Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Twelve - Seeking True Families
Section 4. Love Has No Evolution or Revolution

Love cannot undergo evolution or any type of revolution. The original form of love itself is perfect, unchangeable, eternal and absolute. (Blessed Family - 351)

Love has no evolution or revolution. Love is eternal and perfect -- a truth that does not change for eternity. If you think love evolves and you consequently start to experiment with it, you'll discover this notion to be incorrect. If American society, for instance, thinks of love as a livelihood, it is inevitably doomed to perish. There would be no reason for God to bless its future. If such a society does not self-destruct, then I will make it perish by exploding a bomb of love. What is clear is that love should never be used expediently or as a way to make a living. (Blessed Family - 35))

From the time a married couple first makes love, a husband has no desire for any kind of revolution or evolution of love from his wife. This also is the hope of a wife toward her husband. It is the hope of both husband and wife to maintain the purity of their first love. They do not want any colors to be added to their pure love, nor do they need any revolution. They desire that the pure love itself be preserved for eternity.

Why does the threat of divorce ever arise between two spouses who love each other? When we learn that a couple, intensely in love with one another at the beginning of their relationship, has decided to get divorced, we realize that something has gone wrong. No matter what a couple's reason for getting a divorce may be, the break-up indicates that something has changed -- their relationship has changed. Ultimately, the couple came to the point of divorce because they failed to protect and nurture their love for one another. Love itself has not changed, but their minds changed. (Blessed Family 351)

When a man and a woman become husband and wife, the important thing is how to achieve unchanging unity between them. When they sing of eternal happiness in such unchanging unity, this is eternal happiness. The standard of an ideal heart of love can only be established with an unchanging subject. (Blessed Family - 351)

Say you marry a man because he is handsome and you like him, and then a week later he becomes disabled in an accident. If, because of this, you want to divorce him, your love for him cannot be called true love. It is false love. (Blessed Family - 351)

In the developed nations today, white people are in the higher positions to lead and influence the world, whereas black people are more likely to be found in lower positions under their dominion. Yet when parents love their children, the intensity of their love knows no such difference as that between whites and blacks. Nobody dominates anyone. This never changes. The heart of parents loving their children, the heart of spouses loving each other, the heart of people who truly love each other cannot change no matter how much history changes, develops, or goes through a process of revolution. (32-243, 1971.7.19) 

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