Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Eleven - The Family Is The Eternal Foundation Of Happiness
Section 5. Heaven is a Place One Enters as a Family Unit

What is heaven? You talk about going to paradise or heaven but it is not a place you enter alone. Heaven is a place that you must enter with your parents and siblings. (15-278. 1965.10.30)

What is the secret for entering heaven? It is not a place meant for individuals, but rather for family units. Not only that, but also your tribe must be there with you. You are blessed if you have a big tribe for God on earth. If a family has many sons and daughters and great wealth, don't we call it blessed? If you want to be blessed like this and enter heaven, you must do so as a family unit and not alone. (22-466, 1969.2.2)

You can never enter heaven individually. As I found out, heaven is not such a chimerical place as believed by Christians. Originally, heaven is a place you are supposed to enter as a family unit. Families are meant to go there. Families go there. The place parents and children enter and live together with God as the center is the ideal world. Yet would you be happy because you went to heaven together with your mother and younger brother while your father and elder sister went to hell? You enter heaven as families. It is for families to go there. (22-271, 1969.3.4)

Heaven is the place that people who have not fallen, had a holy wedding on earth in God's bosom of love, had children God likes and rejoices in as His grandchildren, and received His love, enter altogether as a family. Would it be heaven if you entered it, but your child failed to do so? Paradise is a place parents, spouses, and children enter separately, no matter how close and affectionate they might have been. It has nothing to do with the family. Would such a place be heaven? Heaven is the world in which entire families follow their parents to interact with God as the center. Would it be good if a son is desperately screaming in hell and yet his parents are living happily in heaven? Could such a place be heaven? (19-404, 1967.12.31)

Heaven as taught in the Unification Church is not a place you enter alone but together with your family. From the perspective of God's ideal of creation, would the place men and women enter separately be heaven? No. The place they enter in twos is heaven, which is the place such that if the father enters it, so will the mother, and if the parents enter it, so will the children. As dads and moms should stay together, would it really be heaven if daddy went to heaven while mommy went to hell? (34.208, 1970.9.6)

Originally, heaven in accordance with the principles of creation is a place entered by families. You would be happy only if your parents, children and entire clan entered it. If parents went to hell and only their children went to heaven, what kind of heaven would that be? Therefore, as the Unification Church paves the way for going to heaven in the future, we must attain the family level. Otherwise, we will not be able to get into heaven. Through the family, we must escape from the level at which Satan can accuse us. We must escape from the historical level of accusation and the contemporary level of accusation. (21-62, 1968.9.1)

Originally, God did not create us so that husbands went to heaven while wives went to hell. At the time of creation, God intended that the heroes of the ideal, namely, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, form a tribe, people and nation. Shouldn't it go this way? Yet due to the Fall, hell came into being. (16-39, 1965.12.26) 

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