Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Twelve - Seeking True Families
Section 5. Chastity for Woman and Purposefulness for Man

Are you allowed to love whomever you like? When a man beckons to you on the street, should you women follow him or not? You should not. You are not supposed to follow him, are you? You should not have that kind of tendency. You should protect your bodies until the time is right. You should not hand over your pure love to devilish men. Men who strut and loiter on the street are all devils. Would you place your fate into the hands of such men? This is not a simple matter. Since you have but one life, if you take even one wrong step, you would be unsettled for the rest of your life. Isn’t that so?

This is true for men as well. Up until now, women have been strictly directed to maintain their chastity, but from now on, men should be directed likewise. Only in this way will they be restored. Isn't that so? However evil and heartless this world may be, you should not do things that will lead you astray from the principled path. (26-160, 1969.10.25)

You should not defile your purity during your adolescence, the precious time when you can overcome and indemnify the bitter failure of Adam and Eve who lost their purity during their youth. In preserving that purity, which is pristine and of great value, you should have the mind and determination that even if you had to live alone for a thousand or ten thousand years, your love would never be misused. (37-407, 1970.12.22)

Certain men, when they see a pretty woman, wish that she were their wife even though they already have a wife of their own. We speak of such men with two minds as having the disposition of a thief. Since Satan was the first to have two minds, it would not be wrong to call men with two minds Satan. Such people are no different from Satan. (Blessed Family - 340)

The time is coming when men should also keep their chastity. If a man errs in this regard, it is as if his clan has committed a serious crime against God's will. Just because a person has a respectable position does not mean that he is permitted to be unfaithful to his wife. If he does so, his clan will perish. Such a time is coming; you cannot do that if you understand Unificationist teachings. (36.280, 1971.1.6)

We have now entered the age when men, too, must remain chaste in order to bequeath a historical tradition of purity. The Christian communion is for the sake of establishing the tradition of Jesus' pure flesh and blood. (13-67, 1963.10.17)

There is a saying that goes, "Chastity for woman and purposefulness for man." What this means is that chastity is for the sake of fulfilling God's will concerning love, and purposefulness is for the sake of fulfilling God's purpose. Since it is said that chastity is for women, women should know only one love, and since it is said that purposefulness is for men, men should go forward unwaveringly for the sake of one purpose only. Adam and Eve should have known the right path and should have maintained purposefulness and chastity, yet they did not and they fell. (Blessed Family - 348)

A man, in loving a woman with God's love, should stand in a position where he can say, "I have loved her totally with an eternal and unchanging love from beginning to end." Also, a woman, in order to stand in such a position, should seal her body tight. Just like a peony blossom formed from many layers of petals, she should hide herself deep inside. Then, when the springtime of the harmony of heaven and earth comes, she should harmonize with it and start a new life. We should all know this well. (26-156, 1969.10.25) 

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