Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Ten - The True Family of Humankind Must Be Restored
Section 5. The Restored Family Was to Be Realized by Jesus

What did Jesus come to do? He came to establish a family. The history of salvation is the history of restoration. Those who are sick need to be healed. Jesus came in order to save fallen people. Then what is salvation? Since the family was destroyed, it must be restored. What must be done to achieve that? It is not possible without returning to the original position that was lost. Then why must humankind restore the family? Why did Jesus have to come to establish his family? Because the original family had been destroyed. Humankind is sick and in need of healing; people are fallen and must be restored. (23-13, 1969.5.11)

You should know that God is a being who conducts Himself according to principles and laws. Since Adam was lost, he must be recovered from the satanic world. Since he erred and failed to play the role of husband, despite being in the position to dominate and possess Eve, she was taken by Satan. Thus, she must be recovered from the satanic world. Can this be done without a struggle?

God laid the national, religious, tribal and family foundations. Thus, He established Joseph's and Zechariah's families. Then, if Jesus from Joseph's family and John the Baptist from Zechariah's family had united, God's will would have been fulfilled in a short time.

What would have happened had John the Baptist believed in Jesus? Also, what would have happened if Jesus had received John the Baptist's younger sister as his bride? The will of God could have been fulfilled. When I say things like this, don't Christians immediately oppose me? They make a great hue and cry over it. Yet, however much they oppose me, it will be to no avail. Those opposing me now will realize that I'm not lying when they pass on to the spirit world. (Blessed Family - 488)

Originally, Adam and Eve were supposed to achieve unity as substantial father and mother and complete the perfection of the family of love, which is God's ideal of creation. Yet since this was not accomplished, Jesus had to come in order to complete it. Also, Jesus was to come as the bridegroom and receive a bride. Then, if they had united with God's love, restored the original position of the perfected Adam in the Garden of Eden, and bonded in that love, nobody could have made them repeat the Fall. (Blessed family - 488)

What was God's will? It was for Adam and Eve to establish the standard of the perfection of man and woman and establish God's family based on His love. Yet, was this done? God's family was not established. Jesus understood and also believed in this aspect of God's will, but due to the disbelief of the Jewish people, Israel's historical four-thousand-year foundation for Jesus and Judaism collapsed, and Jesus died miserably on the cross.

Until now, who has understood this heart-wrenching situation? No one! You came to understand it through me today. That being the case, how glad Jesus must be! As the bridegroom, Jesus could not perfect God's family without establishing his bride as the true mother. Without Jesus' family being established, the will of God would remain unfulfilled. (Blessed Family - 488)

Without a God-centered family first being established, neither the nation nor the world could be restored. This is why Jesus sought to establish God's beloved family after coming upon the earth. Thus, as the bridegroom, he must find his bride. Since it is centering on one man that true parents, true couples and true siblings can emerge, this will be decisively fulfilled by the reception of the Groom and Bride at the prophesied Marriage Supper of the Lamb. (Blessed Family - 482) 

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