Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter One - The Existence of Human Beings in the Physical and Spirit Worlds
Section 5. Blessing and Eternal Life

5.1. Why we need to know about the issue of eternal life

Why are families in this world being destroyed? Why are mothers, fathers and children becoming enemies? It is because there is no true love. The most important thing is eternal life, but people do not know that the spirit world exists. If you knew clearly that you live for eternity, you would not commit a crime even if others told you to. You would not live for yourself even if others told you to. Without knowing this, whether you believe in Christianity or any other religion, you could never go to heaven, God's ideal world. You cannot go there without investing true love and life. (205-261, 1990.9.9)

If our church is armed with the Principle, the issue of eternal life will become clear. If it were not connected to this issue, even a social revolution would be impossible. Nobody would want to fall into circumstances of greater poverty and ruin than those he or she currently lives in.

If we approach things from the perspective of eternal life, however, we can overcome all environmental conditions. That's why religion is so great. The issue of eternal life hinges upon this. All you have to do is firmly establish the concept of eternal life. Until now, religions could not digest or overcome their cultural backgrounds that were intertwined with habituality. Why not? It was because they could not establish the concept of eternal life.

Why are Christians shaken as their circumstances change? It is because of their concept of eternal life. They have no confidence regarding that issue. As to the question of whether they can lay down their lives in order to overcome their circumstances, we see them backsliding into living mostly to satisfy their present needs and meet their social obligations, all the while experiencing distractions coming from all directions. Unless the proper concept of eternal life is implanted in these people, they will fall away in mid-course. What can do this? Love alone can do this. Only the Unification Church can completely accomplish this.

The path of faith is not preparation for life on earth but for that in the eternal world. People having this conviction can take care of themselves. As people pass the ages of forty and fifty, and the day of their death draws closer, the more serious they become about the issue of eternal life. The older they get, the more serious they become.

Our thinking dims as we grow older, but when the concept of eternal life is implanted, we become more serious with age. Consequently, in the future, only a religious ideology can lead this world. Regardless of the frequently changing circumstances and ups and downs we face in life, as long as we maintain an absolute concept of eternal life, nothing would be a problem.

5.2. The way of eternal life

5.2.1. Our lifetime and the issue of eternal life

How long do you think you'll live? Everyone probably thinks they'll live up to the age of about seventy or eighty; they don't think that they'll die before then. You just want everything. Even though you may believe you'll die when you're eighty or a hundred, there's no knowing if you'll die tomorrow or even today. You may think because you're young, you will live at least another forty to fifty years. You may want that. Did God guarantee that to you?

You should think that you might possibly die soon, perhaps within a year. Therefore, you should make all preparations during this short time. You should live with such thoughts. The shorter the time you think you have, the happier you will be, and the less you have to lose. Your sincere preparations during this time become the building blocks of your home for your eternal life. Have you ever loved God with such a short time in mind? You want to become one with Him and love Him, but you can not. God says to you, "Love Me!" if you die after having lived this way, then you will become the master of eternal life.

If you thought that you would die two years from now, how serious would you be? You would start visiting cemeteries and attending funeral services. It is absolutely necessary to do this in a life of faith. That is why those who seek to gain their life will lose it and those who seek to lose their life will gain it. The Principle applies here. If you think of dying for God's will and for heaven during the short time of your life, you will live eternally.

Within the same principle, consider how grateful a man would be who, thinking he would die single and unmarried, received a loving wife before his death? How happy would a man, who died without being married to anyone, be if he were suddenly resurrected and able to marry?

Until what age will you live and die? What would you do if you had to go forth to immediate death under God's order? You should leave something behind that God could praise. Then you would feel that your time is too precious to spend sleeping and eating. You would not have any time to worry even if you wanted to.

With regard to the matters of life and of eternity, you can live your lives with greater value the more you think of life as being short. What value comes from loving an individual, a family and a tribe? It creates a textbook for loving all humankind. It is a textbook for loving everybody in the spirit world that transcends time and space. (102.122, 1978.11.2)

Therefore, the point is how you can implant the concept of eternal life. God created Adam and Eve as the objects of His love. There's no doubt about that. Consequently, we should live as objects of God's love. You have to not only talk about it but also actually feel it, and experience it deeply.

Once you come to know how great the power of true love is, you would go this way even if someone told you not to. Therefore, if you can only implant the concept of eternal life, everything will be complete. In doing so, when it makes logical sense, it will reverberate in your mind and your body will be resonating in harmony with it to the same level. Adolescence is when such things happen.

The standard of original nature, as it was before the fall applies fully before the age of sixteen. Since the years leading up to the age at which Adam and Eve fell were unaffected, the standard of original nature remains intact. Therefore, you should acquaint yourselves with God in your adolescence. In so doing, you will realize your inseparable relationship with Him. For this to happen, the concept of eternal life needs to he implanted. If only this were done, our second generation in the Unification Church would go no other way, even if we told them to. Therefore we must save the world quickly and bring everybody to the heavenly nation. The result becomes your possession. Your rank in the other world will be determined according to the number of people you bring in there. That is why heaven is completely empty now. (210-22, 1992.11.15)

5.2.2. Humankind seeks eternal life

A life of faith consists of seeking the world of eternal life. Faith involves seeking God's eternal love. In order to unite with eternal life along with eternal love, you must seek the final destination where God's joy can be felt as your own; this is the way of faith. Therefore, the most important matter above all else for an individual who lives a life of faith, is the degree to which he or she can live life with a progressive love and vitality.

The measure of value you have as a human being depends on how much all the sensations you perceive through your five senses exist in relation to life and love. Therefore, we should think again about the matter of whether we have lived in society with vitality and the heart of added love. if you are not standing in such a position, you should know that you are at a standstill or in retreat. (12-141, 1970.6.14)

5.2.3. Eternal life and religion

Human beings have eternal life. Religion has not disappeared from the earth but has expanded its territory throughout the entire world by passing through all kinds of circumstances, including different cultural backgrounds and customs. That is because the central human issue is about eternal life rather than a person's earthly lifetime.

People should live together with the universe during their life. Even though life is short, amounting only to about one hundred years, it does not just disappear at the end of one's life. Once you overcome that boundary line, you can continue to live in a transcendental realm and go beyond the bounds of the global village that once defined our limits.

Although the reality that we have eternal life may be harsh, even if that were not the case, we should proclaim even an imagined eternal life to sympathize with and help humankind who have lived moaning in the midst of suffering until now. From this we have to infer a form of an ideal nation centered on an imagined God. In this way religion is necessary. Therefore, you have to resolve the matter of God along with the matter of eternal life. All these matters are interconnected. (??-263, 1987.4.17)

5.2.4. Why we should live eternally

As what kind of creature did God create human beings? He created them as the objects of His love who could possess His absolute and unique value. This is an amazing fact. How much value does a person's life have these days? It's only worth a few pennies. Originally, people were not meant to be such worthless beings. Their value was so precious that life could not be exchanged even for the entire universe.

The backbone of everything in the literary world today is love. People are born from, live in, and die in love. However, they do not just disappear. Since God, the subject being, is eternal, unchanging and unique, human beings, when they come to stand in the position of an object of love in front of Him, can also live eternally. The theory of eternal life originated from this point; it did not begin from life. (142-10, 1986.3.11)

What kind of person is a true person? It is a person who can receive love completely in the position of God's child by becoming one with Him inside and out.

We can say that the way of life of such people is the way of a true life. People, whoever they are, desire the best. When you go and reach the highest position, God belongs to you, and you belong to Him. Then, you become God's child and you become God Himself and thus, even the universe belongs to you.

If there is something that God loves and treasures most, would God have created it to throw away after He spends one day, ten years, or a hundred years with it or would it to be with Him eternally? God created it to be together with Him eternally. So it is with humankind.

People should live eternally because they are the object partners of the absolute God who can feel joy from them in absolute love. If God were to just have a liking for them for one or two days, ten years, or a hundred years and then throw them away, it would not be love. The more you love someone, the more you want to be with that person. Was there not a man who remained single for life after his beloved wife died, always carrying her handkerchief? Nehru of India lost his wife when she was young. He wore a rose the rest of his life because his wife loved roses.

Then, when God created His most precious only son and daughter, do you think He created them to perish after a hundred years or so? No, and therefore it is a fundamental principle that human beings live eternally. In order to live eternally, we must stand on the foundation of an action where stronger power can be emitted. Therefore, as more days pass and the more love is given and received, rather than being exhausted, the power of love becomes stronger and greater. Life will not end only in happiness but can expand to an unlimited happiness. Such a world is the nation that we idealize and where God dwells.

Do you wish for eternal life? Although perhaps vaguely, you wish for eternal life. If you have something precious, would you bring it with you when you seek refuge or not? You would bring it with you. Do you want to be proud of it or not? You would want to be proud of it. Will you stop being proud of it after a day or two? No. When you are about to die, you will want to leave it to your descendants for eternity. That is the same for God.

If God is an eternal, absolute being, the object partner He can love should also live eternally. That is why people have longed for an eternal life since time immemorial. Therefore, God the Absolute Being, cannot help but look for a loving son and daughter who possess the value of eternal life. (9-342, 1971.1.16)

We human beings resemble God as His masterpiece. Since God is eternal and because we also should have an eternal nature, our heart does not become old. Therefore, human beings should live eternally. Only when they live eternally can they have the value of existence as that masterpiece.

Therefore, human beings are the lords of all creation. Spirit comes from here. Human beings should live eternally. Therefore, we cannot think that our existence ends after we live for about eighty years. (59.279, 1963.5.19)

5.2.5. Living for the sake of eternal life

People are all living their lives in their own way. Living means your everyday life. Lifetime means your entire life. Furthermore, religious people use the words eternal life. Eternal life means not a lifetime but a life that continues eternally. It is important how you connect your life course with eternal life. Doing so is your lifelong responsibility. A lifetime is determined through linking each day to the next. Your entire life is the sum of the continuous days in your life.

Where is it that the content of your entire life is determined to be valuable? It is not determined after you have gone through all your life. Your daily life, day by day, determines it. Therefore, you have to live life well. What exactly is the meaning of living life well? It entails meaningfully living the days that represent the entire course of your life. When you say that you lived life well today, it means that it was a memorable day in your life, one that you can be proud of. When you say that you lived well, that day would surely be the most valuable day in your entire life course. If there were a day that you could live valuably, it would be an unforgettable day in your entire life. (197-116, 1990.1.1)

5.2.6. What is the theory of eternal life?

God is wise. If He had not established the ideology for love, He would be alone and lonely; He would be a god who could not feel joy, anger, sorrow or happiness. God, who lost this absolute love, has stood in a serious, appalling and absolutely miserable position that no one has ever experienced throughout history. No one could ever comfort Him. God is not satisfied by reproducing an ideal form and shape of His dreams and then resurrecting His original son and daughter who are His desire. He should be able to decorate the ideal more brilliantly and express it beautifully as He travels long distances while embracing that ideal. That is how He created the entire universe. (204.???, 1990.7.1)

When the atmosphere falls one hundred percent into an absolute low pressure area, a high pressure area is automatically created which brings about a circulatory movement. God is the King of wisdom.

The theory of eternal life is logically established because eternal circulation begins through that principle of automatic circulation. When you invest, invest, and invest more, the theory of eternal life will begin. Those who live for others will not perish. (204-106, 1990.71)

When God looks for a partner of absolute love, that object partner will certainly be humankind; thus, we have the ancient adage, "Among all creation, human beings are most precious." This brings about the logic that the partner of love who unites with the creator's eternal love lives forever.

Eternal life is a natural product of this logic. Eternal life begins from here.

The problem of how to establish a theory of eternal life based on the relationship of love sets up an extremely precious debate in religion. Eternal life cannot be found in either the man or woman. Eternal life is not found in God, but in His love. (218-210, 1991, 7.29)

5.2.7. The most important issue of eternal life

Today's Christians say that if you believe in Jesus you will attain eternal life. To live eternally one must carry on with a continuous action. In order to walk the path of life eternally, the circulation system such as the veins and arteries of the heart should function normally; the nervous system and all the actions of the cerebrum should also function normally. This requires a tremendous amount of consumption. (121-172, 1982.10.24)

When you go to bed in the evening after taking off your shoes, are you confident that you will be there to put them on again the next morning? No matter how busy you say you are, nothing in this world is more important than the issue of eternal life. There is no quest in this world more serious than to resolving the problem of eternal life on this world. (10.249, 1960.10.20)

5.2.8. Ultimately, human beings must return to eternal life

You should dissolve the anguish of the Fall by establishing the way of True Parents' love, this new wave and tide, and establish a family of true love over which God can reign. Only then can you go straight to heaven. The rails of God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven must be the same. A train can run only when the rails are the same. In the same way, the rails on earth and in the heavenly world must be the same.

The path connecting God's Kingdom on earth with His kingdom in heaven is the path of true love. Consequently, the path an individual takes and the path a family takes should all be connected and their directions consistent with each other.

Therefore, everything a person does in his lifetime is permanently fastened to his rear end as a record of his performances done for the sake of true love. Thus, when a person goes to the spirit world, he naturally comes to dwell at the level corresponding to the meritorious achievements he left behind in his lifetime. (211-287, 1990.12.31)

5.2.9. Faith and the issue of eternal life

How do you live eternally? Christians say that you can attain eternal life and be saved by believing in Jesus but that makes no sense. Only through love can you be saved. From the viewpoint of God's principles of creation, only a true person is God's partner in love. Therefore, if someone has true love, he must be able to live eternally. Once you enter the realm of that love, whether you are in the spirit world or on earth, you will come to know where you should live.

If a large ship sailing across the ocean faces the danger of destruction, the rats inside the ship try to escape to dry land. Even though they are nothing but small animals, they can distinguish which is the right way to take and go in that direction when faced with matters of life and death.

How would it be in the case of human beings who should be the lords of all creation? Why have they become the way they are? It was because of the Fall. How will you remove the mask of the Fall or free yourself from the devil's love, life, and lineage?

To free yourself means to break away from something. It means to completely break away from and stand in an autonomous position with no relation to Satan. (215-53, 1991.2.6)

A mother in her nineties will tell her seventy year-old son when he goes out of the house to be careful of cars, have a nice trip and come back safely. Even if he is seventy, she will still say this to him before he goes anywhere. She can say such things to him. She will continue to say this everyday until she reaches the ripe old age of ninety. She will not get tired of saying it even if she were to continue for eternity.

What is the motivating power behind this? It is love. Even in the fallen world, parental love is like that. What would life be like if we belonged to God's love that fills the original world? When we achieve that state, the realm belonging to the true object of the God can be established for the first time. When we come to know that God's love is eternal and unchanging, we can validate the theory of eternal life centering on our human love. We live eternally centering on love. (113-230, 1986.3.20)

5.2.10. Unificationists and eternal life

I intend to have the Unification Church members go through many hardships. They do not run away even though I make them go through hardships. Why do they not escape? It is because they know there is eternal life. The reason that they cannot leave the Unification Church is because there is eternal life. (204-12, 1990.7.3)

People all have desire. They all want to be a son or daughter of God. They do not want to be a grandchild or God's son- in-law; they want to be a son or daughter of God. The family is where anyone can achieve their desire. (221.23, 1991.10.20)

5.2.11. The concept necessary for eternal life

You should live with the attitude that l am someone who has eternal life. I am someone who practices true love. Whatever you do, you should think that it is for the sake of eternal life and for training yourself for eternal life. You always need the concept of eternal life and true love. You will need it eternally. (216.125, 1991.3.9)

5.3. Love and eternal life

5.3.1. Eternal life is directly connected with love

We want eternal life. We want eternal life, but what is it that does not change? It is love. All other things change according to their environment. So why does love not change? Love does not change because it is the center of all forces of life and because it occupies the central position of the ideal necessary condition. The center does not disappear before all its surroundings disappear. Since love is the center of the universe, anything that unites with that love can remain as long as God remains. (157.267, 1967.4.10)

5.3.2. True love and eternal life

What is true love? When you marry, you want your marriage partner to be better than you are. All parents wish for their children to be better than they are. Who do they resemble in this? They resemble God. God wishes for His object of love to be better than He.

If the absolute God is the father of humankind... can that father order His sons and daughters to absolutely do something while he Himself has not absolutely done it before? He cannot. Based on the view of this principle, that God wishes for His object of love to be better than Him, human beings have the greatest value. Centering on love, they have a higher value than God. That is why your mind desires the highest things. This is not impossible. It would be equally possible for all human beings. It would be possible if the Fall had not occurred.

Human beings were to observe, administer and lead the universe from a lofty and exalted position. They were not to be dragged around and made to obey. Your mind, a liberated mind is like that. No one wants to be controlled. This is equally true for everybody.

Once you acquire the position of true love, you can go freely to God's position and to His throne in the heavenly nation. You can become God's friend. God created humankind for the sake of love. Therefore, since God is eternal and absolute, human beings have eternal life themselves. We automatically come to this logic. For this reason, true love is eternal. To attain eternal life, you must live in that realm of true love. (211-272, 1990.12.30)

Through true love, eternal life is possible. It is because the beginning of creation, the motivation, process and goal, and everything thereafter can be completed centered on love. Through a process, results come forth. The perfection of one's mind and body is fundamentally possible through true love. It is only love that bears the fruit of the ideal. There is nothing but true love. God also exists forever because of true love. Eternal life is connected through love. Therefore you must live centering on the environment of love in order to create an environment of eternal life. To attain the substantial realm of love, we must have a substantial experience of love. (218-134, 1991.7.19)

5.3.3. True love is absolutely necessary

Where does God exist in the spirit world? He exists at the absolute center, the center of love. That love is the true love which takes the shortest perpendicular path. First of all, you have to know God. Second, you have to know eternal life, and third, you must know true love. This is an investment of more than one hundred percent. Eternal life exists where there is an investment of more than one hundred percent. Eternal life cannot exist without true love. Those who do not attain eternal life cannot meet God. (205-128, 1990.7.29)

How will we bring order to the world from now forward? The world will be brought to order firstly through altruism, secondly through true love and thirdly through eternal life.

What is true love? It requires an investment of more than all of one's life. True love cannot exist where such investment is not made. It materializes from a place where an investment greater than one's life is made. Without true love coming into being, eternal life cannot exist. This is because you were all born from satanic blood, from Satan's lineage. Hence the biblical injunction, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the greatest and first commandment." What does this mean? It means to love with all your heart and with all your will and with all your life. This is the First Commandment.

The Second Commandment is, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." What does it mean to love your neighbor as yourself? It means to love with your life. You have to invest your whole life. You have to invest your whole life because otherwise, first, you would not be able to make Satan surrender and second, you would not be able to free yourself from satanic circumstances and third, you would not be able to rid yourself of the satanic lineage. Even if you are able to free yourself from satanic circumstances, there is nothing you can do about the satanic lineage. True love goes beyond life.

Men and women were born to live altruistically. Men were born for the sake of women. This is the absolute truth; the eternal truth. This is so for the sake of true love. That's how it is for both men and women. People say they wish they could be united eternally as couples. Then what will they do once they are one? They will occupy God. They cannot do that without true love.

Who is to be the owner in your home? One who lives one's entire life for the sake of the whole family will be the central figure representing God and the parents. One who has a hundred friends and lives for their sake during one's lifetime will earn the respect of those hundred people and will be their center. So an owner who eternally lives for the sake of others in the eternal world will be the eternal owner.

That person is God. Incidentally, God is our father and therefore He declares that He wishes to be together with us and the entire universe. There eternal life can be found. Eternal life does not exist in any other place. The scripture, "He who seeks to gain his life will lose it, but he who is willing to lose his life for my sake will gain eternal life" means that you have to overcome death. Without overcoming death you cannot truly live. (205.258, 1990.9.9)

5.3.4. The world after death is related with love

Where do we ultimately go? To the spirit world. We call it the world after death, but it is not the world after death. It cannot become the world after because it is a world related with love. Since that world is related with love, it is not the world after death. Since it began centering on true love, when we come to practice true love, here now is the spirit world. That is why love is great. (1-14, 198-220, 1986.4.24)

The directions of up and down, front and back, and left and right can only be harmonized through spherical movement. Without harmony between the vertical and horizontal, harmony cannot be created. Unity could not come about. Only love can bring about unification. Thus, the Unification Church argues the case for a unified ideal world based on true love because this conclusion conforms to the viewpoint of the Principle. (114-219, 1986.4.24)

God is trying to guide humankind. Even God breathes. He inhales love. The universe continues for eternity centering on love. Eternal life is found in love. Even love breathes. Since the pulse of the universe is such, a man or a woman cannot say, "Ah! I hate it!" In order to he synchronized with the rhythm, they should love each other and go in the same direction. Everything should he aligned towards a single direction centering on God. (201-191, 1990.4.1)

5.3.5. Eternal life comes only by living for the sake of others

The formula course for eternal life is the same for grandfathers and grandmothers, as well as descendants thousands of years from now, and even to the spirits who are in the spirit world. Only those who lived for the sake of others can pass through to eternal life. (203-192, 1990.6.24)

5.4. Blessing and spirit world

5.4.1. The power of love

Both the spirit world and the physical world operate through love. The environmental conditions automatically act in concert with one another centering on true love. (135-19, 1989.1.1)

What are the qualifications for people in the past and the present to be eternal? What is the necessary factor for all the desires in our world? It is love; not just any love but true love. True love forms a ninety degree angle between the vertical and the horizontal anywhere. It must fit into all homes, whether oriental or western, northern or southern types, regardless of skin color, cultural or religious background. That is true love.

Among the many people living in this world today, there are not that many who understand the meaning of the Blessing taught by the Unification Church. The Unification Church coined the term Blessing and has performed blessing ceremonies using this term. In the future, humanity cannot go to heaven without going through the gate of the Blessing.

Many people believe in the established churches. But even the established churches themselves cannot go to heaven unless they go through the gate of the Blessing. If I tell them this, the established churches complain that Rev. Moon of the Unification Church is self-righteous. Nevertheless, fallen human beings must surely go through the Blessing taught by the Unification Church. Even though they oppose it, the Blessing is a matter of great importance that should be dealt with by connecting the spirit world with the physical world.

Today the people who believe in ordinary religions think that salvation means individual salvation. It means that they think they will enter heaven if they just have faith individually. Yet based on God's original ideal, people are not to go to heaven alone, but rather as a loving couple together with their loving family. (1.13-234, 1986.3.19)

5.4.2. The spirit selves of husband and wife

We are the group that seeks the ideal of love. Therefore, we have to implant the ideal of love in the horizontal realm in order to stand as spokespersons for the spirit world. We should plant it as a seed. We can grow bigger through our give and take action centering on the heart of love. A couple bearing the fruit of love in this way will enter the spirit world becoming one body with God in the realm of His eternal love. (44-124, 1956.4.24)

You have much to learn of the logic of true love. When we look at the faces of the ardent members of the Unification Church, they look like they are in their forties, even though they have reached fifty. Some even look like they're only in their thirties. Thais why, the more you love, the younger you become.

Our earthly outer shell ages, yet the more we exchange conjugal love, the more our spirit selves are rejuvenated. Let me elaborate further: the longer we live in love, our inner selves, our spirit selves, mature to become handsome men and beautiful women. We are to discard our outer shell like clothing, but what would we do if the shell got younger and clung on to us? Our outer shells begin to malfunction and become useless, but our inner cores become firm and are then transformed into beautiful heirs of the future like autumn chestnuts. When fall comes, the once-hard chestnut ripens while the bur softens and splits, allowing the chestnut to fall. It's the same for us. (61-101, 1987.4.26)

5.4.3. Marriage and spirit world

Christianity teaches people to love God, but this is a very vague concept. In the Bible Jesus said, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And the second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself". All you need are these two commandments. Before you love God you have to love the food you eat, love all things of creation, and love your body.

Your first parents are the parents who gave birth to you. Your second parent is planet earth, this earth. The earth supplies you with all the essential elements for your physical growth. The earth is the second parent of your physical body. Through the second parent, you return to your third parent which means our physical death. However, you cannot go to the third parent as you are. In order to return to the third parent you have to resemble God, who is the original parent.

Then, why do we marry? It is so that we resemble God. God is the uniformly combined being of dual characteristics. Since man and woman are the divided expression of God's dual characteristics, they have to unite as one body, become like seeds and return to God's position of original character. However, because we must go the way of love in order to be linked to that seed, we must be born in love, set love as our goal while growing, live centering on love, and walk this path in order to return to love. You will go off in the wrong direction unless you follow the path centering on the goal of living for the sake of others. (1986.1.19)

5.4.4. The position of Blessed Families in the spirit world

We Unification Church members are sure about the existence of the spirit world. We do not just believe it, we know it. Based on our many experiences, we cannot deny this... Up to this point where the Unification Church has established its present worldwide foundation, it has undergone a process with many spiritual experiences. Therefore, Unification Church members came to be in a position where they cannot deny the existence of the spirit world.

The spirit world is a world built centering on the absolute God. If that absolute God exists, He is the origin of the universe. There is nothing that does not come from Him. Because everything belongs to God, all that belongs to Him shares the same feelings with Him and lives in connection with Him. (140-21, 1986.2.9)

Satan does not exist in the realm where such love is achieved. Therefore, everyone in the satanic world loves centering on themselves. In this world, heaven is not number one, but rather the self is. This began from the denial of heaven and earth. If, however we recognize heaven and earth, and unite under the equal love of the parents, we know that Satan cannot dominate us. That is the original position of Adam. We must recover that standard. (??-201, 1986.2.9)

Blessed couples should become the talk of their villages, just like I am wherever I go. The villagers should say, "We are so grateful to have that couple in our village. All the men and women like the wife. The children like her too." Be like that. If you cannot, you have to come back to earth from the spirit world. In order to come back you need to get my signature. Do you think that a Blessed Family can come back to earth as they please? It will be possible only after I pray for them. That is why those who went to the spirit world until now are in bondage. All the Blessed Families from the Unification Church in the spirit world are in bondage. Therefore, the cause of the problem resides on the earth. (140.101, 1986.2.9)

5.4.5. The Blessing is a promise

When receiving the Blessing, Unification Church couples pledge to live as eternal families. I am the one who governs eternal families and the eternal nation. I am setting the standard of families in the eternal nation. Those of you who keep your promise can inherit that family, as well as that eternal nation. (205.359, 1990.10.2)

5.4.6. The glory of the Blessing

What should a true woman be like?

She should do what the true man asks of her. If she serves the family and the tribe, then all her neighbors will applaud her.

Why do you all like me? Because I go through suffering to save you and liberate all of humanity. Unless I suffer, you cannot receive the Blessing, even if you wait for billions of years in the spirit world. I made the impossible possible through my suffering and enlarged the domain of this precious Blessing. This is something glorious and brilliant for the spirit world and for the physical world. (162-61 1987.3.27) 

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