Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Eleven - The Family Is The Eternal Foundation Of Happiness
Section 6. Universal Principle of the Four-Position Foundation

Why are people sad when their loved ones pass away? When that happens, they feel it immediately due to the operation of the superhuman force that tills this universe. The more this force enters them, the more they feel the universal force centering on the vertical relationship with God. Yet when their loved ones pass away, that force leaves them, and they immediately feel the result of its departure. This is a tragic fact. People have to be perfect products but this situation makes them weaker. Human life pursues perfection, but when people come to have an element of failure that is the opposite of it, the universal force will drive out the conditions for it, and this appears as pain. You will all need to understand this clearly. (30-85.1970.3.17)

Children of filial piety feel ineffable grief when they lose their beloved parents. Parents also feel grief when they lose their children. It is the same with spouses. That also holds true for our descendants. This is eternally immutable. (311-42, 1970.3.17)

You will grieve when your spouse passes on. This is because according to universal principles the three stages of parents, spouses and children are supposed to form a four-position foundation centering on God. Those who deviate from these universal principles will be expelled from the realm of success, and this is why they experience pain and sorrow. (96-25, 1978.1.1)

Why would a woman's death cause her husband to weep? Because the path of having sons and daughters, who represent the third purpose of life, has been shattered by her death. If he fails to fulfill that purpose, he must collapse. He can do nothing but die. He can do nothing but weep. Electricity has plus and minus charges; if one of them is lost, the other cannot operate. The way of people is the same. (27-345, 1970.1.1)

Not having children causes unhappiness. Some may think that conjugal happiness would suffice despite being childless, but it is not like that. Since the four-position foundation is a universal principle, when husband and wife come together and attain oneness, they must give birth to children and form that foundation. This is a universal law. If you fail to realize a four-position foundation, you will not be considered as successful. Also, you should not just have sons. If you did, you would only have tasted the love of a son, but not that of a daughter.

Can you know the taste of honey through someone's explanation? Just an explanation would not work. Before explaining, one would have to open your mouth and feed you the honey and then tell you that this is the taste of honey. Then, why do we say that not having a son brings about disappointment and unhappiness? People with only daughters say that those having sons would have nothing more to desire.

Westerners are a bit dull in this regard. Through emphasizing individualism, they have lost all such feelings. Therefore, they must regain them. Hence, they now are returning to Eastern thought in order to do so. Thus, your families must have husband, wife, sons and daughters. This way, they must attain complete oneness and go forward in sync with heavenly fortune from beginning to end, going on to live eternally, which is not possible alone. Even if you could live alone eternally, you would be carrying a bag of suffering around in the eternal world. You would not be able to receive the elements necessary for happiness. (21-223, 1969.8.17) 

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