Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Eleven - The Family Is The Eternal Foundation Of Happiness
Section 4. The Realization of the Ideal of Love Starts in the Family

From where should the ideal of love start being realized? From the Unification Church? The nation? The world? Even if someone unified the world, if he failed to unify his own family, he would be an unhappy person. The ideal of love should first be realized in the family. The family is the nest of happiness. Therefore, God's Kingdom begins from there. When Jesus, who came to the earth to realize God's Kingdom, said, "I am the Bridegroom and you are the brides," he was referring to the family level.

Who makes up the family? First, parents; second, children; third, husband and wife; and next brothers and sisters. Then how are the members of the family intertwined? Through love. Therefore, what can unify the family? Love can unify it. Since love is unchanging, the grandparents' love can become one, the parents' love can become one, and the love of the husband and wife can become one. It is because love contains the quality of unity that they can be one. Also, it is because love contains the motivation of human life that the lives of the grandfather and grandmother can be connected, and also the ideal can be connected to it.

The grandparents bequeath their love to the parents; in other words, they give it to their children. The children of our grandparents are our parents, and we are the children of our parents. The place that is centered on such love is God's Kingdom, which will not be realized if any of these forms of love are denied. Since God is the Subject Partner of love and the one who can integrate past, present and future, you must love your parents more than you love each other as husband and wife, and love your grandparents more than your parents.

Man symbolizes heaven and woman symbolizes earth. Since man is subject, he does not like to be interfered with. Woman likes being loved more than she likes to love. Since man symbolizes heaven and woman symbolizes earth, their union is identical to the universe becoming one. Since the universe can be governed only through love, you can be the subject partner of the universe only through love, and you should think of your partner as being bigger than the universe. The connection between the two worlds of heaven and earth is unchanging love.

Those who have led earthly lives intertwined with love will enter heaven. The spirit world is the world of love. When God and individual people completely unite, man and woman will automatically attain oneness, and when a perfect couple appears, heaven and earth will be unified. Where does God wish to dwell? Since love arises between a man and a woman, He wants to dwell where a true man and a true woman make love.

Since God is there, that love can be eternal, achieve eternal unification, and possess eternal life and ideal. Therefore, the one who has grasped that love can occupy everything. The purpose of the family that is formed through true love is not just for itself but for realizing God's Kingdom. Based on the standard that seeks to converge with the purpose of unifying the universe, the family should be expanded to the people, nation, world and cosmos. Then once it has reached the world, it should return. (18-10, 1971.8.31) 

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