Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter One - The Existence of Human Beings in the Physical and Spirit Worlds
Section 4. The Nobility of Life on Earth

4.1. Life on earth is to prepare us for life in the spirit world

When God created humankind and all things and proclaimed them good, He intended that they not fight among themselves. Religion teaches us to strike our body and make it submit to our mind. We must cross over from evil to goodness. The complete victory of our body means that even Satan has been completely uprooted and subjugated. We can go to heaven only after subjugating Satan. We cannot conquer Satan without a physical body. This is because the mishap that befell our body occurred on earth and consequently must be remedied on earth. Unless we accomplish our designated tasks on earth, we will end up in eternal hell. Conversely, when you triumph on earth and stand on the heavenly side of goodness, you can go to the eternal Kingdom of Heaven. (65-293, 1971.2)

Life on earth is short. We do not live long. If you realized that, your hours would become too precious to be spent on sleeping and eating. Eat, sleep and play on the move. The more you live this way, the greater the blessing you will receive; more than anyone else in the whole wide world. (80-225, 1975.10.23)

Although our tenure on earth may be limited to eighty years, our stage is the altar of the world. That being so, our possessions representing the creation belong to the world, our bodies are the bodies of all the people of the world, and our minds are the minds of all the people of the world. Such a heart is one with God. All these combine to make one altar. (75-161, 1975.1.2)

Things do not happen by chance. Preparation is never easy. Viewed against the backdrop of a lifetime, childhood is the time to prepare for adolescence. The prime of life is the time to prepare for old age, which in turn is the time to prepare to go to the spirit world. Our lifetime is a period of training during which we undergo a course that prepares us to acquire a universal personality. (117-188, 1986.9.21)

We live in this world; yet it is not the only world that exists. There is also the spirit world. This world and the spirit world should be integrated together rather than two separate worlds. Where is the place we are to go to and live in? Of course, while living physically on earth, we are proceeding into the eternal world. Ordinarily, people are simply born into this world, pass through youth, reach their prime, and enter old age. Their life passes like the setting sun. Yet those who know of the spirit world realize that a lifetime is but a fleeting moment compared to the eternal life after death. That being given, our lifetime serves to prepare us to welcome the world of eternity.

Student performance is measured by standards set by the school. One standard is based on the number of credits they are expected to take in an academic year. If students achieve a lesser number, they fall correspondingly below the standard of merit set by the school. Everything can be measured by means of some norm. Our life in the physical world is just like the period during which we are preparing ourselves to meet the standard of credits set by the school. We are ever striving to accumulate the achievements of a lifetime. In other words, our life course is measured against the yardstick that determines to what extent we have fulfilled our responsibility. (140-121, 1986.2.9)

Do not digest everything for your own sakes, but rather for the sake of God, your nation, tribe, family and spouse. Self-centered living is fraught with worries. Conversely, altruists always make friends. if you constantly devote yourselves to the welfare of others to the point of emptying yourselves, you become a vacuum, and the truth will come into you. (203-103, 1990.6.17)

What is the pride of our Unification Church? First is true love and second is True Parents. These terms are found only in the Unification Church, not in the dictionary. Third is true children and fourth is true tribe. These relate to our four main goals. (203-103, 1990.6.17)

4.2. The preciousness of our life on earth

If you are liberated, God will be liberated. If your family is liberated, so is the heavenly family. It is the same with earth and heaven. Accordingly, the biblical statement, "whatever you bind on earth will be hound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven," is elucidated by the oneness of the dual structure.

Understand the preciousness of the days during which you can make use of your body. They give us our one and only opportunity to use our bodies to resurrect God and the universe and to unite the world. The totality of God and all creation cannot be exchanged for the value of life on earth. Why? Because without humankind existing physically on earth, God and the universe combined together would still be incomplete. Realize how precious the human body is. We cannot trade our physical selves even for the universe. It is in this light that we understand the biblical verse, "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life? Or what can a man give in exchange for his life?" (91-190, 1977.2.23)

The average lifespan does not exceed eighty years. Within that short space of time allotted to us, we must get a grip on all the historically intertwined realms of goodness that were entangled in history. Realizing the vastness of the realm of goodness with which we are to forge a bond during our brief stay on earth, our mind and conscience must surge urgently forward. If we die we cannot do it. While we yet live, let us find our original homeland and restore the sovereignty of our homeland. Only by serving the heavenly sovereign and living in his nation can we enter God's Kingdom in heaven. (155-25, 1964.10.6)

The spirit world is infinite and eternal. How shall we manage our affairs in order to go there? We need to put them in order while we are still alive. There will be no other opportunity to straighten things out. A self-centered way of doing this absolutely does not exist. If it did, the Unification Church's Rev. Moon would never have suffered as he has. (59-50, 1971.7.2)

The way of the Principle presented by the Unification Church is the one and only way to go even after the passage of millennia and tens of millennia. Those failing to fulfill in this way, in their lifetime, will have to make up for it when they go to the eternal spirit world. (13-296, 1985.12.15)

4.3. Habituality is important

Today, let us renounce the habits of the satanic world and institutionalize God's new order. (213-19, 1991.2.13)

It is very difficult to break a habit. While living in the satanic world until now, you have cherished self-centered habits; these harden and set like cement, becoming even more deeply ingrained than the addiction Koreans have to kimchi (pickled vegetables), doenjang (soybean paste) and kochujang (thick soybean paste mixed with red pepper).

It is a historical fact. Since the emergence of the devil, our habits have become very deeply rooted. How do we eradicate them? However deep a pit you dig, you cannot get to the root of this serious problem. To get to heaven, one needs to replace all those past habits with God-centered habituality (213-19, 1991.1.13)

4.4. The standard of life on earth

My life is for the sake of God and the world. Do not think of living for yourselves. Live for God, True Parents and humanity. True love is indispensable for you in forming a four-position foundation with God, True Parents and humanity. They all desire true love. You should become people who can inherit this true universe centered on true love. We need to bear this in mind constantly.

Therefore, we have to evaluate the degree to which we have lived in conformity to the heavenly standard until now. You should become people who represent humanity, True Parents and God. People who live that way will not be restricted by any borderline from moving freely between the spirit world and anywhere on earth. If you wish to dine together with a thousand friends, such an experience is possible only in a world of love. When God exercised His ability as the Creator, He did so centered on love. In the spirit world, once you connect with true love, you can regulate and create everything. That is our ideal hometown. Unless you make a connection with true love, everything will be in vain. (147-115, 1966.6.31)

4.5. Everything will be recorded through the physical body

If more than two-thirds of your life have been unspeakably miserable, could you erase that? You cannot. These experiences stay with you. (34-139, 1970.8.30)

We need indemnity for restoration. Restoration is also re-creation. You should leave behind a life of value. Some people say to themselves that when they get old they will believe in Jesus, die and then go to heaven, but when we get old it is difficult to rectify anything. Therefore, the younger the better: it is more valuable for you to know the truth at the age of fifteen rather than twenty, and even more so to grow up knowing the truth from infancy.

Is the water inside your bodies pure or dirty? It would contain sand and pebbles. After heavy seasonal rainfall, rivers and streams become dirty with all manner of refuse floating in them. Likewise, you are full of all kinds of impurities. Thus, you need to go through the stirring and straining processes of a filtration system. Do not be egoistical otherwise there will he blockage. If excessive dirt accumulates, the filter gets clogged up, and the water flow is stopped.

Have you ever thought that you would be inspected by a system like an X-ray machine when you go to the spirit world? God also needs people who have passed through the filter. (97-60, 1978.2.26)

4.6. Life on earth is so important

In the spirit world you will live in a probation realm and wait there for some millennia.

The levels of your Blessed Families are all different, so you go to the place that is consistent with your level and stay there for a long time. Then your ancestors and your sons and daughters will accuse you saying, "Why did you do that? Why didn't you do better? What is this?" The time you will have to spend in that place will depend on the level of your accomplishments. It is not an easy thing. That is why you have to accomplish on the earth. You have to do everything I tell you.

A bolt requires its corresponding nut to be securely fastened. Only when the nut fits can it be fastened. Do you understand? They have to match.

How important is life on this earth?

It is an instant that comes but once. Compared to eternity, life on earth is but a dot, an extremely short moment. it is insignificant. You have to go beyond your physical life and prepare for the spirit world.

You must always be able to control and conquer everything by standing at the center with such a mainstream philosophy. Without doing so you cannot achieve individual perfection. (207.99, 1990.11.1)

4.7. Using our physical selves to fulfill our portion of responsibility

You have to think about God and True Parents in your life. By doing so, your mind and body can stand within a harmonious, stable and fulfilled sphere through love.

Those who lived in such a way can naturally do the same in the spirit world. There is an expanded internal life on earth. The level of the expansion of your internal life will come out on the surface in the spirit world.

Since love is internalized, God and human beings are like one cell of the body The spirit world is the world where you become one of those cells. Once you enter into such a state, God will surely come inside your heart. When you call, "God!" He will answer in your heart, "Who is calling me? What is it?" In other words, it's a world in which you live with God.

Therefore, your portion of responsibility is that important. That is why I established the principle of the portions of responsibility. Whenever you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, you should consider how you, as a man or woman, are going to fulfill your portion of responsibility. It is a serious matter.

Your five senses will find themselves enraptured in the love gained after accomplishing your portion of responsibility. All your senses are to operate within a substantial realm of love. (218-128, 1991.7.14)

In order to accomplish your portion of responsibility, what should you do? What should you do to become people who can fulfill their portion of responsibility? You should stand in a position to deny everything that was born from the emotional connection to and lineage of Satan. (139.249, 1986.1.31)

What happens when a person goes to the spirit world? He becomes God's body. Adam becomes God's body. This is what Jesus meant when he said, "the Father is in me." The First Corinthians verse, "Do you not know that you are God's temple?" confirms that the body is the holy temple where God dwells; it is His house.

Then, how can you resemble God? When you reach the stage of completion of your portion of responsibility, God dwells within you, creating oneness between you and God. (130-21, 1983.1.2) 

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