Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter Six - Our Position in Relation to the Spirit World
Section 3. Registration in the Spirit World

3.1. Freedoms enjoyed by the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven

Women who are born beautiful are inclined to pursue the external. Heavenly women will inevitably pursue not the external, but rather the internal.

The more people pursue the external, the more trapped they become in Satan's ragged playground; but they pursue the internal they will come closer to God's side. Those who know how to pursue the internal can freely go toward the external, but those who pursue the external can never come toward the internal.

Then, what kind of people will Unification Church members become? Ideally they will become people who know how to enter the internal world and how to go out into the external world; how to come in after going out, as well as being able to travel north, south, east, and west. We are trying to create people who allow the internal world to become the subject, thus enabling them to have dominion over the external world.

The external world was invaded by evil, so if you go the external way, you will end up going to hell. But if you go to the internal world, you will end up in good spirit world -- the Kingdom of Heaven. When you can freely travel to both the internal and external worlds, you can go to hell as well as to heaven. Since I know this fact, I am asserting that we should try to become people who can be welcomed by everyone wherever we go. That is what God is also asserting. God can freely visit hell. He does not go through any procedures in order to do that. He does not go through procedures to get to His palace in heaven, either. He goes wherever He wants. (116-177, 19?2.1.1)

3.2. Special gifts that can be carried to the spirit world

What gift will you carry when you go to God in the spirit world? Not money, nor the prestige of an academic title, nor the love for a spouse, nor a happy life. Such things cannot be gifts. You must take your love for God and your love for the world with you to that place. That is what remains. In John 3:16, it is written: "God so loved the world..." It states that God loves the world; therefore He sent His only begotten son. The only begotten son is the person who came to love the world.

For this reason, if your faith is founded in love, you will not perish. You will be saved. Since the Lord loves the world, we should do likewise. Christianity has become split into many different denominations. There are Christians who don't even think about the world or God. They are perishing while loving only their own denomination and nations; we must love the world and God, transcending our own denomination and nations. (9?-329, 1978.8.1)

Even a judge cannot do anything to a murderer without evidence. If the murderer objects, saying, "When did you see me committing the crime?" the judge cannot do anything to him. However, when he is confronted with evidence, the murderer cannot kick up a fuss. If you have no evidence, you should seek it. A verse of a hymn goes, "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so." Do you have any evidence? Some people go out to witness, and boast of having evidence of this, but is boasting true evidence? What are you going to do with such evidence? It has nothing to do with you if no one remains from your witnessing efforts.

Do you have a gift to bring along when you go to heaven? When you go to the spirit world, religious martyrs will line up in front of you. Can you unwrap the bundle you brought with you in front of them? Do you think that you can unfold something that is like a beggar's rag which he uses for wrapping his feet? What suffering have you and the Unification Church undergone? How can you say you lived for the nation and the world without having withstood such hardships? I have suffered, but I do not think of it as suffering. Naturally, we still have a long way to go. Upon your arrival in the spirit world, you have to be able to unwrap your bundle and say, "Here is the gift I prepared all throughout my life; please receive it." If a woman must bring a dowry when moving in with her in-laws, how can you go to heaven empty-handed?

As Unification Church members, what mission did you receive from God? As God's elite troops, as His sons and daughters, when you marry you should inherit the lineage of that family. To do this, you take care of your family's chores and cultivate your independence. Such a holy mission is given to you. Therefore, even if you are separated from me and cannot physically live with me every, day; even if God cannot always instruct you directly, never forget that you are the ones endowed with a mission under God's realm of governance.

Regard yourself as absolute. Be determined to gain eternal guarantees for the fruit that grows from absolute values. These treasures belong to all humankind, future generations, and the spirit world. This is the responsibility given to those appointed by God. Those who do not fulfill that responsibility will be more miserable than beggars. Beggars can at least feed themselves at mealtime by begging for food, but those who fail to fulfill their responsibilities won't be able to eat even porridge at mealtime.

If God gave you ten years to fulfill such a responsibility, during those ten years you should offer your utmost loyalty and devotion. How can you shorten the period of restoring the children's path that can illuminate history and make it a valuable path? To reduce a ten-year period scheduled by God to a seven-year course, you must invest your sweat, blood, effort, and toil. Without exerting greater quantity and quality of effort you cannot have dominion over the nation and world. Unification Church members must become people who can fulfill such responsibilities.

Such an era has arrived. Already the foundation has been laid and work on the exterior has been completed; now is the era of interior decoration. Since interior decoration requires the personal touch of the owner, I am needed. Things like walls are not of immediate importance, but in order to put into place what is necessary, we need to do things in phases. Hence, we have a time of preparation, a time of performance, and a time of achievement.

We must make appropriate plans for each stage of our life. We must make our utmost effort in preparing during the time of preparation, in performing during the time of performance, and in achieving during the time of achievement. Only then will the interior decorating turn out well. Then, whoever sees the interior decor will compliment its exquisite quality and the high degree of effort invested in it.

A time of preparation will come. You will be appointed to a certain responsibility and you must make preparations while living for the Will. Next comes the time of performance. At that time, you must perform, even it you lose track of night and day. Then comes the time of achievement, the season in which hope is realized. (32.71, 1970.6.21)

3.3. The Kingdom of Heaven created through the Three Great Subjects Principle

The mind stands in God's stead. Your mind represents your predecessors, your ancestors. The mind represents the teacher as well as the ruler. Yet, how long has the mind been held in disdain and contempt? The mind represents the one being who, as the center of the universe, stands in the position of the true parent, the true teacher, and the true lord. It exists as the subject of true love. How much has the mind been sacrificed to keep us in order on the earth?

Though it is treated contemptuously and dragged around, when you have evil thoughts and commit theft at dawn, your mind protests against you time and again saying, "Hey, you wretch!" How long have we trifled with such a mind? It stands in the place of parent, teacher, and lord. In the world of the mind, no trials are needed. You know yourself better than anyone else. No third party or witness is necessary.

We cannot stand proudly before our parents; we are ashamed before our teachers, before the rulers of our nation, and we are ashamed before God. Hence we must repent. In order to return to our original homeland, we must repent. In the original homeland, we must attend God as our King. He is the King of the universe, nation, tribe, and family.

God is the Teacher of the universe, nation, tribe, and family. He is also their Lord. This is the three-great-subjects thought. Having the essence of the love that lives for others and then forgets about doing so, this three-great-subjects thought represents the heavenly nation.

If we could entirely possess the three great subjects thought, that would be most ideal. But even if we do not, when we stand in the position of true parents, teachers will stand on the right, and lords on the left. Therefore, it would be best if you can stand in one of these three positions. Whether you become true parents, true teachers, or true lords, if you stand in at least one of those positions, your registration in the Kingdom of Heaven will not be a problem. (209-354, 199?.11.28)

3.4. Conditions for registration

The Fall means to be separated from the Word in substance and heart. So you should first know the Word and practice it. In practicing the Word, we must proceed with a parental heart. Only those who substantiated restoration through indemnity can be given the Blessing. Lip service does not work. It is through your actions that you can become part of the heavenly clan; you become a life spirit of this nation.

Among the spiritual phenomena connected to our life, there are form spirits, life spirits, and divine spirits. Since they are the objective elements of the spirit world, they progress through the same destinies as those on earth. Once you become divine spirits, the course of restoration requires us to register our position. Thus, from then and there you register and enter your proper position. This is the course of restoration.

Once that connection is made and you are registered, however many mistakes you make or however many misdeeds you commit, you can no longer be governed by the laws established in the satanic world. Americans cannot be governed by Korean laws because their nationality is different. When you enter a certain realm, only the laws of that realm will apply to you. Therefore, once you transcend the laws of the satanic world, they no longer apply to you no matter what. In the end, earthly laws will not affect you either, since they do not apply to you. Here, you must set up corresponding indemnity conditions. Then you do not end up going to hell.

Once born, we must eventually die. That is the formula. Then after death, where do we go? All Unification Church members know they have a spirit self. This spirit self must grow.

What will become an issue for you in the future is that one day you will have to write your autobiography. Such a time will come. The question is what you have done since joining the Unification Church and what will be contained in that record. If you worked at a company as an employee, it is not a valuable condition and such a record will not be helpful at all. It will be shameful to have worked at a company after joining the church. Such a time will come.

In the future, a process known as registration will be established. When North and South Korea are reunified, you must be registered. The term tribal messiah is not the issue. The contents and facts associated with that term are what matters. From now on, the content of the term will become indemnity conditions for you to walk on your own eternal path of life. When you go to the other world, what matters is how much effort you made to have experiences in your heart, walking such paths, and even more so, to what extent you brought substantial results.

You will not be able to find the path of salvation in the ordinary, habitual lifestyles you have pursued until now. You must walk the path of complete indemnity. The providence of salvation is the providence of restoration, and the providence of restoration is the providence of re-creation. Therefore, in order to be re-created, you must enter the original position untainted by the Fall, the position of zero. There, consciousness, habits that we have and surnames like Kim or Lee, will not exist. You must enter such a zero position. Viewed from God's original standard of creation, every created being began from the zero point.

Because of the Fall, this world is filled with everything contrary to the way of going to heaven. These must be cut off. This cannot be achieved by words. The world is filled with the varied habits and customs of different races of diverse historical and cultural backgrounds, bound to the life and lineage of Satan, based on his love. These habits are not eradicated by mere words. The Bible states that those who seek to die will live. This establishes the paradoxical logic: you must seek to die in order to live. You must invest your lives.

Because of that, we must launder everything. In other words, we need to restore them through indemnity. Such a process is absolutely necessary. As long as the habits of sinful nature that you used to have in the fallen world remain, you cannot form a relationship with God. (213-97, 1991.1.16)

When you go to the spirit world, if you have not completed a seven-day fast for God, you cannot be registered in that world. Why? Since God has been toiling in the course of the 6,000-year history of restoration, you must fast while contemplating God's efforts. Hence, the unification Church has the tradition of the seven-day fast. It is not to make you suffer, but to let you set the condition of having struck your body before heaven. (17-182, 1966.12.1)

How should we live? The way is for individuals to live for their families, families for their tribes, tribes for their races, races for their nations, nations for the world, the world for heaven and earth, and heaven and earth for God and His love. We are to live this way until we die. We are different. Our tradition is firmly established. Why is that so? If we do not establish our tradition, there will be no place for registration upon arrival in the other world. Since it is organized that way, there is no way for those failing to meet those requirements to be registered. There will be no place for you. You must reappear as original people unrelated to the Fall, otherwise you cannot get in. This is the view of the Unification Principle. (131-56, 1984.4.1)

You must be registered in the Kingdom of Heaven. Abraham offered himself and the creation on an altar in order to approach God. Since the creation was lost, creation must be offered as a condition for restoration. And since man was also lost, he had to stand in the position of Abel, set up creation in Abel's position, assist Cain in establishing an acceptable condition, and offer this all to God. Only when done in this way can God accept the offering for the first time. (15-149, 1965.10.7)

What should we do prior to registration, in order to be born as absolute people? Without understanding this clearly, we can never reach the place where we can assert our subject nature before heaven, the place where, having overcome everything, we can stand in the stead of the perfect being.

We human beings were born because of God. The motive for our birth comes through the Creator. We are made by Him, but for what? This is the question. Did He create us because He wanted to leave diamonds to us because He likes them? Did He create us because he wants to bequeath His power, or to pass on all His knowledge because He likes knowledge? What is our origin, our beginning? This is the question. Even if we were to assert ourselves as having originated from the absolute God and being born out of an internal bond with Him, if we do not clearly understand the process for returning to the original homeland in the future, everything now underway will remain unfinished.

The motive for our birth comes from our mother and father. We were born because the lives of our father and mother intertwined. But the inheritance of the characteristics of both parents was not the result of their lives colliding. Beforehand, the fundamental action and motive that connected these two lives together, was love. When we consider the preciousness of life and love, life is in second place, and love is in first place. (177-305, 1988.5.22)

In order to be registered, we must go to the original homeland. But this is not a simple thing to do. We must follow procedures completely. In any country or land you visit and at any place in the Republic of Korea there is an area where you must register. Whoever you find seated at that counter, be it a man or woman, from whatever walk of life, they must stamp your passport. (177-310, 1983.5.22)

3.5. People who can be chiefs in the spirit world

If you are one with God, you must love Cain. If you stand in the position of receiving God's love, just as you love God with all of your heart, soul, and mind, you must love your tribe, people, and nation. This is the first commandment on earth. It is a commandment not of heaven, but of God's Kingdom on earth. The commandment of God's Kingdom in heaven is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. However, the first commandment of His kingdom on earth is to love our nation and race with all our heart, soul, and mind.

Hence, the question is how to implant God's love and how to relate to His power and the awesomeness of heaven. To do so, we must have a horizontally vast stage around us. Such people will become tribal chiefs, patriarchs or chief priests who can inherit God's great achievements eternally in the spirit world. (34-69, 1970.8.29)

In the future, an era of registration for God's nation will come. People will try to be part of the 144,000, won't they? Do you know who the 144,000 are? In order to advance toward the era of registration, your tribal realm must stand in the same position as the homeland of heaven. Then your tribe gets registered in that era.

The era of individual salvation will pass. If the president of a nation is sworn in after joining the Unification Church, his people will also become the citizens of Heaven. Then, by participating in a ceremony officiated by the church, his people will escape from the satanic realm. (219-100, 1991.8.25)

An important question that we should always think about is how to unite our mind and body and how to bind together our spouses with the whole family. If our body is the formation stage, the couple is the growth stage, and the tribe is the completion stage. That is why you must make your tribes one.

Once North and South Korea are reunified, registration will take place. You must be able to participate in that era so as not to be ashamed of yourselves. Then, what you will need to do is record all your personal history since joining the Unification Church. If you record this incorrectly, you will be stuck in the next world. When you reveal all the details of your personal history and go over them, none of it should stop you. Only after you leave behind a record of achievement, one in which no fault can be found, will you finally enter the age of registration. (213-206, 1991.1.20) 

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