Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter Four - The Kingdom of Heaven
Section 4. Triumphal Entry through the Gates of Heaven

4.1. The door to people's hearts

Even someone like Buddha in a mystic state said, "In heaven and on earth, alone I am the honored one." People who have cultivated an integrated mind and enter the afterlife to stand as God's perfect object partner can say that of themselves. I feel that if I hold the world tight, it might melt in my fist. In such a state, miracles happen automatically. Healing is a natural concomitant of religious life.

That is why we must cultivate the field of our heart in line with the door of our heart. To pioneer the standard of the direction of our heart, we must discover God, our subject. Yet He is obscure. If we want to connect to that obscure God, we must focus our mind. It is the only way to start to connect to God. If we illuminate our minds from within, we can surely find the direction in ourselves naturally.

Don't you all feel that? As you began praying, you were facing east, but when you enter the mystic state, your orientation changes. Such things happen, which is why we say the mind has a door. There are times we find it easy to pray, and times we that we do not. Despite all our absolutions and devotions, it is still difficult to pray.

It also varies depending on the location of the room because North, South, East and West exist based on a central point. Further, it varies depending on the direction. Even in the mountains, there are places where you can pray well. Also, there are places where satans gather. Those are the shady spots. Shady and sunny spots are spiritually formed in this way. If you experience this many times, you will understand.

When receiving intimations, dreams, revelations and visions, we must make efforts to apply them to our lives and not ignore them. They are the inevitable phenomena for pioneering and developing the relationship between God and humankind. (76-142, 1975.2.2)

For this purpose, you have all been making efforts seeking to open the doors of your hearts and cultivate the fields of your hearts within yourselves. It does not end when you have cultivated the fields of your hearts. You should then apply this to the relational world. (76-155, 1975.2.2)

4.2. The meaning of "Opening the Gate of Heaven"

4.2.1. The reason for "Opening the Gate of Heaven"

Why did the Day of the Opening of the Gate of Heaven come into being? Adam and Eve erred but God took full responsibility. By inheriting the responsibility from God, I have to open the gate. He must open the gates for individuals, families, and tribes as well. All those gates have been blocked. The gates for races, nations and the world have also been blocked. They must all be opened. I am seeking to open those blocked gates through Unification Church families.

God's strategy is to prepare small things for the sake of recovering bigger things. From the individual through the family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos and even to the afterlife, they have been blocked by heaven and hell. Because of who are they blocked? Had Adam and Eve become true parents, this could have been one world, but because of the emergence of false parents through the Fall, heaven and hell have been blocked. Who should break down this historic wall of bitter grief? The True Parents of humankind. It's not something they are doing vested with kingship on a throne.

People are living in hell on earth, and spirits are suffering in hell in the spirit world. The gate of hell on earth and the gate of hell in the spirit world must be opened. Through these gates a pathway must be connected leading from the individual to the nation and world on earth. Then there must be a connection leading from the earth to the spirit world. It must connect to that single pathway that leads to the mainstream. Your mind and body must become one. With that level of oneness, there must be no barriers blocking your path as you pass through the family and tribe. From that level you transcend the race, nation and world to the spirit world. Everything must be broken down.

The final problem is opening the blocked spiritual gates of hell and heaven. It is impossible to enter heaven without opening the gates of hell on earth and in the spirit world. Only those who overcome hell can go to heaven. You must overcome not prayer, but God's love. Otherwise, you cannot enter heaven. This is why I paved the way from earth to heaven by opening the gates of hell on earth and in the spirit world, centered on God's love. The name of the International Peace Highway came from this. This is to break down the wall, which has been blocking us. Jesus had the authority of the prince of heaven and God's only begotten son because he was able to love not only the satanic world, but also the spirit world.

Even the spirit world has been entirely blocked by walls. The Buddhist and Confucian realms are entirely blocked by walls. These must be taken down through a higher standard that comes from God's heart. From the high throne of heaven, work must progress downward having all the walls broken down. Starting with the walls of our ancestors of ten thousand years ago, a thousand years ago, several hundred years ago and those of the people who passed a few years ago, all must be broken down. Also the walls on earth must be removed as well, and a way to connect this to hell must be paved. Otherwise, the gates of heaven cannot be opened. (140 41, 19?6.2.1)

4.2.2. The origin of the "Opening of the Gates of Heaven"

I greatly appreciate Mother. She had many very deep experiences of the heart during my time in Danbury. Being a mere child when she met me, she has had to lead a life that was to reach the line parallel to mine. Having lived that way, her standard has gradually risen. Before, she probably did not experience the deep valleys of the heart. After being separated from me because of Danbury, she was able to realize the precious value of the True Father and understood how lonely it could be for a woman without her husband.

As a result, on February 1, we conducted a ceremony to open the gates of heaven and hell. Now they cannot be closed. Through the True Parents standing at opposite poles, a solution can emerge from the place where the two poles connect. This was to connect the spiritual and physical worlds. On February 1, 1985 at 3:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, this standard was established at Danbury and East Garden.

With God's heart, you have to act so that the force of love can be connected. Are you going to become audacious leaders who will have to stand before God in need of salvation or are you going to go along this vertical line?

The way to the heavenly palace is the path on which man and woman travel as one. Where do they become one? They become one there and then must follow it. When ascending, you should ascend towards it. When descending, you should descend towards it. Everyone has to go this way of the sphere of the tribe, people, nation and world centering on the family in accordance with the principle of restoration through atonement. Everyone has to go through this path because they are in the realm of the Fall. (36-15, 1985.12.20)

All my life I have loved the enemy -- on the stages of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and world, and all the way to the cosmos. Why did I enter Danbury prison? It was because of the walls that had blocked the spiritual and physical worlds. In order to resolve what was disrupted due to the fallen parents had to pave a way in the spirit world and in hell.

On February 1, 1985 at 3:00 a.m., Mother and I established this condition through special prayer. Thenceforth, all the barriers of hell crumbled, so whoever makes effort on that foundation can rise up to the heavenly world. Also, if there are good spirits among your relatives in the spirit world, they will come to you, educate you and even take you with them to the heavenly world.

Their role as the Savior in the spirit world has begun. The mission of the Savior lay not in the spirit world, but has been limited to the earth, yet now, by paving this way, the good spirits in the other world can educate the evil spirits in hell. While the good ancestors play the role of the Savior, a way has been opened allowing them to develop and ascend to the heavenly world. (36-483, 1985.12.22)

4.2.3. True Parents and the gates of Heaven

What is the mission of the Unification Church? It is different from past religions, which sought individual salvation. It is a religion that seeks an original ideal world as it would have been without the Fall. The original ideal world is where people perfect themselves in heart, marry with God's love at the center of their relationship, give birth to children, and go to heaven.

What kind of heaven would it be if a father went to hell and a mother to heaven, or if the parents went to heaven and the children to hell? Heaven is the Kingdom everyone enters: parents, children, tribes, races and nations.

True Parents must emerge to open the gates of Heaven for humankind, who started from false parents. Even God cannot open the gates of heaven by Himself. If He could, being omnipotent, why didn't He? The Fall was due to human beings. The Fall is why they, as the perpetrators of sin, must receive punishment. Having lost the kingdom, they must recover it. It has taken six thousand years.

What must be done to open the gates of Heaven? God must take someone in the position of His servant, as His adopted son and give him the opportunity to relate to His legitimate son with absolute obedience. Here, the legitimate son is Adam before the Fall. The adopted son is the archangel prior to the Fall. Originally, an adopted son, in the position of a servant, cannot receive love directly like a legitimate son. (42-216, 1971.3.27)

Had there been no Fall, people who went to the spirit world would have been able to enter heaven by connecting with the core of God's love and True Parents' love. Instead, our journey to heaven has been deferred because throughout history, nobody had been able to attain that bond. People have become stranded in hell and paradise, which is why heaven has been empty.

The people to enter heaven first must be the True Parents. If I were to say that heaven is empty, people would think I am demented, yet even Jesus could not enter heaven. One cannot go there alone. Our original ancestors should have grown through adolescence, established the ideal of love centered on God, become parents and bequeathed the seeds of true love. Then, the first place they entered would have been heaven. As yet, there have been no parents centered on God's love who were able to bequeath the seeds of true love and thus no foundation of leaving behind such descendants. Heaven, thus, is empty.

If we want to go to heaven, we must pass through and conquer hell. The conquerors of hell go to heaven. Having surmounted hell, they are on the roadside leading to heaven, and that place is paradise. (140-43, 1956.2.1)

Look at humankind as one man and one woman. If there are four billion people, you should think, "Half of humankind's four billion people are men and the other two billion people are women. That constitutes a man with two billion cells and a woman with two billion cells. With that mind, I will love those two people." You have to think that way. God is planting those four billion people to engage in the work of re-creating Adam and Eve.

That means that God chooses one representative man from among the two billion men and one representative woman from among the two billion women to be His first loves. These representatives will be seen as the fruit of the love of humanity. You should be resolved to loving that entity which is the fruit of the love of two billion people more than the father and mother who gave birth to you. Then you become someone who can love the four billion people more than your father and mother. At that point, you will have nothing to do with Satan because you will be totally one with the realm of God's love. You will then be in the position of loving humanity in oneness with God.

Those representatives are the True Father and True Mother. If you have the heart to love humankind more than the True Parents, everything will be okay. The gates of hell in the spirit world and on earth will be opened. Wherever such a person goes, it will be a highway. But then, you will have to pay for the gasoline.

In the original world, angels are to lead the way to heaven, not True Parents. It is not the Principle to have the True Parents lead you. They paved the way and you are destined to follow it if you love them. While following this path, in the position of loving the True Parents, and loving humankind more than the True Parents, everything will go well. No way would be blocked. There would be no alleys. We are going along the mainstream of heart, which directly connects to the highway. Thus, we can go directly from the earth to heaven.

With regard to this world, there are two kinds of people, men and women.

We are entering the realm of heart, the heart that loves the parents, which transcends the satanic world. If you have made bad conditions in front of True Parents, then you have to go that way again. Throughout my life, as a parent, I have taken responsibility to prepare the way for my children to go. If you stand in the place where you love humanity with the same heart as you love the True Parents, you will become one with the True Parents and stand in the same line horizontally with True Parents. If you do this, Satan cannot influence you, because the realm of fallen heart will be below you. You can connect to heaven directly. To commence this work, I declared the Day of the Opening of the Gate of Heaven. (14?-16, 1986.2.1)

4.2.4. Our attitude to the "Opening of the Gate of Heaven"

On earth, True Parents have prepared the highway and brought the victorious power of heaven and passed it on to you. In that very place where you inherit that power, you must plant God's love in your mind and body and become one with True Parents Then Satan cannot separate you from God.

What will happen to you? Together with me, you who represent the world have been restoring Cain's sons and daughters. If you too have the heart to love the world more than the True Parents, nothing evil can block your way to God's Kingdom, whether on earth or in heaven.

You start from the earth and then can go beyond the world and the spirit world directly to heaven. Yet if you cannot do it, your way will pass through so many high and steep mountains. Knowing this, I dedicated my life up to now to prepare the way. Since I gave you the privilege today to attend the Day of the Opening of the Gate of Heaven, please become the victors who can pass through safely and attain that realm of heart without fail. (140-61, 1986.2.1)

4.3. The path to heaven through fulfilling one's portion of responsibility.

Where are you now? You must know your location. You must know where you are. Satan and God are dividing you up between them based on the fulfillment of your portion of responsibility. They are saying, "This person is yours, that person is mine." People who do not fulfill their portion of responsibility will not belong to God. Satan will claim them as his.

While longing for God's love, ideal conjugal love and ideal filial love, fulfill your portion of responsibility. You cannot do that by saying, "I need money. I need this and that. I must educate my children."

As you seek to enter heaven, the gatekeeper will ask you whether you fulfilled your portion of responsibility. In the fallen world, there is no one who can ever go to heaven. Upon ushering in the era of the Second Coming, and, after going through the time of Adam and the time of Jesus, God has brought forth this movement to break through the standard of the fulfillment of our portion of responsibility by raising the third Adam.

Now all religious believers seek to fulfill their portion of responsibility in order to go to heaven. Satan thinks he cannot give this portion of responsibility to humankind even if he has to burn all the religious people and offer them as a sacrifice. But God thinks that even if He were to sacrifice all the religious people, He would want to restore this portion of responsibility. (149-312, 19?6.12.21)

4.4. Heaven and hell are our options

In our life of faith, we should not complain. There is nothing to complain about. You should be joyful. You should go joyfully even when shedding tears. You are to go laughing while shedding tears. If, after being taught this, you do not do it, what will happen? If you do not do it, there is no other way. God cannot help you, and I cannot help you.

You decide whether you go to heaven or hell. Rev. Moon doesn't decide, God doesn't decide, you yourselves decide. The decision is yours. If you complain, that is hell. If you go with gratitude even when you have something to complain about, that is heaven. (96.122, 197?.1.1)

Heaven is not somewhere you go through being taught. It is the automatic destination of conscientious people. When the sun rises, the buds of all the trees turn to face it. If even the grass and trees can turn to face the sun, then how much more so can people as the lords of creation not know the way to go? Such phenomena will take place. (75.41, 1975.1.1) 

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