Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Twelve - Seeking True Families
Section 1. Nothing Was Created for its Own Sake

What is the basis of individualism? One cannot claim anything as his alone. When a child, through the love outs parents, grows from an egg in the mother's womb and is born, 99.999 percent of its existence is from the mother's bone, flesh and blood, which was combined with the 0.001 percent from the father's sperm. There is no concept of "myself alone" in nature.

Nobody is born with a concept of "myself." None of us, however great, could claim that we had become great all by ourselves. Bone, flesh and blood are all inherited in the mother's womb. We should acknowledge that the important parts of our body are an extension of our mother's body. All the essential elements of our body were included in the egg and sperm. There is no exception. Therefore, there is no basis for self-centered individualism. (257-25, 1997.8.10)

When we think of above, we automatically acknowledge below. Can individualism stand only with the concept of above by itself? There can be no concept of the individual by itself. Talking about right presupposes the existence of left. In the relationship between front and back, front presupposes back. The word man also cannot exist by itself. It presupposes woman. This is not just the claim of any one person, but is a universal fact.

Why was man created? Usually men say that they can live alone by themselves, so they don't care why they were created. Yet man was born for the sake of woman. Without woman, there is absolutely no need for man. Actually, nothing was created for its own sake.

Consider our five senses. Were our eyes created merely in order to look at themselves? In the same way our nose, ears, mouth and hands were all created for the sake of our partner. The force that can mobilize and focus all five senses is true love. Eyes, nose, ears, mouth and hands are the tools that were created for the sake of true love. Nothing was created for its sake alone. If people take things belonging to others, and use them as their own, aren't they thieves? Therefore, any man who arbitrarily uses his five senses and his body for himself alone is a thief, because these were created for his wife.

What is the difference between man and woman? Their bodies, and the sexual organs in particular. Then, who absolutely needs the male organ? It exists for the sake of woman. One of the sexual organs is concave and the other convex. Why were they created that way? Both could have been pointed or both could have been fiat. Yet they were made differently. Why? Each of them exists for the sake of the other.

Woman absolutely wants what is man's and vice versa. You did not know that the female organ absolutely belongs to man, and the male organ absolutely belongs to woman. By occupying each other's sexual organs, man and woman come to know love. Only through the experience of the two attaining perfect oneness can we know the highest level of love. Nobody can ever deny these facts. Everyone must acknowledge them. An ideal couple comes into being in the place where the two achieve complete unity. Absolute love exists in that very place. God will come and dwell in such a place where love is absolutely unchanging. (287-27, 1997.12.10) 

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