Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter Three - The Spirit World
Section 3. The Content and Situation of the Spirit World

3.1. The Fail led to ignorance about the spirit world

The human body consists of almost one hundred trillion cells. Our ancestors have died and gone to the spirit world, but within our body are cells passed down that have received their love. The cells connecting to life have been passed down -- connected through the lineage. They are still alive and moving.

When autumn comes, the leaves fall. New buds come out in spring. A garden becomes green in summer. Likewise, we human beings are born from numerous ancestors through our blood connection. Although we are their descendants, we are meant to live our lives representing them. Centering on our ancestors' true love and drawing upon their life energy, we are to pass down their lineage. Thus, your grandfather and grandmother are the beings into whom your ancestors are compressed. It is they who represent your clans and your families before heaven.

Then what about your father and mother? They are the center of your family. They represent all the fathers and mothers of all families in the present world. The grandfather and grandmother represent the past and the father and mother represent the present. What about sons and daughters? They are the future descendants who can be unified with God's eternal ideal world -- the heavenly kingdom -- and can complete the unification of the cosmos. Your family is holding your son and daughter as the starting point of your family. Therefore, the family is the compressed unit of the representative of the past, the representative of the present people of the world, and the representative of future descendants living in one place. that is why the family that has not fallen stands in such a position whereby it can communicate with both the spiritual and physical worlds.

Just as the love within the parent-child relationship is cherished in the physical world, if you live with such love on earth, you will attend God as your Parent and live your life in heaven as His child. (214-2611, 1991.2.3)

3.2. The spirit world is a sphere permitting instant perception

In the spirit world, anything can be known instantly. When meeting people, even without an introduction, you will know their names, whether they lived eons, or million, or billions of years ago. It is such a speedy world.

When I have to pinpoint the solution to a difficult problem within a triangle, my finger and body already know where that point is. That is why you should always be focused and go about with the right mindset.

In meeting people, do not think of taking advantage of them or trying to use them for your benefit. Never do that. If their original character is crushed, it will take half a year to three years to repair it. That is why your actions are crucial. If you take advantage of others, you will be placed in a more hellish place than the usual hell. Those who understand such consequences do not even think about doing selfish deeds. (204-304, 1990.7.11)

Satanic blood is still flowing at the base of our being. Satanic love has been rooted in our body. That love flows through the blood vessels in our life and is meshed into our nerves. From there, our body, which consists of one hundred trillion cells, was formed. We have to lament by our own initiative the miserable plight of sustaining this life together with satanic blood. We should be determined and resolved to destroy this satanic life hundreds of times over during our lifetime.

Can you embrace and love your own body? Can you walk around like a mad dog dragging its muzzle saying that you are hungry? Can you approach your spouse to satisfy your lust centered on your body?

When entering the spirit world, you will not require an introduction. You will understand as soon as you meet others.

You will know that the person you meet used to live on earth some millennia ago or some million years ago. Some say that biblical history goes back six millennia, but I say they are talking nonsense. They do not know the spirit world.

Biblical history actually spans millions and tens of millions of years. If we call for our ancestors of those days, they will all appear at once. As soon as you see them, you will understand each other tacitly. Your whole being is on display. You will immediately know to what order each of you belongs -- whether higher or lower. Therefore, introductions will be unnecessary! The order is automatically determined.

Love determines the overall order and each person's position. So you cannot enter the heavenly kingdom without becoming God's sons and daughters.

In order to connect with God's love, you have to get onto the vertical line. What does the scripture about loving the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind mean? The center of everything is love. So, when you do nothing but concentrate all your functions and consciousness on loving the Lord your God, you will go straight up to the vertical realm taking the elevator. It is a wondrous world. (20?-141, 1990.11.17)

3.3. The center of the spirit world

What is the center of the spirit world? It is a world structured and centered on the One Absolute God, the originator of the universe from the beginning. There is nothing He has not created. Since all things belong to Him, they feel as He feels and exist in relationship to Him. For example, the human body consists of one hundred trillion cells. When any of the cells at any part of the body feels something, it directly relays it to the brain. It is the same for all creatures that have been connected to their Creator since the universe was created.

What is more, we are born and live with consciousness, pursuing goodness and higher value as well as experiencing the grief of others? All these attributes did not originate from human beings but from the origin of humankind. We can say that human life is a process of going towards the resultant world which leads us to the origin. (40-121, 1986.2.3)

3.4. The organization of the spirit world (hierarchy)

Why is the spirit world still incomplete? The hierarchy of the spirit world was originally designed to be connected centered on God, True Parents, and true children, but that hierarchy does not yet exist in the spirit world or on earth. In other words, the organization of the spirit world is to be the hierarchy centered on True Parents, and at the same time the philosophy heralding the Adam untainted by the Fall, but it has not been established yet. So far, the center of the hierarchy has been occupied by the Buddhist group, the Confucian group, and the Muslim group.

Thus, in the spirit world, the Muslims, Confucians and Buddhists have all been hoping for the appearance of the true parent-centered ideology and the philosophy heralding Adam. Since both worlds must go in a unified direction, when the work of the True Parents on earth reaches the global level, the boundaries dividing all the religions will disappear, and a unified movement will automatically appear according to the motions in the spirit world.

Then, what happens when the teachings of the Unification Movement become a global ideology? All the spirits will be absent from the spiritual world. As their purpose must be completed on earth and subsequently revert to the spirit world, they all have to return to the physical world. All of them will become active. Countless spirits in the spiritual world are hoping for the Unification members that are spread across the world to take action.

Then what is the center of the hierarchy in the spirit world? First it is God, second True Parents, third true sons and daughters, and fourth the true nation. True children are children who have inherited the direct lineage from True Parents. They all branch out centering on the nation to become its citizens.

Who should be the first to live in the heavenly palace? Who will govern the heavenly kingdom sitting on the throne of the heavenly palace? Adam and Eve should have become the true parents centering on God and were supposed to be in that position of governing the kingship of that heavenly nation. It would have been realized if they had not fallen, but because of the Fall it did not materialize. Thus, true parents have to emerge and move into that position.

The spirit world operates under this kind of principle. So how long do you think it would take for such phenomena to appear in the physical world? Centered on God, true parents have to emerge, then the true children, and finally a true nation with true citizens. (161-222, 19?7.2.15)

3.5. Clothing, food and shelter in the spirit world

Would you skip breakfast tomorrow morning because you had breakfast this morning? You will keep crying out, "Oh, food!" until your life ends. Likewise, you have to eat God's words every day in the spirit world. That is why you have to train yourself on earth. Your hunger for knowledge, even after going to the spirit world, will push you to ask, "What words will God speak to us? What do they mean?"

Think about it. Do you expect to find bakeries in the spirit world or not? What about cola and juice bottling plants? No. Would there be auto-manufacturing plants there or not? When you get there, would you go around saying you are going to move about in a luxury vehicle? Here people boast of owning a Benz, but over there, there is no need for all that.

What will you be doing over there? Will you be eating or not? You will. Based upon what will you be doing that? Because love will be central to eating, people without love will not be able to open their mouths however much they want to eat. That is the law. Their mouths will not open if they love themselves and are not focused on loving everyone. Even as they try to pick up food with chopsticks to bring the food to their mouths. the chopsticks will move away. Thus, in the spirit world everything is possible only when you have true love and everything is impossible if you do not.

What I teach is the tide of love. It is a tide that reaches God's throne in heaven all the way to His heart. It flows to all nations and enables you to connect with everyone.

If a nice house in the spirit world is inhabited by someone ranked lower than yourself, you can make it yours. This will be naturally known as you enter it.

By becoming God's sons and daughters, you will come to own the entire vast universe. In the spirit world, you will not be able to follow me around because the gates of your hearts are narrow. True love can flow freely, whether through a wide gate or a narrow gate. Love must be true. (207-93, 1990.11.1)

The spirit world is our homeland -- the original homeland. This earth is the homeland of the original body and the spirit world is the homeland of the original heart. The next place to go is the world of heart -- the spirit world. Thus, only by training ourselves on earth to adjust to the spirit world will we have no difficulties upon arriving there. (207.72, 1990.11.1)

There are neither cars nor food in the spirit world. Like God the Creator, we will be able to create all sorts of things through true love there. You can make anything through love. When you call out for some instrument, it will appear at once. When you order food for several hundred thousand or even millions of guests at a banquet, it will be served. If you stipulate a golden dress code, it will materialize instantaneously.

We will not be sleeping in the spirit world. That being the case, we will be able to dance the night away with total abandon. Spiritually we will be filling ourselves with eternal enjoyment. The air there will be the air of love, the food there will be the food of love, and the clothes there will be the garments of love, and all these will be provided by the True Parents through true love. (217-291, 1991.6.2)

On earth, food is one of life's concerns. Thus, manufacturing plants for automobiles, fertilizer, garments, food, and so on are needed. People make a big fuss over food at home. In the spirit world, all that is unnecessary. Cars and planes are not needed. In the twinkling of an eye, infinite distances can be crossed. Spiritual energy travels faster than the sunlight created by God, and it travels three hundred million meters per second. God's original love energy and life energy travel infinitely faster than that. If you wish to meet with someone light years away, that person will appear right away. Even in heaven, which is vast, when you prepare your heart and say that you would like to meet someone you loved, that person will appear on the spot.

Those who used to live millions of years ago will appear and greet you. How much has changed over the past millennia? People who used to live then could sense heaven much more deeply than those who live now.

Yet it is the other way around from the perspective of civilization -- our spiritual senses develop along with its advancements. Greater knowledge leads to a corresponding increase in overall understanding and penetrating analyses. Thus, the foundation to attain extrasensory perception is expanded. Then the spirit world will naturally teach in advance the wise ones concerned about the future of the world. They will understand through spiritual waves what will happen. Those who reach the highest position will see but one goal at the end. (206-138, 1990.10.3)

3.6. How to use knowledge and power in the spirit world

You can make as much money as you want in the spirit world. God is the King of knowledge. Knowledge, money, and power are but some of the values people pursue during their physical life. Can professors boast of their knowledge forever? Can they go around showing it off? It lasts only a lifetime. Your knowledge is with you only during your life and the same for your money and power. Thus, do not boast of your knowledge, money or power. God regards them as valueless. They are all valueless in the spirit world. (203-291, 1990.6.27)

We should know God. He must be a god of personality, He can not be obscure. As we are people personifying intellect, emotion and will, then our subject partner, God, must also be the deity personifying intellect, emotion and will. What is the central attribute of God among all His many attributes? It is emotion. It is love. God too needs love most to live. You do not live with knowledge in heaven. Things are the way they are because you do not know the spirit world. However, once you are there, it will take less than a week for you to learn everything. In the spirit world you can look into people's minds as you see reflections in a mirror. The spirit world is a world of intuition where, within a week, you can surpass the knowledge of any intellectual, however distinguished or great.

By seeing things through the light of your heart, you will automatically understand the world and all its related connections. Only through the heart of love will you understand whether someone is your object or subject partner. It cannot be done through knowledge or any of God's other attributes. (210-311, 1990.12.27)

In the spirit world, if you just say with a strong heart of love that you want to see someone an infinite distance away, he can appear. If you ask him, "Why have you come here?" he will reply, "Because you called me." If you ask him, "How far have you come?" he will say that he came from light-years away. The spirit world transcends space. The universe becomes your base of activity.

Yet we have things tied around our necks that do not exist in the spirit world, namely money, knowledge and power. Not even one of those things exists in that world. Not even one of them will endure. Money, knowledge and power are needed in this world, but not in that world. Yet, in the satanic world, people desire them.

The spirit world is a world devoid of power consciousness. If you require power you will be unable to live anywhere in the spirit world. Nothing in the spirit world will welcome you. You will not be able to own anything even if the spirit world itself becomes interested in you and tries to unite with you. Essential opposites cannot become one. They cannot be linked to a position in which the spirit world can have interest. (1990.7.29)

God created everything for love. if you ask Him what He loves most, what do you think His answer will be? He has no favorites. He does not need money. knowledge or power. What do we Unification Church members need? The same thing. Love contains money, knowledge and power. Its power is everlasting. People who understand true love will not have anything to learn in heaven.

Such people can go in and out of God's heart anytime. They can move freely in all directions through His body. His heart is like a central terminal. Why do we need it? As you enter and leave it, you emerge with tremendous power because energy from all directions gets concentrated there. Even lowly people will be elevated to the same position as God as they emerge from that central terminal. Love has such great power.

What is knowledge? Through it, you can own everything around you. if you have only love, which is the highest form of knowledge, everything in the world will connect with you. Knowledgeable people rule. It has been said that knowledge is power. It is logical that powerful people rule. That is why people with love do not need knowledge. They will know everything in the spirit world even without learning.

As I know all these things dearly. I do not want to live on earth. Everything in that vast world is intertwined with love. Everything is complete if you come to own the realm of God's heart harmonized with that love. The history of creation will continue forever. You have to accomplish what you have planned by harmonizing yourself with that heart of love. Once you determine and command it, it will unfold at once. (202-116, 1990.3.6)

3.7. Human relationships in the spirit world

God is the Creator of heaven and earth, the very Parent who happens to be the origin of all beings in this world today. He is the source of value of all beings. By virtue of His existence this world of phenomena began.

Such an absolute being does not change according to contemporary trends; absolute things do not change. He is not limited by time and space. He transcends and thus presides over all limitations. We should not simply call such a being God.

He is our Father. You are to call Him Heavenly Father. He is the Father who begat you. The Fall gave rise to the word rebirth, but He is the Father who originally begat you. Your physical father is the father who became the bridge. You will call him brother in the spirit world. You will not be calling your physical mother mom either.

What do all the people who were born of their parents call God? They all call Him Father as the Christians do. In the same family. the grandfather calls God Father and so do the father and the grandson. That goes for all members of the family. Likewise, God is Father to all humankind. Accordingly, all people are brothers and sisters. I sometimes think that if that is really the case, then things will be quite interesting when I go to the spirit world.

As all people are mutually related as siblings, who would be the closest ones in the spirit world? Not the horizontal ones. Which relationship is closer in this world: between parent and child, or between siblings? Since the parent-child relationship is closer, even after you pass to the spirit world, you will be closest to your parents, then to your grandparents and then to your great-grandparents, and then your great-great-grandparents above them. When you trace the vertical line all the way up. who is the last grandparent? He is, indeed, God.

That is why you do not have to feel lonely saying that you have no friends in this world. You do not have to feel sad because you lived by yourself before you died. When you go to the spirit world, you will have an unlimited number of close siblings above and beside you. However, you will not become their sibling just like that. You can become their sibling only when you have attained the privilege of attending God as your Father.

I do not feel bad about calling my father and grandfather my elder brothers. Somehow, when you think about it, you might feel bad. You used to call him daddy while on earth. He might be terribly offended if you were to call him your brother in the spirit world! Yet, that is how you will have to address each other. Why does it have to be like that? Because only in such a position can you become the son of the direct male line. If that is the case, you may ask, "Since there is but one son of the direct male line, how then can everyone occupy that position?" In the spirit world, everyone can become the son of that line. Centered on God, everyone can become its descendants. When a rich man dies in this world, his assets will be inherited by his children. Then, it is customary for half to be given to the eldest son of the direct male line and the rest to be divided by the other sons.

Nevertheless, it is not like that in the spirit world. Since all people in the spirit world have to become descendants of the direct male line, God does not have to divide His assets among them. Once all siblings become one, what is your elder brother's is simultaneously yours. So it is important that all siblings become one. As you seek to trace your lineage back through the generations, they will be numbered differently, but if all the ancestors of the direct male line become completely one, the descendants who come after them will inherit the universe. In other words, they will govern the spirit world centered on the children of the direct male line. (21-248, 1968.11.24)

In the spirit world, grandfathers and grandmothers will look more attractive than you. You can live in such a world if you have love. It is a unified and very beautiful world. Who is the grandfather of your ancestors? The first grandfather is God. (216 180, 1991.3.10)

When you go to the spirit world and look at a man and a woman, they look like one great person. What are people? Each of you is like a cell. The whole universe will look like a man and a woman. That is how it will look. The universe is the result of them combining. The people within the universe are like God's cells. They are parts of a body. (207-97, 1990.11.1)

3.8. The center of the spirit world is love

3.8.1. The air of the spirit world is love

How is the spirit world structured? Its air is love. Love serves as air. On earth. your mind and body must experience the sensations of love as the elements that can be harmonized. Once you create the sphere of experiencing those elements, there is nowhere you cannot communicate with each other instantly, just like the tree sap that flows from the bud to the root of a tree. You will naturally sense when God is rejoicing. You will know that God's banquet is going to be held in the East. (162-257, 1987.4.17)

In the spirit world, there are screws of love, as well as machines of love, and shafts. To use a metaphor, there are shafts in rotating motors. If you completely unwind the shaft, what is unwound is love. The shaft rotates for the sake of love. There is no need to worry about achieving the harmony of that order. When you live centered on essential love, you are like a cell wherever you go in that world. (126-218, 1953.?.24)

Love is the air you breathe in the spirit world. Only by establishing the way of love can you become the substantiation of hope longed for by God throughout history and be welcomed everywhere you go in Heaven. Thus, your family is the training school enabling you to go to heaven. It is your training ground. In the world there are people like your grandfather and grandmother.

It is the same by extension -- extending the age brackets of your mother and father, your spouse. and your children. People who extend what they have learned in their family in all directions and can live for the sake of others within the sphere of love can go to heaven. The family is the training ground from which you can go straight to heaven. It is like a base from where satellites can be launched -- like Cape Kennedy. Your family is the place from where an atomic bomb of love or a satellite of love can be launched. (143-41, 1986.3.15)

3.8.2. The spirit world is the place of living a love-centered life

In the other world, spirit people live centered on love. That is why you should share the blessing of love with many people. You have to shed tears. People shed tears in good moments and bad. What is the difference between laughing and crying? We open our eyes when we laugh and close them when we cry. Laughing hard brings out tears. The shape of one's face does not change much. The only difference is the eyes. (212-166, 1991.1.6)

Henceforth, only art will remain. People who cannot write love poems are failures. (211-245, 1990.12.30)

Where is the core of the universe -- the core of love? The core of love exists. Some years ago in America, a new elementary particle called upsilon was discovered. It is said to be humanly inaccessible. In this regard, we are coming to the stage in which the spirit world will be officially and automatically recognized. That is an amazing fact. I think that it is a good opportunity to have something that should be scientifically provable but is not.

It sets the stage for the beginning of the four-dimensional world. As the material world reaches its boundaries, the spirit world becomes clarified automatically. There is no boundary. Is there a boundary between the spirit world and our heart? Our heart resembles the spirit world. Our senses differ in degree though not in kind; consequently, we are called spiritual beings. (83-209, 1976.2.8)

Once we go to the spirit world, through the power of true love, we can meet people, however distant, in the twinkling of an eye and likewise zip back to our hometown, however distant, to visit our loved ones. The spirit world is a limitlessly expansive world, but through love we will be able to go back and forth over infinite distances instantaneously. Love travels at the highest speed. Without the foundation of love-centered mind-body unity, we would have nothing to do with the spirit world. Accordingly, the origin of unification is not something that happens in the objective world, but rather begins in you. (216-192. 1991.3.31)

3.9. The spirit world - the world of heart

What kind of place is the spirit world? Because some people say that those who speak about the spirit world are lunatics, I hesitate to talk about it. What kind of world is the spirit world? It is a world where anything is possible if you have a heart at the same level as God's. (106.227, 1979.12.30)

The world of heart is the world of boundless happiness, but you will have to undergo countless steps of training and re-education. While undergoing endless ordeals, you will have to go forward step by step, over eons. Everyone is destined to go through such a course, whether from the East or West. Be people who shed tears for others, not for yourselves.

So do not hesitate. Rather, challenge fate by saying, "Go ahead. I am ready to die. I will carry on even unto death. Come on. Do what you want. I will die with such a heart. Even if you kill me, my heart will not die. I will take it with me to the spirit world and engraft it there." Standing on God's side, you will say, "Are you going to invade the realm of God's heart? You can invade Satan's realm of heart, but not God's. Isn't that the heavenly law?" Satan dominates the realm of heart of the satanic world, but he cannot dominate God's realm of heart.

Thus, once the satanic world is assimilated into God's realm of love, the spirit world will also be assimilated. Then, this world will become the Kingdom of Heaven where no one will be blocked from entering any of the twelve pearly gates facing the north, the south, the east, and the west. All will be welcomed. Why? Because, through God's heart, all can become one and be harmonized anywhere. (106-229, 1979.12.30)

The ideologies and philosophies of this world may have formed a stage in revolutionizing our consciousness in terms of the standards of our conscience, but from now on something that can bring the destined and final victory must emerge. That is none other than heart.

Henceforth, there must emerge a new view of history that can revolutionize the heart of humanity to enable the establishment of the standards of heavenly law. Based on this view of history, there has to appear a heart-based principle that can establish a new view of life and worldview. Then what principle is it? It is one centered on a heart-based view of life, a heart-based worldview, and a heart-based view of the universe. This is the very thing the Unification Church is teaching. (16-251, 19?6.6.19)

3.10. The situation of the spirit world

Those who can become object partners to God, the God who is harmonized through the ideal of love, can instantly materialize all their thoughts in the spirit world. It is the world where you can instantaneously throw a party for a zillion guests. If you want to please God as the object of His love by dressing up gorgeously. it will happen right away. It is a world where everything imaginable is possible. Those who know the spirit world have no zest for living on earth. That is why even being cast into jail did not bother me at all. This momentary life on earth is like taking a single breath in the eternal world. (211-244, 1990.12.30)

In the spirit world, you will be flying around. Since true love has the highest speed, the God of true love can, in one hop, zip across the vast universe 22 billion light-years wide. You could all do the same. However great the universe, it will become the sphere of your activities in the spirit world. (13-277, 1991.1.21)

You will have nothing to envy in the spirit world. The incarnation of love cannot be compared with diamonds, gold or pearls. Jewels will not matter. The incarnation of love is more beautiful. (201-99, 1990.3.11)

When meeting artists in the spirit world, you will be able to catch up with them by instantly developing all your artistic inclinations. It is a world of limitless possibilities. Thus, you will have all the facilities you will need there for singing and dancing.

Even in drawing, God is the best. Would He hang up a masterpiece painting on the wall and gaze at it, or would He behold His own created masterpiece in action? Which do you think He would like? His creation. What's more, you will never get old in that world, that sublime place where you will be intoxicated with the heart of love.

Life would he boring if every day were clear. Misty days and nights, when we can see the moon with a halo, take away the boredom. Just observing the various and unique weather changes from clear to cloudy taking place all the time on earth is itself an artistic activity. This is the world of art; it is an artistic world. (201-102, 1990.3.11)

3.11. Life in the spirit world

How is life in the spirit world? You will not have worries about what to eat, where to live, and what to wear. Why not? According to your spiritual state, everything you wish for will become reality.

We will be eating there, too. There, we will also be able to feel the flow of our blood and the beat of our pulse. We will have spirit bodies, but it will work the same way.

Whenever we want to eat something, it will appear ready to be eaten right away. Where will it come from? The spirit world is a world in which we will be able to exercise our independence actively in enabling the mobilization of the original world. As such, what is it that has the proactive authority of activity that can mobilize everything? It is neither power, nor knowledge, nor money. It is love.

However high up God may be, if you call out to Him with a heart of love, "God!" the answer will come from within your heart, "What?" You then ask, "God, where are You?" and He will reply, "What do you mean, where am I? I am at the core of your heart." God is the origin. He is at the core, the root, of your heart. Intoxicated with love, when you give the command to actualize what your intuition tells you, it will unfold just the way you want. People going to the spirit world as bachelors or spinsters will have a difficult time. Such people will not be able to harmonize any where they go. It will be the case whether they go to the world for women or for men. They will have no group to belong to. (194-42, 1989.10.15)

3.12. The work we have to do in the spirit world

What will happen after we die? Dying does not mean that life is all over.

A son who has inherited the love of his father is always welcome in his house and anywhere he goes. That is the principle. All the spirits in the next world will welcome him. The spirit world is an eternal world. Someone who wears himself out for the sake of love all his life and subsequently dies at a ripe old age will nevertheless be born as a handsome young man of love in the spirit world. He will be a being of boundless eternal life who will forever sing the love songs of adolescence.

What will you be doing in the spirit world? What will you have to do in that nation? Will you be trying to earn money there? Will you need clothes and a house? Everything you want will be instantly provided. The spirit world is a world in which you will be able to settle everything according to the degree of your love.

If you order anything you desire, it will appear right away. However, if you ask for it just for your own good, it will not appear even if you make a lot of noise and raise a disturbance. Conversely, everything will instantly appear if, as the heavenly prince, you say that you need it for the purpose of attending the King. Anything imaginable is possible in the spirit world. (129-99, 1983.10.1)

What are you going to do in the spirit world? You will sing songs of love and speak words of love. If you are spoken to in an operatic way, you will have to respond likewise. If you are spoken to through a dance, you will have to reply that way. You will rejoice eternally and never tire. When dancing starts in one place, it will happen everywhere in heaven. When singing starts in one place, there will be singing everywhere. In the spirit world all your organs will constantly be working. What will we be doing? What will enable us to be happy without any sleep eternally? Love.

All we need to do is have that ideal of love. What would remain to talk about in the spirit world if love were removed? You are meant to live there centered on love, the original love. Because I knew about such a world, I could overcome any difficulties on earth and detach myself from anything I used to love. I can cut off from them ruthlessly in a way normal people cannot. We use that standard to evaluate everything. (107-331, 1990.6.8) 

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