Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter Five - The Messiah and the Spirit World
Section 5. True Parents' Family and the Spirit World

5.1. The establishment of the right of the eldest son

Through my son, Heung-jin, going to the spirit world, Abel and the angels -- who had been completely separated like earth and heaven -- were bound together like twins. Upon that unified foundation, parents could be mobilized. This is the view of the Unification Principle.

Heung-jin is the Abel-type son who went to the spirit world on the basis of establishing conditions of indemnification for the realm of dominion of the Principle, which was established through True Parents' love. He went to the spirit world from the position of having conquered the realm of Satan's dominion and having realized the realm of God's direct dominion. He attained the state of being the son who went to heaven with the qualification of having perfected himself for the first time since the Fall.

Originally, if people had not fallen, they would have passed into the spirit world with the qualification of owners or sons centered on love based on the family foundation. That is where the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle and the realm of direct dominion are unified with that of True Parents' heart. By the Principle one cannot go to heaven without this foundation.

Since Jesus and Christians went to spirit world without reaching that point, until now they have all remained in the middle realm of the spirit world. With Heung-jin passing, however, a central point was established where they could be engrafted to God. Since Heung-jin received the Blessing and his spouse is still on earth, he can stand in the same position as having a family in his lifetime.

Thus, centering on Heung-jin's family, the spiritual foundation on which one can visit one's family on earth has been established. This is precious. The establishment of Heung-jin's family is precious.

If such work could have been done, despite Jesus' death, Christianity would not have needed to sacrifice as it did until now. Yet there has been no other way. Why? Jesus had to go to the other world and return because, within the realm of True Parents' heart, separation from Satan could not be done within the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle: and because the foundation of love was not established within the realm of direct dominion.

Yet Heung-jin does not need to come again. Heung-jin lives both in the spirit world and on earth. That being so, what will happen? The spiritual and physical worlds have become like twins from the standpoint of the realm of heart. The parents are in the eldest son position. From the viewpoint of generations, vertically the parents are above and Heung-jin of the second generation is below.

Yet in the spirit world this is reversed. In terms of our birth on earth, I am in the position of the elder brother and Heung-jin in that of the younger brother. I am in Cain's position and Heung-jin in Abel's position. In the spirit world, Heung-jin becomes the eldest son. He is in the position of the elder brother and all the other spirits are in the position of younger siblings. Based on the realm of heart, that is how it is. From God's standpoint, He is the Father, I am the elder son and Heung-jin is the younger son.

In the spirit world, Heung-jin is the eldest son based on the realm of love and all others in the spirit world stand in the position of younger siblings. There is a reversal. Thus, we reach the conclusion that the standard of heart for the right of the eldest son finds its correct position and settles there. You must teach this well when giving a Principle lecture. Now, in accordance with the realm of heart, before all the people in the spirit world, including even Jesus and all the good saints, Heung-jin is first to be born as the eldest son. From the viewpoint of the realm of heart, Heung-jin is the first son and the others are the second sons who are next to be born.

Consequently, Heung-jin can let the realm of the second son inherit the blessings of the right of the first son. Satan tried to prevent this from happening by plundering the inheritance. But Heung-jin, who now stands in the realm of the first son, delivered all the blessings he received while on earth. So there is a connection being made. Heung-jin unceasingly endeavors to pass these blessings on, whereas the satanic world resists doing so. (131-52, 1984.4.1)

5.2. The center of love established in the spirit world

Since Heung-jin left behind the condition of having loved the whole world on behalf of the True Parents by offering his life, you are also linked to that destiny of loving the world with your life. Heung-jin went instead of the True Parents. For that reason, loving Heung-jin becomes a condition for loving the True Parents. Your love for Heung-jin is linked to your love for the True Parents.

In the spirit world, there has been no center until now. There was no center to be able to connect to the spirit world; but because of Heung-jin, all spirits who love him can be connected to the condition of loving the Father. They can connect to the Unification Church. For the Unification Church, Heung-jin set the standard on earth by fighting at the cost of his life. For the spirit world, he is its first representative in history to be connected with love.

On earth, he has set an example to Unification Church members of loving God's will even at the sacrifice of his life. What he is telling you to do is to love the True Parents. You must go on loving True Parents for the sake of the world. By Heung-jin going to the spirit world, the spirit world came to love him, and by doing so, the relationship of love with the True Parents on earth was established.

Thus, for the spirit world, the day it received Heung-jin was the most joyful day in history. He opened the gates of the spirit world as the messiah of love and opened the way of an exemplary martyr on earth. That is why Unification Church members should love him.

If both those in the spirit world and in the Unification Church love Heung-jin, what should the True Parents do? In order to welcome the love of God and the love of the earth, they should be honored to offer their own son. They must know how to be able to think of it proudly. God could not love teenaged Adam and Eve as His son and daughter, but now, at least in the spirit world, He can love them.

That is why I prayed, "I could not glorify You by laying the foundation for Korea during my youth; I could not comfort you on the basis of laying and indemnifying the global foundation in my generation. Please indemnify these things through my son!"

Since the spirit world and the earth love him, I must establish the standard that his parents also love him. I believe Heung-jin will establish the realm of resurrection of love in the physical and spirit worlds. Through his death, love will be resurrected. Holding on to the spiritual and physical worlds, I will proclaim the realm of the resurrection of love. With that done, we will bid goodbye to the realm of death. For that reason, you should not be sad even at funerals. (130-201, 1984.1.15)

5.3. The establishment of the kingship on earth and in the spirit world

Right after the Unification Ceremony on the day before Heung-jin went to the spirit world, what did I pray? I prayed, promising him, "Even though you are leaving the physical world, I will choose an adopted son for you as if you were still on earth, and let him join the ranks of the son." For that reason, I have to give him the Blessing on earth. Without doing so, it would be impossible for me to keep my promise.

God has sent the Messiah to save the earthly world. You should know that today, in order for True Parents to save the spirit world; I have sent a prince of love as my ambassador with full authority. Why must I establish such a global foundation on earth? Even Jesus could not reach that position. You should know the fact that, for the first time in history, God has a young son whom He can love as His own.

For the first time, God loves from the spirit world and True Parents love from earth. Thus, the two worlds are connected. Since this world was in the realm of fallen love, that is, in the indirect dominion of God, it had no connection with the love of True Parents until now. Yet you must know the amazing fact that this has finally emerged.

Now, what happens when Heung-jin goes to the other side? You must know that since he was born as a Korean, he will appear as the fruit of good Korean kings. Heung-jin's position in the spirit world is that of king. From this perspective, compared to those kings, even though Heung-jin is young in age, he is the Abel king. In the spirit world, as in the physical world, all circumstances are known. The two worlds will be completely one. When Cain and Abel become one, the heavenly parents can work on the basis of that foundation.

The heavenly parents gain the right to work. Thus, as Heung-jin's position as king and the Korean Abel king become one, a Korean-centered sovereignty forms. When that becomes one, he stands in the position of the Abel king.

After that, all kings will stand in the realm of Abel. You do not know this since you are on earth, but in the spirit world, unity is achieved instantly. Thus, with all kings centering on Korea, 120 nations can be completely united. Since those who can become Abel before that king -- those who believed in Judaism or Christianity and died, all established those kingships in preparation to serve the Messiah, and all Abel peoples within the sphere of religion who in turn revere him -- will become completely united.

Yet there is one problem. Heung-jin cannot establish the position of king alone. Finding the queen becomes an issue, the first issue. To unite the kingships, a queen must be found to be the king's partner. When that happens, this kingship is connected to the spirit world.

Also, since his queen is on earth, a foundation can be laid that enables him to bring people belonging to the kingships of 120 nations and connect with the earth. This brings the unification of the spiritual and physical worlds centering on God's love. By his marriage, Heung-jin can freely come to the earth to take action.

Heung-jin does not come alone; all kings of the united kingship can follow him to the earth. Therefore, I had to conduct this ceremony. When you go out, those who oppose us will say all sorts of things about me. I am doing this to send Heung-jin to the spirit world as the representative of love to work on behalf of the True Parents.

For that reason, fifty days after Heung-jin's ascension is the same as the day of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit descended in the upper room of Mark's house, the people received the fire which spread throughout the world. In the same way, with Hoon-sook's marriage, the kings from 120 nations in the spirit world will come to the earth, and they will resurrect to establish the worldwide movement. That is how the kingships of 120 nations in the spirit world come to the earth and become one with the physical world. We find these two remarkable points of significance.

Thus, if there is just one nation among 120 nations that can serve the True Parents anywhere, the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven will be opened from there. (??-13, 1984.2.20) 

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