Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Four - True Family
Chapter Ten - The True Family of Humankind Must Be Restored
Section 3. The Hope of Fallen People

Through the Fall, the ancestors of humankind, Adam and Eve, created the fallen lineage. They failed to become the true parents who were to have attained oneness with God, and they failed to give birth to sons and daughters of God's direct lineage in the original ideal world desired by Him. Instead, they forged a bond with Satan and became satanic ringleaders who gave birth to children of death. Today, humankind still has false parents. Hence, humankind must deny the lineage of those false parents and meet the true parents. (14-279, 1965.1.3)

The hope of fallen people is to meet God's son. Lamenting the injustice of having been born as Cain's children, they are wandering around seeking God's true son. We must find him. Yet how much will humankind have to suffer in seeking him at the individual level and at the family level? Thus, God sent the Messiah, who represents the realm of the son at the national level.

Then, if people received the Messiah, they could find God's son at the level of the individual, family, tribal, people and nation. The advent of the Messiah was to convey the joyful news that humankind could meet God's son up to the national level. (Blessed Family - 480)

We, who were born with the fallen lineage, have to meet God's son who can transcend the basis of Satan's accusation. Having done so, we must go on to meet him as our parent. You have had fallen parents, but not true parents. hence, you need to seek true parents whom God can love. Next, we must seek the family of those parents. After that, we must seek God's love, and upon finding it, we meet God. In this way, fallen people must seek their God-centered siblings, parents, home and hometown. You should be aware of the fact that humankind is supposed to walk this path.

Thus, if parents and children who are worthy of God's love form families together through that love, they can automatically prosper. They will sing songs of love in a setting that can bring success to everything through harmonized families. When this happens, a race centering on God's love will automatically be formed. Yet, because Adam lost such a family, its standard must be found through religion. Until that family is established, a tribe, people, nation and world cannot be established. (Blessed Family - 190)

What would be our ideal, desire and hope? The conclusion should be as follows: first, attending God as our Father is our greatest hope; second, we are to become His beloved sons and daughters; and third, we are to inherit everything He owns. There cannot be a human hope greater than this. (Blessed Family - 480) 

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