the world that people live in today. (141-267, 1986.3.2)

The spirit world has so many types of workers. Yet they cannot come to earth and carry out their work at will. They cannot carry out their work to this extent. They are blocked from doing so.

Unless a bridge is built through religion, only special people can return. For instance, factions were created within Judaism, and when they descend from the spirit world, the mainstream will not be in a straight line. When different lineages of Judaism offer devotions, the mainstream changes back and forth.

Hence, in terms of descending from the spirit world, only those connected with the straight line can descend. They cannot cooperate with each other in the process of returning resurrection. People on earth go to the spirit world within a century. Once in the spirit world, if they want to come back to the next generation. They have to follow the same principle, yet only special ones will be able to do so.

The walls in the spirit world will increase bit by bit. It will get more and more complicated. The next generation will all go to the spirit world. Thus, these walls gradually get bigger. These are all walls.

It is now a global age. Imagine how complicated it must be! Think how many times you must turn around and around in order to find the path. So when the time comes, the walls must be broken down. Our intention is to create paths descending from and entering into the spirit world. The Unification Church will do this work. (102-29, 1978.11.19)

Those who have previously gone to the spirit world are all divided. They do not communicate horizontally, but to some extent they do communicate vertically. (214-124, 1991.7.11)

2.3. Spirits outnumber people on earth

Do you all know how big the spirit world is? Have you ever imagined how big its population would be? Some spiritualists have calculated there are some 3,320 spirits attached to each earthly person. Consider if this number were on our side, would we be defeated by the world or would we conquer it?

Do those spirits fear atomic bombs? Likewise, if you do not fear bullets, atomic bombs or the nation, you will never be defeated. You will surely be victorious. You must go beyond this. Although you are objecting, I will make you go and follow you, after locking the door. I will pretend to be the owner, and I will lock the door once all have gone past me. With these thoughts I have been fighting until now. (845-192, 19?l.2.?)

2.4. Wandering spirits

Those who deny God are more pitiful than people who are starving to death. The latter will be granted a certain level in the other world according to the merits of their good faith, but atheists will have no foothold because they deny the spirit world. They drift about in the spirit world like a mass of clouds. They become wandering spirits. Just as clouds gather and produce rain, they congregate and exert an evil influence. They all go to hell and inflict pain there. Although I know this all too clearly, I must save them, and this is why I am doing this work.

It is a serious problem that people are dying. Sixty thousand now die each day. Twenty million are dying of hunger annually means sixty thousand per day. When the parents, siblings and children of the dying see them, a lamentable heart-wrenching story unfolds. If those who are known as the True Parents do not feel compassion and make the relevant preparations, the fact that they were contemporaries of those people starving on earth will become a source of resentment.

With this in mind, I have been preparing a way to solve the problem of world hunger through ocean-based projects. Even if this means doubling and tripling our hardship, I have given global publicity and prepared a path to enable the Unification Church to offer its help by staying closest to the problem. That is why we created the Washington Television Center. We will launch a fundraising campaign for this.

Considering that people do not live over a hundred years, out of five billion people, fifty million go to the spirit world annually. What can we do for those going to hell? God wants us to harvest for His side what Satan has sown. What will happen, the more this is delayed? During the past forty years, how many have gone to hell? Billions. This is serious. When I go to the spirit world, if they say, "While you were alive on earth, you did not fulfill your responsibility for us, did you?" Then how am I supposed to reply to them? We should at least think about this. When I talk to the members, I share these thoughts and express my determination to take responsibility for the future. They will say, "You are an amazing person. You cared for us." (205-355, 1990.10.2)

2.5. Discerning spirits by the mind

No ordinary people in the world know the taste of water that you drink after returning from having gone out and spoken with a serious heart while shedding sweat. How does it taste? It cannot even be compared to cola or honeyed water. It tastes different each time you drink it.

We must also discover such things; otherwise, we cannot develop extrasensory perception. You would not be able to respond to anything in relation to the spirit world. If you come to feel such things, your ears will become very sensitive and upon hearing something from a distance, you will already have analyzed the content of that sound. Even with closed eyes, you will be able to perceive who is passing by and whether they are good or bad people. You will become spiritually perceptive. Without understanding this, you cannot discern between good and evil spirits. You know not by seeing but through the mind. The mind's eyes are at a higher level than your physical eyes.

I am telling you this because you have a long way ahead. You should know this. Do not become overly self-confident. This is why it is stated in the Bible, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven." It is the same principle. It all connects together. (96-169, 1978.1.3)

2.6. The value of life on earth

We know that for thousands of years, countless people have been accusing Adam and Eve. Now you are becoming new ancestors.

Will you be ancestors who will be accused by your descendants, or ancestors of blessing who will be glorified? You are standing at these crossroads. Adam and Eve are accused because they failed to stand in the public position. Surely they would be free from accusation today had they followed a sacrificial and more public path.

You must know that you are standing in such a similar situation. As such, you should always be thinking that you are representing three ages. For this reason, you have to realize that the spirit world is in your hands and that your ancestors are at your mercy. If we gather the past, present and future together, put physical and spiritual realms together, and lead them, they will come running to you. We must accomplish that mission.

The spirit world, your relatives, also your country, and even the task of setting the right tradition for your descendants are all in your hands. You should always keep this in mind. Whether you, as a single person, do well or not will determine whether your ancestors and relatives can he liberated and whether your descendants can be the chosen people of liberation. (66-75, 1973.3.17)

God has been trying to hit the target over six thousand years without success; after trying for tens of thousands of years, He finally hit it. When you think about it, the time of that hit was when He felt most sleepy and utterly exhausted. Would He doze off or stay powerless at that moment? When He was so exhausted and sleepy, He pulled Himself together and shot again with a clear mind. After he made His shot, would He collapse with fatigue and drowsiness? Forgetting His dignity, He would exclaim "Wow!" with joy.

How dumbfounded the spirit world must be! From the perspective of the angels, how dumbfounded they must be, saying, "Oh, the archangel's mistake put God in trouble, and now..." For tens of thousands of years the spirit world has been wishing for the target to be hit. Now it has actually been struck. What will the spirit world feel?

If there were such a wonderful place, would people all over the world try to come in or not, even if the entrance fee might be ten thousand dollars? Suppose all kinds of people came and then left, complaining, "My goodness, I've lost out on this ticket!" but then later a certain beggar in that neighborhood bought a ticket with the money he begged for and received, and he entered and witnessed God striking the target. What would the beggar do? Would he start dancing there or not?

Then God would gel excited and start boasting about it. Wouldn’t He say, "Oh, I hit it, I hit it! Is no one around?" But then, if He saw this beggar at that moment, do you think He would shout, "You wretched beggar!"? He would instead start dancing and saying, "This is great!" (103-46) 

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