Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Ten - The True Family of Humankind Must Be Restored
Section 6. The Restored Family of the Returning Lord

What kind of family is a restored family? It is the substantiation of historical hope. Until now, God has been guiding His providence for six thousand years in order to restore this one family. Where should this substantiation of historical hope be realized? It should be realized in none other than this actual society of the present time. It should not be realized in the future.

This is the standard of historical hope and the standard of the hopes of all peoples of the present time. It is the standard of the past, present, and future hopes of humankind. The numerous saints and sages who have entered and left this world longed for this family. (21-51, 1968.9.1)

The restored family finally appears as the returning Lord receives his Bride. This family, which must be recovered, is the family desired by humankind. Throughout the history of the past six thousand years, countless faithful religious leaders, who had been sacrificed by numerous rulers and potentates, ardently wished that the Lord would come and avenge their anguish upon their enemies. Yet the Lord cannot do that alone. If he could, he would have done it already. Thus, God's family must appear. It must be instituted and lay a new foundation on earth. Then it should be able to blow up the satanic world with the dynamite of the heart. (21-25, 1968.9.1)

With regard to the restored family, who would constitute its center? Since a family of true children sought after by God is His purpose of creation, that family must be centered on God's true son. Then who do you think he is? He is the one who comes vested with full powers to inherit this universe. He is the returning Lord. That Lord must come and form a family. (21-96, 1968.9.1)

What is our bitter sorrow today? It is that Adam and Eve failed to begin history by forming a true family as a true father and mother in the Garden of Eden. This is God's bitter sorrow before it is humankind's bitter sorrow.

The purpose of God's creating human beings was to establish such a family and build the kingdom of peace on this earth. Nevertheless, this family was shattered and as a result God has been guiding the history of restoration repeatedly over a long period of six thousand years, harboring bitter grief. You should all know that in this process, God has, until today walked and crossed over treacherous paths of sorrow innumerable times to fulfill that destiny. The one coming to bear the responsibility of solving all that is the returning Lord. Then what should the returning Lord do? He should form a family. He should do so not in midair, but on earth. Only then will a tribe, people, nation and world arise from it. (21-51. 1966.9.1)

The coming Jesus must, without fail, establish the family desired by God, and this family has to be a true family. Until now humankind has been seeking true love. In no case should false love exist in the family or society. Thus, a true family, a family desired and shared by all humankind, must appear to channel God's greatest love. Without such a family, God's tribe cannot be instituted, and without such people. God's nation or world cannot be realized. Thus, it is only in the family that the highest standards can be realized -- the highest ideal desired by God and the highest that human beings can relate to in His providence of grace and salvation. (32-197, 1970.7.15) 

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