Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter Five - The Messiah and the Spirit World
Section 1. Jesus and the Spirit World

Jesus died bearing the cross during the course of performing the mission of John the Baptist. Thus he was unable to completely fulfill his mission as the son. From his death until now, he has been working to restore the archangel. After restoring the archangel, he must go the way of the son. In this way he has been seeking to go the way of the servant and that of the adopted child. Jesus could not fulfill his mission as the legitimate son. He went the way of the archangel, the way of the servant and the way of the adopted son.

Consequently, even those who believe in Jesus Christ can only become adopted children. They are in the same position as Cain who is of a different lineage. A relationship that is not linked by blood remains in the archangel's position. Providential history until now has been that of a struggle to link the lineages.

Jesus did not die on the cross as the son. If he had been in the position of the son having spirit and body unity, becoming a victorious offering to God, there would be no need for him to come again. He could not offer his total self. He could offer only half of himself. He lost his body and could offer only his spirit. This represents a level equivalent to the angelic realm in the spirit world.

Therefore, Christians cannot enter Heaven but go instead to a spiritual realm lower than paradise and wait there. That spiritual realm is under the dominion of the archangel.

In order to secure a victorious realm in the spirit world, that victorious realm must first be established on earth. This was the purpose of Jesus' coming and this is why Christianity must restore and establish the victorious realms in both the spirit world and on earth and inherit the realm of the archangel. That is the mission of Christianity. Because there has been no substantial perfection in Christianity, only spiritual perfection, Christianity emerged placing prime importance on the spirit world.

The returning Lord must have the authority to subjugate the archangelic realm in the spirit world. If he does not, he can not begin his mission on earth. He must come in the position to inherit all the spiritual realms under Jesus, who attained victory in the spirit world, in the same way that Jesus inherited the accomplishments of John the Baptist. Although John the Baptist had spiritually bequeathed everything to Jesus, John did not carry out his promise and these realms became separated. Consequently, Christianity was established to rebuild that. (47-157, 1971.8.28)

It was unjust enough that Jesus died on the cross on earth, but after his death he had to descend to hell for three days. That was a test. Death holds the greatest dread for humankind, but going to hell held the greatest dread for Jesus. Then did he become the master of dread or the master of happiness in hell? He went to hell and for three days had to undergo the ordeal of overcoming suffering. (34-143, 1970.8.30)

Since God is fair, the Messiah will come to humankind with an ideology of equality. The Messiah is the savior who comes to save all of fallen humankind. Therefore, he deals fairly with everybody. He comes with a fair purpose and creates a fair environment for the age. Whoever unites with him can be his disciple.

The Messiah goes from the bottom of hell to the top of the most glorious place in the world of humankind. This means that there is no place that he would not go, even at the risk of his life, to save humankind.

Viewed from this principle, it is illogical to say that the Messiah will come on the clouds, from the sky. It is a mistaken view. People who believe that really do not know anything about the spirit world. Go to the spirit world and see for yourself whether what I say is true. You will know once you die. The Messiah operates according to such a formula.

Why do people in the spirit world seek to make contact with the earth? Why is that so? Until now no one really understood. Without resolving the issues on earth, the path to perfection cannot be attained. Whether you are rich or poor, the same rule applies.

Together with the Messiah we have to open the spirit world and to do that we have to establish corresponding relationships on earth. The Messiah does this by going through the stages of the individual, family, tribe and world. These stages are to be connected to the spirit world.

The victorious foundations of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world must be established on earth. To do this, the entire spirit world must be mobilized to come down to earth. To find the center of all this, the Messiah has to come to this world and undergo hardships along his way. While doing so, he must restore the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world in the correct order. That is why people are seeking and moving toward one goal and one world now. (91-278, 1977.2.27) 

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