Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter Four - The Kingdom of Heaven
Section 5. Instructions Concerning Heaven and Hell

5.1. Formulating our view of heaven and hell

The mission of the Messiah is to restore tribes centered on his family. By fulfilling our mission as tribal messiahs we are formulating our views of heaven and hell. You have to clearly distinguish "There is heaven, here is hell." Do not go toward hell and make others not go that way. If your tribe knows the way, many tribes around you, even villages will come to follow you. (217-44, 1991.4.1)

5.2. The importance of life in the spirit world and life on earth

Life in the spirit world and life on earth are not separate. Both are important. That means that our life in the spirit world is connected to our life on earth. They are both important, yet people who live on earth today do not understand the concept of eternal life. They think that only life on earth is important. That is the problem. Even many Unification Church members do not understand that how you live on earth is the foundation that guarantees your life in the spirit world.

Hence, you need to be constantly aware of the importance of your life. You must live for the sake of your eternal life based on the formulation of your view of heaven understanding that eternal life begins from the present moment. If you do not understand this point, you will end up doing something else. Everything that you do now determines the value of your eternal life.

The physical and spirit worlds move facing each other. If the physical world ascends, so will the spirit world. If the physical world descends, the spirit world follows suit. If one turns, the other does likewise. So you have to realize this point during your life on earth and live in a way that adds to your eternal life. The spiritual and physical worlds are not separate. If you do not clearly distinguish between heaven and hell, you will not understand this. In this way, you must always work with the feeling that both eternal life and life on earth are important.

No one can take care of your life except you. More than anyone else, you yourself know God. If you become like that, wherever you go heavenly fortune will embrace you. In that case, if you are gone from your village, people will search for you saying, "Where did that person go? I have not seen him for a few days. I miss his voice, as I am used to hearing him in the morning and evening." You cannot stop it from happening. Because heavenly fortune is with him, someone who lives according to his conscience automatically orients himself to that direction, similar to iron filings moving towards a magnet, or like whatever has life moves with all its tactile sense towards the light.

If I am not here, it will be a problem for the Japanese, Koreans and Americans. Why is that so? Because within the concept of eternal life there must be order to bring unity. We can make this concept the standard for the earth and eternity. This is most important. (117-45, 1991.4.16) 

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