Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Five - Earthly Life And The Spirit World
Chapter One - The Existence of Human Beings in the Physical and Spirit Worlds
Section 2. The Status and Character of Human Beings

2.1. God's purpose in creating humankind

Why did God create humankind? First, it was for God to stand in the position of a parent. A parent, however, is invisible even in the spirit world. There is no model. Thus, in order to become the parent of human beings with a form, God must have a form. Otherwise, He cannot be the center.

Second, a vertical line is one-dimensional and does not generate an area; reproduction cannot take place in the spirit world. A large area or space can only unfold horizontally based on a vertical axis with a 360-degree perpendicular rotation.

Third, it was to maintain the eternality of the realm of the partner of love. It was not only Adam and Eve who were to be God's partners. Adam and Eve's children would have stood in the position of God's partners, just as their parents did Therefore, God produced people in order to preserve their position as His partners in perpetuity.

Both Adam and Eve called God, "Father". Then would their children call Him uncle or grandfather? They would call Him Father. The word partner implies equality. We must multiply God's love horizontally and perfect its value. The value of perfected love is one.

That is equality.

I recapitulate, first, God needed a form or shape, namely that of a parent. He acquired that form in order to manifest Himself spiritually as Adam's father. Second, God needed a production center for the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. As such, husbands and wives are factories. Using that analogy, would it he better to engage in mass production or small-scale production? Mass production is better. Through automation those factories could definitely produce in mass and pack the Kingdom of Heaven to capacity. That is why women are created to bear many children. (222-337, 1991.11.7)

2.2. Human beings as the interface between spiritual and physical worlds

God made all things and humankind. Everything began with God at the center. Through creating people, He wanted to see Himself in oneness with humankind and all things in a position of equilibrium; such was His will in the creation. There was God and there was the created world, and humankind stood in the middle between them. As such, human beings function as the interface between the spiritual and physical worlds. (67-143, 1973.6.1)

2.3. Body and mind, and spirit self

The cosmos in which we live today has two axes: a visible axis and an invisible one, creating a dual structure.

Objects revolve around a subject, which itself rotates, similar to the give-and-take action between mind and body. All beings exist according to this principle. In the same way, in the fallen world today, this axis must be reset in line with the way of restoration.

What is the center of a person's body? It is the mind. The body revolves around the mind and moves according to its commands. When the mind directs the body to go fast, it must do so, and likewise in the opposite direction. The body cannot move at its own whims and fancies. (116-13, 1965.12.20)

We have both mind and body. Above our mind is our spirit and above our spirit is God. We can only perfect ourselves by becoming completely one with God. Despite being such finite entities, we represent all of history and all destinies of the future, and therefore possess cosmic value. (1-267, 1958.8.3)

People must heed their minds in seeking their destinies. This is heavenly law; God strikes those who disobey their minds' dictates. All throughout history, God has been teaching us to live in conformity with our conscience and not be ensnared by the evils of materialism. Then does our conscience correspond to heavenly law one hundred percent? It does not, due to the innumerable barriers that obstruct it. Before the gateway to heaven are entrances into a labyrinth of challenges. In Christian terms, they are the gates of judgment. The current trend of thought is ushering in a time of fear, insecurity and chaos. It is a time in which people cannot hold on to the center however how hard they try.

We should not allow ourselves to be encumbered by material things. Why not? When God created humankind with a physical self and a spirit self, the spirit was the center. (4-269, 1958.8.3)

2.4. Complete motion and resonance

Resonance means vibrating at the same frequency. Our internal self, which lives for eternity, and our external self, which lives in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, should be able to resonate centering on love. In resonance, sound waves coincide and become intertwined, all the while oscillating around the core. Likewise, when the spirit self and the physical self harmonize with each other and God's love, spiritual cells and physical cells engage in perfect motion together.

Therefore, when our eyes become operational, they can see everything in heaven and on earth. This is because they are engaged in perfect motion. Is it not the same with a microphone? If its capacity is good it will resonate a hundred percent. Similarly, once our physical self and spirit self become one and attain a volatile state through the force of love, heaven and earth, God and everything else must resonate sympathetically (71-???, 1987.12.13)

The human mind-body dichotomy applies to men and women alike. Considering that a man and a woman each have a spirit self as well as a physical self, together they actually represent four entities. Divided they become four people. How do these separate four entities become one? Why did God create four people in this way? With God's true love as their center, they can achieve perfect union.

All of you possess a spirit that we in the Unification Church call the spirit self and a physical self. The spirit self, though invisible to our eyes, does exist. Then, when do your spirit self and physical self become one? This is the problem. It is the same with a tuning fork: when you strike one of its prongs, then the other prong vibrates at the same frequency.

In like manner, when God's love acts upon our mind, our body automatically responds. That being the case, it is not God's wisdom, power or might that brings the mind and body into full resonance, but only His love. What is the focus, the ideal benchmark, which your five physical senses and your five spiritual senses long to reach? It is neither God's might nor His wisdom. His love is the focus and benchmark for everything. (138-254, 1986.1.24) 

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