Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Twelve - Seeking True Families
Section 7. The Realization of World Peace Through Absolute Purity and the True Family Movement

Today, we face a serious youth problem. As Adam and Eve planted the seed of free sex through falling in fornication in the shade in the Garden of Eden during their youth, so in the Last Days, which is the time of harvest, there will necessarily appear the global phenomenon of rampant free sex among the youth. God knows what Satan wants in the Last Days.

Through free sex, Satan wants to stop every last person from returning to God. In other words, he wants to destroy all humanity and create hell on earth. Isn't the world in which we live today turning into hell on earth? Accordingly we will find the way to heaven by going in the direction diametrically opposite to that of this hell on earth. When the returning Lord comes to save this world, he will teach this diametrically opposite way and lead us to heaven.

Then what is the way that is diametrically opposite to the way of free sex? Since the false parents created the way of free sex, the True Parents must appear and rectify this. God cannot intervene here. No sovereignty or military, no economic or political power can do it. Since this trend was caused by the fake parents, unless the True Parents come and use their scalpel to operate, there will be no way for humanity to be saved. The one who has sinned must indemnify it.

It was within the first family that a false marriage took place. This event distorted the lineage 180 degrees. Therefore, the True Parents must come and bestow marriage that is in a direction 180 degrees opposite, in order to open the way to heaven. (279-256, 1996.9.1 5)

Since the Fall occurred through a false love relationship, humankind lost true love. Therefore, the problem arises as to how true love can be recovered. Fallen humanity's loss of true love came about through fornication. That is to say, since true love was lost through the sexual organ, it can only be recovered through a reversal of the Fall.

As false love was planted this way in the Garden of Eden, the phenomenon appearing as its result at the time of harvest in the Last Days is the youth problem. Thus, the age of sexual chaos is manifesting itself. There is nothing other than absolute sexual purity that can resolve this state of affairs. Only this idea of absolute sex can prevent family breakdown and prevent juvenile delinquency. (257-16, 1997.8.10)

What did God expect from Adam and Eve? He expected absolute purity and love. Where there is absolute sex, couples of absolute purity will emerge, and concepts such as free sex, homosexuality and lesbianism will automatically disappear. I have dedicated my entire life to the path of overcoming tribulations, in order to initiate a movement that promotes absolute purity and love all over the world. Now I am grateful to God because the time has come when I can command the world, sounding a fanfare of victory.

It is the family that sets the cornerstone for the road to world peace. Yet it is also the family that can destroy that road. It was in Adam's family that the foundation of hope and happiness for all of humankind was shattered. Therefore, I cannot but give thanks to God that today we have established the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification which has opened the way for your families to go in a direction diametrically opposite to that of the satanic world. Without this path, there can be no freedom, happiness or ideals.

From now on, please make the absolutely pure sexual organ, unique sexual organ, unchanging sexual organ and eternal sexual organ the basis of your pursuit of God. These organs are the basis of love, life, lineage and conscience. From here, the true family will be connected to the true nation and true world, forming a peaceful and ideal world. Wherever you go, please try to spread Rev. Moon's message through television or other media. You will never perish.

What force can turn around this world of hell? It is impossible to achieve this without living in God's love -- that is, according to the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal standard. The original owner of our sexual organs is God. (279-257.1996.9.15) 

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