Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Ten - The True Family of Humankind Must Be Restored
Section 8. The True-Family- Centered Ideology and the Religion of True Parents

The world has become the way it is by receiving a tradition that deviates from God as a result of the Fall. Thus, True Parents must come and establish a new ideology. What kind of ideology should it be? Should it be based on the world or the cosmos? It is the true family-centered ideology. Without its appearance, a true global ideology cannot emerge.

Its representative must be God's true son. He should be the heir who internally inherits everything related to God's heart. He should also be His external heir, the heir of the ownership of all things. In other words, he has to be someone who can inherit God's heart, God's body and all things. Only such a son can stand in God's stead. God's Kingdom will finally be realized only when he comes.

What is the true family-centered ideology? It is that of God's love. Isn't it simple? Without love, however much people may brag about being number one in the world, they are pitiful. Am I right or not? The true family-centered ideology is an ideology of children eternally following their parents, of younger siblings eternally following their elder siblings, and vice versa. It is an ideology that calls for a nation in the position of a younger sibling to follow the nation in the position of an elder sibling. (21-19, 19??.9.1)

What kind of ideology is that which is centered on God's love? It is a transnational and trans-global ideology of people seeking to give first rather than to receive in their reciprocal dealings. The world of such an ideology is the ideal world to come in the future. That ideal world is not one of projecting power and ordering people around, but rather that of the ideology that affirms the brotherhood of all peoples, in which all hearts can move of their own accord to harmonize with God's love.

The future world will be like that. In a time to come, the religion of family level saviors must emerge. This we call the true parent-centered ideology. It is the true parental religion, which is that of living daily as true parents in realizing the four-position foundation. When this happens, parents will become the saviors of their children within their families.

If you read the very end of the Revelation to John, you will find the key to the history of restoration. It exemplifies the greatness of the Bible. The contents about restoration were inserted into the last chapter of the Bible to reveal a principle of restoration. Revelation 22:17 states, "The Spirit and the Bride say, 'Come and let him who hears say, 'Come!' Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life."

Do you know what "the Spirit and the Bride" means? The Bride is the wife of the Lord, and the Spirit is a spiritual being, and from here, the Mother who manifests both the spirit and flesh must emerge. Since Jesus is a man and the father of humankind, he must find the mother among women and save the world anew. Christians do not know this. I am simply dumbfounded because, although I try to enlighten them, they reject me and even call me a heretic. (21-49, 1968.3.?)

What is the cosmos-centered ideology? It relates to the family that would always deny the desire to own gold and material treasures more than enough to fill the universe in order to live intoxicated by God's love. In that state, what belongs to children also belongs to their parents, and what belongs to parents is connected intact as belonging to God. (35.280, 1970.10.25)

What kind of ideology is cosmos-centered ideology? It is the true parent-centered ideology. In conclusion, they both are parental ideologies. They are the ideologies of our home, our nation and all of you as individuals. (26-201, 1959.10.25) 

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