Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter Five - The Messiah and the Spirit World
Section 2. The Returning Lord and the Spirit World

The returning Lord must come as the ancestor of not only the third but also the first and second Israels. Unification Church members must, from a position similar to that of the first Israel, at ... you will know once you die. The Messiah operates according to such a formula.

Why do people in the spirit world seek to make contact with the earth? Why is that so? Until now no one really understood. Without resolving the issues on earth, the path to perfection cannot be attained. Whether you are rich or poor, the same rule applies.

Together with the Messiah we have to open the spirit world and to do that we have to establish corresponding relationships on earth. The Messiah does this by going through the stages of the individual, family, tribe and world. These stages are to be connected to the spirit world.

The victorious foundations of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world must be established on earth. To do this, the entire spirit world must be mobilized to come down to earth. To find the center of all this, the Messiah has to come to this world and undergo hardships along his way. While doing so, he must restore the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world in the correct order. That is why people are seeking and moving toward one goal and one world now. (91-278, 1977.2.27)

The returning Lord must establish order in the spirit world. By doing this, he must begin his work on the foundation where the first Israel was established. Since people in the spirit world cannot form a bond with the True Parents, they must go through this course.

The archetypes of the twelve tribes already exist in the spirit world, but Christianity, which had to become the second Israel, lost the center by which it could organize itself into tribes. Thus, the returning Lord must proclaim the ideology of unification and organize his tribes. (10-217, 1960.10.4)

Since God is formless, you will not see Him even when you go to the spirit world. That being so, God, as the Father, must acquire a body. In that way, the incorporeal and corporeal become one. This symbolizes the universe becoming one.

God created Adam and Eve for the purpose of assuming a body, but this is possible only through love. There must be love in order for God to have a body that resembles His image.

When Adam and Eve become God's body He will dwell in their minds and rule the physical and incorporeal worlds through them. His kingdom will then be created. It is a kingdom of love. The spirit and body are to unite only through love, not through anything else. (143-93, 1986.3.16) 

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