Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter Three - The Spirit World
Section 2. What Kind of Place Is the Spirit World?

2.1. The spirit world and the physical world

2.1.1. The center of the spirit world and physical world

You must be concerned about the spirit world. Today there are many religions in the world and their path is to search out the world where we can live eternally in relation to the spirit world, a world of eternal life, a world where we can live together with God. That world is the destination of religion. However, what has become of religion nowadays? It is on the decline and we have entered an era in which people are concluding that religion is only for the weak, and unnecessary for everyone else, or that it was created by people as a moral idea.

Even Christianity, the central religion, has declined. America represents all the Christian nations of the world, yet those who grew up in American Christian homes have lost their faith and are living according to their own ways. Why are Christians abandoning their religion which idealizes Heaven, the dwelling place of God, who is the center of the world and all ideals?

There are three reasons. First, it is because they do not have a clear understanding of the existence of the spirit world. As we have the innate capacity of comparison, we seek to abandon a bad situation in favor of a better one, ever in search of higher-dimensional realms of greater value. That is original human nature. Second. it is because they do not know God. Third, it is because they do not know that love is central and binds us to both God and the spirit world. They do not know these three points. Even though they might know of God and the spirit world, they do not understand that it is a world centering on love.

In a place of love, you are happy to go up or down, and even to stay in the middle. Does a wife dislike her beloved husband if he has a higher position in society than her, or does a husband dislike his beloved wife for being in a lower position than him? In unity, you can go anywhere, from below to above, and vice versa -- you can even stay in the middle. There are no restraints. Thus, many people in the world call for one unified world of peace. (91-140, 1977.2.6)

The same holds true for the spiritual and physical worlds and for spiritual and physical beings. God and His love are central to both worlds but not to the fallen people who we usually have in mind.

We have a mind and a body that exist in different dimensions. The mind differs from the spirit world. We speak of the spiritual and physical worlds in terms of God's love. Accordingly, for both of them to unite, God must be involved. Without God's love being involved, the spirit world cannot exist. It is linked to God.

We have a conscience. How does it differ from the spirit world? How do the mind and the spirit world differ? People may think the mind is the spirit, but they are confused about that. Due to the Fall, the mind has nothing to do with the spiritual world. In other words, the mind of a fallen person is like a boneless body. This gives you a realistic idea if you think of it taking that form. The spirit self has a spirit body and a spirit mind. The latter corresponds to the spiritual world. It definitely relates to God. Therefore, without establishing a relationship with God, the spirit mind will not come into being. Understand that spirit and mind are two different things. The fallen mind has no relationship with God -- He has left it. God Himself can neither relate to our mind nor control it directly.

Your mind changes, going one way and then another, but the spiritual world and spiritual beings do not. They set one eternal goal toward which they constantly move. Why is this so? It is because they stand on God's side. The mind that resides within us as human beings vacillates.

You may have learned it from studying the Principle, but what is the spirit mind? It is the union of mind and spirit, and it is moving toward its new goal. It is a motivational mind that can make us become our ideal selves by uniting with our conscience centered upon God. Thus, if we did not have a spirit mind we would be unable to search for its origin which can connect us to the spirit world and true love.

When the spirit mind sprouts up in us, our body experiences joy and everything follows it. Everything starts to unite automatically. Our biggest problem has been the separation of our mind and body. However, when spiritual energy comes into our body and creates the origin of our spirit mind, our mind and body become one naturally. Unless a revolution occurs at the root, and unless we discover the origin that can rectify everything from the root, we have no way to find the ideal. There is no result without a motivating cause.

The purpose of religion is to implant within us a spirit mind. There are many religions centered on the spirit mind. There are all kinds and forms of religion. (91-140, 1977.2.6)

2.1.2. Unity of the spiritual and physical worlds

God is a majestic being. Hence, the spiritual and physical worlds must be unified. In the absence of true love, however, they could not. Consequently separation took place between our mind and body, and between religion and politics. Everything comes together as one centering upon true love. Everything -- the individual, family, society, nation, world, and cosmos -- will be linked. We have to make it with our own hands. Otherwise, we cannot inherit God's original kingdom in heaven and on earth.

How do we unify the spiritual and physical worlds? It is through true love. (216-101, 1991.3.9)

2.2. The spirit world clearly exists

Eighty percent of the world's population does not know about the spirit world. Even believers are unsure about its existence and that of God, but it is there.

Imagine a wealthy person who is prepared to invest all assets into creating a garden of happiness. With that in mind we can inquire into how God, the Creator of heaven and earth, created His dwelling place. The spirit world is a world of beauty beyond our imagination. You will never get tired of looking at it, regardless of which part, for even a thousand years. The world's most prized possessions are nothing by comparison to even a corner of the spirit world. Therefore, I do not want to own this earth, that is to say, I would rather go back because it does not conform to my purpose. (?5-149, 19?5.10.7)

Most people even now do not think about the spirit world. They live because they were born, they serve their parents because they are there, and they live in their family because they were born into it. They live thinking that the reason they live this way is that they were born this way. What is the center of such a lifestyle? It is about how people should eat and how they should live their lives. That is why people consider food, shelter, and clothing to be the most important elements of life.

The issues of living, feeding and clothing are central to most people. Of course, there are contents of morality and morals within human relationships that enable people to improve, develop and to find satisfaction together. However, the standard of that morality varies, as do races and nations. Moral standards and social systems all vary in accordance with the world's diverse cultural backgrounds.

From this point of view, the original standard which people should follow throughout history and the existing moral and ethical standards that we adopt in our lives are scattered in all directions. they have not been systematized into an integrated whole. Based upon being born and living in the original world, where should we be headed? People are not clear about this. Because of this, ordinary people do not know whether the spirit world and God exist.

However, our Unification Church members clearly know that the spirit world exists. they do not just believe it -- they know it. Why? They know it through countless spiritual experiences. Viewed against the backdrop of the global foundation the Unification Church has established today, we have evidently undergone a process of many spiritual experiences. Therefore, Unification Church members are in no position to deny the existence of the spirit world. (140-121, 1986.2.9)

What path should Unification Church members go? They must follow the one God desires. They must follow the path of God's will. What is God's will?

There is the path of God's will that individuals must go, and the path of God's will that families must go, and also the path for the society, nation, world, and spirit world. I am the specialist. The spirit world definitely exists. (121-116, 1982.10.24)

What consequences arise from the existence of God and the spirit world? Some people may think that we have nothing to do with God even if He exists, but they are wrong. Disavowing the spirit world despite its existence is tantamount to disavowing the family, nation, or world despite being a part of them.

Thus, since greater God and the greater spirit world exist, we will desire to enter into a relationship with them. Rather than just being linked, where do we go from there? We should become one. We have to move toward a single purpose. (104-11?, 1979.4.22)

2.3. The spirit world is the driving force for faith (Saint Paul's vision of the third heaven)

In the Bible, (II Corinthians 12) Paul explains about the third heaven, which he had seen fourteen years earlier. How did he live during those fourteen years? He carried on for fourteen years. gaining strength from his experience of seeing the third heaven. He knew more than what he talked about then, and that enabled him to go on even after talking about the third heaven. (62-45, 1972.9.10)

The Apostle Paul's experience of seeing the third heaven of the spirit world became the driving force that empowered him in his missionary activities for fourteen years. Do you understand? You must have such experiences. That also holds true for me. (27-128, 1969.11.30)

I do not fear death. What made this possible? Love did. I can digest even being put in jail. Thus, I must digest and conquer today's adverse circumstances. I will conquer everything with my own hands. (202-27, 1990.5.1)

2.4. When God created the spirit world

The spirit world is equivalent to the angelic world. Today's world is in the same position as that of Adam and Eve. God created the spirit world before creating Adam and Eve.

Since the satanic world came to exist because the spirit world went against God's will, then that world can be restored only after the spirit world welcomes God's will. Also, the Lord cannot come to the earthly world unless he subjugates the spirit world.

That is why the Unification Movement has worked until today to subjugate the spirit world and, consequently, the spirit world must help the Unification Movement. (25-233, 1969.10.4)

2.5. Where is the spirit world?

Where is the spirit world? It is in your bodies. Thus, you go around with the spirit world on your shoulders, attending it -- there is no escaping it. The spirit world exists. it exists for this world, and this world exists for the sake of the eternal world. People may question, "Where in the world is God? Can there be a god in this world? Where on earth is the spirit world?" God's dwelling place is the spirit world. (117-306, 1982.4.11)

2.6. What kind of place is the spirit world?

If we could be finished with life after seventy to eighty years on earth, we would not really have any problems to worry about, but as we will be living eternally, it is a different story. As the spirit world exists, and you are going there after death, what is there to think about? The spirit world is a vast world. You have no idea, but it is a vast unchanging world.

On earth, there are racial discrimination, cultural clashes and other contentious issues. In spite of countless frictions, people want to maintain their assertions and values, which do not pass away but live on vividly when they go to the spirit world. (157-755, 1955.217)

The contemporary interest in electricity and space exploration acts like lubricants in creating an ideal world of love. In the same way, the spirit world is the world filled with the electricity of love. There is nothing we cannot do with the electricity of love. Hence, we can say that the spirit world is a realm we can govern by our way of thinking.

Then, what is the spirit world? It is a place that desires eternal elements. It is the world of harmony, where everything is filled with love. Thus, this universe gets into operative mode by just a push of a love button.

What is God's Kingdom on earth? It is the place where all the love bulbs light up. Then what about God's Kingdom in heaven? It is the place where love bulbs can light up completely.

As long as you keep a loving heart and pull the rope of love, everything will follow. When you pull it back, it goes backward; when you pull it sideways, it moves sideways. You can steer it any way you like. It does not resist, but moves automatically. Thus, we can find this concept that the spirit world is the place filled with the air of love. If the God of love, who with the heart of love, wants to feed all humanity at once and to make them happy, says, "Let there be food," then food will appear.

You eat the food of love in the spirit world. You look at each other with the eyes of love. There are no words to express the mystery of the spirit world. The more you hear, the more you want to hear. There is no concept of being sleepy or tired there. The spirit world is the place filled with the electricity of love. Therefore, people today try to link everything to love. Why? This is to be in sync with the spirit world. Since the spirit world operates in this way, existing beings cannot but respond to that. They cannot abandon that position.

When you see me in your dreams, I appear to you through the waves of God's love. For that to happen, your ego should not be there. You have to sacrifice yourselves and create a vacuum. After creating a vacuum, you have to become like pure gold. Gold does not contain any other elements. It is pure in itself. (112-16, 1981.3.15) 

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