Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter Four - The Kingdom of Heaven
Section 3. The Prerequisites and Conditions for Going to Heaven

3.1. The prerequisites for going to heaven

3.1.1. Suffering is needed

What remains forever is the suffering you underwent in leading a public life. If you undergo such suffering and subsequently face ruin in the spirit world, it will be all right to confront me with the matter. Those who are beaten up while working for the sake of the race, the world, and the cosmos, are wise people. (19-29, 1967.12.10)

If the person responsible for a nation were captured by the enemy and then given preferential treatment, his people would scatter. If instead, he suffered a miserable death his people would be inspired to remain together. We can, therefore, create unity with the spirit world by going through difficulties. The more we suffer, the more the spirit world will relate to us and stand together with us.

If we just carry on in a casual way, the spirit world will do the same. In this sense, God unfolds His strategy through Satan and He lets us suffer unrelentingly. Sometimes He lets us get killed. Death itself is pitiful, but the reaction creates unity. (11-10?, 1971.10.9)

Those who wish to enter heaven must live, die and depart miserably. Are these good words or bad words? They are good words. The words, "Go out and die witnessing to people!" are also good words. Die for the sake of others. If you die, not for yourselves, but for others, for the world and the universe, you will he raised up as masters of the great universe.

The creation, human beings and God are very precious. Those who sacrificed and risked their lives to embrace the world from the position of goodness are essentially sacrificing for the sake of those three precious things. God has to compensate them with something more precious than that which they sacrificed. From such a standpoint, Jesus proclaimed, "Your family members are your enemies," and "Those who seek to die shall live, while those who seek to live shall die." Otherwise, people cannot go to heaven. This lesson from Jesus was the most blessed lesson. It was the most dear and most precious lesson. It was the most indispensable and absolute gospel.

Thus, the Unification Church does not teach us to live rich and comfortable lives on earth. We may live exceedingly poor lives and undergo unbearable hardships, and die on the streets so that even dogs avert their eyes from our corpses, but the day will come when flowers will blossom at the place of our death. At that place every holy person will gather to create a capital city. My thought is to have Unification Church members undergo tremendous hardships for the nation and world in order to make them devoted children and loyal subjects of God. I shall chastise those who are unwilling to go. Pushing you to overcome your current tragic situations and difficulties, even if it requires kicking you, is a sign of my love for you.

Jesus' first commandment, not his second, therefore is: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind!" Jesus' second commandment is, "Love your neighbor as yourself!" Who is your neighbor? The people of the world are your siblings and neighbors. You have to invest your heart and soul, and offer your life for the people of the world. If you do so at the risk of your life, you will have done your work. Die once for God's will.

Where shall we die? We must find the place of our death. If you were born as a bomb, you should be dropped on rocks and explode cleanly. Do not waste your energy in a sewer. Consider yourself as a bomb already released; your goal is to land on a rock. As formidable beings, pit your strength against that of formidable enemies. Because I made such a resolution, though past fifty, I have not yet complained about the long distance to cover and I do not hesitate to keep going.

In order to realize the hope of tomorrow you should devote yourselves while shedding tears. You should exert your entire effort and mind, passion and devotion. My mainstream thought, as the founder of the Unification Church, is to go forward without regard for my life in order to create that one point of unification that can correspond to this goal. Adventure can be experienced both on and off this path.

We are now unfolding a ruthless and bloody fight. If a foundation for which you risked your life survives, it will be a model for history, and a foundation for the happiness of the world's people. The entire universe will regard that inundation as the starting point of harmony. It will be a point for an axis and the unfolding of a great movement, a place which could move God and bind together the hope of humanity. Those who live in such a place will feel the cosmic responsibility; they will make everything stand still during their times of inaction and activate everything during their times of action. They will never be small-minded people. (49-303, 1971.10.17)

Those who are on the way of truth should walk the path of death until the day they die. We need to go that way during our lifetime in order to indemnity the suffering, which would normally have to be paid after death. Through suffering on earth we can reduce the period of atonement necessary after death, and that period can be measured in eons. We are walking the way of truth on earth to indemnify the suffering course that otherwise would be walked for eternity. (11-320, 197?.6.7)

3.1.2. We need love

We go to heaven on the tracks of love. When I explain it like this, doesn't it seem real? The line of love will not become thin when pulled, as a rubber band does. Where a rubber band becomes thinner the more it is pulled, the more the line of love is pulled, the thicker it becomes.

In this sense, becoming the number one person of suffering for the sake of God's will is the secret method to occupy the world. The most suffering person monopolizes the glory of the Kingdom of Heaven. (57-162, 1972.4.3)

Religious people today say, "Let's go to heaven!" But how can they expect to go there so easily? They must first receive heaven on earth before going to heaven after death. In order to receive heaven on earth, they must go through the law of love.

The more children you have in your family, the greater the cross you shoulder, and the more you must love God's Kingdom. Many children are sent to your family because your family has to carry many crosses, and such a family thus has many responsibilities to sacrifice more for the nation. Upon knowing this, you should fulfill your responsibility completely. A family living to such a standard will give birth to children who can inherit good fortune in the generations to come. (12-232, 1970.7.19)

How can we go to heaven? We can go to heaven by being passionately in love with God. We must love Him more than Adam and Eve did. We must love Jesus more than Peter, James and John did. Without that passionate commitment, the realm of the partner of true love, the realm in which God can love us, cannot be restored. Only when this is restored will all go well.

Don't worry about not having money or children. If you continue on this path for ten or twenty years, you'll be able to scale the very high and steep mountains. You may feel that you are going through hardships in vain and gradually descending, but actually you are gradually ascending. The Unification Church expands by being struck. In a family of ten, the one who is opposed by the others, and endures, living for the sake of the public purpose, can become the head of that family. Such a person can become a lord in the heavenly nation. (142-289, 1956.3.13)

You must be able to embrace the children and grandchildren of all five races and their grandchildren. So, you must become the head of the family that loves the world's people as true parents with God's true love. By embracing the children and grandchildren of all races, you become a spiritual leader or true parents of a family that loves the world's people with God's true love. Only by standing in a position in which you can represent the family standard of true love, in a relationship with the original parents centered on God's love, can you enter heaven for the first time.

To enter heaven, we must be one with the true love of God and True Parents. Our destination is heaven, but only after we have lived on earth with the children born of that blood relationship. Until now, not one person has lived such a life and gone to heaven. Consequently, heaven is vacant. (176-209, 198?.5.9)

The way to heaven is opened by loving your siblings as God does. As you strive to follow my standard you should strive to bring your siblings with you. The conclusion is that it is your siblings who lead you to the highest, quickest and best way to heaven, not God or me (66-125, 1973.4.18)

Will you all head toward a global heaven or an individual one? You say a global heaven. I, too, am ambitious to grasp the line of love that leads to the global heaven. For forty years I have been going this way enduring persecution. I have been working in this manner in order to grasp the line of love transcending the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. With this in my grasp, where will I go? We must return to our hometown after finding the global love line. We must go there because we received many blessings and succeeded in life. Shouldn't we return and save the unfortunate people there? (143.139, 1986.3.17)

3.1.3. Actual results are needed

In the past, by praying and devoting themselves, people could meet the founder of a religion for that moment only, but then they had to separate because the founder had to ascend to the spirit world. Yet now the time has come when all spirit people can return to earth, centering on the realm of religion. With the advent of such an era, you cannot go to heaven without obtaining the actual results that will enable you to move the past, present and future.

The past was the era of angels and good spirits. The present is the era of the parents. The future is God's era. In conclusion, those who lack the actual result for mobilizing the spirit world, one's own parents as well as God, cannot enter heaven. This is the same way that the angels and God moved to help Adam and Eve. After that, Adam and Eve had to move the universe themselves.

Thus, only those who control the throe worlds of past, present and future, centering on God, can enter heaven. Only then can they go to the original world, the Kingdom of Heaven. (61-199, 1987.2.3)

The condition enabling you to go to heaven is to love God more than your own children. You must love the Lord more than your own spouse. You must love the Holy Spirit more than yourself: That's the oneness of the trinity. (89-99, 1960.7.17)

Then, who can enter and live in the heavenly nation? Sons and daughters who have brought joy to God can enter and live there. After that which we term the Fall took place, humanity has increased and multiplied through the millennia of history. From the midst of this humanity thus multiplied, none were born on earth who brought joy to God. (?-23, 1986.3.18)

You might hope to go to heaven by believing in the Unification Church. However, if you did not bring actual results on earth and you were allowed into heaven, you would feel ashamed. We are not the group that seeks to go to heaven through a conceptual life of faith. We are the group that seeks to build the Kingdom of Heaven with all our heart and efforts. Those who seek to oppose and prevent that cannot be forgiven. In order to build the Kingdom, we must invest our entire mind and body as well as all our belongings and even our surroundings. We must take responsibility for the destiny not only of the nation, but also of even Asia. (12-226, 1969.3.2)

3.1.4. Altruism is needed

If you are fifty and have lived for the universe in accordance with heavenly ethics for over 25 years, you can go to heaven. In going to the next world, you can stay in the good spirit world. However, those who lived putting themselves first more often than not, you will be sad to hear, will go not to the original homeland of goodness, but rather to the land of evil and the world of egoism. Such a place is hell. You have to know these facts and from here forward liquidate your past life of selfishness. You should make efforts the rest of your life to live for the sake of the nation, world, universe and God. If you do this, without a doubt you will go forward into the ideal world of heaven and not into hell. (78-117, 1975.5.4)

I have experienced the reality of the spirit world more than anyone else. It is my field of specialization. What is the origin of order in the spirit world? Heaven is a world based on the principle of living for the sake of others. That is our original homeland.

We are destined to go to the spirit world whether we like it or not. This is our path of life. We are like wanderers moving ever closer toward that destination. Then what becomes the issue is whether we have lived more for others or ourselves. According to that distinction, those who lived predominantly for others will go to heaven. Those who lived the opposite way will go to hell.

You may not want to believe this fundamental formula in your present situation, but when you die you will come to understand. God has set up religions and worked through them providentially to save humankind. The higher the level of these religions, the more their teachings should be in conformity with the purpose and principles of the original homeland. At such a level they can do nothing but recommend sacrifice and service.

In this way, there is no denying the fact that God has been working providentially behind history and religion. In light of these principles, we come to the conclusion that religions that serve other religions will prosper. However, those that seek to take a leadership position, and give rise to global problems by being self-centered, will decline. (74 51, 1974.11.27)

Heaven is a world of love, of living for God's sake, of existing for the sake of God, the central being. (98-33, 1978.?.8)

3.2. The lifestyle that enables us to go to heaven

3.2.1. Our position

God created people to participate in His love. Their path of life was to start in God's love, grow and mature in His love, form families and become perfected bodies of love. They would connect with the love of the world and in this way return to God's bosom of love.

Due to the Fall, this path was fundamentally destroyed. The relationship between God and humankind was severed. A gap between God and humankind was created such that no amount of human effort would allow the return to God. Similarly, no matter how much God tried to come to humankind, He could not. A wall and boundary were created and neither God nor humanity was able to surmount that wall. Humanity was not able to attend God as their parent.

This wall came in and remained between the individual's mind and body, and between husband and wife. Such walls also arose in the family, tribe, people, nation, world, and between heaven and hell in the spirit world. Although God is on His glorious throne in heaven, we on earth cannot surmount the walls surrounding us; we must remove them.

This is the tragedy of people living on earth. How can we do away with it? Despite the fact that people are meant to live attending God as their Parent and be guided by Him in all aspects of their lives, they either do not know He exists, or they declare that He definitely does not exist. They even say, "God is dead. We'll have to sweep Him out of our world." Such a tragic and historic situation is unfolding within the world in which we live. (15-267, 1965.12.15)

3.2.2. Instances of not being able to go to heaven

What should be our motivation: God's will or ours? Our self should not become the motivation. Yet in many cases, people today often derive their motivation from the self rather than God's will. Whereas God's will calls us to go the way of suffering, the self seeks to run counter to it. These are conflicting positions. When God's will tells us to go right, the self wants to go left. You try to justify yourselves by saying, "I had a harder time than anyone else since joining the Unification Church."

Those who try to make excuses for themselves cannot enter heaven. The position of absolute faith is not a place where you can make excuses. There is not a word of excuse you can offer, but other people will come to you with their excuses. Even though you have done well, you cannot be proud of your achievements. What we can recognize as a hundred percent might be just one percent from God's viewpoint. What we recognize as a hundred may be just one to Him. Thus, self-centered people cannot go to heaven.

From where does heaven begin? Heaven begins from the point of having absolute faith. This means not being able to assert oneself. It is the place of absolute self-denial, without which absolute faith cannot emerge. In connection with life's fundamental problems, most people today go about their daily routine. They wake up in the morning, go through life eating and say, "I am okay with God."

Many people believe that, but such people cannot own heaven. They cannot be okay with God. Without a relationship that can be officially recognized, you cannot even have an absolute standard of faith. Without having obtained this prerequisite standard, which must be surpassed in order to realize the Kingdom of Heaven, how can that Kingdom be achieved? There is not a chance. Why not? It is because Satan remains in that place. (16-79, 1971.7.25)

Historically, those called by God were usually over the age of fifty or sixty. They were a bunch of old hardened souls just a step from the grave and close to the day their dirges would be sung. In the background of His providence, God was working with these hardened and withered people at that time. But He also knew that in the future, He would work with people in their prime. He was concerned about how to develop the providence with them. Embracing such circumstances, God has walked the course of history.

Old age must pass into the prime of life, the prime of life into youth, youth into childhood, and childhood into infancy. In such a way, you must be born again. Otherwise you will not be able to go to heaven. You must be able to receive affection like pure and innocent children. That is why Jesus said to Nicodemus, "You must be born again." You must be born again, namely reborn. God carried out His work of redemption from the mother's womb as the final dispensation. What an amazing situation it is! (20-94, 1968.4.28)

3.2.3. Our life for the sake of Kingdom of Heaven

For two-thirds of your life of seventy or eighty years were sorrowful, how would you handle that period? You should make it a joyful life centering on God. You should make it the Kingdom of Heaven where one gives and gives again. God also has to give. Parents must give to their children. Wanting to give and give again when you have something better to give is the heart of a parent. (34-141, 1970.5.30)

You are now fighting. You are firing guns all your life. Before meeting the world, your mind and body are fighting each other. How do you pacify them? Which side will be victorious, your mind or your body? You should be people who can say, "My mind will be victorious without a doubt." Those whose minds are victorious are on the side of good and those whose bodies are victorious are on the side of evil.

Then, in the battlefield where the mind and body are fighting, what is the secret method for the mind to defeat the body? Or conversely, what is the method by which the body defeats the mind? What is its strategy? This is the question. This determines the issue of whether mobilizing weapons and equipment through a certain direction is good or evil. That being the case, it is important to know what the key factor is for resolving this confrontation. What are the necessary conditions for people living in this evil world to establish goodness or evil? Knowing this we can add or remove some conditions. Once you find it out, this condition is simple. (36-61, 1970.?.?)

If there is a good-looking man and a good-looking woman, can the man, insisting upon his rights, say that he wants to receive God's blessing alone? Can the woman, insisting upon her rights, say that she wants to receive God's blessing alone? We must think of God's will as absolute and go through all the conditions necessary for the hope of humankind. It is not given unconditionally. What we must do in God's Kingdom on earth in the future is find the way for couples to be welcomed and respected worldwide. This is the way to live in God's Kingdom on earth. (162-67, 1987.3.2)

A person cannot go on holding onto goodness. The resolution of the matter concerning good and evil is thus: the world gets occupied either by good or by evil. When good occupies the world, we live, but when evil occupies the world, we cease to exist. In this way, the world is running along the path of life and death. The individual, family, nation and world are the product of history. Out of them all, how many are the products of goodness? In the individual, what relative importance do the products of goodness have? What percentage do they have in your living environment or in your personality? That is the issue. Does the world have more elements that lead to evil or to good? In that regard, we see we are surrounded by evil elements.

We do not need education for going the way of evil. Anyone can go that way because history started from evil. Would there be a need for education to go that way? Because people became evil of their own accord, society educates them to act according to their standard of conscience centering on ethics and morality. Education is carried out centering on what? Although people are educated according to goodness and conscience, how many are well grounded on the standard of that education? Evil things can be done without education: everybody can get a perfect score in that.

To those of us living in such circumstances, our conscience is always telling us to be good people. Although your mind always stimulates and advises you to be good, did you actually become good people? When we think about this problem, our whole life is continual lamentation. Today, tomorrow, this year all are lamentation. Youth, middle age, old age all are lamentation.

We end our lives with it. In other words, our whole life may be marked by evil. This is the inevitable conclusion we reach. Because people were born from evil, they are wriggling in and going toward evil. This has been the way for the lives of those who are living today and all those who have lived until now.

What does the Unification Church do these days? Does it teach people to be evil? If so, then it is not needed. Evil does not need to be taught. People go that way quite well even without being taught... (36-56, 1970.11.1)

3.2.4. The Kingdom of Heaven and us

In the face of death, Jesus cried out, "My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me. Yet not as I will, but as You will." Even as he died, he did not protest to God, but was ready to offer a greater sacrifice without question because his will was great for the sake of God's will. Jesus' attitude brought him to a closer position to God because it enabled him to go deeper. In front of such a person God is melted. Whoever would strike such a person would be instantly destroyed. God would personally punish that person. Hence it is said, "Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing."

Those who lend money and remember doing so by adding interest cannot become owners in the Kingdom of Heaven. We must forget about the money we lend. Do parents who raise children remember how much they spend on them and ask for interest? Giving and forgetting is the heart of a parent. Parental love is also more than that. Parental love also includes being heartbroken about being unable to give something better. As that love continues eternally, people without parents are called orphans, and no one would wish to be one. (36-84, 1970.11.15)

Do you know what kind of place the spirit world or heaven is? It is the world to which altruistic people go. Egoists can never go there. They go to hell. Even famous ministers do -- and they will know where they are once they get there. Our Unification Church tries to save our enemies, even the communists. Yet the communists want to cut off the heads of the Unification Church members. That is the difference. So, what kind of thought should sway the world? We must be stronger than the communists. We must not grow strong by becoming evil people. If our strength is based on love through living for the sake of others, it will be enough to save the world.

We are not people who are living in heaven, but rather are seeking to go to heaven. How long will such a life continue? Will it end today or last a decade or a century? What would you do if you died while doing that? Hence, you must be engrafted. Cutting off and engrafting must he carried out. (91-175, 1977.2.1)

To what kind of world will we go ultimately? Hell or heaven? On the way there, are you going to be people who say, "Father, please help me!" or will you say, "Welcome, True Father!" That will be a matter of life and death. You say that you will live happily after marrying, but when I tell you to live well, I mean you should become unchanging couples. To do that, you must go to the changing world and train together, and not get separated. Do not get separated even if you go to a world where people are divided between north and south or in all four directions. We must maintain ourselves in such a state of training. (129-181, 1983.10.30)

3.3. The four-position foundation and heaven

3.3.1. Families enter heaven

If I had worked for only the family until now, why would I have been persecuted? I am confident that if my father, mother, clan and all my remote relatives were gathered in one place, I could inspire them all through my words. I am supremely confident of bringing them all to God's will. However, I could not do that because it was not God's will. Jesus was driven away by his own relatives because he could not do it either.

However, you have passed all this and welcomed the circumstances of this era in which you can witness to your relatives. You may hold on to your parents and express your sincere heart to them, even shedding tears. In that sense, you are in a better situation than I. If your parents or relatives are unwilling to accept God's will, now is the time for you to move their hearts through tearful pleas or any other means.

The time when you can freely witness is here. Although you may have a difficult time dealing with your elder brother, you can at least witness to your younger siblings, even if you have to do so forcibly to make them believe. Although you have ushered in such a time, if you do not fulfill your responsibilities, you cannot face God. Henceforth, I, too, cannot deal with such people. Those who do not do this cannot go to heaven. You go there only by forming your family. (21-65, 1968.9.1)

In the Unification Church, we never think that you can receive salvation as an individual. We do not go to heaven as individuals. Nobody can go alone. That's the rule. From the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were to go to heaven together. Were the husband and the wife to go there alone? Couples and families not united cannot go there. That being the ideal, what kind of heaven would it be, if the father went to hell and the mother to heaven? We must go to heaven as couples, families, clans, and entire nations. (511-61, 1971.10.3)

From where does the Kingdom of Heaven start? It starts from the point where you deny even the basic desires of the heart with which you were born. For this reason those who go the way of truth lead celibate lives. But there are difficult problems leading a celibate life. These problems must be faced individually until the returning Lord comes to solve them.

Because there is no way forward giving primary consideration to individual salvation, we must save the family in order to save humankind. The returning Lord is coming to earth again to open the way for redemption of entire families. Today, Christians say they will go to heaven through their belief in Jesus. However, they are all indulging in individualism. Originally, heaven was not supposed to be entered alone.

If Adam and Eve had remained in the realm of God's love without falling, do you think they would have gone to heaven? If they had, hell could not have existed. Heaven is the place to which husbands and wives go, leading their children. It is the place to go, leading one's children, grandchildren and kindred. Further, it is the destination of the entire nation. Hence, it becomes the heavenly nation. Heaven is the place that is to be realized in this way. (41-299, 1971.2.1)

How stifled would God feel if you sat there alone stating, here is the Kingdom of Heaven"? Can you really say you like the way things are? How saddened He must be when God looks at humankind or the religious world! (?6-68, 1977.1.2)

What standard must we Unificationists reach? We must become people greater than Buddha, Confucius, and even Jesus. Until now, the purpose of religion was individual salvation.

The purpose at the Unification Church is geared toward the salvation of the family rather than just of the individual. This is the difference between the Unification Church and other religions. For salvation, we are saving the family, and in going to heaven we are going as a family.

The Unification Church's view of salvation is not of a husband going to heaven while his wife goes to hell! It is for both of them to go to heaven together. You do not let your parents get sent to hell. Instead, you bring them to heaven along with your children.

The Unification Church has a different dimension or idea greater than any other religion. It teaches the way to go to heaven bringing our entire beloved families and tribes. Hence, the religions that have existed until now emphasize celibacy. But the Unification Church places importance on the family. We go the family-centered way. Those families live for God and the world. This is the way for Unification Church members to go. (34-358, 1970.9.20)

Who can be the object of happiness in your family? For the husband, it is the wife. For the wife, it is the husband. For the parents, it is the children. For the children, it is their parents. From this basis, it is possible to build the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven was within us. But imagine how lonely and miserable he must have been, when he could not say that the Kingdom of Heaven was in our families. You sing of happiness because you have families. For us, there is at least a moment in which we can do this.

However, Jesus, the master of truth seekers, God's only begotten Son, who was to save the universe, could not even dream of the base for the external Kingdom of Heaven. He wandered around saying that the Kingdom of Heaven was within us, and for this he was crucified. He sought for nearly three years to revive this in our hearts. How utterly lonely and miserable His life was!

If the kingdom that Jesus desired was only that of the heart, it would be eternally impossible to realize the substantial Kingdom beyond that. It would also be eternally impossible to realize the kingdom transcending the family through the society to the nation. When will the global Kingdom of Heaven and God's Kingdom in heaven be realized? The Messiah had the responsibility to save humankind, and to liberate the spirit world and God.

When you think about his situation, how frustrated he must have been For Jesus, being crucified was nothing. If he had collapsed, he could not face God. If he were to stand as a failure in the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven and the ideal society, if it existed, he would have wanted to go and seek a wrapping cloth with which he could cover his face and hide. Who can understand the remorse that would fill Jesus' heart, remorse which he could not remove even if he were to die a hundred times? (??-47, 1982.10.3)

One cannot go alone to the place called Heaven. It can be entered only after one has realized the ideal of reciprocity. Fallen people must go through the providence of restoration, resurrection and re-creation to enter Heaven. Giving you the Blessing is to open wide the gates of Heaven. The Blessing means that I am opening the gates of Heaven, which were closed. Families enter by those gates.

I am saying that you must enter with your sons and daughters. The family must become historic fruit as a result of accumulated merit. God's providence of restoration history of six millennia went through the eras of the first Adam, the second Adam and the third Adam, in the family. So you must have three sons and find spouses for each of them. Thus, you can enter as a family. (152-239, 1963.5.23)

3.3.2. Jesus and his family

Christianity is the religion that taught about the family of love as the standard in which we can live together eternally centered on God. God wants to meet people to make a family. This is our desire. There is no other desire above this. (39-343, 1971.1.16)

Jesus strove to establish his family but could not fulfill that portion of God's will. He then went the path of the cross, putting behind him the thought of bride and bridegroom. Hence, he said that he would come again and hold the Marriage of the Lamb. This refers to the appearance of the ideal family in which God can find rest.

Then the Lord can attain the position of True Parent. As the True Parent, he has to give birth to true children and then form true brothers and sisters. Centered on this true family, by forming true clans and true races, he has to establish a new race and a new nation. We come to the conclusion that Jesus has to come again to realize this. (39-345, 1971.1.16)

3.3.3. The four-position foundation and the Kingdom of Heaven

Restoration means the restoration of the four-position foundation. To fulfill the four-position foundation the father, mother, and sons and daughters must be restored. Then, you must be completely restored as a Blessed Couples and give birth to children raising them so that they do not Fall. To do that, we must infuse a new tradition. To do so, we must be better than the saints. (55-33, 1972.6.6)

God's ideal for His Kingdom on earth can be established for the first time in the place where heaven is established on the family level. This must become a four-position foundation. In the Unification Principle, the perfection of the ideal of creation is the perfection of the four position foundation. Why is that so? The four-position foundation is established when the world of vertical relationships and horizontal relationships are created through three stages centering on God, Adam and Eve.

The horizontal world can unfold only through Adam and Eves sons and daughters. When this happens, the vertical world is naturally formed. Considering the body, the children are the horizontal basis of the body, and the spirit world is the horizontal basis of the mind. As God is able to be present there for the first time, the Kingdom of Heaven is manifested on the earth. (96-25, 1973.1.1) 

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