Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter Three - The Spirit World
Section 4. The Position and Actual Situations of the Spirit World

4.1. The position of the spirit world

What you need to be thinking about in this era is the spirit world. As yet, the spirit world corresponds to the angelic world. We Unification Church members stand in the same position as Adam and Eve before the Fall, that is to say, we are living in that realm. Viewed from the spirit world, it is identical to paradise appearing on earth. (54 229, 1972.3.20)

Since the spirit world transcends time and space, even the sorrow of the past six millennia remains forever within the realm of the historical ages. If you felt joy in the experience of offering yourself, then even if it occurred as a part of your daily activities, that experience will never be forgotten for the rest of your life.

With the passage of time, it will broaden and expand so that you can become an object of reverence and be connected with the infinite origin. If you have such holy experiences from now on, and act upon them, you will be able to know that the sorrow God has been experiencing until now is not temporal but rather continuously connected. That is an undeniable fact. (29-294, 1970.3.12)

What is the one thing to be done in the world of humanity? The light of love must be bright. For that to happen, you must catch fire internally and externally. From what? The motive force to love. In the light of all this, all the things of this world are a rest house you pass through during a trip. (194-55, 1989.10.15)

4.2. The actual state of affairs in the spirit world

When you get to see the spirit world, it will all appear as one large person. God, the Subject, and that large person become one. When this occurs, the whole spirit world and the physical world will jell together as one.

When God jumps, so will the earth. When He laughs, so will the world. That is how it is. When you go to the spirit world, you will see that it is structured like a person. (91-179, 1977.2.27)

in the spirit world, there is no place you cannot pass through, because there is nothing that obstructs movement there. Being the place where God's original character exists, it is not made to be obstructive. Everything is made to be permeable. As it transcends time and space, people who lived eons ago exist there even now. Thus, you will be able to see such people as often as you wish. They appear the age they want.

So explanations and excuses will not be necessary. You will have foresight. You will know whether someone is ranked below, beside, or above you. You will know the love rankings of zillions of people.

Those rankings are absolute. Highly-ranked people will naturally stand in the right places according to their ranks. It is different from the physical world. People who got promoted by scheming and backstabbing will be upended. It will be the other way around. Look, therefore in the true way. (194-132, 1989.10.17)

4.3. The pride of the spirit world

What will old people need to do in order to walk the way of God’s will in the future? How can the physical body be reinvigorated as it ages, as its physiological functions are increasingly curbed and as it becomes decrepit? I am researching this. What should we do if the body keeps weakening when it needs to unite with the spirit to be active? I am now in the midst of providing for this.

Then, what is the problem? You have to start anew. To do that, discover something new every day. People who do will never become dropouts. They are never discouraged by difficulties. On the contrary, they relish the challenge.

What will you be proud of in the spirit world? You will be proud of the number of lives you have saved. This is your pride. Going beyond the ordinary people and your tribe, the number of lives you have saved among the numerous races by linking them to new life will form your assets. Those will be your only assets. There will be nothing you will miss in the spirit world since it has everything. Still, if there is anything you might miss, it would be true people.

Thus, those devoted subjects who sacrificed to raise true people will naturally be able to become the glorious sons and daughters of heaven. Therefore, that will be the only thing in which you can take pride. (30-147, 1970.3.21)

In the spirit world when you enter the place where the bell of love rings in your heart, the light of your heart will grow steadily. This light will shine brilliantly in all the five colors. In God's eyes, it will look brighter and more beautiful than a diamond. What is more, its light is not just good, but also tasty. The more you look at it, the better it appears and the more intoxicated you will get. That is why God utters the word love.

Therefore, the tears you shed and the amount your heart ached for the sake of love will constitute your assets. (103-27, 1979.1.24)

4.4. The Unification Church and the spirit world

How great is God? He is the One who created the universe. Our solar system by itself is huge.

Unification Church members are citizens of the heavenly nation with world sovereignty. Not only that, we are also heaven's ambassadors. When such ambassadors negotiate with their arch-enemy, they will never compromise while following the heavenly command even if they have to offer their lives. Though living in the satanic world, we are heaven's ambassadors who take orders not from Satan but from heaven.

A huge foundation -- the spirit world -- exists behind the Unification Church. If a U.S. citizen living in some small village in Africa were harmed, it would become a problem to be dealt with directly by the State Department and the White House. Likewise, if we are victimized in a miserable plight in some secluded place, it will become a problem for heaven and for the Unification Church, and it will be discussed whether compensation will be claimed for damages. You are standing in such a position. Therefore, do not be intimidated. Even if you are insulted, take it and move on with dignity. (96-43, 1977.12.18)

The Unification Church is capable of mobilizing an individual spiritually as well as ancestors. Since the religions that have existed until today were incapable of connecting the physical and spiritual worlds, they made contact by harmonizing vertically their spiritual devotion with rhythms and dancing. Yet now we have entered the broadcasting station itself. Our position is like a diaphragm. It is not the undulation itself that a generating transmitter.

With a broadcast station, you can say, "Ancestors in the spirit world, please come and work with me. Good ancestors please come and work with me. I need such vibrations," and they are supposed to come. Individuals and families can be called and mobilized. Since the foothold for connecting with the tribal, ethnic and global realms were established on the earth, the spirits will be mobilized and come down to earth. When this happens, our bodies will be drawn into this without our knowing it. (162-103, 1987.3.30)

When you die and go before God, you will not be starting your report with the good things you have done, but rather with your misdeeds first. In this world, when people are required to render an account of themselves, they usually only mention their accomplishments without revealing their shortcomings. The spirit world is not like that. There, we must first report our mistakes. That is the order, what is first reported are the bad things.

Unification Church members will momentarily enter hell. Following that, a lawyer must be appointed to come and pull them out. This person would have to plead their case by citing their past accomplishments centered on God's will during the era of the parents, and thus pull them out. Do not live taking it easy. If that were acceptable, why would I have pursued a lifestyle that kept landing me in jail and made me the target of finger-pointing as someone who should be beaten to death? I could not but live that way. I cannot be skulking around. (196-283, 1990.1.2)

We are splendid people. We are treading our life path with dignity, in a position enviable to the world and universe, and all the saints and sages in the spirit world. We live with an inherited background and content of achievement that prevents God from abandoning us and also enables Him to both praise us and come to us to express His love. (171-27. 1987.12.5)

4.5. Korean customs and the spirit world

The Koreans are a unique race with a long history. Korea never even once invaded other countries, although it was often attacked. Korea's survival, sandwiched as it is between powerful countries, is a miracle. It is due to divine protection.

Korean customs are quite similar to those of the Jews. When I came to understand the spirit world, I discovered many affinities between its principled ways and our Korean customs, such as those relating to childbirth and marriage, as well as attitudes toward life. For meals, Koreans always place a pair of chopsticks and a spoon beside them as the main elements of the setting. The food, prepared and served in bowls, harmonizes in plus and minus, yin and yang relationships. Koreans organize around the number seven. There is a three day separation with each of life's major events: after childbirth, after marriage, and after death. Historically Koreans truly respect traditional things. (54-234, 1972.3.24)

4.6. The Korean language and the spirit world

When you enter heaven, if being able to speak the language of the homeland is one of the requisites, what are you going to do? You will be asked whether you speak it. This is the viewpoint of the Principle, according to which Adam and Eve's children would speak the language of their parents and not another. English is the fallen archangel's language. It is a shame. This is the viewpoint of the Principle. When you go to the spirit world, your ancestors will point at you and accuse you, saying, "Even though you served the True Parents, you did not learn Korean!" Korean is the True Parents' language. There is nothing we can do about them having been born in Korea. (128-241, 1983.6.2)

4.7. The spirit world's sphere of activity

This universe is the spirit world's sphere of activity. While the vast universe is its spiritual sphere of activity this world too, at the same time, is the spirit world's sphere of activity. On earth we can connect with that external realm, the universe. From the viewpoint of God's providence, it means symbolically that the citizens of heaven now living on earth have reached the standard where they can always contact countless ancestors spread throughout the great universe. In the external world, this is indicated symbolically by the exploration of the universe using satellites. (196-215, 1994.11.1)

4.8. The spirit world's possessions

In observing the great universe, l am sure you will find stars made of precious stones like diamond stars. It all belongs to us. We can live with that joy. This is the ideal world where all the groups that love the universe -- God's loving family -- will be able to live and move together. You should join this group and become a part of that family. Those who willingly sacrifice themselves will become the leaders and people in charge in the spirit world. However, the ones who live with a lukewarm attitude will become failures there. (126-144, 1983.?.12)

4.9. God and the spirit world

Even in the spirit world God is invisible. When you go there, you will never see Him. You will be able to hear His voice, but you will never be able to set eyes on Him. However, who appears as God's proxy, His incarnation? Until now, it has been Jesus. If there is the Lord who is to come, he will take the place of God's external form. What will Jesus' position become? He will be God's first son. Jesus will become God's son. (155.319, 1965.11.1) 

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