Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Ten - The True Family of Humankind Must Be Restored
Section 7. The Original True Family Is Established in the Unification Church

What have all the religions of history been doing until now? They have been seeking one man. They have encouraged celibacy. They did not allow for new things. If they continue like this, they will perish. Yet when they reach the level at which they can say they have found that man in their historical search for him, they will have to seek the woman after that. What kind of place is the Unification Church? It is a church seeking to restore the family. (30-218. 1970.3.23)

So far, religions have been pursuing individual salvation, but the Unification Church goes beyond that by pursuing family salvation. What we save is the family, and in going to heaven, we do not go there alone. The Unification Church's view of salvation does not allow for the husband to go to heaven while the wife gets sent to hell; rather it promotes both of them going to heaven together. It does not support the view that parents may go to hell apart from their children in heaven; rather it advocates for both parents to he together in heaven with their children.

Our church is of a different dimension from other religions because it teaches that the way for us to go to heaven is together with everyone, our beloved families and even our beloved tribes. Hence, it stresses the importance of the family, whereas established religions emphasize celibacy. The family is central to our way. The family exists for the sake of the world and God. You should clearly know that this is the path for Unification Church members to walk; it is the course for their daily life from now on. (34-355, 1970.9.20)

Parental love, conjugal love and filial love motivate us to forge those bonds that fulfill our desires to be eternally together; these love bonds transcend laws, systems, all backgrounds and circumstances, and even ourselves. No social system can ignore this way of life, and no nation can be formed if it ignores it. As such, the Unification Church pursues family rather than just individual salvation. Our church's purpose aims at the fulfillment not of individual but rather of family salvation. It is on this point that we are unique. (34.328, 1970.9.20)

What is the common purpose to be shared by all people ultimately? What is the common gate they must pass through? It is neither the nation nor the world; it is neither the communist nor the democratic world. The communist and democratic worlds are superseded by the original family who can build the unified world. Then where have the order, the education and the standard of purpose for this been until now?

Such a resolute standard has not appeared on earth. Until it appears, there cannot be a kingdom, an ideal nation or a country of peace. Thus, we desire to see the day when such an ideal original family -- one we must seek, welcome and live with -- appears on earth and consummates the destiny of history. Only then will God's providence for the earth be fulfilled, and the promised land of the Sabbath, the nest of the Sabbath, be founded. (23-31, 1969.5.11)

What is the desire of our Unification Church members? It is to become a restored family. This is where all our desires lie: the family is the source of the peace of all nations, of the happiness of heaven and earth, and of the new dispensation. The beginning of the new heaven and new earth, and the passing away of the first heaven and first earth, the root of all values of human life, and the starting point of hope -- lies here. They are all there. Then who are at the center of the restored family? They are the true ancestors. The true ancestors are the True Parents. (2-46, 1966.9.1) 

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