Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter Seven - Our Relationship with Those in the Spirit World
Section 1. Spiritual Phenomena and the Liberation of Spirits

1.1. The good spirit world and the evil spirit world

The spirit world is divided into two realms, the satanic realm and God's realm. If we lay out a way that enables people to move quickly from the satanic spirit world to God's world of goodness, then the situation on earth will naturally be resolved. What kind of way is that? As long as we have a special method to enable the transfer of all satanic individuals, families, tribes, and nations to the heavenly side, it is possible.

When such a time comes to the spirit world, it will be reflected on earth. As a result, all kinds of transformation will quickly occur and sweep through that world. (14-14)

What is the ideology of the new movement we are actualizing? Since God exists, it is an ideology based on His will. Because God exists, so must the spirit world. The spirit world does exist and it is the place where our numerous ancestors reside. It is the place where the countless number of people on earth today and the myriads of people to come in the future will all go and live.

In the spirit world too, there are good and evil spirit realms. Evil people must go to the evil spirit realm. If the spirit world has a gathering place for those who can form some relationship with God, then the spirit world, too, is inevitably divided into different realms, those of goodness and those of evil.

Then what constitutes good and evil? God wants the good and evil spirit realms and people on earth to be harmonized. Once they are, every individual will pursue the fulfillment of the ideal dual purposes: the purpose of the individual and the purpose of the whole. People have dual purposes, that of the individual and that of the whole.

What has humankind historically pursued until this time? What is good and what is evil? Why must we live in such misery and run up against obstacles? Because the starting point, process, and final destination have been different. When we analyze the details, it all becomes quite simple. (126-83, 1983.4.12)

It is impossible to properly understand the spirit world without an overview of how it develops, acts, and relates with the earth. The spirit world can be divided into two realms, good and evil.

The spirit world really exists, despite humankind's general lack of awareness of it.

Good and evil spirits are fighting each other even in the spirit world. There's a battle going on in that world too. Good spirits battle continually to lead evil spirits to good places, and evil spirits are doing everything they can to prevent good spirits from going to good places.

Evil spirits are connected to Satan, and people living on earth today are under their influence. Why is that? Regardless of whether they were good or evil, all our ancestors passed away to the spirit world. Good spirits stand on the good side, not because they are completely good from God's point of view, but because they have set the condition of having distanced themselves from satanic influence on earth.

On the way towards God's original ideal world -- an ideal realm of goodness to which original people can go -- good spirits are fighting to advance toward it, and evil spirits are struggling to block the way. The evil spirit realm and evil earthly world are connected and in constant communication. Good spirits are those who on earth were opposed by and confronted by the evil world and who were also religious people. (134-9, 1985.1.1)

1.2. Spiritual phenomena

If religions were to fight each other in the Last Days, what would happen? We live in a time when such phenomena easily occur. The Unification Church arose in order to protect against that, to protect by blocking such battles. Thus, in the era of religious wars, we are here to protect both the spirit and the flesh. The spirit world is taking hold of the physical world.

There are hundreds of billions of spirits in the spirit world. Japan's population of one hundred million is nothing by comparison. It is no more than a speck of dust under one's foot. Billions of spirits are on the attack to take hold over the physical world. Neurosis is one resultant phenomenon of this reality.

After the year 2000, people will be able to communicate with each other spiritually. Whether they communicate with evil or good spirits, they may fight even if they are ordered not to make war. This time could come, but the mission of the Unification Principle is to prevent this.

A tall tower produces radio interference. The phenomena of neurosis are like that. The most fearful thing would be if only evil spirits mobilized and attacked the physical world. What would happen if that were case? Regardless of the number of people on earth, they would all be attacked by evil spirits.

God is preparing for that scenario. He is expanding the foundation of the spirit world centering on good spirits. (55-30, 1972.4.23)

1.3. Letters from the spirit world

Recently, a letter came to Dr. Lee Sang-hun from his wife, Han-cook, who is in the spirit world. She wrote: "I had no idea of how wonderful the spirit world is or the preciousness of the Blessing. It is like a dream that we are a part of the heavenly Royal Family. It is so wonderful here that I am sorry for coming first. Please forgive me." In other words, because she went to the spirit world before her husband, and there had these dreamlike experiences -- which came on the foundation of her Unification Church life of faith -- she was sorry. Everything there was too good.

There are people who are also smart like me. Knowing the spirit world well, have I not lived my whole life in conformity with its program? We have come from one origin and we must return there.

Rivers are created by water that flows into the ocean, evaporates, rises into the atmosphere and then falls back to earth. We too must return to the origin. Life continues in everything through cyclical motion. Without circulation, everything decays back to its basic chemical elements.

What kind of being is God? He is like the mind of this world that exists here and now in the universe. He is like the mind of the universe.

Can you see your mind? The spirit world resembles the mind, but it is the place where the content of the mind is made substantial. It is a place transcending time and space. You can eat whatever you want. There is no need to worry about food, water or clothing. Spirit world transcends everything related to food, clothing and shelter.

Do you need cars there? Are there automobile manufacturing plants?

Would there be factories for food, fabrics or clothing? None exist. Infinite distances can be traveled instantly. By what power? By the power of love. If you want to see someone you love, that person instantly appears.

Love travels at the highest speed and in a straight line. This is not secular love but divine love. Divine love is true love. Once within the realm of true love, because we will be able to move in a straight line at the highest speed, we will be able to operate on the stage of the universe. The universe will be under the control of our thoughts.

Knowing all these things, although I walked alone as a pioneer through the valley of pain and sorrows of this world. I never became bitter. Even now, I am still determined to walk this path until the day I die.

When we die, we will find a railroad track in the spirit world. The railroads in the spirit world are like those on earth passing across national borders. They must be neither too narrow nor too high. They must be the right fit. No religious teaching other than that of the Unification Church knows such things. However proud Christians may be, they are unaware of these facts. Did Jesus ever talk about the spirit world?

In this twentieth century era, we boast about our cutting-edge science. We pursue the formal logic of development, but there is no place other than the Unification Church where we verify the existence of God with a religious theory developed through formal processes. (210-225, 1990.12.23)

Jesus is no longer opposed in this age. Since the time has come when all of Korea can praise my name based on our history of accomplishing a global domain, you should fulfill your responsibilities as tribal messiahs. Now, your tribes, including even your most distant relatives, will be restored at once. Restoring 120 families in six months is no problem. You are now in the elder brother's position.

Heaven and earth will pass away and begin anew. Grandfathers will become grandsons, and fathers will stand in the son's position. The time can be compared to the case where a grandson becomes a king and his grandparents, parents and ancestors have to serve him. The Messiah represents king. In his land, the saints will return and rule in his name as rulers of tribal kingdoms. This will form a realm of liberation in which kingship constitutes part of the national domain.

The homeland of an immense, eternal world is unfolding. Since I do not want you to be pitiful people who have lost your sense of direction and who operate within a limited scope, I am creating a clear, liberated realm in which we can travel freely in all four directions -- north, south, east and west -- within the vast cosmos.

What must you bequeath to posterity? You must leave behind good things for your nation so that your descendants will live well. Then the people of the nation will protect them. Don’t leave money, knowledge or power. Leave patriotic achievements. Everyone said that I would fail, but I resolutely made preparation so that I could not fail. Thus, I shall not fail under any circumstances. (211-146, 1991.1.16)

1.4. The hope of people in the spirit world

What would people in the spirit world desire? The spirit world is a world where you are supplied with everything according to the standard you find yourself in. If you want something it comes to you immediately. It is a world where nothing is impossible for people who are in the subject position who can digest and react to situations. If I were to talk about this, people would say I'm out of my mind, so I don't.

If you wish to host a party for a million guests, you can do instantaneously because they will all appear at the venue and everything can he prepared at the speed of thought. By contrast, look at today's miserable world. In Korea there are many unemployed people, are there not? We live in such a world. What would create more possibility? In the same way that heat is produced by atomic fission, if you caused the fission of love, possibilities will appear instantaneously. Isn’t that likely? (111-277, 1986.1.2)

How shall we connect with that world? In the spirit world, people will want to be in a better position tomorrow than they are today. The common mentality of people living on earth is that they wish for today to he better than yesterday, for tomorrow to be better than today. Regardless of who we are, be it Occidentals or Orientals, people of the past, present or future, our common mentality is to wish for something better than our present life. This does not change. All people in the spirit world are like that, too. They hope for things to get better than they are at the present. They want their lot in spirit world to improve compared to their lot in earthly life. (141-269, 1986.3.2)

The last six millennia have been a history of seeking and re-creating one Adam. Eve cannot be created without Adam. This is why God is creating one man, Adam. This is why you must follow me. The blood and flesh of countless people who came and went on the road of the providence of restoration had to be used as material for this purpose. The resentment of zillions of spirit people must be consolidated here. Then on the day of the advent of the incarnation of Adam, the martyrs who shed their blood and died under extreme persecution will feel their value for the first time.

Although they are in the spirit world, by connecting with the incarnation on earth, liberation will come to them. This is how it works. It must not be a vague concept, but how is it then that we become conscious of these workings? (29-271, 1971.3.11)

Regardless of what the people next to us are doing, whether eating or resting, we must go that way. In front of us, thousands are constantly going forward. If you strive to go forward and exert yourselves to the utmost without rest, while pulling the rope, then other people will also pull the rope for you. In the meantime, you will see many people falling away. It's like a marathon competition. In running, there are first and second places. History is like this. Over the past millennia, countless spirit people have been clinging to this rope. If you take first place and go to the spirit world, and then connect with the pulley and reel in the rope completely, both the spiritual and physical worlds will be restored. (32-144, 1970.1.5)

1.5. Liberating those in the spirit world from resentment

We must complete our mission pertaining to the three ages. We are to liberate the people in the spirit world, the people living in the sinful world today, and the future generations to come as well. This is the way liberation for the three generations comes about.

This is an immense and tremendous task. What would happen if such dreamlike things came to pass? Your eyes would pop open, your mouth would gape, your ears would perk up, but you will come to bow your head. (28-201, 1970.1.11)

The Unification Church is a group doing what? It is a group for peacemaking and reconciliation. Yet with whom do we reconcile? So far, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have been engaged in this task. They had the mission of giving birth. The mission that Jesus and the Holy Spirit must fulfill is the task of giving birth to sons and daughters.

The Bible states that women will be saved through childbearing (1 Timothy 2:11-15). Yet members of some established religious orders say that women shouldn’t give birth. Then, why would God have created an organ for women to bear children? Those people have misunderstood. This verse tells us that women, symbolically representing Eve, must give birth again in her stead.

Since God could not establish the base for a reciprocal relationship with Eve, who was to bring to fruition the essential characteristics of an original mother, He was unable to wear spirit and body with the original characteristics of a subject partner, so He packed things up again.

Then at the time of Jesus, God sent these characteristics to Jesus' object. Thus, they still have no body. Jesus had a body, but the Holy Spirit did not. This is why we say that the Holy Spirit is like fire, oil, or wind.

Nevertheless, if she carries out her motherly mission, enters our hearts, moves them, and cleanses them of sin, we become clean. It is like a mother giving birth to and raising her child. Just like receiving a father's protection, for rebirth one should have the condition of being reborn under Jesus' protection. Then one can say that rebirth is carried out.

Have Jesus and the Holy Spirit ever rested so far? No, they could not. Has Christianity ever rested? No. While saving fallen people over the past six millennia, has God ever rested? No. None of them could rest. Then, has the Unification Church ever rested? Has Rev. Moon ever rested? I am still running around like a startled deer.

Why am I like that? I am like that in order to bring about reconciliation so that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit can rest, and all our ancestors can relax. God is an ancestor too, is He not? Speaking of Christianity, all the saints who have come and gone are our ancestors. Speaking of religion, all the religious leaders of old who came and went are also our ancestors. We must liberate all these ancestors. We must accomplish the work of liberating them from resentment. (75-38, 1975.1.1)

I am thinking about this all the time, as soon as I wake up and even while going to the bathroom. Asleep or awake, I am thinking about this, twenty-four hours a day. That is why I am not indebted to you. I am not a man who incurs debts. How foolish a leader must be to incur and live in debt!

I always tell myself that I will not he surpassed by youngsters. Even now, I go on the boat daily. I am doing this because I know that those who have an interest in the sea will have unlimited economic power in America in the future.

I am doing this in order to liberate the spirits of those who died at sea. I sometimes take the boat out even after being warned of a storm. That is because I know of the many spirit people who died that way. In 1975, I went to Cape Cod to liberate spirit people from resentment there.

I launched a liberation movement. No one in the world knows this. Why do I do such things while being persecuted? I do it to liberate the spirit world from resentment. (93-46, 1977.5.15)

1.6. Unification of the spirit world

The physical world is Satan's sphere of activity while the spirit world is that of God. The two are constantly at cross-purposes. It is an undeniable fact that this has been an essential contributor to resentment in the age of the providence of restoration. They must not be at cross-purposes. The God-centered sphere of the mind and the sphere of the body governed by Him must be prepared. This standard for the unified foundation will be established according to how it is developed within the domain of daily life. (45-211, 1971.7.1)

For the Unification Church to bring about unification, it must do so from the spirit world. Do you all know the spirit world? Unification Church members must know about it. You must unify it. Do you think that will he easy? Without the unification of the spirit world there will be no unification of the physical world.

Are not the struggles of today's earthly world truly difficult? They are. Yet the struggles of the spirit world are even more difficult. With this in mind, Unification Church members cannot open their mouths to say, "It's difficult." (153-53, 1963.10.11)

In the process of seeking the ideal, what unifies the spiritual and the physical? Since the spiritual dimension is the spirit world and the physical dimension is the earthly world, the two must change places to become one. Just holding onto what is yours will not accomplish this. Only when you give everything will the other side come to you, and only when the other side gives everything to you will you go to the other side. You are going to the position that was lost. (47-94, 1956.3.31)

In order to connect the spiritual and physical worlds in the future, first we must be conscious of our global beliefs and unifying ideology. Then we willingly go the path of suffering in order to make a global breakthrough. When we do this, the spiritual and physical worlds will automatically become one. Unification will start to take place from there, and the direction of its path will be determined. (291-84, 1971.3.1)

Can the Unification Church unify the physical world before the spirit world? It cannot. That's the rule. In order to unify the spirit world, I drove the Unification Church members on earth into the jaws of death and mercilessly pushed them.

When that happens, the spirit world cannot but help you. The further you go in a miserable situation, the more the spirit world stands together in its own way to deal with that. When you enter a deep place, the realm of heaven will emerge from the midst of this race of thirty million. This realm also includes those who went to hell long ago. (49.108, 1971.10.9) 

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