Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Twelve - Seeking True Families
Section 2. The Most Holy Place Where God Can Come to Dwell

What are God's attributes? He is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. Then who is the owner of love? It is neither man nor woman. It is none other than God. By centering on love and through love, God and humankind become one. This is because they both absolutely need love. What kind of love does God need? He wants absolute love. What about you? It is the same for us. Just like God, all of us need absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love. We must all resemble God. (279-246, 1996.9.15)

Only we can bring peace and unity and create the concept of the equality of humanity. Isn't the Unificationist concept of love beautiful? The color of love in today's American society is, in short, a disgusting color of death. Instead of realizing the world of the eternal ideal of creation through conjugal love, they are sinking into the pit of death. Those who thoughtlessly enter the most holy place of love will suffer the fire of judgment. Until they receive the Blessing, men and women must keep their most holy place of love undefiled, and once they have made love, they must continue to keep it undefiled. However, Americans generally are wicked men and women who violate love's sanctuary.

Americans who do not accept marriage through the Blessing are nothing but patients who cannot see ahead because they are blinded by fallen love. If American society continues to behave like this, it will have no hope for the future but instead will be filled only with despair. It is crystal clear that it will eventually be destroyed -- not by God's judgment but rather by people who have lost their humanity. (Blessed Family - 344)

Since we in the Unification Church have come to know the providence of love that has been hidden for six thousand years, we have sought to broaden the foothold of the Blessing in order to perfect the ideal of creation based on God's love. Through the Blessing, love's most holy place has come to be created. You need to understand that from here, life emerges anew. (Blessed Family - 344) 

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