Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter Five - The Messiah and the Spirit World
Section 4. Rev. Moon and the Spirit World

4.1. Rev. Moon's establishment of spiritual conditions and its foundation

It is a principle that a perfect minus automatically gives rise to a perfect plus, and that a perfect plus automatically creates a perfect minus. That is a principle of the creation of the universe and a law of existence. Thus, if you perform a perfect motion on the earth according to this principle, then the spirit world will become connected. This has happened for the first time in history. As such, whatever is a problem in the spirit world becomes a problem on earth, and if it is solved on earth, then it will also be solved in the spirit world.

Each time this happens, restitution must be paid. I have borne the responsibility alone on the way of restoration to resolve all the problems in history and the universe, and in the spirit world and on earth. I know when restitution must be paid, and I clearly know what happens in the spirit world and what happens on earth when this breaks down.

The Bible states that what is loosed on earth will also be loosed in heaven. To loose something on earth restitution must be paid. Yet you do not know the way of restoration. We must pass through the ages of subject-object atonement on the individual level, the family level, the tribal level, and through the ages of subject-object atonement on the level of a people and nation, and then enter the age of subject-object atonement in the global realm. You do not know this, but I do, which is why my words are reflected directly and revealed in the spirit world. (131-226, 1984.3.1)

The Kingdom of Heaven is realized in the most miserable place on earth. Where is that? In the bottom-most prison of prisons. Rev. Moon of the Unification Church has laid the foundation in the spirit world and on earth. I began from the bottom of hell, the most miserable prison among prisons, and worked with the spirit world to lay this foundation. In the course of widening this foundation, I faced a lot of opposition. I have been opposed by my family, my tribe, my people and my nation, by the United States and other nations, by Asia and the entire world.

Since I had to open the way for all humankind, I even befriended condemned criminals. I was chained together with thieves, ate with them and comforted them. Recently, I even went to Las Vegas to pray for those imprisoned there. I bought the New Yorker Hotel to clear away the worst dens of Satan in New York and lay a new foundation. I had to go there to mingle with them and comfort them. Only in this way could I open and pave the way for people from all walks of life, even those headed for destruction in the satanic world. By my paving the way on earth, barriers in the spirit world will be opened and the world can be unified. Hence, I will marry blacks and whites interracially, and buy houses for them. In this way, I am doing things that have never been done before in this world. (?1-160, 1977.2.6)

I have triumphed in the spirit world. Who can do this? Numerous spiritual masters in the world will have to come to me in the future and learn from me. Doubtless this will happen. Thus, it is not a problem if the Korean people or all people in the world oppose me. All the multitudes of people in the spirit world do what I tell them. (13-49, 1963.10.16)

4.2. Special authority in relation to the spirit world

Most new developments in the civilized age are connected to patent rights. Yet they are all different. There are patents for making clothes. Everything is patented. If you own a patent, then you can assert your ownership of it anywhere you go. That is the way it is in the world. There is such a law in the spirit world. There is no law stating that only white people can register patents nor is there any law that prohibits black people or Asians from doing so. This holds true anywhere.

There were many founders of religions and other religious people in history who labored to gain a patent for going to the Kingdom of Heaven, but who among them holds the patent? How will you recognize the person with the patent for going to the spirit world? Since the motley group that is gathered here is saying in unison that they will climb up to any heights and that is good enough! Then what about God? Can He tell me that I cannot do that? He may say, "Without Rev. Moon's signature, it is no good." Even the great president of the United States, or any king, or any saint, or any founder of a religion, will have to come and bow down to me when they need my signature.

To obtain a doctorate, you must even wash your thesis professor's bottom and thank him even if he kicks you, in order to get his signature. If you do not, he may not sign. You might want to say, "I am much better looking. I have a nicer nose, face, stature and everything else. If we were to wrestle, I would win. I can eat more than he can. I can beat him in any competition. I am better than him in tens, even hundreds of ways. Yet he thinks that he can withhold a doctorate from me just because I do not know that one thing." None of this, though, will do you any good. I might have such special authority in relation to the spirit world.

When I went to prison there were many weird rumors, and people thought that I would be ruined and completely disappear. Now, I am still alive and speaking boldly. I have an antenna that allows me to see, hear, and know everything; therefore I can confidently speak out with a loud voice.

Even God would like to see my endorsement before giving His approval. He will look to see if my signature is there, and if it is, He will say, "Okay," and if not, He will say, "No." It is easy to say this, but can you realize how difficult it was to make this possible? If I actually have such a patent, then the conclusion is that, in the future, the entire spirit world will move within my hands, and the physical world's path will narrow until they have no choice but to follow. (134-17, 1985.1.1)

The world of nature is filled with the truth. You all may know little about the spirit world, but I am an expert on it. Not only in the twenty-first century, but also in the twenty-second and even the thirtieth century, the spirit world will not be able to open its gates without me. My reputation will live on for eternity as the original person who logically explained about the spirit world and revealed the systematic details about opening the gates of heaven. Even spiritualists who consider themselves the best in the world will have to come and learn from me. That is why I became the founder of the Unification Church. I will unify world Christianity. If they had listened to me, they would have already been unified. (203-324, 1990.6.28)

Once I make a declaration from the position of Abel after restoring the birthright of the firstborn, the spirit world will stop misusing the physical world. It will come to serve the physical world. Do you think that it would listen if it were told, without any reason, to cooperate with and obey the physical world? If you told it to do something without any explanation, do you think it would be done? You have to make it possible by explaining that this works in this way and that works in that way. Then, would not north and south be united, east and west be United, and everything be brought into proper order? (210-131.1990.12.?)

4.3. The unification of the spirit world and the unification of the physical world

Unless the spirit world is united, the physical world cannot be united. If there is a Lord who has unified the spirit world, what would be the problem in unifying the physical world? It is not difficult.

From now on we have to manage even spiritualists. I am now their commander. They too must come here to learn from me. They only know a one-way direction. For that reason, even if they receive messages from the spirit world, they should not regard them as absolute. If they do not interpret their messages according to the Divine Principle and select the right direction, they will easily become satans.

The spirit world is testifying to and following me now. Since I have a specialist's detailed knowledge of the spirit world, I have been able to guide you this far up until now while discerning whether or not something is from Satan. That is why I have not been destroyed.

There are countless people in the spirit world. Compared to that, the population of the earth is so small. Once we surmount the national level, we will be able to mobilize the spirit world. The people of the world are not a problem. When such a time comes, you should know that our time is near.

From this perspective, we can see the outlines for the future of the democratic world and that of the communist world. (54-232, 1972.3.24)

In the next world, murderers, victims and all sorts of people are gathered. There are people brandishing knives and seeking revenge. There are so many walls which divide them. So, there are times when evil spirits go to the descendants of their enemies and cause sudden death by an accident in order to bring them to the spirit world. These things must all he resolved. For that to happen, they must first be resolved on earth. To do that, something better must be offered. It can not be done without offering something that is better than the death of an enemy, something that is better than that which gave rise to their resentment.

What can we use to liberate the spirit world and God? Since such relationships were created by the ancestors of humankind who messed up the spirit world, their descendants must now compensate for their mistakes. If children wish to practice filial piety, they should pay back their parent and debts.

In that sense, you should create a movement to demolish the walls blocking your ancestors in the spirit world. When you do that, they will come looking to teach you. This sounds like a dream but it is very real.

I know what kind of people your ancestors are and what they did. When we look at the faces of the descendants of evil spirits, they darken. The faces of their ancestors quickly appear and abruptly disappear. That is how I discern if it is a good or evil spirit.

Since the spirit world must be brought together, people who cannot bring order to the spirit world cannot unify the universe. As the root of heavenly fortune is found in the spirit world, how could people who are unable to bring order to the spirit world incorporate those results into the way of this earthly world and unify it? For this reason, the spirit world must be unified before the physical world. (191-204, 1989.6.24)

Have any of you ever met me in your dreams? Everybody should have that experience. There is no such group in the secular world or in any nation. How has the Unification Church been able to grow worldwide? Wherever I send you as missionaries, you should live with the actual sensations of the spirit world.

What are some of the things that have happened? After three months, a missionary must leave the country and get a re-entry visa. Without doing so he can not stay in that country. Not only that, he can not freely leave that country to go to another. At such times, the spirit world will guide him. It will tell him to cross a certain river at a certain place. There will be many crocodiles in that river. If he were to swim across that river, the crocodiles would swallow him whole, leaving nothing behind. The spirit world will guide him through such dangerous places to cross the border. It will tell him the precise hour and minute to cross. If he does not do it, then there is nothing else he can do. There are many missionaries who went back and forth across the border by receiving orders like that through revelations.

The entire communist realm is a world that denies and opposes the existence of God. When a religion enters any country, the Communist Party stamps it out. Under such circumstances, God has to be in a state of readiness.

People who have such experiences cannot deny the existence of God. The deep emotions of experiencing these things will remain forever, transcending physical life. The experience of having passed through life while loving God and longing for True Parents in that state, will remain for eternity. It becomes the center of your lives. At that moment, the walls dividing you from the spirit world will instantly disappear. You can go there directly.

Which comes first, faith or knowledge? What we believe in is far from fact and what we know conforms to fact. Do you really put your faith into action in your life? Your life experience surfaces in your religious life. You have no idea of the fortune you possess and of how grateful we should be for the dignity of living in connection with the substantial realm that is actually expressed, not merely held as an internal faith! There is such a state.

It is fearful to realize that the spirit world and God exist beyond any shadow of a doubt, no matter who denies it. That is the heart that belongs to the world of God. However much hardship such people undergo on earth, they are the citizens of God's nation. They are God's children.

Ask yourselves if you are in such a state that you would never change your heart, however difficult things may get. You must get that far. It is the summit. When you scale Satan's ramparts and enter the spirit world, God's existence will be proven. If you do not accomplish it, it will be like crossing the drawbridge of a castle but not entering its palace. Until the moment you gain entry, you will not be able to know anything. However much you may gaze at that castle, you cannot get in. (224-108, 1991.11.23)

4.4. Reception in spirit world according to heart and actual results

My pride is in knowing God. My knowledge of Him is deeper than that of the spirit world about Him. However many people there may be, the person that God likes the most is the one who understands His heart. (146-333, 1986.8.10)

Even if religious people pray drenched in tears for their entire lives until their knees are buried in the ground, it is still not certain that they will meet Jesus and be guided by him. Despite all this, it is a historic event for you to come here, meet me and be able to hear these words. Whether you confer upon me any qualifications or not, I have already acquired all the necessary qualifications.

I have accomplished many things. I unified the world's scholars -- who do not listen to anybody -- by knitting them together. Also, I knitted together conflicting religions and races and held a huge global wedding, the likes of which never happened before in history.

My accomplishments thus far exceed those of anyone in the spirit world. I have worked harder than anyone else. That being the case, will the Unification Church be at the tail end of the spirit world, or will it rise to the top spot? It will be at the top. This is not something I have made up. (146-333, 1986.8.10)

4.5. Making spiritual experiences part of daily life

The principle of heaven and earth is very simple -- I realized this after researching and checking all positions, going around even the back alleys of the spirit world. The truth is simple. Two things unite through an absolute force, creating a vacuum for God to enter that place and become the core, like the marrow of a bone. The two pieces of masculine and feminine love are stuck together. This is the core of the universe. The ideal substance of love unites them to become the axis of love. (170-17?, 1987.11.15)

I know so much about the spirit world but I seldom speak about it. Many people go insane after knowing about the spirit world. Women in particular might look at their husbands and say, "Why should I live with that person for such a long time? I. should quickly go to heaven. The heaven that Father spoke about sounds so good that I cannot wait to go there." However, she cannot go to heaven unless she educates her husband and takes him there with her. (182-59, 19?4.10.14)

I have spiritual experiences, but because I never talk about them you do not know whether I have them or not. How do I deal with them? After reconciling them with the truth -- by taking the way of harmonizing perfect virtue with reason, while constantly aligning with the direction of heaven's providential view -- I can bring about the progress of the spiritual and physical worlds.

In order to do that, you must know how the spirit world moves, how it relates to the truth, and then bring those actions into your daily life so that you connect with it. The divine spirit and the truth must be one. They must create harmony because we human beings are made that way. (76-137, 1975.2.2)

4.6. We go to the spirit world after leaving our love behind

Many people went to the spirit world while following me. They infiltrated the Soviet Union's satellite countries and main cities. Sometimes I even received reports of them being sentenced to death due to their missionary activities. Receiving such reports, a leader's heart is serious. Even if his child is seriously ill, he has no time to worry about him. They respect me because I care for the world. I am in the position to shed tears for them and care for them. For that reason, I cannot live an easy life.

Since I must surmount all the peaks I can and will do my best to fulfill my responsibilities. I cannot rest even if I want to, and I cannot stop even if I want to. Since I have spent my days that way, I now find myself advanced in age. However, my heart must start anew from now on. Then I will go to the spirit world while doing that. What will be left behind from my life? I must leave behind the fact that I loved humankind. Everything else regardless of what it is, except for the love of the nation and the Unification Church, will fall away in the ruins of history. (136-135, 1981.12.22) 

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