Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter Two - Death and the Spirit World
Section 3. To go to a Higher Realm in the Spirit World

3.1. The standard for religious people is the spirit world

What is the difference between those who are religious and those who are not? Those who are religious believe in setting the standards of the spirit world throughout their entire lives. Religion starts from the determination to meet and then live with God.

The contents of the scriptures the founders of all religions left behind did not dwell in the details of human life. They taught about things with which we can relate to the contents of the eternal, transcendent world based on the realm of God's existence. (187.256, 1989.2.1)

3.2. The determination of proprietary rights in the spirit world

Long ago, we experienced many days when we survived trembling in a cold room without even a meal of barley. We were actually closer to God in those days and we worried about the nation and the world. As the foundation expanded and became larger, we started to care more about how others would like us.

No matter how much knowledge, power or money one might have, these things will all be washed away. When people die, they leave everything behind. What you should carry with you is your efforts to expand God's love to the world. The record of loving humankind and God remains to the end and becomes the standard to decide proprietary rights in the other world. (127-38, 1991.5.1)

In the path of restoration, there is no discount. When we came to this world each of us came alone, but we cannot go alone. We have to take many people with us. (14-105, 1964.6.20)

You should know that the number of people you witnessed to will decide your proprietary rights in the spirit world when you arrive there. You do not go there wearing a sign indicating you were a leader. (125-16, 19?1.11.11)

3.3. Love people

In the spirit world, if you do not have God's love you cannot eat -- you are not qualified to eat. Hell is the place where people can only look at the food but cannot eat it, and where they have knowledge but cannot act upon it. Those who established the central value that can unite the spiritual and physical worlds centering on God's love, and who experienced the life of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth with mind and body united centering on God's love, can own the eternal, ideal world and the heavenly kingdom. Others will be excluded. (91-173, 1977.2.1)

What can we be proud of when we go to the spirit world? When I go to the spirit world and if God asks me, "What did you do on the earth?" I would not boast with the reply, "I spent much money." My pride would be based on how much I lived longing for and loving people. (187-310, 1989.2.12)

3.4. Love God even more

Nothing else is necessary in the other world; love God more than you love the world, your nation, your spouse and your children. That is the Principle.

When you go to the spirit world, do you earn money? Do you sleep for hundreds of millions of years? Neither of these. You can eat food anytime according to your standard. (126-192, 1983.4.12)

3.5. Establish the family foundation

Why must you have sons and daughters? There surely has to be love. God has to exist, man and woman have to exist, and husband and wife have to exist. Next, the blood has to be mixed. The descendants are born with God's blood and love blood, vertical blood and horizontal blood, mixed together. Therefore, unless you have descendants, you cannot have a place to play and rest in the other world.

If husband and wife -- just the two of them -- live face to face till they turn eighty or ninety, will they be happy? They cannot live an interesting life. There has to be a daughter-in-law and grandchildren. For grandfathers and grandmothers, there is no greater happiness than holding their grandchildren.

Those who could not have grandchildren cannot achieve harmony with heaven and earth and keep in step with north, south, east and west in the spirit world. (197-32, 1990.1.7)

Therefore, you have no latitude to think, "Oh, It is tough!" after work, or "Oh, It is tough! I couldn't sleep and I'm tired." Then the spirit world will open up. You will see it. If you open your eyes and see it and eat meals spiritually, you will not get hungry even if you do not eat all day. That kind of thing will happen. Your body will feel light, and you will not get tired even if you run around all day. After experiencing these things, this world becomes dull. This world is necessary to give birth to children horizontally, but actually you do not need to be in it. Since you have to bring your family to the other world, you have no choice but to stay this way. (91-175, 1977.2.6)

3.6. Live centered on the tradition of the realm of the heart

Is religion necessary in the spirit world? It is not. In the spirit world, Presbyterianism and Roman Catholicism are unnecessary. You go into the realm of living with God, so religion is unnecessary.

Then, what is necessary? Something precious is needed but what is it? The most precious thing is to be able to receive God's love.

Today, we talk about the realm of heart in the Unification Church. Where is the base of the realm of heart? The world of heart is where true parental love, true conjugal love and true fraternal love centered on God's love can be universally expanded.

Husband and wife living for the sake of one another is not primary in the original world. It is the conjugal love centered on heaven and earth and the cosmos that is primary. Therefore, we value the cosmos more. You may carry on conjugal love, but you must practice conjugal love centered on the world.

Therefore, the most important question relates to where we build and find the foundation of love that meets the standard in that world. For that reason, the Unification Church is working to build that foundation in this world.

Different from numerous religions and numerous things that are said to be precious in this world, the Unification Church is the only place which has started to build this foundation. What do we teach? We teach people how to become successful candidates in the world of heart.

When you go to the other world, you will meet many people there who loved their race, many couples, patriots, loyal subjects, virtuous women and saints. But there is no one there who lived cantered on the tradition of God's original realm of heart. (126-139, 1983.1.12)

3.7. The pass with which to enter the spirit world

From now on, when you start something, do so centering on God. This is a fundamental principle.

When you go to the spirit world, depending on how much you are in accord with or have assimilated that principle, you will be connected with all the realms, from hell through the middle realm and paradise to heaven.

Just because someone is a world-famous scholar, can he go to heaven when he enters the spirit world? No, he cannot. That is why the religious world teaches people to deny everything and go. You have to give up everything and go. That is established logic. Then what is the most precious thing? What matters is how much you suffer for heaven and how many tears you shed for the world. That is the ticket for passing through to the other world.

If you look at this from God's position, is He a God of joy? Religious people who think that God is joyful have neither brains nor common sense. The one who is the most sorrowful is God. The tears God has shed and the suffering He has endured until now were not for Him. God is still shedding tears for this universe that He created, and for fallen humankind. Why is that? Because He is a God of heart. (97 121, 1978.3.15) 

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